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My husband Matt and I had been living seperately for about a year when the doorbell rang on Thursday night. When I answered it, it was Frank, my father-in-law. Frank is about 55, and built like an overweight bull. Strong hands and arms from manual labor, but a beer belly from his nightly pops. He always had a cigar in his mouth, and tonight was no exception. I never really liked him, but had tolerated him for our marriage. I always felt Frank was checking out my body. I was surprised to see him, and I guess it showed. "Mahima, I've got a box of stuff I'm sure you'll want. There's some really good stuff in here!" said Frank. I let him in and he immediately asked for a beer as he sat down. When I came back with a beer, he was pulling albums out of a box. I realized they were pictures and a sudden embarrassment when through me. Matt had taken quite a few pictures of me nude, in very erotic positions, and I hoped they weren't in the box. Even worse, he had taken some home porn from a tripod, with me doing everything he wanted. Matt was supposed to get rid of it all.

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   Frank opened an album, and there I was, naked, with my pussy on full display! "Frank! Where did you get those? Matt was suppose to get rid of them!" "He did, he gave them to me. Mahima, you body is even better than I imagined. Those big firm tits. I really liked the way you sucked him off, after he just fucked you. Baby, you're prime pussy. My son was nuts to give you up. Now I want to see the real thing. " "No way, I'm not stripping for you!" "Your choice baby, then I keep the pictures, and I like to share with my friends!" I realized I was caught. To get the pictures, I'd have to strip for Frank. "OK, I'll strip, but no sex or touching," I told him. "No baby, I want to feel the goods. It's only this one time, but I want the memories of your sexy little body. " "OK, but then I get the pictures. " I realized in my heart that this was probably not going to go the way I wanted, but I didn't want to have Frank fuck me if I could avoid it. I put on some music, and started a slow grind, while Frank kept up a nonstop string of things he'd like to do to me.

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   Once I was down to bra and panties, Frank said to take a break, we needed some more beer. I went to the kitchen to get him a beer, and when I turned around, Frank was right behind me. Frank backed me up against the counter, and ressed his rapidly growing cock into me. His chest was pressing my tits, and Frank started telling me how much he'd like to fuck me, and that I'd really enjoy his big cock. I told him there was no way that was going to happen. The music started again and soon my bra and panties were history as Frank literally tore it off my body. I could see the big bulge in Frank's pants, and realize he wasn't exaggerating. He pulled me into his lap and started sucking one tit while pulling the nipple on the other. This drives me crazy, but I was determined to stay in control. Before I knew it, Frank had a beefy finger working its way into my pussy while his thumb worked my clit. I realized I was losing control and that Frank was probably going to stuff his cock into me! I tried to break several times, but Frank was too strong. Then his mouth was on mine, the smell of beer and cigars on his tongue as he probed me with his tongue. His hands were all over me - tits, pussy, ass, as he stroked my sex engine. He told me to get on my knees and unzip him, which I did. Out popped an ugly, incredible cock, maybe eight inches long, but the size of a coke can.

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   Frank forced my lips to it. I started to lick it, but realized I couldn't get it in my mouth. When Frank got up and stripped, I realized he intended to fuck me with that monster. I started pleading that he'd rip me in two, but Frank just laughed, saying he had wanted to fuck me for quite a while, and wasn't going to stop now. He dragged me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. I couldn't believe it as he knelt between my legs, all beer belly and cock. He spread my legs and started to press the head of his monster against my pussy lips. Slowly and surely, I gave way, and I felt this incredible sensation as his big cock stretched me more than any man had. Soon he has the full thing in me, and he rested on my body, his big belly on mine and his hands and mouth playing with my tits. I was repulsed by the whole thing, and tried to ignore him. Then he began to pull out and push back in. His cock was so big it was pulling my clit on each stroke, and I started to moan, even though I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I was getting turned on.
    My legs wrapped around him, I was grunting on each stroke. Then Frank stopped and asked me if I wanted more. By this time I was crazy, and I begged him to continue, but to please not cum in me because I wasn't on the pill, and he wasn't wearing a rubber (I was on the pill, I just didn't want his disgusting cum inside me).

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       Soon Frank was stroking me the full length, and each stroke was a series of climaxes for me. I had never been so thoroughly and relentlessly fucked. Frank fucked me like a battering ram, driving his huge cock into me. It seemed to go on for hours, until Frank stiffed and I felt a flood as he filled me with his cum. After a few minutes Frank got up and brought his cock to my lips and ordered me to clean him, which I did. I just lay there with Frank's cum dripping from my stretched pussy, enjoying the glow of a good fuck. Frank grabbed each ankle and spread my legs, looking down at my pussy. "Nice pussy, Mahima, how's it feel to have it fucked by a real cock? I hope I made you pregnant you fucking slut" Then he scooped two fingers worth of cum, and made me lick them clean. When I got up, my legs were still wobbly. We went out and had another beer, and Frank played the video of Matt and his friend fucking me. It seemed so tame after what I had just had. Now I lost all self-respect and asked Frank to fuck me again. He made me beg, which I did. Soon we were back in bed, with Frank stuffing that monster in me again. It was just as incredible the second time, and once again, I came in an endless series of orgasms.

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       When we were done, I licked and sucked his cock and balls. Frank's cock had conquered me. I was ashamed, but I knew I was a slave to the monster between his legs. When Frank left, he said he'd be back next week. That was two months ago, and he's been back every week. Last night Frank showed up, and he had two of his buddies with him. I knew right away that I was about to get gang fucked. The three of them used me for three hours, fucking every hole in my body. When they were done, I was a mess, but I guess that's another story. .

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