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This story dates back to my teens just after I’d lost my virginity. I fucked my girlfriend, Mary, regularly [as in daily - at least once but often more] but she was not the only one as she had a bit of a lesbian trait [which I soon came adore in a girl] and would regularly introduce me to her girlfriends. Mates’ sisters [younger for preference] I also considered fair game and I deflowered a fair few of them however I got my real education from their mothers and I want to tell you about my first time with an older woman: I’d been screwing my friend Jack’s younger sister for a few weeks at the time so taking a side track I’d better tell you about my first time with Sally. I’d called round for Jack but he was out although expected back soon. His mother invited me in saying something of the order “I’ve got to go out - you can keep Sally company. Put on a video or something. ” With that she left.   I didn’t mind Sally’s company - she was a bit of a looker and always up for a laugh but as I sat down she said “Mum said to put on a video. Why don’t we try one of Dad’s special ones?” Without showing me the cover or anything she slipped a DVD into the machine and quickly sat up very close to me fielding the remote. As it came on she asked “Ever see a fuck movie before?” As the [obviously illegal] production came on to reveal a young girl sucking on a big dick she continued “Why don’t I try that on yours?” as she placed a hand on my already hardening cock.  ”Why don’t you?” I replied boldly slipping my hand up under her dress “But I expect a bit more of my girls these days!"   “Well it’ll be my first - first time I’ve given head for that matter - but if you don’t mind breaking in a virgin pussy I’m all yours!” was her unfazed reply. “I’ve heard some of the girls at school comparing notes - you come highly recommended, they seem to think you have a huge cock and it certainly seems pretty big to me!” she squeezed my member to emphasise the last point as I began to play with her pussy lips finding her already wet. On screen the girl was lying back with her legs splayed wide obviously ready to receive her partner’s big dick. Sally shrieked in climax as my ministrations on her clit did the business for her just as the girl was penetrated. “THAT I’ve got to try!” she declared “Fancy a shot of my arse too? I _love_ touching myself back there when I’m feeling randy. ” I conceded that I did like to ream a girl and I’d love to teach her all about sex but on one condition, that being that I got to eat her out before I fucked her.

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   “YES! I’d _love_ that!” she beamed in reply. “I always like to lick my fingers after I’ve got myself off - and I’d love to taste another girl!” Thinking of Mary I said that I should be able to arrange a threesome if she liked. “I’d like - but first we need to fuck. Come on, upstairs with you!” With that she switched off the fuck film, slid out the disc and grabbed my hand hauling me towards the staircase.  ”What about Jack?” I queried.  ”What about him? He’s liable to have his girl with him and they’ll be intent on doing exactly the same thing in his room. ” This I had to admit if only to myself was more or less true, actually the plan had been for us to make a trio of it, Gail was a fan of double penetration and loved to take Jack up her rear while I made her the meat in a sandwich fucking her pussy for all I am worth. When we got to her room Sally set the DVD playing on a little combi TV/DVD player and started to undress motioning me to do the same. As I complied she continued “Jack doesn’t even make a pretence of it any more - not to me anyway. I know he screws his girlfriend and he knows I know so why bother? Sometimes I make him tell me all about it afterwards. "  As we lay down on the bed and started to get intimate, kissing and touching I thought “Bet he didn’t tell about the other day!” The pair of us had indulged Gail in a spot of DP before he fucked my partner Sue while I enjoyed a tit-fuck of Gail [she was quite well endowed despite her age - or the lack of it] cuming all over her chest ready for Sue to clean up. The lessie action got Jack and I hot again so once I’d broken Sue’s rear in [she’d never experienced anal action before having only lost her virginity to me the day before] Jack had the pleasure of her rear while I fucked her, teaching the youngster the joys of DP lifting her diminutive frame clean off the ground as we both got off in her tight havens.  However Sue was then and Sally was now and while I was gorging myself on her tits and playing gently with her labia as she stroked my achingly hard dick we heard the door and a voice. “Sally where are you?"  ”In my room - don’t come in. ” she replied.

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    ”Well I’ve got Gail with me and we’re going to fuck so don’t come into mine either. ” Then “Got got one of Dad’s movies? Think I’ll get us one. Don’t get yourself too sweaty little sis! You want to get a boy to show you what it’s all about or a girl! Gail loves to have a girl eat my stuff out of her cunt after I’ve fucked her! Ouch! [Gail had clearly hit him!] I don’t mind ‘cos I’m either fucking the eater or got my cock up Gail’s arse! Pop in later if you like and Gail’ll teach you all about girly stuff but right now I need a fuck - you game Gail?"  ”Bet I am big boy, my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it - you get the movie and get undressed while I have a word with Sally - I’ll be through in a bit. ” Before I could move the door opened and Gail slipped in. If she was surprised Sally says she never flinched - I couldn’t see, my head was by this time firmly fixed between Sally’s legs as I lapped at her succulent pussy. Rudely I was pushed away as Gail dove in saying “Give me a taste of that! Always knew you’d look good undraped Sal. ”   Sally seemed quite happy being eaten by another girl and she gestured at Gail’s unturned rear mouthing “Fuck her. ” I moved behind her, hitched up her school skirt and slid her knickers down over the full globes of her arse. I was tempted to shaft her rear knowing full well Gail would have no objection to this but I resisted and instead fed my pole into her tight cunt pounding into her enjoying her to the full until she was gasping out an orgasm into Sally’s pussy.  Having been satisfied and having satisfied Sally Gail got up dusted down her dress and made to leave saying “Your brother is good - but he’s better. Make the most of him! And you mister - don’t forget what the arrangement was today! See you next door before I leave. "  Sally persuaded me to tell her all about ‘the arrangement’. “Sounds fun! Think I could watch?"  ”Don’t see why not!” I declared. “Now suck me - taste Gail on my cock!” Little Sally did just that so reviving my dick which had flagged just a little after cuming in Gail’s slick pussy. Once she had me fully back in action I pushed her giggling onto her bed and came on top of her letting her feel the power of a cock within her juicy cunt for the first time.

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   Man was she tight! Probably the tightest I’d ever had experience of upto that point . So I took my pleasure in Sally’s pussy - looking back on it she said all the right words ‘I’m a virgin Dave’ [tell me!], Better not tell Mommy’ ‘You make me feel so full!’ and the rest. Obviously Sal was by no means my first conquest but she was undoubtedly the youngest girl I’d ever fucked upto that point and I uncertainly made the most of her, fucking and fucking and fucking little Sal until she could take no more, cuming and cuming time and again against my dick. Hoping she was up for it [as Mary and Gail certainly both were] I asked “Fancy an arse fuck?"  ”Yeah - think so Dave; go easy but if Gail can take you or Jack up there I don’t see why I can’t!” So I took pleasure in her anally just as we heard Gail cry out ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!!’ quite vocally ‘Now bugger me - wish Dave were here too!’  I kinda thought “Will be soon if I’ve got anything to do with it!” as I eased my big knob into Sal’s rear. The youngster didn’t flinch as I slowly eased into her, she litterly shoving herself onto my meat as I did so. At first I didn’t know if Sally was enjoying the experience or not [I certainly was!] as she was so quiet but then I sussed she was being that way deliberately, listening to her brother and Gail doing exactly the same as we were. Gail was calling out the shots big time - probably for Sally’s benefit as I’d never known her so vocal in the past but it was ‘Yes! Yes!. . . Deeper! Yes! I’m gonna cum! Cum with me Jack! Fill my arse with your stuff! Now! Now! Now! Yeassss!’ Sally got off at much the same time and I was not slow in joining her as she milked the cum out of me with her powerful anal contractions.  Young Sal had quite easily been the best lay I’d ever had to date [and she had quite some competition] but never being the type to pass up an opportunity I said “Come on girl - we’ve both got an invite next door! Want to taste pussy?” Sally didn’t hesitate and we both dashed into Jack’s room still quite naked. By the time we got there, Gail was sucking on Jack’s cock, he quite obviously having been brought to fruition in Gail’s sweet rear.
      As soon as she saw us, Gail pulled out Jack’s dick exclaiming “Dave! Lie down!” No sooner had I done so and Gail impaled her rear on my member adding “Sally, lick my cunt! Use your fingers - go as deep as you like! Kinda obvious but I ain’t no virgin. The monster I’ve got up my arse right now saw to that a while ago and ever since he and your bro have been seeing to me regular like. .

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      . ” So Sally bent to her task, with gusto I might add, licking and finger fucking Gail as I reamed her.  Gail soon came, whose ‘fault’ it was I couldn’t tell but as soon as she did so Sally came up for air saying “Jack? Aren’t you forgetting something?"  ”Like what?"  ”Well Gail’s pussy and arse are spoken for at the moment but my little holes are feeling a bit neglected. I’ve had Dave cum in both of them and now I want to feel your cock!” Sally declared.  ”But you’re my sister!” he exclaimed.  ”So? We both know Mom does it with Uncle Ray and Dad with Aunt Sophie so where’s the difference?” [This was lost on me but it turned out that Sophie was their Dad’s kid sister and Ray was their Mom’s brother and the four of them got together for sessions where anything went when they thought the kids were asleep or whatever. ]  Jack shrugged and obviously needing relieve after watching the three of us in action moved in behind Sally and took her, shoving his dick into her hot, welcoming pussy. “You are tight sis!” as he ploughed into her.  ”Remember my arse is in game too!” was all she said as she went back to work on Gail, this time lapping at her arse and my dick. Gail was forced into overload again just as I got my rocks off in her. Sally motioned Gail away and set to work on my cock making sure he never flagged and then, before he had had the chance to cum in her pussy but after she had climaxed on his dick pulled away from Jack and instructed him to lie down. He made to protest but he soon quietened when Sally got herself up over him and took him into her arse.  ”God you are soo tight Sal!” he declared.  ”And about to get tighter!” she replied. “Come on Dave fuck me again - do what the pair of you do for Gail.

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      ” So I did just that. Easing my big knob between her labia and slowly, slowly, teasing her as I went, right up into her cunny. With both holes filled she redefined tight! Sally was beside herself with glee as the pair of us rode her to an ever strengthening series of orgasms but she still managed to find the wherewithal to make sure Gail wasn’t left out managing to work her whole fist into the older girl’s cunt. The whole mood was so infectious that all four of us got off together. Jack and I spurting off into Sally’s tight depths. Just as she screamed out the big one and Gail found release against Sally’s hand.  Time was against us so Gail never did get the planned DP - not that day anyway, but Jack and I made it up to her subsequently. Sally regularly fucked the pair of us either singly or together so a few weeks down the line I’d called round at their house. I was looking for some action, either with Sally or else Jack and I would go on the prowl but I had no idea what awaited me as I stood at the door waiting for it to be answered. I was greeted by their mother who showed me through to the sitting room. To my surprise there was a fuck film playing on the box and a large, moist-looking vibrator lying on the settee. Catching my breath I looked at the screen. Wasn’t the woman on screen getting fucked from behind while sucking on another largish cock the woman who had just let me in? And wasn’t the action taking place on the very settee on which the vibrator now lay? I looked back at Mrs Reynaulds my face a study I’m sure, She smiled and said “Neither Sally or Jack are in but I’m sure we could have some fun together - if you don’t mind an older woman. ” As she spoke the stepped towards me casually discarding her robe leaving her naked to my gaze. Yes, definitely the same woman as on screen, small to the point of being petite with quite small breasts [but large, erect nipples] and a shaven snatch.

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       Her clit was engorged and protruding clearly from between her labia. She had to be early to mid-thirties but could easily have passed for much younger, “I’ve been having fun with myself while watching some old family movies. That’s me in the middle obviously. That’s my husband Bill I’m sucking. The guy fucking me is called Ray. ” The action changed slightly with another girl entering the picture and sitting down on Bill’s cock taking him right up her cunt without any preliminary. I heard ‘That’s good Jane - love the way you get my brother real hard just ripe for me to fuck!’ Jane continued “She called Sophie and, yes she is Bill’s younger sister just as Ray is my elder brother - like I said family movies. ” She picked up the vibrator saying “This thing is fun but a real cock is better. I take it you know how to use your tool? I also take it that you’ve fucked Sally before?” I said nothing merely reddening. She must have taken that to be an affirmative as she started to undress me. “Nice Dave! Nice!” she cooed as my rampant member slid into view. “Sal’s real lucky to have this to play with!” she finished as she pushed me down on the floor and mounted me fucking with a technique [not to mention gusto] like I’d never known before. To cut a long story short she and many of her friends taught me everything there was to know about sex. This knowlege, coupled with the size of my dick made me _very_ popular with my regular girlfriends while I was at school. .

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