Morgan The story begins


Morgan The story begins
The sun was strong in her eyes; it caused her to blink stretching her lithesome body, she fought to bring herself back to reality. She had been cramming her books for three whole days now and she was getting fed up with the arduous task she had set herself. She desperately wanted to prove to her father that she could do well at this school; he was still unsure whether she could hack it.
Since the problems at the other school, she had been on her back foot. It was not all her fault, the teacher Ms Fuller was to blame. After all said and done, she felt that Ms Fuller had led her on and caused the problems herself. Morgan was proud to have been selected for the Hockey team; Ms Fuller was a County and International player for her country. The first day Morgan turned up for training, Ms Fuller picked her out and began to take a special interest in her. Morgan had just had her twelfth birthday; she was tall and willowy with piercing green eyes, natural long blonde hair. Her Hockey gear showed off her long legs to perfection, her narrow waist and budding breasts set her out from the crowd of girls who had turned up for the first practise.
After a gruelling hour of tactics and practise, the girls were herded into the shower rooms to clean themselves up for the next lesson. Morgan never the bashful type was first into the steaming hot shower area and was almost through before the other girls came in. She quickly scampered away to the dressing room as the others filed into shower, being alone in the room towelling herself dry, she did not notice Ms Fuller watching her every move.
Ms Fuller was breathing heavily through flared nostrils her chest heaving at the sight of the nubile young girl, rubbing her body dry in front of her. She wished it were her hands that were rubbing Morgan's body dry, her own mouth was dry with anticipation, she was racking her brains trying to decide how to get closer to this gorgeous girl.
Morgan was oblivious to the ogling she was getting from Ms Fuller; she carried on getting herself ready for the next lessons.

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   Ms Fuller called out to Morgan, “you were very good today Morgan, how do you like Hockey?”
“I really enjoyed it,” Morgan replied with great enthusiasm. “Would you like to take on a Master class Ms Fuller asked her?”“Oh yes please,!” Morgan gushed so proud and happy to have been selected. “Who will be teaching us Ms Fuller?” Morgan enquired? “Me of course silly, and when we are not in formal school, you may call me Fran. As my given name is Francis, my parents never like to hear my name shortened, but I did so call me Fran OK?”
“Yes Fran,” Morgan mumbled, a little in awe of her. “When do we start” asked Morgan? “On Saturday morning” she replied, “ask your Mum and Dad if it is ok, I will pick you up on my way to the stadium”.
Morgan arrived home, and could not wait to tell her parents the news about the Hockey master class, her Mum was pleased, her Father was a little put out, thinking he would be landed with the taking and fetching from the Stadium. Morgan told him that Ms Fuller was going to pick her up and drop her back, with that her Father was very pleased and gave her a big hug.
Saturday came, and Morgan was on her way to the stadium with Fran, when they arrived they found that the Hockey master class had been cancelled due to damage on the all weather pitch. Morgan was very disappointed, Fran suggested that they practice at her Fathers home which was a mile from where Morgan lived, he had large playing courts for the county tennis club, “we could practice there, it would be a pity to waste the morning now that we are prepared” said Fran. Morgan agreed, and they set off in Fran’s car. They arrived at Fran’s fathers estate and Morgan was surprised at how big it was, they stopped outside a summer house come pavilion. “Get your stuff and we can change inside” Fran said?  Soon they were in there Hockey kit and both were hard at practising passing and shooting at goal, Morgan was very adept for her age, she had a natural ability to judge distance and speed. Quite soon, she had Fran almost out of breath, having been chased all around the pitch.
After an hour Fran stopped for the day, come on we can change and shower in the House. “Oh its ok I can shower at my house when I get home” Morgan said, “no way you need to shower here, otherwise you could catch a chill” Fran scolded gently.

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In the big house, Fran showed Morgan to her bedroom where she had an on suite Bath/Showeroom. “Take your time everyone is out, so we will not be disturbing anybody,  Fran said?
Morgan as was her usual way, she was undressed and in the shower in a flash. Fran equally as fast walked into the shower, “you don’t mind if we share do you Morgan?” Morgan was a little embarrassed; Fran’s milky white skin and her pointed breast’s also fascinated her. “Haven’t you seen another girl’s body before,” Fran asked? “Sorry”, Morgan said hanging her head with embarrassment; “I did not mean to stare. ”“That is all right, you do not have to be embarrassed, after all, we are both girls are we not?” asked Fran?
Morgan looked up at Fran; she saw that Fran was soaping her breasts and that she was staring at Morgan. “Would you soap my back please” Fran asked Morgan. Timidly Morgan took the soap and flannel and began to rub soap all over Fran's shoulders. Fran turned around to face Morgan, “now my front” she said with authority. Meekly Morgan's hands began to knead the soap around the pert globes in front of her, she could feel the nipples hardening, she could see that Fran's nostrils were flaring and her breathing was getting heavier. “Are you OK Ms, I mean Fran”, “yes I am fine. Now, let me have the flannel it is your turn now,” Fran stammered.
Fran's hands roamed across Morgan's shoulders, and around her small budding breasts. Morgan felt her pussy getting wet from the attention Fran was giving her nipples. Fran's fingers went between Morgan's thighs and rubbed the crease of her wet pussy, “someone likes it in the shower?” Fran smiled. Morgan's breath was coming in spurts, as she felt Fran's fingers press into her silky crease.

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   She felt a sudden shock as her body convulsed, Fran had found her little button, and in a flash Morgan erupted into spasms of  delightfully shuddering streaks of pleasure, shot throughout her body and soul. Fran gently pressed two fingers into Morgan’s pulsating wet pussy, tweaking her clitoris. Gushes of cum washed over her finger as the child had her first orgasm.
“Lets go into my room” she whispered seductively into Morgan's ear, she guided Morgan from the shower encapsulated in a big thick bath towel.
Pushing Morgan onto her back on the luxurious bed, Fran began to massage Morgan's legs and her thighs. The towel came away from Morgan's lithe body, Fran spread Morgan's legs wide and bent down to her wet slit, her tongue darting in and out of her wet snatch, like a viper.
Morgan gasped as her body shook from the delights of Fran's tonguing. Fran rolled away for a second, as she put her hand into her bedside draw and came out with a white dildo which was floppy but rigid.
Pressing the on button Fran's raised the vibrating tip to Morgan's small breasts, almost immediately her nipples sprung up like two little stalks, Morgan gasped and twisted her body wanting more from this wonderful machine. “You like this little toy,” asked Fran?“Oh god yes”, Morgan gasped. Fran steered the white poker down over Morgan's stomach, and she pushed it against her wet slit, catching the tip of her throbbing clit.
Morgan arched her body upwards trying to meet the vibrating phallus, she was almost begging with her body language. Fran gently pushed the white poker into her wet slit, travelling over her engorged clit she found her open lips and pushed the dildo deep inside her body.
Morgan’s body went rigid, and then it began to tremble in tune with the vibrating poker inside her wet cunt. She bucked as her vaginal muscles trapped the white poker inside her small body.

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Then through a haze of red and blue mist, Morgan felt her inner being at the beginning of an eruption which cascaded throughout her whole insides. Culminating in a massive orgasm, the like she had never ever anticipated or thought could happen.
Morgan's journey continues, leave feedback

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