My best friend Amy pt.1


   It was five minutes past eight yet Simon,our butler,did not reach as yet. This was unusual,because Simon always made it a point to pick us up on time. Dad said that he was an ex soldier for the British Navy,hence I found it funny that he wasn’t here as yet. Mom was in Cancun on business and dad was in a meeting dealing with a business takeover,hence he had to spend the night at the building as he did what he do best,that is,to nail a deal. Because of this , I had to spend the night  at Gloria’s,my parent’s friend,house.
    When I reaced at Gloria’s the night before,I found her daughter,Amy,making up my bed in the guest room. Sneaking up behind her,I suddenly grabbed her around her waist and I lifted her into the air so that I can throw her on the bed. She screamed and then pulled me down with her.
  “Damn it,Jason,you scared me half to death!,”she said as she hit me on the shoulder.
 “That’s for pushing me into the pool the last time,I told you that I’d get back at you. ”I replied. Because both our parents were accustomed to going away on business,we were accustomed to each other’s company ever since we were little. At the time I was fourteen,about five foot eight,and about medium built. Amy was nearly thirteen,about five foot four,and cute for her age. Whenever her mom had to meet mine on business,because they both co-owned a factory in Cancun,Amy always stayed with us,and vice versa,with our faithful Simon to bring us to and from our houses.
    “Did your parents say when they were returning tomorrow?”she asked,as she patted my pillow
   “I’m not sure,but we may have a long wait when we reach at my house tomorrow.

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  ”Her mother was flying out in the early morning,so she had to stay with us like I had to on this night.
  “Jason,can you help me with this,I’m afraid that I might fall. ”she was standing on the bed trying to get a blanket from the cupboard. i stood below her with my hands on her back to prop her. As she opened the cupboard she fumbled backward so I had to grab her waist. In order to push her up I had to push her back,but then she fumbled again and to prevent her from falling I grabbed her butt and pulled her towards me. Her butt was plump and firm and round,and I had a rather good feel of it,which unexpectedly made my limp prick jump.
 “Sorry about that,”she said “but I haven’t been sleeping so good these days,I’m feeling wobbly.
  “That’s ok. ”I said
 For the rest of that night I couldn’t help but think about Amy. She was always two years younger than me,but even though she was twelve,somehow I couldn’t get my mind on how her ass was shaped. It was bigger than Sylvia’s,a girl from my school. Sylvia and I used to make out under the bleachers in the field,and I used to grab her ass under the skirt,and they were firm,but not as refined as Amy’s. My dick was getting hard as I thought about her,but I was feeling guilty about hardening up with a little girl.
“Jason,can I sleep in with you tonight?”
This was not unusual with us.

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  Amy always had a problem with sleeping,and she used to almost always share my bed with her whenever I was here. This started happening after her parents’ bitter divorce. She used to feel lonely and scared,so she used to crawl up with me when she was about seven years old until she fell asleep. She can argue and say that she hate me and want to die on any particular day,since we also fought like siblings,but if she wanted to sleep with me on that same night she would still do it. I said no once,but then I saw her crying in her room,so I never told her no again.
“Do I have a choice?”
“Nope!” she laughed and snuggled down beside me. She was wearing my old T – shirt,which she always wore to sleep ever since she stole it. She was still tossing after an hour so I offered to rub her back. She said yes so I began rubbing. Beneath the T shirt her back was smooth and warm. She moaned lightly as my hands went up and down her back as gently as possible. After a while she fell asleep,but now I was tired with all that rubbing,so tired that I forgot about my throbbing dick. I was only wearing my boxers and my six inch cock was poking out of the slit in front of the material. I fell asleep,forgetting to put my dick back in my pants.
  I woke up suddenly.

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  It was still dark,so why was I awake?Amy was still asleep and her body was snuggled close to me. She was a very heavy sleeper but she was also clingy to anything around her whenever she slept. Somehow her arms were around my torso and her hips were close to mine. My first discovery was that I couldn’t breathe so I inhaled as deeply as I can to expand my body’s volume  so that she can relax her grip.
    As I did this my I can feel her small budding warm breasts in full contact with my chest,and I can also feel our hips close together. These thoughts brought my attention to my hard cock that was still out of its boxers. It laid neatly between her crotch,all nice and warm. I lightly felt for my dick to remove it but then I pulled my hand away quickly. My dick was now highly sensitive with all the motion that was going on while I was asleep,and any wrong move could cause it to explode.
      That jolt of shock from my cock replaced my guilt with curiousity. I began to lightly feel her loins to see if she was wearing underwear. She was wearing a pair of silk panties,probably the green one. I brushed my finger against the crotch and felt that it was smooth,sticky and moist. Her pussy was wet!My precum and her vaginal fluid were mixed together between our crotches,which made it very slippery between us,but her firm hold on me held us in position. I began to feel a little bolder and slipped my fingers between her panties to feel her pussy.

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      Her pussy was very hairy for a twelve year old and it was moist with her juices. As I let my fingers gently roam I came across her pussy. They felt swollen and moist at the slits,and I can clearly feel her clit. The tiny bud of her sex was stiff,I realized that while she was asleep she too were also aroused. Suddenly she began to moan,which made me slide my hand away from her crotch. Her crotch came back into contact with mine and she suddenly began to buck vigorously,her covered pussy gyrating on my free stiff dick. The combination of her fluids and my precum and the heat of our crotches gave me enough lubrication which felt damn good. I began to grind my dick into her as hard as I can. As she came,her pussy released her juices by the bucket full all over my dick and legs. Within seconds my dick exploded and I came all over her panties in hot gushes. As our orgasms subsided I placed my dick back in my boxers and released her ass. She was still asleep. I pretended to be asleep,but I was feeling guilty again. When she woke up,I knew that she would figure out what had happened,but she was still holding onto me. My dick was getting harder again,but I found a way to forget that and I drifted away to sleep.

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       When I woke up that morning,Amy was gone,along with the sheets and a pillow. Before I can get off the bed Amy came in and asked me if I wanted to eat anything before Simon came for us. Puzzled,I decided to play it stupid and asked where were the sheets. She said that she wanted to use them at my house so she washed them to.