Its A Hard Life Being A Wrestler


Anyway, it was 6 finally and as i made my way to the girls locker room i see a sign on the door saying 'out of order'. . . first time in 3 years it's ever said that. . . which ment that I had to wait for the guys locker room to clear before my shower because I wasn't going home smelling like i did. So i moved into the gym, fingers tapping agenst the seat, counting each guy as they passed, one by one they would take a shower and leave until i thought I had counted them all so i grabbed my stuff and wandered towards the door. . . daring myself to push it open and go in. Finally I got the nerve and went in, scrunching my nose at the smell but finally getting over it until i found the showers. I stood there for a moment, staring at the steam filled room before peeling off my uniform and tossing it into the basket with the rest for the unlucky team manager to pick up. Flip flops were an essential for the guys locker room and lucky for me I had mine so I took a step forward, then another, my breath parting the steam until i finally found the shower head, twisting it on to the hottest it would go and letting out a long sigh of releif as i felt it. I was about 5 minutes into my shower when I hear something. .

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  . and once i heard it I had froze, It was paul. . . I had forgotten Paul and now he was still in here about to take a shower. I turn a bit so my back is facing him, dropping my head into my hands and praying that he wouldn't want to use the same shower I was at, but my prayer wasn't anwsered and a second later there he was, standing nude behind me. I heard a gasp but I wasn't sure if it was him that made it or me but I turned around and gave a sheepish smile and began to move until he snatched my arm, his touch sending shivers up my spine, his voice gentle but with that manly edge that made you feel safe"Naw Kid, you don't have to leave, I'll be out of here in 2 minutes tops"My lips pursed a moment as he said that but something compelled me to turn around and remain. . . one of the better descions of my life. I stood there a moment, out of the water so that he could finish up his shower. . . but thats not all he had in mind. After he had finished washing his hair and such his gaze had shifted to me, trained somewhat on my 36C breast and the hand that was covering my bare center heat.

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  . . . and though I hate to admit it but my eyes were trained on his slowly growing 8 inch manly hood. We didn't say anything for a long moment but he dropped his bag that held his shampoo and soap and such and made a move towards me. I was caught by suprise though and moved away a moment until he finally caught me by my lower hip, his other hand tracing over my neck until finally his lips met my neck and i let out a slight groan of appritiation at his touch. This was something I'd never dreamed would happen and I was loving every second of what he was doing. . . and we both knew what he wanted but i wasn't sure yet if it was what I wanted. His fingers traced over my inner thigh, finally finding my center heat and going easily up into it. . . a soft gasp from me as I was caught by suprise but didn't have the nerve to pull his fingers out of me. .

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  . it felt good. My hand dropped a moment from my center heat, resting on the head of his cock and moving my thumb and forefinger in soft circle motions agenst it. . . bringing a slight groan from his as well before it was muffled by a full on kiss. The hand over my breast had dropped as well, pressing my tightly to his muscled form and my nipples practically pierced into his tough skin. . . I wanted him so badly by this point i could almost taste it. The foreplay was becoming almost unbearable to both of us and at that exact moment he pressed my heavily agenst the wall, his hands roaming over bare skin before easing himself up into my center heat, causing me to let out a soft scream of pleasure. He lifted me a bit, wrapping my mile long legs around his waist before finally shoving the rest of his dick into me, his thrust agenst me heavy yet edged with a loving passion. His arms were strong around me, his lips tracing over my nipples and my head thrown back agenst the wall, hair clinging to my face and mouth wide open, soft screams emitting after every one of his thrust. It was half past amazing what we were doing. It was only after a few strokes that he moved to settle on the hard tile floor, laying agenst his back with me sitting on top, knees bent so i was in a half standing position over his now pulsating hard dick, pressing into it.

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   We were both breathing heavy, our hearts pounding out of our chest as I started to ride him. . . feeling every ridge of his dick as he made its way in and out of my hot, boiling love snatch. . . nothing was really ever said as I continued on riding him hard and fast with a groan at each full meeting. . . I couldn't say anything. . . this was paul, my dream guy and I was fucking him in the mens locker room. Our love making intensified as he flipped me so I lay On my back, my knees clutching his waist. His hand moved back, grasping at the back of one of my legs for leverage and brought it harder with each stroke, moving us slightly across the slick floor as we did, my body trembling with my first of many climax's that paul would eventually bring me to.

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  yeah yeah, so maybe it sucks but its my first, hollar and tell me what you think. . . there might be a Paul and Addy part 2.

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