My Best Friend's Mom, Part II


When we got home, I immediately told Julie I wasn’t feeling good, and told her I was going to lie down. From my room, I could hear David and Julie’s conversation. “Mom, it’s alright if I go to visit Tina (his girlfriend) tonight, right?” Wow, a good lier. “Sure David, what time do you think you will be home?”“Probably around midnight, and I’ll be leaving out about 8. ”“No problem baby, just enjoy yourself. ”“Thanks mom, you’re the best!” He had no idea. “No problem honey. ”“I’m going to get something to eat, I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me. ”“Ok, I’m just going to check on Bryan, see how he is doing. ”With that, I heard David walk away, and Julie come up the steps. She cracked my door open, saw me lying on my bed, and shut the door. “So I assume David told you about this earlier?”I took this opportunity to pull Julie down on top of me, and embrace her in a long, hard kiss. “What do you think?” I said with a smile. We began to make out ever so quietly as so David couldn’t hear us. Caught up in the passion, I moved my hand down Julie’s stomach, and into her pants. When she felt what I was doing, she sat up and said, “Now now big boy, wait till tonight.

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  ” She then proceeded to bend down, and give me a nice peck on my crotch. “And do me a favor, don’t play with yourself, I want your juices all to myself. ” Julie stood up and shook her tight ass in my face. I felt a chill go down my spine, knowing it would be mine in a few hours. “I’ll see you, my room, as soon as David leaves. ” With that, Julie opened the door, winked at me, and closed it gently. I was left sitting on my bed with a blazing hard-on, ready for the night. The next 5 hours went by pathetically slow. I tried to go to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw Julie on her knees, sucking my cock in the bathroom. Every time my erection went away, a new one came. I watched TV, but couldn’t get her off my mind. Finally, after what felt like a year, I heard, “By mom, I’m heading out!” Finally! After the slam of the door, and sprang up and spied out my window. David was on his bike in 10 seconds, and riding away! I flung my door open, ran to Julie’s room, and knocked lightly. “Come in and get ready,” I heard. I through the door open, and saw the most amazing sight I have ever seen.

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  There, right in front of my eyes, stood Julie, completely nude. Her breasts were more amazing then I thought they would be. “I see you like my puppies, huh sexy? How big do you think they are?”“I don’t know, maybe 32B or 34B. ”“That small?” she said with a frown. “Boy, for such a sexy beast, you don’t know breasts sizes. These babies are 32C and all natural. ” Continuing to survey her body, I noticed she wasn’t shaven. She had a full-grown bush. “I’ve never been with non-shaven girl before. ”“Come, follow me. ”Julie led me into the master bathroom, where a razor and waxing materials lay on the sink counter. Climbing into the huge Jacuzzi bath, Julie said, “Shave me, wax me, make me smooth. Once that’s done, I’m all for you. ” She giggled, obviously impressed that she made a rhyme. Reluctantly, I grabbed the razor, and lathered her pussy with some shaving cream.

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   Stroke after stroke, I began to see more and more lips. I could feel my cock hardening in my pants. After about 5 minutes of shaving, it was time for the wax. I waxed her up, put the strips on, and 1 by 1, ripped. Julie moaned louder and louder with each strip. I could see her pussy start to drip with juices. When the job was done, she ran her hand up and down her pussy, and said, “Perfect. I’m all yours, I will do whatever you want. ”I helped Julie out of the bath, started leading her back into the bedroom. As we walked at a snail rate, with me behind her, I began rubbing my cock up and down her ass crack. So smooth, I thought, I couldn’t wait to taste it. In the mood for some action, I threw Julie down onto the bed. Judging from the tiny giggle she let out, I could tell she liked it rough. While Julie lay on her stomach, I began to rub her ass. Her skin was a beautiful beige color, and I felt my cock trying to break free from my pants.

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   I stripped down, completely naked, and climbed onto the bed. I spread her cheeks, and without warning, shoved pointer and middle fingers as far up her ass as possible. She let out a squeal, so I pulled them out. “Please, not my ass. I know I said you could do anything, but not my ass. ” She looked a little frightened, so I agreed. After my hands were off her ass, she added, “Yet,” with a little smile. I rolled her over, and said, “Goddamnit, there are so many this I want to do with you!”“If we take it slow, it’ll be a lot more fun,” said Julie, all the while rubbing my cock with her foot. “Yea, you’re right,” I reluctantly stated. I dove onto Julie, and latched my mouth on her nipples. My sudden movement scared her, and she tensed up, but quickly got into it. As I circled her nipple with my tongue, she started to moan. While sucking on her right nipple, which, I might add, was hard like a diamond, I toyed with the other, which was hard as well. Julie began moaning louder and faster. Wow, I thought, wonder how loud she is going to be when I fuck her? Figuring I could start making her wet, I moved one hand down to her pussy.

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   When I went to stick a finger or two in, I was shocked. Her pussy was dripping with pussy juices, ready to be fucked. Once she felt my hand, she blushed and said, “I guess you can tell I haven’t had a cock in a while. Hehe. ”“You got a rubber, or am I going to have to pull out?” That would ruin my night. “Nope, but don’t worry. I’m on the pill. Fill me up as much as you want, it’s safe,” she said with a deviant smile. I got offer her body, and positioned my knees next to her thighs. As I lower my body onto hers, for the uninventive but always fun missionary fuck, I guided my cock into her with my hand. Julie let out a earthshaking scream as I plunged my cock into her pussy. “Holy shit, you’re fucking tighter then a virgin!” I shouted as I was finishing filling her up. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came. I started pumping my body up and down, and Julie’s screams got louder. Motherfucker, I thought, a neighbor is going to hear us! Julie let out one more scream, about 30 seconds into our fucking, and I felt her pussy quiver.

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   She had just had one of the best orgasms in her life, and I was the stud who gave it to her. About a minute after I rammed into her, I felt ready to blow my load. Luckily, she had already been fulfilled, so I didn’t feel bad about being a minuteman. After a few more pumps, I shot 5 or 6 bolts of cum into her pussy. A gigantic smile came across her face as I collapsed on top of her. We locked lips, and stayed there for a few minutes, letting what had just happened. I proceeded to pull my cock out of her drenched pussy. My entire shaft and head was completely clean from what seemed like a gallon of cunt juice. For about an hour we just lied together, basking in our nakedness. We talked about life, us, and made out a lot. The urge to fuck her was great, but she said no. After a while, I got up some courage, and asked, “Can I fuck you in your ass now?”“Hehe, Bryan, you’ve got a lot to learn about making love, and playing the temptation card. If I let you fuck me repeatedly tonight, what does that leave for the future?”“Yea, I guess you’re right. ” My cock was hard as a rock. Damn, I thought.

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   I am going to have to beat off. My heart fell. “David should be home in a while. You should get showered and head off to sleep. ”“Can I shower with you??” I asked, full of hope. “Easy big boy, there will be time. But, I know what you can do, since we’ve done it already. ” Julie sprang for my cock, and tried to swallow it whole. “Oh yea, that’s the shit I need. ” Surprised, I felt Julie’s hand creep under my ass, and 1 finger began to toy with my asshole. I want to deny I liked it, but I did. It felt fucking amazing. As she pumped her head up and down harder and harder, she toyed with my ass faster and faster. Julie felt my cock pulsating, and got it as far into her mouth as possible. When I felt the back of her tongue on my shaft, I exploded into her mouth.

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   Instead of swallowing it like she did last time, she pulled off my cock, and dribbled it all over my cock. She dove back onto me, and I could feel her licking the cum off and swallowing it down. Oh my god, that it so sexy, I thought. Once she was done, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said, “Until next time my new sex slave,” and walked off into the bathroom. I got up, grabbed my close, and went into the guest bathroom. What the fuck just happened, I thought as I climbed into the shower. I have got to be the luckiest man in my school. After getting into my boxers and ready to sleep, I went in and gave Julie a goodnight kiss. I then retreated to my room, ready for the next time. Damnit, why does David have to come back, was my last thought before drifting into my sleep. .

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