My best friend Amy pt.2


  It was already eight o clock and Simon hasn’t shown up to collect us. Amy was in the kitchen talking to her mother,so I decided to have a shower before I joined them. My dick was sore with all that grinding last night,but it still had a pleasant burning sensation in it,which felt even more enjoyable while I peed in the bathroom. I resisted the urge to beat my meat and headed to the guestroom. My jeans made my dick feel too uncomfortable so I decided to wear a pair of boxers that were large enough to be mistaken for a pair of three – quarter shorts. My T – shirt was long enough to hide the the hole in front.
  As I came out,I heard a metallic horn in the drive way,but it wasn’t the sound of my dad’s Benz,but a sub – compact Peugeot. Simon apologed to Amy and me for his ‘’tardiness’’ but the Benz had to be repaired after he hit a deer so he used the loners’ vehicle instead. Simon was coming back from a brief vacation by the beach,so some of his luggage completely filled the trunk of the car,along with his bag of souveniers for our family that took its space in the passenger’s side of the car,so all that was left for our stuff was the back seat. Since Amy was not so big Simon suggested that she sat on me on the way home after we shove the luggage into the car. Turning to Amy I can see her cheeks redden and I felt a funny jump in my pants. As I sat I held the door open for Amy to climb in. She was wearing her short summer plaid skirt and her small cream T-shirt.
  As our journey began we all talked a little and then fell silent after a while. Amy leaned back on me with her head on my chest. Her golden brown hair smelt like her mother’s shampoo.

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  My right arm was around her tummy to keep her balanced and her left hand held my wrist to keep my arm where it was. Suddenly she sat up and fixed her butt on my groin to get a little more comfortable and then returned her head to my chest. When she did that I began to realize just how warm it was beneath her butt,and I thought that I felt bare flesh. Looking down I saw that my T-shirt was not covering my boxers and that her skirt was well spreaded out like a circle. I was now also aware of my dick that was starting to rise. Amy felt it too and tried to shift away,but our luggage jam packed the two seating areas on our side. She tried to shift the other way but all that did was made my dick pop out of the opening of my pants. I tapped her leg to tell her to stop,because the was making this scene worst. She raised her head to look at me for help,and I gave her an apologetic look,because I really didn’t want this. I suddenly had an idea and I tapped her butt so that she can raise up,so I can secure my dick back in the pants without letting Simon know anything. She understood and rose up very slightly. I placed my hand between her butt and my dick ,but because of the limited space my fingers touched her swollen pussy lips which made her gasp causing her to sit back on me . Simon still didn’t know what was going on behind his back.
    But as she sat back down on me,I realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties,but now we had a problem. The head of my dick resting  at the entrance of her vagina and by the feeling of my fingers,we were both sticky and my dick was going to harden up within a few minutes,and because she sat back down so fast,our legs were locked into each other and there was no way for any of us to raise up unless we asked Simon to stop,which was not going to happen.

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  With the warmth of our private parts that were partially connected sexually,the arousing scent of her hair and the tingling sensation of her body so close to mine,my dick was increasing in size. Amy sat as still as possible,holding my hand tightly and was breating quietly so as not to pant. Why the hell was she not wearing panties,I don’t know,but the lust inside me was not complaining. Suddenly I felt my penis beginning to slide into her tight vagina,with its tight ring of pussy muscles being the only barrier preventing my six inch penis from completely being engulfed by her. The tip of my dick was definitely wedged inside of her. It felt really hot and pinched by her pussy lips,I thought I was going to explode. Amy must have been aroused as I was. She was rocking slightly sideways as my dick entered her more. Suddenly the car swerved right sharply,causing me to hold her tightly. i took this opportunity to pull her hips down on mine and shoving my hips forward . My dick pushed through her tight hole and all of my six inches was inside of her. Amy shrieked,causing Simon to apologise for his driving mistake.
    She took a deep breath and held it to regain composure,but there was no denying my dick in her.
    It felt so warm and moist and so good. The walls of her vagina were sort of clenching and releasing my dick,and my dick felt like it was still growing inside of her.

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      Amy did not look at me at all. I placed my hands on the side of her thigh,but she made no response. I began to gently push her from side to side slightly. rocking her on my dick,the movement giving me more pleasure. Amy moaned a little,but quietly. By now I wanted to cum badly,because all of this sensations was sending me mad!I began to clench and release the muscles of my buttocks which helped me to thrust my dick into and out of her in small thrusts,just enough feel pleasure but not enough to wisen Simon. We were now approaching our house when Amy bent forward and placed her head on the seat in front of her. Her pussy walls were grabbing my shaft like a hand on a cow’s teat. I held her hips and I increased the small thrusts into her. She began to tremble with must have been her first orgasm,which made me began to cum too. My balls began to boil as I started to erupt inside of her. She exhales with a sigh as her muscles began to milk me like a cow,pulling away all of my sperm  deep into her pussy. Somehow when it was all over my hand found its way into her top and on her right breast!Her nipple was hard and a bit bigger that one would expect. Her breast was also surprisingly a handful and hot. My dick was now feeling very sensitive and all I wanted to do was to get out of her still churning pussy.

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      As Simon stopped before the gate,Amy pushed my hand away and tried to raise herself. As he came out to open the gate,she raised herself and told me to take it out,meaning my dick. My now deflated dick popped out along with most of my cum dripping from her pussy. The sight of it made me hard again instantly,and as soon as we saw Simon coming back she sat back down again – onto my erect dick!By now I guess she was accustomed because this time she didn’t gasp.
       As we entered the garage,Simon asked us to unpack while he went to the bathroom. Out of sight,Amy flung the car door open and slowly eased herself off my dick. I didn’t know what to say to her. I was now trying to make sense of the situation.
    If you guys are interested in a part three of this story,please let me know. If you want to see a meagre first attempt that I did,Look for a story called “ Alone with Jessica’’. I think it’s on page 2.