My Affair With My Principal


About a month ago, my entire life change. At first for the worse but then. . . . . . . .    It was April 15 and I was 15 and in grade 9. Lately i had begun to feel my marks slipping but it wasn't really bothering me that much. Lately I also had become a bit of a rebellious teenager, blowing off homework and doing things befitting a rebel. After school that day, i met up with my friends, Dan, Cameron, and Ryan.         " Do you guys want to do something really bad after school" i asked        "What exactly do you mean by do something bad?" asked ryan       " well i was thinking that maybe we could spraypaint the school washrooms or something" i replied       " if you're being serious then we are definitely in. " said cameron         " ok then.   Lets meet at about six to do the damage.

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  "     The next morning, we were all pretty proud of ourselves. we had done the worst thing in the history of the school and nobody knew it was us. the only thing that anybody could talk about all day was our little stunt. However, by the end of the day, some people had begun to suspect me of doing it. I was getting nervous. i even considered skipping out of school early to avoid any more suspicious glares. But i didn't. i stayed through till the end of the day.      I was just heading to my locker to get ready to go home when i heard my name called from behind me. I turned around and saw our principal Mrs. volke standing outside an empty classroom.    " Miles, could i see you in here for a moment? we really need to talk" she saidAs soon as these words left her mouth, i thought that she knew that i had done the spraypainting. I was very scared cause i knew that what i had done could get me expelled. i followed her into the classroom and she locked the door behind her. this was not a good sign.

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   i tried to keep my mind off of the stunt i had pulled, and it was at this moment that i realized that mrs. volke was actually quite hot. she was in her early forties, she was a little plump, she always wore a skirt, and was always horney. at least that was the assumption i made because her nipples were always hard.    " miles, we have to talk about what has been going on. " she said Oh no. I thought, here it comes.     " lately your marks have been slipping drastically, and i dont think you can raise them by the end of the year. "   " however, there are actually a few ways to bring them back up. one of the ways being you work nonstop till the end of the year. "   She then went over to the teachers desk and sat on top of it crossing her legs. she asked me to take a seat infront of her. I pulled up a chair from the front of the class and sat directly infront of her. there was a few moments of uncomfortable silence and then i asked her a question.   " mrs.

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   volke, what exactly is the other method i could use to raise my marks?''  When i looked at her, it looked as though she was trying her hardest to think of what to say next. then she shifted her position on the desk a little bit and uncrossed her legs. She spread her legs, giving me a clear view up her skirt, along her inner thighs, and an excellent view of her puffy, somewhat hairy pussy. Her pussy was absolutely dripping. she was wet and horney and had her legs spread in front of me.    mrs. volke put her hands down on the inner part of her thighs and began slowly caressing her inner thighs, moving closer and closer to her drenched pussy. she put a finger on her wet pussy lips and began rupping up and down, moaning as she did. she then took her fingers and spread her pussy lips, giving me a good view of her gaping hole. seeing her touch herself like that made me want to slam her against the chalkboard and fuck her right there. Mrs. volke then slid her finger into her pussy and when she did i saw her juices squirting out all around her finger. She was really wet and really horney. she then slid her skirt almost all the way up to her pussy, licked her fingers and continued rubbing herself for another minute. then she stopped, stood up and looked at me.

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    " miles, the only other way for you to get good marks is if you let me straddle you and get that juicy cock inside of me.
    "     " but my parents will think"   "  if you let me do to you what i want, you parents need never know about this"     she walked over to me and knelt down with her face really close to my lap. she then moved her hand onto my hardened wet cock and began rubbing it through my pants. she stopped, unzipped my pants and opened them just enough so my cock sprang out. she was now moving her head towards my cock. she first licked the tip and then moved her tongue all over the shaft of my cock, covering it with saliva. after that, she sucked on the tip for a while, running her tongue across the tip of my cock. then she stopped, lifted her skirt high enough so that i could see her wet pussy lips, and she straddled me.  she started pumping herself up and down on my cock. the inside of her pussy was like velvet, it was so warm. . . she would pump down, and when she pulled up, she would let my cock pull out of her, only leaving my cockhead inside of her to tease her pussy lips. then my cock would once again plunge into the deep canal of her warm pussy.     when we were done, she got off me, and put her mouth to my cock and sucked me until i came.

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       i exploded my juices all over her face, she gave me one look and then she swallowed my cum. after that i got up, zipped up my pants, and headed for the door.      " miles,  same time next week?"          my affair with my principal.