Investigators Chapter 6


“We have enough information now,” said her boss when Mandy consulted him, “But as you’re there and she’s receptive get more if you can. ”Mandy spoke quietly into the telephone, “I have tapes we haven’t yet looked at – I’m sure they will contain interesting material. ”“Do what you can and get the woman out of there – keep her away from her husband and other suspects. The deal is that she agrees to disappear from public view and goes to a safe house. ”Sandra was given an outline of the plan and hurriedly packed her cases. She would be an important source – not just to implicate her husband but for the evidence she could provide about other leading citizens involved in this ring. Mandy and her co-worker felt pleased with themselves and while they waited slipped one of the tapes into the VCR – they were both curious to see what would be revealed. “Fucking hell!” hissed the male detective through his teeth. Mandy too shook her head in disbelief, “We should have looked at these sooner – we need to tell the boss!”The film showed six people in a room. Thinking this film was just like many others they had seen with youths performing with wives for the pleasure of voyeurs the officers had no more than mild interest – until the scene changed. Sandra was the star – the voyeurs were watching her – she smiled into the camera - as the boy between her legs paused for breath from licking her vagina. In an instant her arm rose into the air and the two foot long strips of leather fastened to a braided handle was sharply brought down across the boy’s lower back. The voyeurs masturbated while they looked on – watching Sandra punish the boy licking her naked crotch – a boy no more than thirteen. The detectives swore again and gasped in amazement – not just at the realisation of Sandra’s perverted involvement but because of their recognition of two of the watchers. They were looking at senior officers of the local police force. There they were with dicks out masturbating while Sandra performed with a young boy.

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   Now they knew why previous inquiries had come to nothing – why investigations had gone sour and led to dead ends. The perpetrators had inside information and it was now clear why crucial evidence had disappeared. It had been known that only the bit players had been caught and other very influential people had covered their tracks and escaped prosecution. Now Mandy fully understood why this special unit was brought in and why it worked in such secret and unorthodox ways. Quickly the investigators decided to keep quiet for now – they had little time to spare and didn’t want to freak Sandra out before she left the house. When their witness was settled into the safe house then they could explore the contents of the tapes further. In the meantime their boss had been busy – the scene was set for a handpicked team of detectives from the regular force to storm down on several properties and make arrests. The official investigation was about to start and the information and evidence they had to hand was awesome and astounding. Other units of the team too had gained much knowledge that would contribute to the success of the mission – but nothing else compared to the information Mandy was about to feed to her boss. “Who would have believed it?” exclaimed the leading detective when the identities of the policemen in the film were made clear to him. Wasting no time he brought in the senior investigator and passed on the crucial information. It was a time for celebration and mutual back slapping – now the work would be done through the usual channels and the team could relax. “We just have to process Sandra and our job is over,” said the boss. “Pity she came into this so late but we’ll tie up the loose ends. I have to be at a meeting now so why don’t we all meet up later at the safe house and – well – we’ll see what else is on those tapes – and then we’ll talk to Sandra!”Mandy wondered if her boss had certain ideas in his head as he seemed interested in ways other than professionally.

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   Nevertheless both detectives were glad they would have the chance to view what Sandra had got up to. By the time evening came and all were at the safe house the sexual tension was running high in anticipating what they would see on the tapes. Sandra was warned she would need to talk to the boss that evening and after dining and bathing she was shown into a comfortable room with sofa’s and soft chairs – and a TV with VCR. Mandy stood when her boss walked in and introduced the pair then to the two officers he had brought with him. With Mandy’s junior partner present there were five officers in all and to her surprise her boss had two bottles of spirits while one of his underlings carried a tray full of glasses. Was he expecting to party later – she wondered? To her surprise he poured refreshments immediately and gave Sandra a very large glass. The witness was relaxed and it was in her nature to enjoy the admiring looks of the male officers. The talking started and Sandra was free with information not in the least put off by confessing to certain sexual antics in front of all these males. This after all was what turned her on – she liked the watchers. The evening went on and Mandy was aware of how the atmosphere was becoming sexually charged as Sandra told in detail of her adventures with youths. All the stuff was there but no mention of blackmail on her part or underage sex. It was all the men’s fault and she herself hadn’t actually broken the law – she said! True the youths were all over the age of consent and she hadn’t realised anyone was coerced or forced to perform - all that she stood to loose was her reputation of respectable housewife. The men listened and Mandy wondered when the boss would reveal that they had the tapes she had so carefully hidden. The alcohol had lured Sandra into a false sense of security and she even slipped her skirt higher to display more of her thigh for her male audience. Another thought that crossed Mandy’s mind was why had her boss wanted to conduct this informal interview with so many officers present – she was about to find out.

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  Suddenly Sandra changed tack, “I’ve told you all I know – now I’d like you to contact these men – I’ll do any further negotiating through them. ”The boss read the names on the slip of paper Sandra had passed to him and answered her. “I’m afraid that won’t be possible – you see – as we speak these policemen – your friends – are being arrested!”So that was her plan – she hoped the policemen in the video would come to her rescue – but it hadn’t worked – and Mandy laughed out. “Mandy – tell Sandra what you found in her house,” instructed the boss. “Better still – show her!”Sandra went pale as she watched Mandy take a tape from her boss and place it into the machine. Dumbfounded she stared at the screen as the full implication of her situation hit her. All quietly viewed the film and the level of Sandra’s fear and despondency was outmatched only by the men’s sexual arousal at they saw the woman before them perform the most wicked acts. Heavy breathing filled the room as the screen showed Sandra with various young boys. Some she sucked – others she fucked – not only for her pleasure but always for an audience of masturbators. She was seen standing wide legged while a small boy knelt licking her pussy. Another showed two boys – neither more than twelve - one with his cock inside her while the other one was being sucked and wanked by her. “You never told us anything about this,” said the boss mockingly. “See what’s on the other tapes,” he ordered. “No – please!” pleaded Sandra, “Don’t show anymore!”The boss dismissed her and Mandy inserted the second tape. There were gasps as the film revealed even kinkier practices.

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   It was clear Sandra enjoyed all aspects of perversions. She was seen trussed up while men and boys abused her and delighted too in inflicting punishment and humiliation herself. For the men’s enjoyment she opened wide while small boys were made to piss in her mouth as she was tied to bedposts. Others used sex toys on her as she was bound to furniture before sticking their little dicks into one of her orifices. Then came something very relevant – the film showed the youths from the home – joining in – anally fucking the young boys – with Sandra’s help. This was why the blackmail was necessary. Several faces appeared that were recognised by the team – youths they had interviewed. Now it was all piecing together – thanks to Mandy’s discovery of Sandra’s tapes. The boss rose and whispered to Mandy kissing her on the cheek, “Well done! It’s very – well – exciting – would you mind if we took advantage of the situation – or would you prefer to leave us?”Mandy felt a rush of arousal pass through her body – she took a second to answer her boss. “I’ll stay – if you’re sure these officers are discrete?”Her boss smiled and nodded then turned to Sandra. “Well – you tried to cheat us – didn’t want to tell us everything – so we don’t need to keep our side of the bargain. ”The boss let Sandra sob a little while then spoke again. “And my oh my - don’t you like kinky sex – you will do anything won’t you? It’s time you did something for us!”Sandra looked up horrified at the comment then began to shake sobbing quietly. The boss took her hair and gripped it firmly lowering his mouth to her ear. “You could go to prison for a long time with what’s shown on those tapes – unless you convince us it’s worth our while to allow you to stay free.

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   My team has worked hard and is in need of a little enjoyment – and they’re all aroused after watching you on film. What are you going to do about it – why don’t you show us how good you are?”Sandra’s sobs turned into a nervous soft laugh, “OK – I’ll do anything you ask – please keep me out of prison!”The boss lifted her to her feet and started to unfasten her shirt. He carried on whispering in her ear as his hands uncovered her tits and began to play with her nipples. “We’ve all got turned on watching you with those little boys – if we keep you out of prison maybe we can arrange parties of our own for you. ”“Yes!” said Sandra eagerly, “I’ll do things for you if you look after me!”“How about now – my men would like to fuck you? Would you like that?”“Yes – I’ll let you all have me now – I love sex – I’ll let you do anything you want. ”Mandy smiled with amusement as she watched the desperate woman fumble with her boss’s fly eager to prove she was willing to please. For a while the room was silent as the occupants sat taking in the sight of Sandra administering oral sex on their boss. Her tits had been uncovered and they watched how they bounced as the boss lifted her body up and down as he gripped her head. Whether the purpose was to increase his pleasure or to add to her humiliation Mandy knew not but the total control conveyed by the scene turned her on to. As one man rose to prepare his self for what he hoped was his turn then others overcame their bashfulness at having a female officer witness this extreme breaking of the rules. Soon Mandy was confronted by the sight of her colleague’s hard stiff cocks waiting ready to take pleasure from the woman. Her eyes flicking from the events in the room to the depraved pictures on the screen and Mandy felt her juices flow and pussy begin to tingle. When the man standing near her caught her eye no words needed to be spoken as he stepped just a little closer to her and she reached out to hold his penis, drawing it to her mouth. Gasps filled the room as suddenly the screen had caught the attention of all. The scene had changed and showed a senior police chief known to them sat in a large well furnished home with Sandra.

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   The door opened and into the room came a man and woman – accompanied by a young girl of about eleven or twelve. All seemed normal as the camera showed them sat and talking whilst drinking tea and coffee as respectable people did with guests. The puzzlement of this scene caused two men now fucking Sandra to slow down and almost stop. One extracted his cock from her mouth while the other, who had been fucking her from behind turned her body to improve his view of the screen. These were after all detectives and all had that certain curiosity that came with the training and experience. So what was this big fish police chief doing being filmed on a tape like this?There was no soundtrack but the pictures spoke for themselves – and more gasps and exclamations filled the room. The girl was enticed to move away from the man and lady she had arrived with and sit between Sandra and the policeman. Calmly the couple looked on as Sandra seemed to be coaxing or reassuring her of something. The child looked confused and kept glancing up at the man on her other side who in turn was becoming visibly red faced and flustered. Mandy’s boss turned Sandra’s head and forced her to look at the screen. “Who are the couple you are with? he demanded sternly. When their identity was disclosed by the still sobbing Sandra the boss whistled. “And who is the girl?” he further demanded holding Sandra by the hair. Without any hesitation or shame of what might be revealed Sandra answered in a matter of fact way. “She is their daughter.

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  ”Astonishment and shock filled the room as the screen showed Sandra now unfastening the girls top with her arm around her shoulder not in a friendly way but as though it was ready to restrain her. The girl looked scared and looked toward her parents whose expressions and body movements seemed to be telling her to obey the woman and be a good girl. The father was clearly shown to be running his hand over the front of his pants. Sandra had now pulled the girl’s dress up and was letting the child know she wanted her to display herself for the strange man. When Sandra whispered something to the girl the child began to sob and looked terrified. Sandra lifted her own skirt and showed the child how she liked to touch between her legs. Then, reaching across she unfastened the man’s trousers and pulled out his penis. Now she was going to show the child other naughty acts – and make her take part. As the child struggled Sandra held her firm and her efforts subsided as Sandra whispered what must have been vicious threats into her ear. The forcefulness had had an unusual effect on her watching parents – they were now amazingly sexually aroused. The child was seen to look across only to see her father now had his cock in his hand while her mother was sat wide legged with her skirt up and her fingers busy in her vagina. Both looked lost in a world of depravity and perversion as they took pleasure from watching their daughter about to be seriously sexually abused before their eyes. Bewildered and not being able to understand, the child allowed her hand to be placed around the policeman’s dick. Now he had unfastened his pants completely and eased his clothing down to his knees showing his wrinkled ball bag and aging cock. Sandra spoke to the child frequently instructing her how fast and how tight she should hold her hands around the male sex organ.

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   Mandy, staring at the screen had kept hold of the penis in front of her and almost subconsciously resumed to draw the foreskin slowly back and forth. The implication of this to her fellow officers who had noticed was not lost. Mandy had just made it very clear to all that she was as aroused by this depraved and perverted act as any man in the room. She had just told her fellow officers how much kinky and decadent acts and practices inflamed her sexual desires. Sandra was pulled to sit on the floor between an officer’s legs as the others either sat or stood watching the screen. The girl was sobbing quietly but now complying with every instruction given. The mother was seen to stand and after divesting herself of her skirt and top squeezed on the seat at the far said of the older man. The child was even more confused at the sight of her mother now in just bra and panties caressing the man’s though with a lewd smirk on her face. When the Sandra peeled down the girl’s panties then took off her dress by pulling it forcefully over her head everyone knew that the real action was about to start. The older man became an active participant now by pulling the girl’s head down toward his cock and compelling her to suck. Aided by Sandra the mother kept the girl’s head in place while both women from time to time let their fingers enter her little cunt or play around her anus. Sometimes the fingers hurt and the girl stopped sucking and licking only to receive a slap on her bare bottom. The mother, with a cruel streak seemed to take great delight in this spanking and proceeded to slap her daughter’s buttocks anyway. The man wanted to rest to avoid reaching climax and the mother decided to increase her own pleasure. Standing once again she removed her panties then sitting back down opened her legs and made her daughter lick her pussy.

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   Sandra was seen to be fingering herself before she beckoned the girl’s father to come and join them. Changing seats with Sandra she now sat and straddled him after she too removed her clothes and facing him treated herself to a long slow fuck while they watched the action. The older man was now excited beyond his self control and lifting the child up and onto his knee rammed his dick into her making her scream. Holding her like a rag doll he rapidly lifted her up and down, impaled on his cock. Overcome with lust the mother quickly stood and begging her husband to remove his cock from Sandra she replaced her in frantic intercourse while her daughter next to her was violated in the most violent way. It wasn’t long before both men – and indeed the mother reached the pinnacle of their depravity and eventually calmed down. However it was not over as the girl’s daddy, for the pleasure of the onlookers made his daughter lick his wet and spent dick. Before the tape had finished each “star” of the film had abused the girl in some further way. The finale was seeing daddy fuck his daughter after laying her down on the floor while the others simply watched. A stunned silence in the interview room gave way to comments of how much joy they would take in exposing this senior officer in the film – a man who was, they said was sanctimonious and very unpopular. The pleasure felt by this revelation was soon giving way to the realisation that the woman in the film was here in the room with them and naked on the floor. This woman was capable of anything and delighted in the filthiest of practices. There was therefore no reason to hold back – like a pack of wolves they pounced. For the next hour until all appetites were satiated Sandra was passed round and abused and shared and fucked in every orifice. Mandy was not left out as she abandoned herself to the will of her fellow officers who got great pleasure from screwing a woman who was after all of senior rank to most of them.

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   The greatest thrill of all for one man was when the woman he had to address as “ma’am” at work willingly spread her knees and lifted her backside for him to fuck her arse. The most perverted man there – the boss – at the end asked Mandy if she remembered the safe house and mentioned a name. Mandy knew what he wanted to see and with Sandra knelt before her after being made to lick her cunt she stood with feet wide apart. Her fellow officers sighed and smiled as hot urine flowed from between her legs onto Sandra’s face. Told just the once, Sandra obeyed and let her jaw fall open to catch the flow in her mouth. The team disappeared once more behind the scenes undercover and anonymous. The “regulars” did their bit well and many people went to prison. Though the disclosure that senior policemen had been part of this group upset the powers that be it was nevertheless a job well done. The evidence was of course overwhelming and amazed even experienced officers – where the hell did so much detail come from?In the next town, in a modest house, lived a woman who had recently changed her name. After the court had found her blameless she had disappeared from social circles and lived quietly alone. She had however recently started to receive more visitors – policemen in fact – and sometimes a policewoman. They came either alone or in little groups and sometimes others would arrive – with a young girl or teenager perhaps. The woman’s name had been Sandra – but that was in another life. Only a few people noticed how certain youths who had survived life in a children’s home and had social and personality problems suddenly found their luck had changed. Every now and then their telephones rang and they would go out to do a very unusual job.


   Some even visited the woman in the next town. In fact one youth, who could at times be quite disturbed, was visited regularly by a new friend he had met. The neighbours assumed she was a social worker as she was so well dressed and official looking – she wasn’t though. Her name was Mandy and if the neighbours knew just what went on when the door was locked they would have been very shockedThe End.
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