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I was 15 years old when my dad started me at the factory -- cleaning the bathrooms. I did that, and other janitorial duties throughout my high school years. Through college, I was expected to get at least "B's", and I was running some of the machines in the factory. When I graduated with my BS, I went ahead and got my Masters, and I worked in the office of the factory. My father's intentions for having me work throughout the factory was for me to learn everything from top to bottom, and, since the workers had seen me doing the "shit jobs" they would have more respect for me than had I just come in and started working at "daddy's job. " So, after finishing college, I took an executive position at the factory. I married a girl in the accounting department at the factory whom I'd been dating for a couple of years shortly after that, and settled into a normal life. For too short of a time. My father suffered a heart attack and died behind the wheel of his car while he was driving my wife to get our car from the mechanic's. In one instant, my life was gone. I tried to trudge on, but I could not stand to go to work each day, surrounded by the ghosts and memories of my father and my wife. My mother had passed years ago and I had no siblings tied to this company, so I decided to sell it to the employees. I made a generous offer to them, which they readily agreed to. I was paid a lump sum, plus would receive yearly payments for the next ten years. I wasn't Bill Gates rich, but I wouldn't have to work a job again. Which was fine with me because I never was really into working there in the first place.

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  I'd always loved being on my maternal grandparents farm. It had once been a large, bustling place, but had fallen into disarray. I'd spent many summers with them, doing chores, helping out, and just loving the outside. The farm became mine after my mother had died, but I'd not had a chance to do anything with it. Now I would. I sold my house, packed everything up, and moved to the farm. The one problem with that was the house wasn't livable. Luckily, I could afford to build a new one, so that is what I did. It wasn't a mansion, but it was good sized. And, I stuck to a country style, so that it would look more natural. I had it built about an acre away from the rest of the farm so that I had some room to roam my back yard. With that done, I had the old farmhouse torn down. Then I lost myself restoring the rest of the farm. Three years later I found her. It was late May, one of those days where school had been out for a few days for the kids.

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   The mornings and evenings were cool, but the days were warm. I'd often go walking throughout my property just to enjoy being outside. Today was one of those days. I'd gone out before sunrise, and headed towards the east end of the property to catch the sunrise. I'd been gone over an hour (yes, my property is that big) when my Doberman Pincer "Buddy" turned and growled. I heard it too. A splash and a yelp. I un-slung the shotgun from my shoulder and pumped a shell into it. I wasn't paranoid, but I have had poachers on my land. I figured a load of buckshot fired over their heads while a Doberman was chasing them would be the best way to discourage that. Buddy was already at the creek where we heard the splash, when I heard the scream. Usually, a Doberman staring at you will elicit a response of, "Oh Shit!" But this was a scream like a little girl’s scream. And, no wonder…. as I got to the creek I saw the little girl. She looked to be about 9 or 10.

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   She was sitting on the side of the creek with mud caked on one of her pant legs, and the other soaking wet. Her jeans had holes in them, as did her shirt. Her hair was light colored, but dirty enough that I couldn't tell its color. She was in tears and trying to shoo away Buddy. She jumped as I spoke. "He's more likely to lick you to death than bite you. That is, unless you intend to sit there all day. " I said with a grin on my face. "Is that your dog mister? He looks scary. " she trembled. "He's only mean to mean people. You don't look mean. Are you?" I said. A soft, "No" was her reply. "Then," I responded, "you have nothing to worry about.

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   But, are you going to sit there all day?""I was looking for a place to go potty and I slipped. " she said with tears in her eyes. "What are you doing out here anyway?" I asked as she climbed up out of the creek. "Dan and I were driving to his friends to find a job and we camped out last night. I didn't want to wake him, so I came out here to potty. He's going to be so mad he'll probably leave me here. He told me he would leave me if I gave him any trouble. " she sobbed. "Who is Dan, and where did you sleep last night?" I inquired. I really didn't have to ask where they slept. I knew if she was over here, that they weren't that far away. The edge of this part of the property was close to one of the back roads and had an access trail cutting through it. I'd often times caught teen-agers making out (and more) back there. If they cute, they'd end up on video, if not, Buddy would run them off. "Dan is my foster-dad and we slept right over there.

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  " pointing exactly where I thought she would. "He's going to leave me here!""He's going to do no such thing," I tried to reassure her. "I'll tell you what, why don't you stay here and keep Buddy company, and I'll go talk to Dan. ""Is Buddy nice?" she asked. "You tell me. Buddy, give her kisses!" I commanded. With that, Buddy started licking her face all over which had the desired effect. She started giggling. "OK, Buddy, that's enough. Now, stay! I'll be back in a minute or two. " I said walking away. Within a couple of minutes I was standing at the trail looking at some fat, ugly, balding biker dude. He was sitting with his head in his hands, the classic "morning after" pose. I could smell the booze from where I was standing. I tried to make some noise to get his attention, but his head must have been pounding too much to hear.

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   Finally, I said, "Are you OK?"Turning while getting up, he yelled, "Who the FUCK are you?!? Did you take that little bitch?!? Where the FUCK is she?!? I'm gonna FUCK you up if you took that whore!!!" I tried to get a word in to tell him that she was ok, when he pulled out a switchblade knife and started to charge. The only thought that went through my mind was, "How fucking stupid do you have to be to pull a knife on someone holding a shot-gun?" I didn't have to wait for an answer, because with his first step, he slipped on the mud, spun, tumbled into the ditch, and hit his right temple on one of the rocks in the ditch. I'm not a doctor, but I know what brains look like when they are splattered on a rock and coming out of a head. I didn't even bother to check for a pulse. I just turned around and walked back to Buddy and the girl. As I got there, she was putting Buddy through his paces. Sit, lay-down, roll over, beg, dance. He knew them all and loved to show them off. She didn't notice me right away, but didn't jump this time. I gave her one of the treats I kept in my coat pocket for her to give to Buddy. "Where's Dan?" she inquired. I couldn't tell her. I didn't like the guy just from the moment I had with him, but I didn't have the heart to tell her the ass-hole was dead. "What's your name, honey?" I said as I squatted down. "Brandy" she said with a little southern drawl that just charms the guys.


  “Well Brandy, I’m Tom. ” I started, “Dan went to town to meet up with his friends and find a job. He said he wanted you to stay in this area for a bit rather than go to his friends. He asked me to take you home and let you stay with me for a day or two. Then he’d come get you when he had a job. ” I could have told her most anything at that moment. Between playing with Buddy and what seemed like a relief to be away from Dan, she didn’t say a word. “C’mon, lets head back to my house. ” I said as I slapped my thigh to get Buddy’s attention. We talked as we walked. She was nine, almost ten. Her parents were killed in a car wreck when she was six (God, how I know that pain) she was hurt a bit, and had no relatives to stay with. She was put into a foster home, and had bounced around for a few years in the system. Dan was not really her foster-dad; he was the boyfriend of the woman she was staying with. The woman wasn’t even her foster-mom.

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   She was her foster-mom’s friend. Her foster-mom had paid her friend to watch Brandy while she went on vacation with her boyfriend. That was almost a year ago. About a week ago, right after school let out. Dan took Brandy with him on his motorcycle and headed up to the big city a couple hours away from here to look for work and hang out with his friends. His girlfriend told Brandy she was glad they were leaving and not to come back. The more she talked, the madder I got. I knew that the state she came from was backwoods, but, even for that state, this was fucked-up. There is no reason why a sweet, little angel like this should be lost in the system. I made my mind up that it wouldn’t happen again. My mind began to think how I could help. If I sent her back, she’d get lost again I’m sure. We finally made it home, and went straight to the kitchen. She had told me that she hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday, so I whipped up some scramble eggs, toast, hash browns and a glass of milk. She wolfed this down, and with a little burp, said it was delicious.

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   As I was cleaning up the plates, I heard her knock over her almost empty glass of milk. As I turned, I saw a sight that made my stomach drop. She was pushing away from the table, tears in her eyes, say over and over again, “I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to do it – Please don’t hit me. ”I had to steady my voice, lest it betray me and show my sadness and disgust “Oh honey, accidents happen. ” I started. “Besides, I think you just made a new friend. ” She turned slowly, but then pounced forward as she saw my big, fluffy cat “Boxes” sitting on the table cleaning up the spilled milk. “Kitty!” she squealed, scooping him up in her arms! But, only after a second or two, she turned to me and asked if I wasn’t mad at her. “Why should I be mad? You certainly didn’t mean to spill the milk. You should see all of the things that I spill around here. I can’t get mad at you for a little milk when I spill lots of stuff, can I?” I asked. “You’re not going to hit me?” she asked. “No, Brandy. I’m not going to hit you. ” I said quietly.

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   “No one is ever going to hit you again. I promise. ” With that, she buried her face in Boxes side and hugged him tightly. “Now, I think you need to take a bath. I’d like to be able to talk to a little girl rather than a walking pile of mud. ” I chuckled and she smiled. I tossed her the washcloth and asked her to put the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe off the table while I ran her a bath. I started the tub, and found some bubble bath that my wife had. I poured it in and made sure the water wasn’t too hot. Brandy came in and her jaw hit the floor. “That’s not a bathtub, that’s a swimming pool!” she exclaimed. Well, it wasn’t that big. It was big enough for two adults with a little room to spare. I liked to lounge in it after working the farm all day. I told her to take her time in there because I didn’t want to see any mud monsters anymore.


  I left her alone and went to the laundry room to start washing a load of clothes. I figured that I’d get Brandy’s dirty clothes and throw them in since she didn’t have any other clothes with her. I went back to the bathroom, knocked on the door and asked if it was ok to come in and get her dirty clothes to throw into the wash. She said it was, so I opened the door. Standing right in front of me was one of the loveliest sights I’d ever seen. Brandy was standing right in front of me; naked as the day she was born. Her little nipples were soft and puffy, her tummy was flat, and the special area between her legs was smooth and pink. As she turned to get into the tub, I spotted her round little bottom. I apologized for walking in on her. I told her I thought she was already in the tub. She said that she had to go potty so she hadn’t gotten in yet. Saying this, she finally stepped down into the tub. I couldn’t see her anymore because of the bubbles, but this little thing wasn’t embarrassed in the least bit by me having seen her naked. Unfortunately, when I saw the good stuff, I saw the bad stuff too. The bruises.

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   On her arms, on her back, on her sweet, little tush. I could understand why she was begging me not to hit her, but I couldn’t understand how someone could have laid a hand on this angel. I picked up her clothes, told Buddy to stay with her, and closed the door. As I walked to the laundry room, I knew what I had to do. She wasn’t going back. She was going to stay with me. Even if it cost me a million dollars and I had to call in all of my favors, this girl wasn’t going to get lost. I went to load her clothes into the laundry, but didn’t bother. One of the straps on her t-shirt had been tied on, the bottom was frayed, and there were stains on it. Her jeans were even worse. Both knees were torn, there was a hole under the right cheek, and the while both pant legs were high water on her, one was higher than the other. Her undies had to be at least a year too small on her. I don’t know how she breathed in them, except that all of the elastic had stopped being stretchy a long time ago. And while I love the smell of a girl’s pantie, I was not going to get these any where near my nose. Along with the usual streaks that are to be found in everyone’s underwear, were what look liked dried blood on the seat, and something I couldn’t identify on the hip.

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  I threw her clothes in the trash, and picked up the phone and called my lawyer. “George please, it’s Tom. ” I said to the secretary. After the usual pleasantries, I told him that I needed to call in some favors. I wouldn’t discuss it over the phone, but made an appointment to meet with him the next morning. I told him to clear his schedule. I got the laundry running, and started to put a plan together. It should be pretty simple, but I needed to think things through to make sure I covered everything. About a half hour later I snapped out of my daze and decided to check on my guest. I knocked on the door and opened it a crack to see if I could come in. She told me to come in. By now, the bubbles had died out, and I could see in the water. I tried to look her in they eyes, but mine kept wandering. Especially when she lifted a leg and giggled, “Look at my toes – they’re all shriveled. ” I barely looked at her toes as I could see her little pink pussy open up under the water.

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   As her toes were shriveled, my cock started to “un-shrivel. ” “This is wrong!” I screamed at myself in my head. She’s just a child. So, I asked if she was done and handed her a towel as she stood up and stepped out. For the first time I was able to actually see how beautiful this child was. She stood almost 5 feet tall, which, considering she looked a little malnourished was amazing. She had straight, strawberry blonde hair, which fell just below her shoulders. Pale, blue eyes, and light freckles across her nose and on her cheeks. I handed her a couple of towels, and left the bathroom before my eyes violated her again. I walked across the hall and opened the door to one of the bedrooms and told her she looked like she could use a nap so she could sleep in this room. She bounded out of the bathroom and said, “Wow!” as she hopped onto the bed and started bouncing up and down. “I haven’t had a bed this nice since I was little,” she squealed. I just smiled as she was bouncing, when she suddenly threw herself back across the bed, stretching and spreading herself out. As she did this, her towel popped open, and she was bare again. I couldn’t help but stare at this naked, little nymph sprawled across the bed with her legs open right in front of me.

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   All sorts of thoughts went through my head, including how much I’d love to bury my tongue between those smooth, pink lips of hers. Instead, I handed her an old t-shirt of mine and told her she could wear this to sleep in. She took it and slipped it on. It came down almost to her knees, which relieved me because the temptation was now out of my sight. I told her to sleep as long as she liked. I had some work to do, but I was going to leave Buddy with her. I gave her my cell phone number and told her to call if she needed me or when she woke up. She said, “OK”, yawned and stretched (which revealed her pussy again briefly) and crawled into bed. With my dick slowly going limp again, I closed the door and walked out. I grabbed a shovel, some gloves and a tarp, and threw them into the back of my pick-up truck and drove off to where I found Brandy. I wasn’t worried about someone finding Dan’s body. It is pretty secluded there, and it was too early for the lovers to be out there. Nonetheless, I tried to hurry. The body was where it had fallen. Since it wasn’t very warm today, there weren’t too many flies buzzing around.

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   I laid down the tarp, and rolled his body onto it. I shoveled up the rock that he had hit, and some of the dirt that he had bled upon. I tied it all up and carried it to my truck. I then winched the motorcycle into the back of my truck. This made me chuckle a bit. Here was this fat, balding, asshole biker dude, and he wasn’t even driving a Harley, he was driving a Honda. I then went to the other side of the culvert and shoveled up some of that dirt. If anyone asked, I would say that culvert was overflowing so I dug it out a bit. I checked around for anything else that might have belonged to this loser. I found some beer cans, an open bottle of whisky, some pills, a needle and a bag of some powder. All of this, plus some candy wrappers were put into the back of my truck. Then I headed back. When I got back to the farm, I went straight to the incinerator. My grandfather had built this during an outbreak of Hoof-and-Mouth disease that nearly wiped out all of his livestock. It was big enough to easily fit a 1,200# cow.

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   I’d only used it a few times since I got it running again, but I did know how to use it. I unloaded the contents of the truck directly into the incinerator. I turned the cycle on its side, and opened the fuel tank. I figured whatever gas was left in the fuel line wouldn’t cause much of a problem, but I didn’t want a full tank of gas exploding on me. I lit it, and left to do some chores. I have no idea of how hot the incinerator gets when it is running full blast, but I do know I don’t like being around it. I did find out that gets hot enough to make rock brittle, because when I came back a couple of hours later after things had cooled down, the rock that had killed the moron just crumbled away. The motorcycle was nothing but a few pieces of molten metal, and, if there was anything left of Dan, it was just a few shards of bone. I grabbed the hose and hosed everything down to the bottom. I scooped it out (its amazing how all of that burnt down to one bucked worth of crap) and took it out to bury in the field. Good luck finding it. Wiping my hands, I headed back inside. It was already evening by that time. I went to check on my sleeping beauty. Buddy just lifted an eyebrow to let me know that he was still on the job.


   There, sprawled across the bed on her tummy, with my t-shirt pulled up and her ass exposed, was Brandy. I leaned down, placed a kiss on the cheek of her tush, and pulled the covers up onto her. I headed off to shower and go to sleep. I knew I’d done well by her today. I smiled. *end part 1 *.

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