Meeting Amanda for the first time Part 3


Topic: Meeting Amanda Part 3Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 3
Tommy couldn’t stop looking at Amanda as he carried her back to his apartment.   She looked so beautiful and content in his arms.   Amanda didn’t even feel like she was even in his arms she felt so light.
Tommy was glad that he didn’t lock the door when they went to the pool because he would have had a hell of a time trying to unlock the door with Amanda in his arms.   Once he got inside he carried her to his bedroom. and laid her on his bed.   Her swim suit was still wet so he decided to change her into something dry.  
He went to the bathroom where she had left her bag with her clothes and found her panties, and a t-shirt to put on her.   When he returned to his bedroom he gently started to take her swim suit off of her.   He sat her up on the bed and untied the strings to her top and then her bikini bottoms.   Once he had removed both pieces he stood there looking at her lying there naked and took in every inch of her.   This was the first he had seen her completely without clothing and couldn’t stop looking at her.   Right there, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  
“Wait.   What am I thinking? Amanda isn’t even an adult.   She is just 16 yrs old so how can I be looking at her as a woman.


    Actually she is almost a woman.   But damn she looks like she is younger. ”  Tommy thought to himself.
Tommy shook those thoughts away and proceeded to put her panties and t-shirt on her and then gently slid her under the blankets.   Tommy stood there a little longer and just watched her sleep.
 He was starting to hate himself for what had happened at the pool.   “How could I let something like that happen? What the hell was I thinking?”  Tommy was starting to get scared at what might happen when she wakes up.   Will she hate him?  Will she be scared of him? 
“Great now I have really screwed up my life. ”  Tommy thought.   “If she tells her mom then what will happen? Prison is not somewhere that I want to be. ”  Tommy had heard some of the stories of what happened to people that went to prison for molesting or raping kids.   They where treated worse than someone that had beat a woman.
“Come on Tommy.   Get that crap out of your head.   Don’t think of crap like that.

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    It’s not going to make things any easier worrying about it. ”  Tommy finally went and got him some clothes to change into.   He was just going to change right there in his bedroom but then changed his mind.   For some strange reason he felt somewhat uncomfortable doing that with her in the room even though she was sleeping.  
Tommy picked up the clothes and her swim suit and went into the bathroom where he laid her bikini over the side of the tub so it could dry.   Once he had changed his clothes he went down stairs to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of juice to drink.   Tommy lay down on the couch to watch some TV.   Before Tommy realized it, he was asleep.
Tommy was awakened by the low rumble of thunder from outside and a slight flash of lightning through the curtains over the windows.   Tommy loved to watch and listen to thunder storms.   He has always been able to sleep better during big storms and by the way it was looking outside it was going to be a good one.   Tommy could already hear the wind start to pick up and the sound of rain starting to lightly hit the windows.   The thunder was starting to get a little louder and he was starting to wonder how bad it was going to get tonight so he turned to of the local news channel to find out.  
“Wow!  This looks like its going to be a great storm. ”  Tommy said to himself.

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    He decided to go and get the flashlights and some candles out incase the lights did go out.   He carried them into the living room and laid them on the coffee table along with a lighter for the candles.  
Suddenly there was a loud crack and flash of thunder and lightning from outside and the rain started to pour.   Small pellets of hail started to hit the windows.
Tommy then heard Amanda running from his bedroom, straight down the stairs and then directly into his arms.   Amanda was shaking like she was freezing but Tommy knew why.   She was scared to death of the storm outside.
“It’s ok Amanda.   We are perfectly safe in here. ”  Amanda looked up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers.   Right away Tommy was starting to get lost in them.
“Are you sure? That wind sounds like its getting ready to blow this place down like it’s made out of paper. ”  Amanda still had her arms tightly wrapped around Tommy’s waist.
“Yes it’s safe.   Look, I have even brought the flash lights and some candles in here just in case the power does goes out.

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  ”  That seemed to calm Amanda down.  
“So are you hungry Amanda?”  Tommy figured she probably was after what had happened at the pool.   He definitely knew he was hungry.   What kind of bothered him was that he knew he was also hungry for more of Amanda.   He just couldn’t keep what happened earlier, at the pool, out of his thoughts.
Amanda looked up at him.   “Yes.   Actually I am hungry.   I didn’t think I would be but I guess with us having sex makes you want to eat. ”
“Damn. ”  Tommy thought to himself.   “I was hoping that maybe she wouldn’t remember.   But how could she not remember.   She has to be really sore after having me inside her young pussy. ”
“Well what would you like to eat? It is midnight and there isn’t anyplace open that we can order something and have it delivered.

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    How about we make some popcorn and get something to drink and then we can see if there is anything on TV to watch.   How does that sound?”
“That sounds like a good idea Tommy.   I like popcorn.   My mom usually has to make two bags because I usually eat most one bag by myself. ”  Amanda said to Tommy while smiling up at him and staring into his eyes.  
Just looking into her eyes and feeling her against him like this was starting to make his dick hard again.   To try and put a stop to that happening, well at least for right now, he headed for the kitchen to start getting things ready.
“Can I make the popcorn Tommy?”
“Sure.   Go ahead.   Just to be safe why don’t you go and make two bag’s since you said your mom usually has too. ”
“I can do that. ”  Amanda told Tommy.  
 “Damn she is so beautiful. ”  Tommy started thinking to himself.   He was actually catching himself looking at her ass.

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    “Damn I want to feel that ass again. ”
“What was that Tommy?”  Amanda asked.
“Shit she heard me. ”  Tommy didn’t realize that he had kind of said it in somewhat a whisper but apparently loud enough for Amanda to here it.
“Oh, it was nothing Amanda.   I was just talking to myself. ”  Tommy hoped that she believed him but was pretty sure that she heard him clearly and was just trying to get him to say it again, just louder this time.
Amanda didn’t believe him.   She heard what he said very clearly and yes, she did want him touching her ass again.   She loved how his hands felt on her naked butt and she could hardly wait for his hands to be on her again.   That was going to be a little later tonight.   Amanda started smiling.
“What are you smiling about over there?”  Tommy could see that evil little grin on her face and he automatically knew she was scheming at something.  
“Oh it’s nothing really. ”   Amanda still had that evil grin on her face.

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Both of them walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch.   Tommy looked over at Amanda.   “Amanda I am very sorry about what happened at the pool.   I truly am.   What happened out there should never have happened and if you hate me for it then I will understand. ”
“Tommy, it wasn’t just you.   It was me also.   You can’t just blame yourself for what we did.   I will admit that I was scared, but part of me wanted to see what it was like.   It did hurt more than I let on but after a few minutes it felt really good.   I just wish I wasn’t so sore down there right now. ” 
Amanda reached down and spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side where Tommy could see how red her little pussy was.   Tommy immediately started to get a hard on.  
 “So I take it your not mad at me for what happened then? I was almost certain that you might be. ”
“How could I be mad? You made me a woman Tommy.

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    I love you for that.   Now I know that with the first time over, the next time won’t hurt like it did and I will be able to enjoy it even more. ”
Tommy was surprised by what he was hearing.   “Damn was this girl thinking about letting me fuck her again?”  All kinds of things started to go through his mind at that moment.
“Amanda, I was just wondering.   Have you started to have your period yet? I am just worried that you might get pregnant and neither one of us need that. ”  Tommy knew that there were rare occasions when a girl didn’t get her period till she was 15 or 16.   That was the way it was with his sister.
“Yes I have started my period.   About 6 months ago I had my first one.   Now about me maybe getting pregnant you don’t have to worry.   My mom put me on birth control about a week later on my doctors’ recommendation.   So there, no babies for me, just yet. ”
Tommy breathed a sigh of relief at hearing that.
After they watched some TV for about an hour Tommy decided that it was best that they both went to bed.

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    “I’ll go and get you some blankets and pillows for you.   Don’t want you to get cold in here. ”
“Do you think that storm is going to start up again?”  Amanda knew exactly what she was doing.   She wasn’t thinking about the storm.   The only thing on her mind was Tommy.
“I don’t think so.   Why?”
“Well I was just thinking that maybe it would be better if I just came in there with you for the rest of the night.   Like you told my mom you do have a very big bed. ”
Right then they heard thunder start to rumble off in the distance.
“Ok, I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea. ”
Tommy carried the bowls and cups into the kitchen and placed them into the sink.   When he went back into the living room, Amanda was standing there waiting on him.   When he walked over to her she climbed up on the couch and jumped into his arms.
“What are you doing?”  Tommy asked her.
“Well I don’t remember you carrying me back here and I just want you to do it again.

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    This time you can carry me while I’m awake. ”
Tommy couldn’t say no to her.   He loved feeling her in his arms with her head laid upon his chest.   Tommy turned off everything in the living room and then started heading for the bedroom.   It was kind of a challenge carrying Amanda up the stairs without loosing his balance.   When he walked in the bedroom he took her over to the bed and sat her down upon it.  
Amanda kind of winced when her thighs rubbed against each other and Tommy noticed.
“Are you ok?”  Tommy asked.
“I’m just sore down there that’s all.   I just wish there was a way to make it feel better. ”
Tommy knew of a way to make it feel better and he wanted to make her feel better.   A lot better.  
“I can make it feel better Amanda. ”
“How can you do that?” Amanda knew exactly what he was talking about.   She remembered her mom saying that to one of her old boyfriends.


     After he was done licking her pussy all over inside and out, that it felt a lot better and wasn’t’ so sore.   Amanda really wanted to feel Tommy’s tongue on her pussy.
Tommy walked over to Amanda on the bed.   “Slide up the bed a little. ” 
Tommy climbed up on the bed with her.   Both of them sat there staring at each other.   Tommy leaned over toward Amanda and lightly starting to kiss her lips.   He slowly pushed his tongue against her lips and felt her start to open her mouth and insert her tongue into his.   He loved the way it felt and tasted to him.
Amanda leaned back and said.   “Make me feel good Tommy.   I know you know how. ”
With that Tommy laid her back on the bed and started kissing down her body.   He wasn’t sure of when her shirt came off but that didn’t matter at that point.   He slowly took one of her nipples into his mouth and started to suck and nibble on it.


    Amanda let out a soft moan from between her lips.   He could feel her fingers going through his hair and holding him over her breast.   She was completely enjoying this.
To be continued….
I know, there wasn’t any major sex.   I liked what I had already put down and couldn’t find much that I wanted to change.   I will try and get the next part done soon.
Please leave comments and maybe rate my story.   You can also e-mail me at:  dirtymind_88@yahoo. com

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