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My name is John.   I am white.   I keep myself in trim and fit.   I am 40 and live by myself in a small upscale neighborhood.   I had vasectomy at 25.   So now I shoot blanks.   When I was 30, my wife got pregnant again with “OUR” second child.   I served her with a doctor’s report, indicating the vasectomy, and divorce papers at the same time. I thought that very fitting at the time.   After the divorce, I embarked on a new way of life.   Being single is a good thing.  
My nephew Timmy is 16 and lives a few houses down and likes to come over and swim.   I encourage him, because, he usually brings along his latest girlfriend with him.   They are all young, nubile and in various stages of development.   I love them all.   What always happens is that I look but never touch.

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    So after looking, I go to my room and jack off.   I like to think of one of them squirming under me as I teach them things those little boys they go with have never even dreamed of much less tried.  
He called this morning with an unusual request.   He had met a 16-year-old black girl in school and he wanted to bring her over to swim.   Not unusual at all except her mother wanted to come along with them.   I figured what the hell.   I wasn’t doing anything anyway.  
Around 1:00 Timmy comes over with a young girl.   Her body was developing well.   I watched in awe as she came over to the pool area where I was.   Her skin was the color of light chocolate.   She was just gorgeous.   It was obvious that she was developing into a woman.   She was a late bloomer and her budding breasts were about the size of small plums.   Ripe and juicy.

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    Just waiting to be sucked on.   Even under the shirt, I could tell that her nipples were delicious. “Hello my name is Becky.   This is my mother Sarah”.   To describe her mother as a goddess is an injustice.   Her smooth chocolate brown skin was flawless.   Her breasts were just the right size.   They were like small grapefruits, on an hourglass figure that most women only dream of.  
Sarah told me she was also 40.   We swam for a bit and then the kids wanted to go inside.   Sarah and I were chitchatting when I asked her about her boyfriend.   She told me she didn’t have one.   I decided to take a chance and ask her out for date that evening.   Her eyes lit up and she said yes right away.   She then said “Let’s seal it with a kiss”.

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I leaned over to give her a small kiss.   When our lips met she opened her mouth and started to give me the most breathtaking kiss of my life.   My hands started to roam over her body and she willingly arched her back and encouraged me.   After a few minutes we broke our kiss.   She told me she had wanted to kiss me since the first minute we were introduced.  
I suggested that we go inside to continue.   She said that would be a great idea.   I couldn’t believe my luck.  
When we went into the house, we saw that the kids were kissing on the couch.   Timmy’s white skin was a beautiful contrast to Becky’s milk chocolate.   I thought that Sarah was going to get upset when she saw my nephew touching her daughter’s small breasts, but instead she led me to the couch and continued to kiss me as we had outside. “Let’s show them how it is done”.   I was a little nervous at first.   I had never had group sex.   This was a dream come true.

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    “Don’t be nervous” “I want you to fuck me,” she murmured.   When she started to kiss me again, all inhibitions disappeared.   It is not every day that a Black goddess wants to fuck you.  
Within in a few minutes we were both naked and caressing each other.   Sarah’s breasts were very firm. I could tell they were natural and had no sag.   Firm and tight.   I sucked on first one nipple and then the other.   Her aureoles were dark chocolate.   The nipples had started to rise.   It was obvious that she was aroused.   Gently, I let my hands and tongue explore every part of her smooth, delicious, chocolate skin.   As her hands also roamed over my body, She stroked my cock and gently pulled me into a rock hard state.  
I looked at Timmy. He and Becky were also naked.

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    I stared at the smooth developing body of Becky and noticed that her nipples were getting hard.   They resembled the eraser on a pencil.  
Sarah had now progressed down and was sucking on my cock.   Giving me the best blowjob I had ever had up till now. We moved down onto the floor and got into the 69 position.   I love to eat pussy.   I looked at her black skin against that pink clit.   I easily started to suck and eat her pussy.   She was squirming and locked her legs around my head.   “Suck my clit. ”  “Oh baby yes” “Suck me”  “Eat my pussy” 
Timmy had moved off the couch and was sucking on Becky’s budding breasts.   Her nipples were really standing tall and proud.   He was moving his fingers in and out of her tight virgin pussy.   Her pussy was already leaking juice as he rubbed her clit.    I could see the pussy juice glistening against her chocolate brown skin and bright pink virgin pussy.

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Sarah and I were now kissing passionately.    I could taste my precum on her lips and knew that her pussy juices were dripping off my chin.    She eagerly sucked my juices and told me she wanted more.  

Until now the only sounds in the rooms were the sounds of pure pleasure.   Then Becky said, “Mommy, I’m ready” Sarah asked, “Are you sure” and Becky replied “Yes Mommy.   I want to become a women”.  
Timmy looked at Sarah for direction.   He didn’t understand what was happening.   “My baby girl wants to become a women”.   Sarah then moved and placed Becky’s back on her stomach.   She reached around and started to rub her daughters small tits.   Timmy moved and started to kiss Becky very deeply.   I wanted to help Becky get ready and moved down and started to kiss her stomach and rub and suck on those delicious small puffy titties. All of us were preparing Becky to become women.   I moved down closer down toward heaven.

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    Finally I was at that virgin pussy.   There was no hair. Just some light fluffy down.   I licked her pussy and found her clit.   For a young girl, her clit was very big.   I soon found out that it was also more sensitive that most women.   She suddenly was moving her hips and with just my tongue I brought her to her first orgasm of the day.   Pussy juice was pouring out of her tight virgin pussy.
My nephew had placed his cock into Sarah’s mouth and getting a blowjob.   I moved my head up and started to suck on Sarah’s small titties.   Her nipples were like missiles for my tongue.   Her mother shifted position and grabbed my cock and directed me into her dripping pussy.  
Timmy then moved onto Becky.   She positioned his cock into her virgin pussy.  As he entered her, she screamed and came yet again.

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    It seemed with each thrust she was coming again and again and again.   The sight of that hard white cock entering that small black pussy was too much for me and I thrust one last time and let loose.   That was all it took for Sarah to also let loose and all 4 of us came at the same time.   Timmy let loose a howl that screamed of pure pleasure.   Becky came for the umpteenth time and Sarah and I both let loose a scream of ecstasy.  
I had to have a piece of that beautiful young tight barely virgin pussy.   I slowly moved over to Becky.    I was looking at her, making sure that everything was all right.   When that little black girl said, “I want you to fuck me”.   I knew that my fantasy was about to come true.    I placed my cock up against that tiny black slit and then thrust into her.   She was the tightest pussy I have ever entered.   She immediately came and let loose another scream of pure pleasure.  
“Fuck me daddy, fuck me, oh daddy yes. ”  She screamed.

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I thrusted and moved and suddenly erupted like a volcano.   I have never cum that fast.   I leaned in and kissed Becky.   Our tongues entwining and we kissed, as only lovers are able.  
Timmy had moved over to her mother and was now plowing those fields like a true man.   He was making me proud as he thrust.   He was fucking her like a sailor just arriving at port.   When he suddenly shouted that he was coming and Sarah told him to “Come like a man” “Cum baby cum cum cum cum”.   “Make your mommy happy”” Fuck me like the man you are”  “Cum baby” He thrust one last time and plowed a new chapter in his life.   Sarah let loose again.   Her pussy juice mixed with semen. She was glistening with juice.  
We all rolled off each other.   I kept my hands on Becky’s small titties and was caressing her freshly fucked pussy.
      Timmy was sucking on Sarah’s melon sized titties.

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    Sarah moved over and placed her mouth on her daughter’s pussy and started to suck and caress her clit.   It was obvious this was not the first time they had been together.   She knew how sensitive that pussy was.   She was sucking the cum out of her daughters pussy.   Soon her chin was juicy.   She was putting her tongue all over that pink hole and Becky was enjoying it.   “Suck me mommy”  “Suck my pussy”
    Becky moved down and started to lick her mother’s pussy.    They were licking and sucking the cum out of each other.   Sarah came first. That was all it took for Becky to let loose a stream of pussy juice into her mother’s waiting mouth.  
    Meanwhile, I had moved over to my nephew and started to kiss him passionately on the lips.   For less then a second he froze.   Then realizing everything was good, he willingly opened his mouth for me to explore.  
    I moved down his body caressing and kissing.   His 16 year old cock was now soft.


        I gently rubbed and sucked it.   It was getting harder by the second and soon was the hard proud cock that had recently fucked a tight 16-year-old black virgin pussy and then fucked her mother.  
    As I sucked him he told me to wait a second.  He reached up and grabbed some gel.   He had placed it there in case he “got lucky” with Sarah.   Timmy was really into the moment.   He grabbed my cock and lubed it up.   “Fuck me uncle make me your bitch”.   I could not believe what I was hearing.   I put my rock hard cock up to his virgin man pussy.
     “Make me your bitch”  “I want you so bad”  “fuck me uncle” “fuck me”.   I thrust into that virgin hole and started to make him “My bitch”
    The girls moved over and the little 16 year old started to suck on his cock.   Her mother moved up placing her pussy into his mouth.   She leaned forward and started to kiss me passionately.   I tasted my cum and pussy juice on her lips.

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        I could also taste that virgin pussy.   Becky stood up and put her pussy into his mouth.   He now had to lick both pussys.   First he licked the mother and then a 16-year-old pussy.   One a tight new pussy and the other a MILF.   Sarah came yet again.   I thrust one last time and put a load of cum into my nephew’s tight virgin 16-year-old ass.   His man pussy was not a virgin anymore.   I knew that I would be getting into that more in the future.  
    Timmy was still kneeling when Becky moved down and started to suck him off again.   Sarah moved under my nephew and started to lick his balls.   He said he was ready to cum.   Becky moved over.   Timmy let loose a stream of cum across both of them.   The cum was dripping off Sarah’s small budding tits with huge nipples and her mothers firm and tight grapefruit titties.

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        The white cum looked amazing on the chocolate brown skin.   They proceeded to lick the cum off each other.   Sarah came over to me and started to kiss me deeply, sharing my nephews cum with me.   Becky was doing the same with Timmy.   Timmy and I tasted our own cum mixed with pussy juice.   I then leaned over and kissed Timmy again.   Sharing what all of us had tasted.   Mother and daughter did the same.  
    I suggested we go back to the pool and clean up.
    We went back to the pool and were relaxing when my 16-year-old daughter, Erica, walked in and asked if she could spend the night.   I told her of course anytime.   My house will always be her house. Erica is a true blonde and even though she is my daughter, she is a real looker.   She is 16, C-cup breasts and a perfect stomach.    She seldom uses a bra around the house and today was no exception.

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        I suspect that her and Timmy are more than kissing cousins.  
    She looked at Sarah and Becky and asked what were up to.
    We all smiled.   I said…………
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