More of My 14th Summer II


When Holly’s Dad said “Do me,” we were in the shower. He had just given me a lesson in sensual pleasure unmatched in my young life, and he arose from the session invigorated. So, he grabbed me up and we showered.   My legs were still rubbery, but it was nice to be soaped up by such a man.   It is hard to underestimate the importance of what he taught me that summer afternoon in his small bungalow at the Jersey Shore. One of them was oral sex. I mean on me!  He was the first guy to ever eat me, and I loved it. It was much; much different than masturbation, either by me or by one of the boys I had been with. I think they played with my sex as much out of curiosity as anything, and I don't recall ever being brought to orgasm by a guy when he fingered me. Just in case you haven't read the previous installment, Holly was a girl I knew at the Shore one summer, and her dad had approached me, rather lewdly on the boardwalk and talked me into going with him to his little cottage.   Inside he "had his way with me," which was great, as that was exactly what I wanted. He was in his forties, in pretty good shape, and, while I had had sex with a man about his age the summer before, this was to be an entirely new experience. He talked me into going with him with the promise of cunnilingus (which was not a word he used, nor one that I knew at the time). But, as I said, it was a new thing for me, a man licking me. As his mouth moved over my sex I had such interesting feelings. The first of which was less physical and more emotional.

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   As I watched him slide between my legs, his knees on the floor and his mouth on my cunt, I was just amazed. Seeing a grown man so entranced with my pussy that he was willing to inspect it “up close,” to sniff me, and to probe and stimulate me with his lips and tongue was remarkable to a young girl whose only experience with oral sex was of the giving kind.   But, I must confess, that didn’t last very long as the sensual feels overwhelmed any intellectual experience I may have been having. I remember pinching and pulling on my nipples as he worked on my pussy, his tongue lapping at my wet slit and sucking on my engorged clit.   As juvenile as they were, my breasts felt fuller than ever before, and my nipples became as hard as pencil erasers as ran his wet tongue between my lips. He cupped my ass cheeks in his strong hands, and sort of squeezed them in some rhythm beating in his mind. I loved the feelings when he parted my sparse public hair with his tongue, running it up to my navel when he probed me deeply there, causing a feeling that can best be described as a string or slithery electrical connection to my womb, much like it feels when you are propelled over the top of a roller coaster hill. It caused me to tighten up my stomach muscles such that I almost did a sit up, and it left a decidedly fluttery feeling in me.
He also nipped with is teeth at my outer lips and on the very, very soft skin on either side of my inner thighs, licking or sucking on the tiny abrasions. This was a particularly great feeling. It was almost like being very warm and having someone drop an ice cube, just briefly, on your skin, which was a very sensuous interruption to the greater build.   It caused me to sort of suck in a quick breath when he did. As I touched on in the previous episode, he also rimmed my anus. This was something completely knew to me, but of course most things having to do with my body were new to me. I was, after all, only 14 years old.

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   At first I was just amazed that anyone would so such a thing. It had never, ever crossed my mind that my asshole was another erogenous zone. Imagine my surprise as he lifted my hips up higher off the mattress in his hands, my legs up in the air, and my heels on his shoulders, as he tongued me there!  Amazing.   It was similar but somehow much, much more electric than when he tongued my bellybutton.  
I have to say, I was pretty much blow away by the very naughtiness of it, but I was really sent flying from the shear pleasure of it.   He used his tongue in magical ways. He rimed my anus by enclosing it within an open circle of his lips and his tongue roamed around the edges. He flicked his tongue over my sensitive and highly charged pucker much like he had been doing with my clit. He then probed my anus with his tongue, which he made all pointy and hard.   My eyes were shut tight as he did that.   He also flattened his tongue and lapped me there. It is impossible to adequately describe the thrill of such intimate contact to me at 14. Then he began to lick me from the top of my slit down to my anus like a dog. I loved it! I really just. .

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  , loved the feelings. Then, when he sucked on my clit and then, as I described in the previous story, as he. . , hummed as he sucked my clit I had such a powerful orgasm that I know I must have nearly crushed his head with my thighs.   I wish I could remember if I screamed, but I am pretty certain that I, at the very least, moaned like crazy.   Or maybe neither, because I had such a hard time breathing as wave and wave of pleasure rocketed through me.   I curled my toes so tightly that I developed cramps in the tendons along the underside of my feet.   In truth, that was the most powerful sexual experience of my young, teeny life.
He also gave me a real fucking. It was such a pleasure to have sex in a real bed with a real man. His penis was larger than any I had experienced until then, but I later learned was really on the upper side of average.   But, I remember two main things about it, and that it was fat and I really felt full; filled up when he pushed it all the way into me, and the other was a result of his command, "Do me. "
"Do me. " meant oral sex.   Most of you probably already knew that, but I am afraid that I had to ask him what he meant.

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    He kissed me and told me I was sooooo cute. I think he loved it that I was a girl of limited experience and didn't quite understand everything.
So, there in the shower, I "did him". I sat on the edge of the tub while he turned the water off. At first I felt a chill along my naked back and rump as I sat on the cold porcelain.   He turned his body to face me, presenting his long, fat penis.   It was mostly hard, and it protruded from a nest of dark, wiry pubic hair. The hair surrounding his sex was longer than mine, and curled around the base of his stalk and crept up his belly where it joined a river that flowed up over his slightly rounded stomach and then erupted volcanically over his broad, muscled chest. A riot of softer curls covered his large scrotum, and I could easily see his large oval testicles hanging within. The truth is, this was the first cock that I had ever really seen up close. Sure I had sucked several but those were mostly at night in a more or less furtive manner. This was the first time I had been face-to-face, so to speak, with an alpha cock from an alpha male.   Made me shiver with anticipation, and I swear it, my mouth watered. I reached forward and cupped his balls, which felt large and heavy in one hand, and gripped, loosely, his fat shaft.   The head of his penis was large and flared outward at the crown, and was definitely larger in diameter than the long, vein-riddled shaft.

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   The pee hole seemed like a large slit, as it was part of a longer divide that began at the top of the opening and continued down to the underside of his cock.   The head was darker in color than the shaft, which was pinky-white. The blue veins that criss-crossed it were blue, and there was a longer and bigger one than snaked down the top of his shaft, submerging just behind the glands.   My hand barely fit around his club-like cock, and it made my hand seem small.   If I hadn't already been wonderfully fucked by this monster, I would have wondered how he could fit that thing into my tiny body. I licked the head, my tongue sliding over his cum hole and down the slit to the under portion. I flicked my tongue there much as he had done with my clit, and it elicited a soft moan from him, and he bent his knees slightly in pleasure, pushing his cock toward my face.   I took that as my cue to slip the bulbous head into my mouth where I held it with my lips just behind the head. I stroked his hardened shaft a few times, feeling the skin slide mysteriously over the rock-hard interior. I felt him rest his hands on either side of my head as I began to suck more of him into my mouth.   He helped some by pushing his cock deeper into me; just an inch or two and then slid it backward out.   I jiggled his balls in my other hand, marveling at the weight of them. I wondered, briefly, how men could walk around with so much "stuff" hanging between their thighs. I released his nut sack and, resting one palm against his lower stomach, I began to pump his cock while suctioning the enormous head. I shut my eyes and gave myself over to the wonderful, magical, sensations of this large penis sliding over my tongue as it moved in and out of my mouth in counterpoint to my stroking.


    I felt his heavy balls bouncing against my thumb where it wrapped around his hard shaft each time he pushed his cock into me. Little by little the two of us began to push him deeper into my hot, liquid and willing mouth until the flared head was pushing against my uvula, which is that little hangy-down thing in your throat.   I gagged a little, so he didn't push it much beyond that, content with my suctioning, and pistoning of his penis.   I could feel the softer muscles of his lower abdomen flex as he pushed and pulled his hips.   I loved the feeling of his testicles bouncing against my hand and then my chin, and how the skin on his shaft slipped wondrously over the hard interior. He smelled deliciously of Ivory soap. Bending over, he released my head and reached down between us and began to massage each of my breasts as he pumped in and out of my mouth. My nipples, already hard, must have turned to diamond-like points and the feelings were electric-like spasms that lanced through me as his cock slipped in and out of me. In and out, making slurping sounds as he began to fuck my face in earnest.
He gripped my tits tightly as he began to really push in and out of my mouth. I released his cock and grabbed onto his thighs, trying to control the depth of his penetration. I could feel his belly against the top of my head as he bend to fondle and compress my tits. His balls swung all the way up under my chin each time he shoved his cock into me.
Suddenly I began to panic as it became harder and harder to breath and my heart began to flutter as he fucked me. My lips parted from the liquid seal around his shaft as I gasped for air.

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   He let go of my tortured breasts, and taking my slightly open mouth as some sort of invitation, he began to push his iron hard shaft deeper into my throat. Each time he pushed into my throat, I choked, which seemed to drive him on. In and out, he went. Over and over again; in and out, in-and-out, inandout, inandout, in and out, as he varied the rhythm, with me choking, saliva slobbering out of my mouth, over shaft, and dropping down onto my breasts and thighs. I felt tears stinging out of the corners of my eyes as he began to really thrust into and out of my mouth.
Finally, I just open my mouth fairly wide, which allowed me to catch some air each time he pulled back, and my panic dropped away. I began to love the idea of him fucking my face like he was. I began to welcome the feel of his cock as it probed deeply into my little throat. I began to feel an orgasm welling up in my innards and, just as he shoved his cock so deep into my throat that my nose was buried within his wiry public hair, It felt like there was a hard plastic ball that was inflating within me, growing larger and larger until I felt a series of mini-explosions in my cunt!  Then, then I felt his cock flex, I heard his load moving as there was a rush of cum down his urethra, which I felt on my tongue just before it spurted into my mouth.
And did he cum. I couldn't believe how much he came. His hot, salty sperm poured from his slit into my mouth. Suddenly, his cock slipped from my cum-hungry mouth as his spunk splattered on my face and chest. It felt like really hot, hot wax as it hit my young girl flesh.   Cum dribbled from my lower lip as his hand gripped his cock and he pumped, splat, pump splat and pumped his hot cum all over me.

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   Until. Until at last it was over.   I felt his cum cooling onto me as his very, very large and red cock began to slowly, ever so slowly deflate before my gaze.   He gave a very deep exhale before reaching down and pulling me to my feet before him. He looked at me with mild amusement, and said, "You know, you are a blank canvas. " I wasn't sure what he meant then, but I now know that he knew I had no preconceptions of how sex was supposed to be, and curious and willing to learn, I was a sexual treasure to him. Bending over, he licked some of his sperm from my face, then kissed me, his tongue carrying his nectar into my already sperm drenched mouth. Together we tasted his cum, and together we loved it. I held onto him as he pulled me back under the warm spray of the shower, and once again he massaged my body, this time very gently, washing his sperm from my flesh.   I felt very tired, but very happy as he lifted me from the tub. I patted me dry with a large bath towel as I stood limply before him.   I loved the feel of his powerful hands as he dried me.   I glanced at our reflection in the full-length mirror that was attached to the back of the bathroom door, and what I saw was so wonderfully erotic. I appeared to be such a small, young thing next to this tall, powerful alpha male. His penis still protruded largely from his lower abdomen.

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  When he dropped my towel, I could see that the top of my head barely reached his collarbones, and my small boned and slim, almost hairless little body with its gentle curves contrasted with his large and powerful one.   I watched myself as I reached down and grip his flaccid penis in my hands. It took both of them to hold his length, and I could see his balls moving as I help his shaft.   I heard a purr or growl, rather, in his throat, and after a bit he said, "Honey, we'll have to do this again later. . . . I was so happy to hear that. Last year with Ryan's dad, we had only the one time, and this man, Holly's dad was promising me more. . . "But, now we'd better call it a day. Holly may come home anytime to get ready to go out tonight, and it might be awkward to explain you,” he said. I understood, and moved in a sort of slumbery daze to where my suit bottom and top were.   He helped me to "dress", and I slipped on my flip-flops, picked up my beach towel and little beach bag.

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    He hugged me from behind before opening the door.   I slipped on my oversized sunglasses against the glare. Glancing both ways up and down the boardwalk and seeing no one, I stepped out into the sun, and walked, kind of crookedly down his short walk to the tiny wooden gate.   I crossed the boardwalk to the steps where Mark had fucked me the night before and walked down onto the sand. I spread my towel, sat down, slathered some lotion on me, particularly on my inner thighs that had been rubbed red, and lay back, exhausted and pleasured beyond belief. I couldn't wait for the next time. Let me know if you want to learn more of my 14th summer at the Jersey Shore.


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