Heretics (Chapter Three)


He pushed it in very slowly as he watched her grimace. OOnce it was through the ring was quickly slid into place and secured. Her other nipple endured the same treatment before the elderly man moved down the table to watch the rest of the preparations. Kadence had a large water basin, and several other items required for proper shaving set out on the small table next to Sofie. He picked up the straight razor and ran his thumb along the blade, testing its edge. He then began to drag the blade across her skin slowly. The soft rasp of the blade as it sliced through the hair filled her with dread. She felt even more vulnerable than ever before. She closed her eyes as her tears silently fell. Sofie had been taught that respectable women did not shave down there. Carefully, the blade made its way over her flesh, removing all traces of pubic hair. He then fished the rough cloth from the basin and wiped down her bare flesh. The frigid water made her shiver as it stung the warm flesh. He repeated this a few times to make sure he had cleaned away all the debris and thin trails of blood from the nicks he purposely left on her. He then took a clean washcloth, soaking it in a smaller bowl. He wrung it out slightly and began to roughly rub the area again.

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   Her body tensed immediately as the liquid stung her tender flesh. The scent of rubbing alcohol wafted up, filling her lungs as she drew in a breath through clenched teeth. He began to scrub harder with the cloth, making sure to drench each open cut. She writhed in pain as he finished. He moved aside as the implements were cleared away. Next Shelley appeared with a large brown glass bottle and several cotton balls. She doused each ball in the liquid from the bottle before she began to swab them over her clit. Sofie's eyes grew wide as she realized what was about to happen. As she began to whimper and sob Mary Agnes approached the table and gave her a swift slap across the face. "What have I told you girl? You will have to prove yourself worthy in the eyes of the lord once again. You will endure whatever He has commanded us to do to help lead you back to His good graces" she calmly spoke. The man then attacked her clit in the same manner that he had her nipples. She screamed in agony as the clamp bit down on her tender little nub, only to result in another inhumane slap across the face. The cold steel needle slid through the hole very slowly as the piercing was made. Then both of her puffy pink lips were pierced.

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   They cruelly laughed as each one was given several piercing but only three on each lip were fitted with jewelry. Time passed even more slowly for Sofie after that. The treatment had become less cruel due to the piercing, and she spent most of her time alone and frightened. Occasionally Celia would make an appearance, offering her little comfort. She was slowly learning to trust Celia. She learned of how she became a captive there as well and what usually would become of girls like her. The story of how they treated Celia tore her up inside. She never imagined that anyone could be that cruel, especially Christians. Finally the day came. It was going to be Sofie's big night. Instead of just suffering the humiliation of being abused in front of only a few people, the elite members of the congregation were going to have their chance to witness and participate in the breaking of her spirit. Sofie was scrubbed immaculately clean and placed in heavy shackles. She flinched as the thick, cold, steel collar closed around her neck. A heavy chain was attached to the small circle in the front before she was blindfolded. Mary Agnes and Kadence made sure that all the preparations were taken care of while Shelley had been left in charge of bringing the girl up to the large cage in the center of the special sanctuary.

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   The room was silent with the exception of a few stray whispers between the women. Occasionally, the sound of a heavy object being moved would filter through as well. Sofie was lead over to the back wall. The shackles she wore were taken off one at a time as she was then secured into a new set that held her body against the wall of the cage, arms extended above her head and legs spread painfully wide. That was where she would remain until it was time for her to be presented to the group. Sofie could hear the people entering the sanctuary. The soft murmur of voices terrified her. She could not tell how many people were there but she knew that it was not a good sign. Suddenly, the voices all stopped as the door banged shut. "Greetings everyone. It is nice to see how many of you made it this evening," Isaac announced as he approached the pulpit. "I see that the girl has been displayed. Very nice work Mary Agnes. Now. .

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  . Kadence remove her blindfold and let her get a good look around before we begin the ceremony. "Sofie quaked with fear as the blindfold was removed and she caught her first glimpse of the chamber. The room resembled the dungeon she had been kept in, in many ways. There was a large altar and several rows of pews with thick padding covered in a supple leather. The altar appeared normal to the untrained eye but was in reality multipositional to serve several functions. She could see that the pews were filled with beguiled naked onlookers. They took a sick joy in seeing the fear in her face as she looked around. She then looked to Isaac. Isaac was a frightening man. He had a presence that could not be denied. He was not extraordinary in any physically obvious way. The black clothing he wore made it hard to truly judge his frame because of their somewhat loose fit. His eyes caught hers. His eyes were dark, foreboding and cold.

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   She could see the evil desires that lurked inside him as they danced in his eyes. He slowly approached the girl. He opened the cage and stepped inside. An evil grin curled on his lips as he saw her tremble with fear. Her voice stuck in her throat, leaving her unable to utter even a single syllable. Nothing had ever frightened her so much in her entire life. She felt as if she was staring into the eyes of Lucifer. His hands were soft but very cold as he touched her. The tips of his fingers traced along her tearstained cheek. "Ah, this shall be more fun than I expected" he growled quietly. He stepped out of the cage and looked to Shelley, who without a word quickly moved to release the girl. She had seen this ceremony a few times and knew exactly what was to come. The victim was lead out of the cage, as two large men from the congregation approached. One of them grabbed her under her arms. The other grasped her ankles.

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   Sofie was then carried to the altar at the front of the group. Her body was laid out and secured by several thick leather straps that crisscrossed over her wrists, ankles and one that crossed over her torso. She nervously looked around, hoping someone would stop this insanity and whisk her away to safety. Unfortunately, this was not in the cards for her. Each of the men was going to take their time, taking great pleasure in her humiliation. Her body trembled as the first man approached. He ran his hand slowly along her inner thigh as he stood beside the altar. Isaac moved aside, sitting down in his authoritative looking chair off to the right. The man smiled coldly at her as he stroked his growing cock. Kadence watched Isaac who nodded to her. She scampered over quickly to the controls and hit the switch. A large portion of the lower end of the altar dropped down creating a platform that was to be used as a secure kneeling place. The man knelt down on it, positioning himself between her legs. He stared at her creamy white thighs for a moment before he lowered his head. He gave the inside of her right thigh a brutally hard bite.

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  She wailed loudly. He lifted his head and gazed down at her as he shuffled forward slightly. His extremely thick cock was obscenely hard. He guided the bulbous red tip toward her dry pussy. He leaned forward, biting her once again. This time it was her left breast that bore the brunt of his desire. The pain caused her to cry out, also triggering another unfortunate response. The fear that gripped her soul had caused her bladder to react. The golden trickle of urine dripped down the ledge under her to where he knelt. "What the. . . " he yelled. Isaac rushed over to the altar to see what the matter was. His eyes burned with a bitter rage as he seen what this insignificant little thief had done.

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   A snarl curled upon his lip as he looked at her. He snatched a handful of her hair and yanked it forcefully. "For this you will pay dearly Sofie," he growled. Mary Agnes hung her head quietly in prayer for a moment before leaving the room. She returned with a large muscular man wearing a black leather hood and a thick steel collar with a length of chain attached to it. His body was covered with scars, tattoos and shiny metal appendages. The entire congregation murmured amongst themselves as they watched the horror play out before them. A large set of metal hooks then descended from the ceiling as the sound of the clanging chains filled the room. The women hurried to remove the leather bindings from Sofie's quaking body. A large stool was carried out and sat down in front of the hooks. Hastily she was ushered to the stool and forced to stand upon it. Mary Agnes led Maxwell behind the stool and removed the hood to reveal his hideous face. She nodded to him slightly and stepped back. The hooks were then held in place with two large clamps on the end of long handles as Kadence brought out a small blowtorch. She handed it to Isaac who began to heat the hooks.

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   Maxwell stepped closer to Sofie. His large, very rough hands quickly pawed at her flesh as he tried to get a firm grip on her waist. Fear seized her as she was lifted up. She could feel the tips of the sharp hooks brushing against her shoulders. With a sudden jerk of her body, she felt the hot metal penetrate her flesh, quickly cauterizing the wounds to keep her from bleeding. Her screams rang out through the sanctuary as she panicked.
    The two girls who had been so helpful in assisting Mary Agnes quickly scurried around to gather the proper items to cleanse the altar. Mary Agnes busied herself with selecting the proper tool for the job. She selected a large riding crop. She swung it once, listening to the sharp swish as a smile crossed her face. She then presented the treasure to Maxwell. He quickly grabbed the crop and began to wield it. Sofie flinched each time she heard it cut through the air second before striking her skin. Thin red welts covered her body as she pendulously dangled from the hooks imbedded in her back. He continued to mar her flesh with the crop until thin lines of blood flowed down her body.

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      Finally the cleansing was done. Maxwell acted like a child that had its favorite toy taken away as he was forced to lift Sofie off the hooks. He laid her battered body down on the altar and was lead away once again by Mary Agnes. Once again, the man was given the go ahead to partake of the sinner's flesh. He wasted no time in jamming his cock deep inside her. It was a tight, very dry fit. His thrusts were animalistic, jolting her body slightly even with the restraints. She cried as he ripped her apart. He did not care nor would the rest of them. It was not about her pleasure. It was about her salvation. He continued to slam his engorged shaft deep inside her as hard as he could until the moment came that he had to pull out. He shot the thick load of cum onto her tattered skin, letting it mingle with the blood that seeped from the wound. One at a time, the men continued to use and abuse her body. Her delicate pink lips had become irritated and swollen after only seven of the men had taken their turn, making entry a little difficult.


       Isaac quickly remedied this. He took two small lengths of chain with hooks on each end. He then laced a bit of the chain through the center ring on each lip, circling it around each thigh to pull her lips painfully wide apart. He then took a longer Y shaped chain and clipped the ends to her nipple rings and one to her clit. The length of the chain was cut especially for the purpose of pulling the rings closer together to cause great discomfort for the wearer. Each time her body was jostled by the incessant ramming of another cock into her abused pussy, the chains would yank hard on her tender buds. There was no way any woman could get aroused by this treatment. Her body was soon coated with a thick sticky coating of semen. Her hair was matted to the altar now. Even her eyes were sealed shut with milky substance. It was finally time for Isaac's turn. Kadence walked over to the altar carrying a tray with a medium sized bronzed bowl, a douching bottle filled with a clear solution, and a thick white towel. She proceeded to set the bowl down on the kneeling spot as she cleansed Sofie's well-used entrance. The solution stung as it filled her aching folds and sloshed back out slowly. She was then blotted dry before Kadence scurried away to dispose of the supplies.

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       Shelley began to undress Isaac in preparation for his gift to Sofie. Terror filled her as he moved between her parted thighs. She felt the monstrously large tip of his cock at her opening. She tried to brace herself as best she could but it would not help. In an instant he buried himself completely inside her. He began to fuck her more brutally than she had ever been taken before. The thick leather straps dug into her flesh as he continued to force himself inside her harder and faster with no sign of stopping. The attack lasted what felt to her like hours. She felt a warm trickle of liquid seeping from her as he continued to abuse her velvety folds. Little did she know it was her own blood leaking from her. Suddenly a deep growl filled the room. Isaac threw his head back as he hammered her with such power the leather that held her cut into her skin. His seed rushed into her womb as he pumped what seemed like an endless load into her. She wanted to die. Death would be the only thing that could ever take this night of horrors away from her now.

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       With a triumphant laugh, he pulled his deflated cock from her and stood once again, receiving praise from the congregation. They were all lead into another part of the church for refreshments and discussion time of what was to become of Sofie and the child she would soon be carrying. Maxwell was then given his reward for his efforts that night. As Kadence and Shelley busied themselves with cleaning up after the ceremony, Mary Agnes lead him to the altar. The straps were removed from the cum frosted girl as she was flipped onto her stomach. The kneeling platform dropped down flush with the floor as Maxwell stepped between Sofie's legs. She lay limply on the table, too weak to struggle now. His huge erection jutted out, awaiting entrance. Mary Agnes helped guide the tip to Sofie's little puckered ass. With a forceful thrust and no remorse for the pain it caused, he hilted himself in the warm dark hole. The tight ring of muscle ripped as he forced in without any lubrication whatsoever. He began to pump hard and fast into the girl as she softly sobbed. Mary Agnes stepped back and watched with a sadistic smile as her precious beast mated with the unworthy whore. It did not take Maxwell long to climax, his frenzied pace finally stopping. Mary Agnes led him back to his cell leaving the girls to take care of the cum-crusted thief.

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