I take a lovely stiff penis.


As a widower for several years,I'd been given to self pleasuring myself. Being in my late fifties I'd gotten to a point in life where I am solvent,thrifty and concluded like monastic beings that women are an expence to by left to the younger more vulnerable wage earners. Sounds a bit negative I know but wait for it.

Having tried various experiments of sexul stimulation,I'd got to a point of giving my ass a seeing too. I stuffed all sorts of fruit and vegetable, plus utencil handles and such like. Enjoying the sensation these produce and tasting the precum produced from my penis in thereby doing. I suppose the next stage became unavoidable.

I wondered what a real cock bumming my ass would feel like. But not kidding to myself in any way I was gay,this came to nothing. But I certainly used items up my ass to study what I thought would be the bigest longest cock I would be able to manage without either splitting my schincter or perforating any part of the inside of my rectum or bowel.

Then a happening occured that led to the real thing. I'd been horny for days and purposely refrained from wanking,no other reason than using denial to see just how randy I could get before I'd give in to making myself cum. - A game I played on occasions to put me in the mood to write tales here on SSP. So lets get to the nitty-gritty of my tale!

I'd been in bed a while when an unexpected knock came at the door. It turned out to be my son,a lover of beer,women and such like. - Yes he had over indulged somewhat and looked half asleep already.

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   He staggered upstairs to the bathroom for a piss and I heard a very long stream taking place,which prompted my mind back to the last time he'd came in very pissed up and to stop him pissing inside his trousers or all over the floor,I'd held and guided his cock at the bowl while he grinned and mumbled, -'You perv, playing with a blokes cock' - Being all in good humour,I helped him to undress and by morning it was forgotten.

So now,while I left him to it I Got, - "Dad! Dad! From upstairs while I made sure the house was secure. Moving and responding as I went to the bottom of the stairs with, - "Yeah! What is it now?" -I hated this bit which tended to come when son's are pissed. - "I love you dad!" - "Goodnight dad" - "Goodnight,go get some shut-eye" - But I'd noted his cock was hanging outside his fly and I thought, - "FUCK-IF-ONLY" then pulling myself together I finished what I was about and climbed back up the stairs intent on sleeping.

Now I always sleep in the-all-together and not thinking had answered the door naked. So as I was saying I intended although slightly chilled on the skin to just get into bed. Silly me! There on top of the bedding lay my son sound-o,his knob still lolloping to one side from his fly,laying there like a tan coloured snake just coming from its layer. OH FUCK! I looked, - No way was this body going to his own room,so lets get him in with me.

Now understand,no sexual thought entered my mind as I laboured to get him out of his clothes and into bed,boxers excepted. "OW! mind my bollocks,OW! Fuck dad,my cock can't stretch like that" - Luckily having dragged his trousers off,it became easier,but he had to go in naked because he was commando style (No boxers on) and I duly noted whatever tugging I'd done it had surprisingly made his cock semi-hard. It dangled across one leg with a good deal of foreskin hiding the helmet,but I could see its size even with it covered.

I concluded as I put the light out having now got into bed myself that it was just about the maximum my asshole could manage to have up it. With that in mind I drifted off to sleep and that was that. I awoke to movement and a dreamy voice saying,- 'I need a piss' - Again a long stream of pissing followed by the flush,which when sober he knew we didn't pull thro' the night after a piss. His door didn't click open then he plonked back in with me.

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   - "Alright dad? Night!" - Now he had turned in to my back and I could feel his cock softly touching my ass and even his pubes tickling my ass crack and cheeks

I was disturbed again when he flung an arm over my hip and pulled himself nearer against my ass. By now he had a hardon placed comfortably up my ass groove. This I admit,set my mind racing with the feeling. - 'What if?' - But that was all,then I fell back to sleep,as did son. - He disturbed again and turned away,now being awake,I pondered whether I was going to experience any more of his hardon against me. . . In that moment,I gently reached to the bedside cabinet while laying over on to my belly and disbelieving myself what I was about to do,I uncapped the KY and gently slipped the glob now on my finger into the crack and hole of my ass.

In the dark I tried to imagine how much to push up and how far to spread it around my sphincter,while the sensation brought some precum out of the eye of my own cock. - That was it! - Well not quite,as I lay waiting to see if he'd turn back in towards me,I questioned what I was now thinking, - WHY NOT - GIVE HIM A HAND? Like a magnet,his cock drew my hand over his hip as I gently felt for his penis, there it was,dangling towards the mattress but partly hard. As I gripped it,he turned on to his back and I moved with him. As I felt and pulled his skin back I felt a slight residue of KY still in between my fingers,I used it to slightly lube his helmet. I secretly helped this over the knob as much as I could before he jerked it from my hand and turned in towards me again. In the jossling I moved over to putting my back towards his front and again his now hard cock took up a position along my ass groove. I now lay hardly daring to breath hoping it would slip in against my asshole.

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For all of five minutes nothing happened,then he just seemed to ease away and when he came back his knob was pressing in between my ass cheeks right against the opening. - In fairness, I'm sure he was asleep. Then I myself wasn't sure if I or him was doing anything as I felt my sphincter stretching and letting his cocks bulbous but spongy helmet press inside a bit. The movement was imperceptable almost, as in and in it plunged. With precum now oozing from my own knob,I couldn't control myself as I lifted one thigh off of the other hoping to make my ass wider to allow his shaft to take my ass cherry completely.

As I panted with expectation, I felt the larger helmet plunge until it passed in and started to slide up the rectum passage. There came some fucking movement from him but only slow in and out until I sensed a startled awakeness from behind me with a gasped "OH FUCK" - I needed to grab the instant and jerked my asshole quickly in and out against his cock. - "DAD! OH FUCK! DAD! WAKE UP!" To late I mumbled - "What! What NOW?" as I felt a warm inner sensation as his balls emptied their content inside my rectum. That moment was enough,I orgasmed and felt robbed as the hard cock was instantly withdrawn from my sphincter and tight asshole.

"What! What is it now?" - Nothing were you asleep then,I just wanted to let you know I'm in the wrong bed and I'm going to mine now"- Ah right,I would have wondered if you hadn't let me know. . . goodnight" - He lept out of my bed like a jack rabbit and was gone. Next morning,all he said was, - "I shan't drink that stuff again,I had a nightmare in the night,I was in your bed,woke up and had to dash out and in to my own bed" - "Funny stuff booze,does all sorts of odd things to the brain" I replied. .

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  . The happening was never mentioned other than that and having enjoyed looking in the mirror at his cum still up my rectum,I felt a rather guilty man but he needn't know he'd fucked me I reasoned. .