Maci Does Mr. Charlie and his big dick friend too


Maci is on her way to Charlie's house for the entire weekend. He fixed to where no one would suspect anything and he'd be able to have Maci all to himself. He had missed her sweet tender young body and with his wife making every excuse known to mankind to get out to go be with her new lover which turned out to be Maci's mom, he wasn't getting any at home.
So with his wife and son gone, he'd be able to teach Maci new things and get her to go a little further. Afterall he was responsible for turning her out at such a young age and he knew he had pedophilic tendencies but never thought this sweet young girl would keep him wanting more. When she arrived he asked her if she was hungry or needed anything, she said she had already ate and couldn't wait to start fooling around with him again. He looked at her for a moment noting that she looked a little different than when she first began coming over. He said you look different, did you let any boys touch?? She smiled like a grown woman and said, they could never fill me up like you do. Please take me to your bed and make me your woman again.
He picked her and carried her small body to his bedroom. Immediately removing their clothes and began caressing her bare skin, kissing her small full red lips, then caressing her breasts that had gotten larger since the last time they were together. Heinhaled her fresh soapy preteen scent and moaned into her hair. He said I want to fuck you so bad but I have to taste that juicy pussy first. She laid back on the huge bed, opened her slender thighs and allowed him access to her 13 year old snatch. She wiggled her hips to get closer to his lips as he licked and nibbled her tiny clit makingher wet instantly. He inserted his tongue inside her hole and used his fingers to tease her throbbing clit.

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   She pushed harder into his face with her sopping pussy and moaned loudly as her gently chewed and ate her out.
He then withdrew his face from between her trembling thighs despite her pleas to continue licking and sucking on her swollen clit and asked did she want to try something new. She could only shake her head as he flipped her to face his feet and his head was between her thighs again giving him access to her sweet center and she could suck his dick. She saw how thick and swollen it had become, so she licked slowly at first and then wrapped her lips around the head, circling her tongue on the tip and licking the sides up and down like a lollipop. She engulfed his shaft in her warm, small mouth using her tongue to bring him to near madness. He moaned out of control as her adolescent lips twirled and swirled around his near bursting member. Oh Maci baby your lips feel like silk on my cock, don't stop sucking me my sweet, it feels sooooo gooood. She tried to get more into her mouth but her small opening would not allow it. His mouth and tongue ravished her pearly button as she thrashed her hips into his face near bursting herself. As they both continued working on each other, she felt like the feel of his mouth on her engorged clit was too much to bare any longer, she lost all control and came violently in his mouth.
He let her juices wash down his throat and held her closer as her sucked her clit as she climaxed. He could feel his own release near as she continued to make long slurping sounds with her mouth, pulling on his shaft with her lips and tongue causing him to release his load in her mouth without warning. She gagged a little and tried to take as much she could down her throat- she had seen this done on the porn flicks she'd watched here at Charlie's house many times before. They laid in each other's arms while recovering from sweet release. Once he was sure she had calmed down he took her nub in his fingers and teased it back to life, she squirmed all over the bed and told him she wanted to feel him deep inside her now.

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   She sat up in bed and kissed him deeply on the mouth and said, Fuck me Charlie, I can't wait to be yours again. With that he climbed on top of her as she guided his straining member to her dripping entrance. he rubbed it on her clit to get her really hot and once he was sure she was ready he eased inside the hot, tight walls of this incredible 13 year old soft walls. She shuttered with delight at the touch of his hands traveling over her, his lips nibbling her neck and his free hand grasping her round little ass.
She lifted her hips to meet his slow and easy thrusts into her under developed womb and moaned in pleasure. She could feel her pussy muscle began to relax a little and accept the monster cock filling it up. She moved against his deep thrusts and tried not to buck wildly, Maci just couldn't get enough of feeling this huge dick inside her tiny little hole. As she laid there getting fucked by the neighborhood hunk, she knew she'd be the envy of her friends if they knew she had him all to herself. She'd heard them giggle childishly over the silly boys at school-(they would never do, she's had her first big dick and loving it) and how all the girls and women in their area would love to fuck Charlie just like she was doing now and done before. Only Charlie her dear sweet Charlie would do because she loved him with all her heart and would never do this with anyone else. She felt the familiar jerk of his cock and knew he would soon spray her insides with his cream as she had not yet had her first period so she couldn't get pregnant.
Charlie began to howl as he pumped her full of his thick spunk and speeded up the pace to make her cum again too, he loved watching her face as she released her juices on his pole. Oh Charlie fuck my hole, make me cum- oooooh yeeeeess Charlie that's it, I'm cuuuuummmminngg!! Agh!! Oh that was so good baby I missed that tight sweet snatch of yours. I missed you too Charlie, I can't wait to have you inside me again, I want more but I'm hungry can we eat first, she whined. He said, alright alright anything for my little angel.

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   He pulled her on top of him and took her face in his hands and said darling you're wonderful, I can't get enough of you. She said I wish I could stay with you forever Charlie, I love you- she gasped at the realization of what she had said and covered her nouth with her hand as if to take back what she had said. He said it's okay sweetheart, I haven't wanted anyone as much as I want you, not even my wife. you're special to me Mase, if you were old enough I'd take you away and make you mine all the time. She grinned up at him and asked in a very childish voice, will you wait for me, I'll still be good, I'll be even better. He smiled and said let's go eat and we'll talk about in bed tonight.
They went off to the kitchen to find a quick meal so they could satify their nutritional appetites. When they found left over grilled chicken and salad, Charlie toasted garlic bread in the oven and then made grilled chicken salads for the two of them. He had a couple glasses of wine with his meal while she opted for fruit juice instead. They finished their meal and settled in front of the huge T. V. to watch a movie marathon. He pulled her on his lap during the sex scene and cupped her firm breasts that were straining against the sheer material of her blouse in his hands and released them from her bra. Once he freed her breasts her took them in his mouth and licked her nippled, teased each one until she arched her chest into him. he brought his mouth down on her lips and kissed her deeply and passionately trying to control his ragged breathing.

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   He said, I want you want here on this couch and with that he removed the rest of his clothing and she stood slowly strip for him as he watched with growing excitement.
As she swiveled her cute petite ass and rotated her slender hips slowly mesmerizing him by her young taut body, he reached out to touch her but she moved out of his grasp and continued her slow dance. Finally she eased up to him slowly sucking on her finger, taking it out of her mouth placing it on his lips causing him to fall deeper and deeper into this sensual web this 13 year old was weaving for him. He took hold of her tiby waist and kissed his way down her feather soft stomach to her waiting, tender love hole. She gasped as his lips touched her clit and he moaned out her name, Oh my sweet sweet Maci I have to have you. He turned her around bent her over the sofa and swabbed her now glistening fuck tunnel with his massive head. Maci moaned at the feel of his manhood at her entrance it excited her to know he was about to enter her body once again and plunge in & out of her until she screamed out his mane in sheer pleasure. he rubbed her clit alittle longer to get get her wetter and ready to receive his swollen shaft he would thrust deep inside with all the pent of passion he felt. He used his finger to wet thr tip of his cock and slowly drove deep inside her causing her to pant away the fullness she felt all of a sudden.
 Just as he was about to catch his rhythym inside Maci's tight canal, her body trembled as she turned her body to kiss him like she was his grown up lover. They were so into each other that they didn't hear Charlie's best friend Chris come into the house.  Caryn had told Chris to check on the house while they were away and he'd been given a key sometime ago, so he used it to let himself in but had no idea he'd walk in on his best bud since the sandbox bonking a kid young enough to be his daughter. He stood there mesmerized at how into it Charlie really was and how this kid seemed to know exactly what to do to get this grown man to moan like that. his curiosity got the better of him, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the scene unfolding right before his very eyes. Oh Maci, was all Chris heard escape his friend's lips before he decided he better leave before either of them saw him watching this disturbing yet incredible love scene.

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But it was too late Charlie opened his eyes and saw a dumbfounded Chris staring with his mouth wide open, too shocked to utter one word. he quickly motioned for chris to hide before Maci saw him as well but it was too late she wondered what had caused her lover to stop in mid stroke like that. She was frozen into place as she saw what stopped their beautiful lovemaking to come to an abrupt end yet neither Maci nor Charlie could move. Chris just stood there trying to recover from what he was seeing, then a wide smirk covered his face as his eyes moved over Maci's not even legal body. Charlie was still buried deep inside Maci's hot snatch as Chris came to a quick realization that began somewhere in the back of his mind and traveled south to his huge penis which was beginning to bulge in his pants and betray his earlier distubed expression. As soon as shock left Charlie understanding registered his friend's sudden expression change began to focus clearly on his face as Chris smiled a silent plea to let him continue to watch or even join in if his young conquest didn't object. he began to back out of the room and wait to see what would happen.
Maci soon jerked back to reality from her frozen position and nervously began to gather her clothing. W-what w-was he doing here? Who was that Charlie?? Charlie took her by the hand and tried to calm her down as he struggled with the questions swimming in his own head. He sat back, took a deep breath and tried to explain that Chris was his best friend and his wife had asked him to check on the house while we were away and that he'd forgotten. I'm not supposed to be here remember, Mase I'm supposed to be away on business he had no idea I'd be here. Well do you think he saw me naked, she asked worried. He said, yeah and he liked it too. Charlie said well since he liked what he saw do you think he could come back and just continue to watch us while we do it. She jumped with surprise at his crazy question and shook her no, I don't think I'd like to be watched, I'd feel weird.

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   So as Charlie calmed Maci down, it took some time to get her back in the mood and convince her everything was okay again he then wondered where Chris had disappeared off to. Didn't have a chance to find out because Maci was hotter than before, she jumped on him like a cat and straddled his hips causing her snatch to be open and ready for his cock to stab at her womb. She slowly rocked bak and forth on his stiffness and leaned back to feel him deep with in her walls. She felt like heaven to Charlie and he couldn't stop this time even if a herd of wild buffalo went plowing through that very house.
Chris reappeared and watched silently from his hiding spot getting very worked up as he watched young hot babe thrash up and down on his friend's pole like a stripper. He wondered if the little girl knew he was there or if she was as oblivious as his poor strung out buddy whose eyes were tightly shut, toes curled and mouth wide open. This was unbelieveable- a 13 year ols girl turning his Charlie out!! It was quite irresistable not be jealous that he could get a young girl like her to fulfill all his wildest fantasies while his wife ran around town with her new lesbian lover!! The bulge in his pants began to ache and was crying for some releief. Just as he unzipped his pants he noticed that Maci had her eyes half open and was watching him fondle his massive cock as it grew before her eyes. Her eyes widened in surprise at how truly thick and long Chris' cock was, this turned her on and made her buck wildly on Charlie causing him to shake uncontrollably as Maci worked her hips against his pelvis driving his cock to go deeper inside her bringing them both closer to orgasm. He tried to control her hips and slow her thrashing down by holding her hips. He opened his eyes at looked at her said baby slow down we got all night since I have you all to myself. He saw that she was staring into space and followed her eys to the space where she was looking and saw to his surprise that Chris had come back and was standing there with his 10 inch willy in his hand, stroking himself silly.
He also saw that Maci no longer seemed to mind that his friend was standing there exposing himself to her in all it's glory. He said you mind if I cut in for while, looks like you could use a breather man. So Charlie looked questioningly at Maci to see if she approved , slowly and shyly she agreed and Chris walked over to her and immediately took over for his bud.

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   Chris laid Maci's small frame on the sofa and enetered her warm. moist vice grip slowly and gently because he had never been inside such a young piece before and boy did it feel heavenly. he was lost instantly in mindless pleasure as he drove deeper inside the tender folds of this incredible little girl he was fucking. She wanted to see his cock again so she eased back and watched it glide in and out of her still sopping wet pussy. She now wanted to feel his thickness in her mouth so she removed her snatch from his shaft and proceeded to lick and suck ever so gently on the tip of his swollen mushroom head then took the whole 10 inches in her mouth as far as it would go without gagging. She slurped and licked and sucked until she felt him tremble, he suddenly flipped her over on her side and entered her from the side plunging deep inside her causing extreme delight for them both.
 Charlie came back in to find Chris wildly thrashing his hot young snatch unmercifully and to his surprise she seemed to be enjoying every stab. This suddenly made him jealous so he went over and forced his slowly rising cock into her mouth so he didn't have to hear her moans of pleasure. She looked up at him feeling like such a slut for doing two big dick men at once but no one would ever know so she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of her lover's slightly bigger friend inside her smothering honeywell. She felt the pulsing feel of his soon to explode cock, she couldn't wait to see who would cum in her first and call out her name. She felt both of them near bursting and relaxed her thrusting into Chris' pelvis and continued to let Charlie pump her face full of his thick stiffness until he came so hard his body shook violently. Then simultaneously Chris could no longer hold back the hot sticky ropes of cum that sprayedinside Maci's immature womb. She looked at Charlie to see if he was upset with her because he had handled her rather roughly. Chris quickly kissed Maci on the forehead and stepped back to go to the washroom to clean himself up. Once he was out the room Charlie had an attitude and asked her who had she ejoyed more him or Chris.

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   She reassured him that she only did it because he didn't seem to mind. She kissed him deeply on the mouth and told him as soon as his friend left she would show him just how much she still only had a thing for him. When Chris left Maci jumped into Charlie's arms, he carried her back to the bedroom where they spent the rest of the night proving to each other that they belonged to each other and only each other.
Tune in next time to see if Maci can handle any more BIG dicks!! She's better than me. . . .