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Amy had been a sweet breath of air at Mr. Duncan’s ice cream shop. Sixteen, Long brown hair and a smile that made everyone else feel like a V. I. P. customer.
It was Sunday and they closed at seven, So Mr. Duncan was in the back doing the books when he heard Amy yelling something.
He ran out and say a man pushing her down behind the bar.
Her shirt ripped off and her breast exposed.
He grabbed a broom from behind the door and ran over hitting the man who looked shocked to see him. The man got up and ran out the door, Mr. Duncan following close behind. After man was gone Duncan locked the door and pulled the shade.
Thank you,
Amy came running and hugged Him.
Out of breath from running, at 56 and out of shape, It took all he had to keep from passing out from all the excitement.


Are you ok Amy? Come back and have a seat in the office while I call the cops.
Amy held him tight as they walked into the back. Her bare breast pressing against his arm.
Sit dear.
Please don’t call the police, I don’t want know one knowing what happened.
Are you sure? That man tried to rape you sweetie.
I was my fault. He said I had a sexy ass and he would love to see it sitting on his face. And I told him he wasn’t man enough to handle it. Guess that’s why he tried to take it.
Mr. Duncan could not believe she was talking like this. He knew her parents and knew they went to church every week and she went as well.
Amy, it’s not your fault. Just because you have a sexy body, Doesn’t give a man the right to try and force his self on you.

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He couldn’t help but noticed her firm young breast was still out there and she was not trying to cover them, And her nipples was hard as his old cock was starting to get.
Amy took her tits in her hands. You think I have a sexy body? I think my tits are to small and my ass to big. As she stood up and turned around.
With out thinking, He said. You have perfect tits and the finest ass I have ever seen on any women Amy.
Before he knew what was going on. She had her arms around his neck and her tits in his face. Thanks Mr. Duncan, I needed to hear a real man say that, Not just the boys at school.
He was in a daze as he reached out and took a breast in hand and started sucking. She moaned as he sucked and fondled her firm but soft tits. She took her shirt the rest of the way off and reached down and started stroking
His now well hardened cock. :
“HHMmmm” She smiled. She was surprised to find such a large cock on this old man.

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She pulled her tits Away and slid down to the floor. Pulling at his belt and working his zipper down.
Amy. . You should stop. This is wrong. But the words meant nothing as he helped her get his pants down . His swollen cock now free, all 9 inches of it.
My god. I have never seen one this big before!!!
Just how many have you seen before?
Just three. To boys at school and . . You promise not to tell??
Yes dear. He would say anything at this time as she was now stroking him.
The other was father Tim at church.

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You say his cock.
Yes, after I told him about the boys at school. He said he needed to make sure I knew how wrong it was and he needed to punish me. And he did by fucking my tight ass.
Duncan all most blew his nut right then…
Then he felt her warm lips slide over the head of his cock and take half of it in her mouth.
Ooo” Amy that feels great. As she started sucking him deep and fast.
It didn’t take long as he blew the biggest load of his life and she swallowed
Most of it. With a pop, she let go and smiled up at him. Cum running out the corner of her mouth. He pulled her to him and kissed and cleaned the last drops from her mouth. She reaches down and works her way out of her pants. Sliding on his lap and works her soaking pussy back and forth on his soften cock.
He can feel the heat of her cunt on his lap. He rolls her over and sinks his head between her legs and sucks and licks her cunt like a man staving.

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Her legs tighten around his head and she screams as she cums.
    He can’t believe how strong her orgasm is as she floods his mouth and soaks his face and couch. . She pulls his head up and starts kissing and licking her cream from his face. He takes his now hardened cock and guides it to her hot pussy. As it starts in. He can’t believe how tight she is as the walls of her pussy seem to work like fingers on his cock. Pulling him in and massaging him like he had never felt before. Her moans feel the air as she wraps her legs around his waist and starts fucking him back. He can hardly keep up with her, as she slams her Cunt against his every stroke. She screams as she climaxes again.
    Duncan loses control as this young vixen’s pussy tightens around his cock.
    He pulls from her soaked cunt and flips her over. Slamming his cock into her waiting cunt. Here he is.

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       At 56 years old fucking the prettiest cunt he had ever seen. Her shapely ass pounding back with each stroke. Her cunt
    stretched around his poll. He can see her pussy wrapped around him like a condom. Her little brown asshole all most winks at him as he slams into her how wet pussy. He grabs her ass cheeks and shoves his thumb in her tight ass. With no protest he starts fingering her shit hole as he fucks her.
    This is more then Amy can take as she climaxes again. Duncan feels her cunt feeling with pressure. He pulls out as She shots hot thick cum from her young cunt. Duncan can’t believe how hot and how much cum this 16 year old just let lose. As he to starts to shot stream after stream of his hot cum, coating her ass and pussy. He grabs her waist and pulls her to him, Kissing her neck, as she still shakes from that last orgasm.
    After a moment of silence.
    So think I can work some over time and make a little extra cash?
    Duncan smiles.

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       I think I have some idea’s on how you can make lots of extra cash. As he slides his sticky soft cock along her soaked cunt and ass.
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