Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Topic: Goldilocks Goldilocks and the Three Bears. As she wandered through the bleak forest she rubbed her hands along the rough bark of the trees surrounding her. She sighed deeply and mused on the lack of excitement in her life and she whimpered a little wish to herself. As she approached the clearing ahead of her she noticed a small cottage partially hidden behind some tall oak trees. Intrigued by her discovery she walked towards it examining the outside of the building with sheer enthusiasm. As she reached the front door she pushed it a little and found it open. She wandered inside and saw a small table set for a family of three, three place mats, three bowls, and three spoons. On closer inspection she noticed that the red set were much larger than the other two, that the green one was somewhere in the middle, and that the blue one was by far the smallest. She sat at the table, softly grasped the red spoon filled it with the warm looking porridge in the bowl and lifted it to her lips. I was peppered and made her sneeze, the green was too sweet but the final blue set was just right. As she stood up she felt her head grow hazy, she stumbled into the next room and found a small bed collapsing into it the thought struck her that it may have been a mistake to eat a strangers porridge. She awoke some time later her head hurt and her mouth felt tight and dry she tried to close it and bit down on a hard rubber ball. She tried to lift her hands to feel what was wrong but was stopped by the huge leather cuff wrapped around her wrists. She opened her eyes, she looked over at her hand noticing the leather strap was attached to the post of the bed with thick chains. She stared down at her feet in abject horror at the huge chains attached to her, white cotton sock clad, ankles. The door to her left opened and a huge fur covered figure entered the room, his domineering presence filled the young girl with dread.

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  "I see our little dolly is awake"He strode over to her and slide his hand along her thigh till it just brushed the hem of her white frilly panties. He stood there for a moment and then caressed the full skirts of her blue plaid dress, till gripping a layer of soft taffeta he tugged hard and ripped it lose. "This dirty little girl has such beautiful clothes"He grasped the glove on his left hand and pulled it off, lifted her skirts above her face so she was blind to what his hands were doing and brought his claw down on the milk white skin of her inner thigh. dragging it hard across her making her scream against the gag inside her soft little mouth. A single trickle of blood caressed her and found its way to the crease of her panties dying the white cotton red. She could hear him growl between her legs and terror pulsed through her body courted by the intense heat she was feeling inside herself. Pulling down her skirts again she was exposed to the full hight and sheer mass of his frame, she noticed the small ears and the short snout and realised that her captor was a bear. Her eyes widened in horror as she set her eyes upon the huge pulsing bear cock protruding from his brown fur. "you stupid little slut. You should have never entered my home. Just be glad my wife isn't here, if you think I will be cruel it is nothing to the way she would have fucked with you"He slid his paw along her stomach, suddenly shoving a single claw inside her white panties and finding her tight virgin slit. She shuddered under his furry finger like paws, the intense mixture of disgust and heat mixed in her stomach like some kind of horrid whirlpool. He shoved another finger inside her and another till her tight little pussy was sore, swollen and beginning to bleed. The huge furry beast climbed on top of her and pressed the head against her pink puffy lips but the little hole was too tight even to take the head inside her. The bear shuddered in ecstasy and pushed down hard inside her growling deeply with desire.

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  "That's right you stupid little bitch tear for me, the blood's just making me harder"He thrust inside her harder and faster till he began to shiver all over with an intense orgasm, she could feel it filling her insides till she felt like she was going to burst all over him. He pulled out and began to lap at the blood, juice and cum spilling out of her little slit. He moaned and fell out of the room leaving little Goldilocks alone, sore used on the bed dreading what would happen next. . . .
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