My Georgia Peaches - Chapter 2


I woke at the crack of dawn as usual with half dream like visions of the night before. Finding Mandy still beside me, I knew that the previous evening had not been just a good dream.
Mandy was laying on her side facing me with one leg thrown over my own. I was almost overwhelmed with her youthful beauty and look of pure innocence in the morning light. Sleeping, she looked so young and innocent. Way too innocent for what we had done the night before. That thought had me once again struggling with my conscience.
True, she was not the angel her outward appearance indicated. However, I was old enough and smart enough that I should have been able to avoid this situation. "Damn", I thought to myself. All three of these girls were sexually active, even if it was just with each other. I had little doubt that Mandy would be telling them about what we did last night.
The hesitation that Tracy expressed during the conversation with Mandy last night worried me. She might be showing more common sense than I had just used. Additionally, she had specifically told Mandy not to do anything until she'd had time to think about it. What if she got upset about what happened between Mandy and I and decided to call the cops.

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I could only see two possible angles of attack here. Either I tried begging Mandy to never say anything and do the best I could to get these girls out of here A. S. A. P. Or, I could try to influence Tracy's decision in the right direction. Which meant I needed to get her to willingly have sex with me as well.
I reached down and caressed Mandy's baby soft ass and the decision was made. Mandy pulled herself up tighter to me pulling her leg up almost to my now hardening cock. I could feel the heat of her young slit pressed against my leg. I wanted her virginity and I wanted it bad. Tracy was even prettier than Mandy and I wanted her as well. And then there was little Mary. Although she was most likely to small for fucking, I really wanted to find out what it was like to lick her little 10-year-old pussy.
I traced around Mandy's ass crack stopping at her puckered entrance.

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   Mandy smiled a little but kept her eyes closed. I traced light around it a couple of time and then pressed my finger into it. Mandy's eyes popped open but she said nothing and made no move to stop me. We looked deeply into each other's eyes as I pressed even more. Her ass slowly allowed my finger to slip slightly inside.
As the tip of my finger slipped through her opening Mandy gasped just a little then bit her lower lip. Still she was not stopping me. I pushed harder and moved on past my first knuckle. Mandy closed her eyes tightly and let out just a little whimper.
I stopped right there and ask her if she was ok?
Mandy nodded and said, "It's just that your fingers are kind of big. It even felt big in my other hole last night".
"Well, this would probably feel a lot better if we had a little Vaseline or something", I told her. At the same time I pulled back out, deciding it would be best to wait on that.
I brought my hand back up to cup one of her small breasts and kissed her at the same time. When we broke from our kiss she looked down at my hand on her breast.

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"They're kind of small" she said.
"Nonsense", I told her and went on to say "Of course, if you want them to get bigger all they need is the right stimulation".
"What kind of stimulation" she asked?
With that, I slid down a little and sucked her young pink nipple into my mouth.
"Mmmm…I think I'm going to need lots of that", she said and then giggled.
I slid one arm under and brought her up on top of me, switching to the other breast as I did. Mandy raised her hips slightly allowing my now rock hard cock to slip up between her legs and then closed her legs tightly around it. As I teased her young nipples with my tongue, Mandy began to grind her pelvic bone against mine. I could feel the heat of her slit against my cock and it was driving me nuts.
After a few minutes Mandy pulled herself upright and sat across me just below my cock. She took hold of my cock and began to slowly stroke it while looking directly at me. She glanced down at my cock for a few seconds and then looked back up again.
"God, you look so big next to me! Do you really think it will fit inside of me", she asked?
I had actually been making that very same comparison myself, but I didn't tell her that. Instead I told her "I'm sure it will honey. As long as we take our time and do it slow at first, it'll fit just fine. " I wasn't entirely sure that was true but I was really hoping we would find out sooner or later.

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Mandy pressed my cock down flat against my stomach and slid forward. She now had my cock trapped between her cunt and my stomach. She started slowly rocking back and forth. In essence she was trying to do the reverse of what I'd done to her the night before. She wasn't wet enough down there yet for it to be very effective though.
After a minute or so I coaxed her to turn around into a sixty-nine position. Slipping the other pillow under my head, I settled in for a little pussy licking. I had thought last night that her young pussy was beautiful but now in the morning light, it was without a doubt the most beautiful sight in the world to me.
I inhaled her virgin sweetness deeply before burying my face into her. I went to work on her clit for the first minute or so and then started alternating with tongue probes into her sweet little slit. It only took about 5 minutes before I could tell by her little whimpers that she was about to cum.
All at once Mandy let my cock pop out of her mouth and said, "Wait".
She quickly turned around and resumed her previous position and began to ride back and forth on my cock hard and fast. A few times she got carried away and slid far enough forward that my cock would pop up and stab at her little slit. She would stop just long enough to raise up a little and get it back between us and then go at it again.

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We were both damn near cumming when it happened again. This time as she pressed back onto my cock, I shoved up hard at the same time. As wet as she was now, the head of my cock popped right into her. The instant it happened, Mandy froze with a look of shock on her face.
"Ohhhh…god it hurts", she finally managed to cry out.
The tears were starting to come to her eyes and she started to tremble but she made no move to pull off of me.
"You're almost there baby", I told her. "Don't stop now. You can do this. "
Mandy shook her head no but still didn't try to pull off of me.
"There's just a little more pain to get through and it will be all over. Then it will feel a lot better Mandy. "
There was no response from her this time. She was looking down and still whimpering. I was caressing her soft thighs and hips with both hands.

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"Try to press back just a little at a time honey. Then let up for a second and press back again", I told her.
Mandy still wasn't looking up at me and she said nothing. However, after a few seconds I felt her push lightly. It wasn't hard enough to get any further but she was trying. I felt her relax for a second and then she pushed back a little harder this time. My cock slipped another quarter of an inch or so into her. She pulled up a little and tried again. This time a good inch penetrated her and I felt her virgin barrier. Quite obviously she felt it as well since she gasped and froze.
"This is it honey", I told her. "This is the last little bit that will hurt and then it will get lots better. "
Mandy tried pushing again but cried out and pulled quickly back up.
"I can't…I just don't think I can do this", she sobbed.
She was looking up at me now and the tears were running down her face.

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I reached up and brushed her tears away and then ask her "Do you want me to do it for you?" I asked.
Mandy just looked at me for a few seconds and I was afraid she might chicken out. But a few seconds later she slowly nodded.
I pulled her down to me and as I did my cock slipped out of her. I kissed the tears from her cheeks and just held her for a minute or so. Then I rolled her over onto her back and brought myself up between her legs.
Mandy said nothing as I positioned myself to enter her. Her little pussy was already starting to bleed just a little. I pressed up against her slit and leaned forward to kiss her as I slowly entered her again. She whimpered only slightly as the head popped inside. I gave her just a few seconds to adjust before easing on up into her.
As soon as I pressed up to her hymen I felt Mandy tense up. I withdrew back out to the head again and then entered her again. I did this several times until I felt her start to relax. I took her face in my hands and kissed her, increasing the speed of the short strokes I was taking into her.

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I continued my short fast strokes until I felt her young body start to respond with her own movements. I pushed just a little harder and Mandy responded by pushing back a little more as well.
"It's now or never ", I thought to myself.
I pulled back to the head and pushed forward hard this time. Mandy pushed up as well and I slid easily through her hymen. Mandy let out one short cry and closed her eyes tightly. I stopped where I was for a few seconds and kissed the tears from her cheeks. As she started to relax a little I started taking slow strokes again. I only had about half of my cock into her but I was slowly working on up inside of her with each stroke.
"Is that it…I mean, is it all the way in me yet?", she asked in a trembling little girl voice.
"Not quite baby but the painful part is all over with. It will only get better from now on", I replied.
I went back for one more deep kiss and at the same time pushed my cock all the way home. Mandy broke the kiss and gasped as our pelvic bones met for the first time.
I stopped with my entire cock buried to the hilt in her tight hot little cunt and asked, "are you ok now Mandy?"
Mandy shook her head quickly and replied, "I think so…It still stings just a little but it's ok I think.

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I kissed her little nose and said, "Good, now lets see what we can do about making it feel lots better. "
Mandy giggled slightly and nodded her approval.
I pulled about half way out and slid slowly back inside again several times. Gradually I increased the stroke until I was until I was taking full strokes in her tight little cunt. Mandy wrapped her hands behind my head and pulled my face down beside her.
Softly, she softly gasped into my ear, "I'm ok I think…do it faster now. "
That was all I needed to hear. I pulled myself almost fully upright and pushed both of her legs a little higher. I now had a clear view of my cock stuffed into that tight little hole and what an erotic sight it was. I started really slamming it to her now, watching her young slit in amazement as it swallowed up my meat with each stroke. My cock looked positively huge stuffed into such a small pussy. I couldn't believe I wasn't ripping her apart. While she had obviously bleed some, it was nowhere near as much as I would have expected judging by our size difference.
When I glanced up, Mandy had taken a hold of her own legs and was pulling them even higher, raising her head slightly so she could see as well. In about four minute's time, Mandy stiffened with her second orgasm and my release met hers.

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   I swear I dumped a load of cum into this little girl that could have gotten an elephant pregnant.
Mandy jumped and gasped with each spurt of my cum into her tight little cunt. As both our orgasms subsided, Mandy's head fell back to the pillow and her legs fell back to the bed in unison.
    I nearly collapsed on top of her but caught the bulk of my weight on my elbows beside her.
    "Oh god…that was sooooo good. I can't believe…I really did it…oh god", Mandy gasped out in segments. She accented her statement with a couple of squeezes of her cunt muscles on my cock.
    "Well you did it just fine", I told her and leaned in for another long deep kiss.
    I rolled us over again, bringing Mandy back up on top of me. We just laid there for fifteen minutes or so, not speaking, just holding and caressing each other. Mandy finally pulled herself up to a sitting position with my now semi-hard cock still inside of her. She sat there for a few seconds looking down at our union and then slowly began to pull off of me. Her freshly reamed little hole made an audible pop as the head of my cock slipped out.
    Mandy looked up at me and with a soft smile on her face said, "My god, I can't believe all of that was inside of me".
    I had to chuckle at her awe and then said, "Well, you had better believe it and you were wonderful.


    Mandy nodded and said, "I guess so but it kind of made me bleed down there".
    "That's a perfectly normal for a girl to bleed the first time. As a matter of fact, you didn't bleed near as much as one girl I was with a long time ago", I told her.
    Then I suggested that maybe this would be a good time to take a shower and that she should probably slip back into the other bedroom before her little sister woke up. Mandy nodded and slid off of the bed. She waited as I got up and followed me to the shower.
    My shower is one of those dual spray types, which totally fascinated Mandy. She laughed about it a couple of times a little louder than I was comfortable with. I had to tell her to keep it down so we didn't wake her sisters.
    Mandy giggled again and said, "I don't think they would mind too much. As a matter of fact, I'll bet they would like some of this as well". She punctuated her statement by reaching out and squeezing my cock in her small hand.
    Her statement brought back some of the fears of what we had just done to my mind. So I told her, "Well…maybe we shouldn't say anything to them just yet Mandy. I mean, they might not be as understanding as you think".

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    Mandy had grabbed the soap and was lathering up my cock and balls with slow, deliberate movements. My cock was coming to attention again in a hurry as she did this, worries or not.
    Mandy stared at my cock, not looking up as she spoke. "I don't think you'll have to worry about that. Cause my sisters and I have kind of been fooling around with each other for a long time. "
    Mandy finally looked up and I saw she was blushing. She continued with, "I guess I just went one step further than them, that's all. It's not like the three of us haven't talked about doing it with a guy. We just never really had the chance. "
    What a paradox the site before me was. Her youthful face showed all innocence of a young child, right down to the blush on her cherub like face. At the same time she had both of her hands working on my cock and balls and was basically telling me her sisters would probably want to fuck as well.
    To myself I thought, "God, I hope she's right about this. I'd love to be fucking all three of them.
    I told Mandy, "Well, maybe we should take it slow at least.

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       You know…make sure they are going to be ok with what we've done before you tell them everything. "
    Mandy shrugged her shoulders and then with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips, dropped to her knees and took me into her hot little mouth again. The way this little girl sucked my cock it was hard to believe this was only the third time she'd had a cock in her mouth. I braced myself against the wall with one hand and gently caressed the side of her face with the other. It took less than two minutes before I blew yet another load into her mouth. Mandy never missed a stroke this time. With the first spurt of my cum, she pushed me to the back of her throat and swallowed greedily, not missing a drop.
    When she'd finished she stood up again. I reached down and grabbed her young ass with both hands, bringing her up for a kiss. Mandy wrapped her legs around me and returned my kiss hard. Mandy reached down between us and was trying to pull my now half-soft cock up to her cunt.
    I broke our kiss and told her, "Honey, if I weren't afraid your sisters would wake up anytime now, I'd be glad to give it to you again. Besides, I think I need a little recharge time. You have about milked my cock dry this morning. " I finished with a chuckle and told her, "I think I've created a sex monster!"
    Mandy giggled and nodded her head rapidly.

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       We shared one more short kiss and I sat her back down on her feet. We both finished our shower quickly and returned to the bedroom. Mandy slipped her robe back on and with one more short kiss, slipped out of the door and back to her room.
    I pulled a pair of cut-offs and a T-shirt on and sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes to consider my situation here. Just a week ago, I would have never considered laying a hand on such a young girl. Now I had not only deflowered one, but I was seriously considering doing the same with her sisters as well! That thought was both exciting and scary at the same time. All I could do at this point was hope that Tracy and Mary would be as receptive to this as Mandy thought they would be.
    When I walked out of the bedroom I saw the door to Mandy and Mary's room was open. Mary was sitting on Mandy's bed and they were giggling and talking. Mandy glanced at me and smiled, which caught Mary's attention. She turned and looked at me then quickly back to her sister. I had a sneaky hunch the cat was already out of the bag. I didn't hang around to find out.
    On the way to the kitchen I noticed that the clothes I'd left on the hallway table were gone, so I assumed the girls had found them. I could hear that Tracy's shower was running as I passed her door.

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       Since it appeared everyone was getting up, I figured the best thing I could do would be to get some breakfast going. I wasn't sure which way this day was going to go but one thing for sure was that I was going to need all the energy I could get.

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