My Big Brother! (PART TWO)


My Big Brother!

NOTE: This story is a work of pure fiction, protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It should not be taken as an endorsement of any acts or attitudes portrayed herein, or an encouragement to take said acts from the fictional realm to the real world. The author does not in any way support or espouse unlawful acts in real life.
"Here, check this out. . . I think you'll like it!"and he moved down, kneeling down on the floor by the foot of the bed. "I really like that your feet are all dusty and stuff" he said. "Your bare feet have always turned me on" and then taking hold of my slender ankles he pulled, sliding me down the bed until my knees were bent at the edge of the mattress, and my toes just touched the floor. And then, parting my legs even wider by leveraging my knees apart, he positioned his face up between my soft warm thighs and began using his tongue on me there. And in the same way he had teased and flicked my nipples, he now returned the favor of my sucking on his cock!He drove me crazy there, and stopping to take a breath he lightly fingered my intense little pink nubbin and said, "this is called your 'clit' - did you know that?"I had not known that, and I said so. "and this whole area" he went on, touching the little pink lips around where it was getting wet, "is your 'pussy' and it is really a pretty one!"he resumed using his mouth on me, which he called 'eating' me out. I put this new information together in my quick little mind and said "it feels so good when you eat my pussy!"

My young, pink little pussy! I thought to myself.

My big brother Daniel reached down then, and taking hold of those cute dusty little feet that turned him on, lifted them up and bent my knees as he continued to eat me, until they were resting on his shoulders while he gripped the ankles gently but firmly. Feelings like I had never known before exploded out from my loins, and I was getting 'turned on' (as Daniel had called it) more than I ever had on my own. And soon, surprisingly soon really, I was living through a massing wracking cum that blasted from my clit and charged up my spine, finally slamming into the pleasure center of my brain like a thousand fireworks!I gasped then, as yet another new and fantastic thing was done to me.

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  . . Daniel started sticking first one, and then two fingers inside me there!I could tell he was putting the whole length of them insideme as I could feel his fist hitting my clit as the fingers reached their depth. It was then that I felt a new and primal hunger for more, sweep over me. I wanted MORE!I was groaning and bucking with wave after wave of shuddering orgasms, as he continued to eat my sex, suck and flick the explosively awakened clit, and amazingly - reach up and roll and flick my nipples with his fingers!Until finally he took mercy one me, and brought me down slowly after what was to be my last climax of the day. He allowed me to relax and petted me softly there as I subsided into a deep sex-coma sleep.

I had no memory of it, but after I drifted off he stood at the foot of the bed, still between my open legs, and masturbated to my body filling another handful of tissues as he imagined it was being pumped and squirted deep up inside me, whereit belonged. But getting your little sister pregnant is frowned upon, so he satisfied himself that way instead. But I would have certainly let him do that if he'd only asked.

I awakened a couple of hours later in my own bed, all covered up and tucked in. Always looking after me, my brother had carried me in to my room, and had even put my little white panties back on me before putting me down for a much needed nap. Needing to get up to go pee, I felt my poor orgasm-abused tummy muscles ache, as I sat up on the edge of the bed. I walked topless to the bathroom, and finishing my pee returned to my room. While in the hallway between, I could hear sounds downstairs that meant my mom and dad were back from town, and messing about in the kitchen. Back in my room, I retrieved my little pale blue sun dress off the foot of the bed where Daniel had left it for me, and after brushing my hair and satisfying myself in the mirror that I was now quite presentable again, I went on down to see what was for supper.

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I walked into the kitchen, and my mother looked up from what she was stirring at the stove and greeted me, saying "well hey there sleepy head! You have a good nap?"I said that I had, and grinned at Daniel who was sitting at the table. "I guess I just got all tuckered out playing this afternoon". He looked down at my still quite dusty dirty naked toes, and winked at me with the eye my mom could not see from where she was standing.

The End

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