My Georgia Peaches Chapter 6: Rhett Butler Had it Easy


    For a couple of moments, a fully dysfunctional silence held sway. Realising that she was completely naked still, Tracy tugged the coverlet up swiftly. She wasn't so much blushing as utterly transfixed with embarrassment. I was long past that stage!
   "Can I talk to you in the kitchen Kathy?" I muttered. Despite my probable imminent arrest, I was determined to make the most of my one phone call. Eyeballing me steadily, Kathy retreated from the room closing the bedroom door behind her.
   "I'm so sorry Bill," Tracy whispered. The onset of a few preliminary tears adding to her mortified expression. "I never wanted to get you into trouble. "
    A total sucker for any female in distress, I brushed a few locks of hair from her forehead and kissed her gently.
   "I've been in a few tricky situations in my life Trace. " I told her. "Always managed to extricate myself somehow, so let me go talk to your step-mom. Worst that can happen is that she keeps a shotgun in the broom closet somewhere. "
    That at least brought a smile to her pretty **
    Kathy though was not smiling. I sat myself down at the breakfast table.

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   The District Attorney was considering her opening address.
   "She's just fifteen Bill, how could you?"
   "A moment of unheralded weakness Kathy," I replied. "Maybe I've been single too long. . . maybe not long enough? Perhaps the offer - and truly Kathy, the suggestion did not come from me - flattered my ego. " I could see I was not helping my case, to judge by Kathy's expression.
  "Maybe you're just an entrenched pedophile Bill?" she rounded on me. "Just how many other 'moments' like this have there been in the recent past?"
   "Why none Kathy. " I lied outright. Sure, she's been flirty. . . they all have to be honest, but hey that's just young girls for you - you know that!"
    She looked me over a couple of times. "The only reason I'm not calling the Police Bill is that I know Tracy well enough to believe she is hardly likely to have been a completely innocent party, not that it excuses what you did to her you understand?" I nodded dutifully.

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   "However you look at it though, you still took advantage of a majorly underage girl Bill - and that just isn't acceptable. . . . even if she did make it easy for you. I thought better of you than that. "
    Just for a second she lowered her eyes and I can almost swear I saw the look of a girl whose boyfriend she had just discovered exiting the girls' locker room with a pair of panties hanging out of his trouser pocket.
    I looked up at her. She really was a fine looking woman. .
   "Kathy," I began, but she held her hand up. "No Bill, don't say anything else, I'm really upset about this. " My instincts told me that it was somewhat more than just Tracy she was upset about!
   "Look," I said eventually, "I know nothing I can say will make things right Kathy, and I can never justify my actions with Tracy, but would you let me at least take you to dinner tonight?"
    She looked across at me with a healthy, if not understandable degree of scepticism. "Just give us an opportunity to talk between ourselves - away from the kids for a while. " I continued.

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   "I'd really like that. "
    I watched as her mind ran the numbers. Was this just my pitiful attempt to smooth over the situation? Would accompanying me on a date fatally undermine her position of authority? How long was it since any man had asked her out?
   "If I agree Bill, it doesn't mean that I'm happy about what's happened," she answered deliberately. "Or that I'm just gonna forget about it. " She added spontaneously.
   "Deal," I said. "Think the worst of me all night. . . I probably deserve it anyway. " I added grinning.
    The three girls were not overly delighted at being left alone for the evening. Tracy was looking at me with quite obvious distrust. Mandy left the dinner-table early and slunk back to her room, while Mary wanted to know if she could stay awake till we got home?
    For a town with barely three thousand population, Greensboro offers a pretty comprehensive range of eating options. At Kathy's suggestion we made it to the "Lucky 32 Restaurant" on Westover Terrace.

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   The food was up there with the best New York has to offer and the service pleasingly efficient.
    By the time we had disposed of the shared appetiser - pan fried crab cakes - Kathy had recalled in detail the early years with the girls' father. Hadn't been anything you would particularly want over by the sounds of things.
    For mains, Kathy opted for the 'Southern Crescent Chicken' smothered in pimento cheese while I took delivery of one enormous 'Kentucky Ribeye,' marinated so they advertise, in bourbon overnight. This freed up the conversation further and by the time we had emptied the bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label also, there was little either did not know about the other. I was beginning to imagine Kathy in positions other than those that might be referred to as demure!
    Although my wallet took a substantial beating at the check-out, courtesy of the Veuve one must admit, no-one has ever exited a restaurant world-wide, more replete or better serviced gastronomically. I held her hand as we made our way back to the pick-up and the messages I was getting, bespoke anything but confrontation.
    It being well after eleven thirty when we got back, we checked on the girls. All were sound asleep. I gave Mary the lightest kiss on the cheek. "Such a little cutie," I muttered.
   "Such a little manipulator you mean?" Kathy half-giggled. I looked up at her. The war on terror was not foremost in my mind let's say!
    Can't say for certain now what triggered the ensuing activities. I recall giving Kathy a goodnight kiss at her bedroom doorway.

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   Perhaps the Veuve had one last kick in its tail, but no more than five minutes later I was unzipping her dress mid coverlet, and with Kathy adorned suddenly in no more than her bra and panties, I really could think of no good reason for going back to my own bed.
    Even with the lights out, the room played host to sufficient moonlight that I could clearly make out the urgency in her expression. She gasped as I slipped the bra straps down her arms and as her breasts were freed of their constraints, I realised abruptly the yawning gulf that exists between a pretty teenager and an experienced woman.
    Slipping her panties off I eased her down alongside me and kissed her with all the passion so beautiful a female demands. She clung to me, yet it was I felt the student. Her nipples had grown noticeably erect and as I manipulated them between thumb and forefinger she began issuing sighs of obvious pleasure, all the while encouraging me to further exploratories.
    I allowed my hand to slip between her legs where a trimmed softness welcomed my inbound invaders to the city outskirts before leading inexorably to those delicate moist folds that like rose petals confronted by the morning sun, opened up their inner secrets releasing their enticing scent.
    Her sighs turned to gentle moans and as I increased the pressure on her clitoral nub, she spread her legs quite unconsciously, greatly facilitating my dexterous incursion. I leaned forward and gently suckled her right nipple which had her moaning yet louder, even as my own pleasures were escalating in direct proportion to the rapidly solidifying tissue between my own legs.
   "Make love to me Bill," someone whispered but inches from my ear.
    LeAnn Rimes had it right all along - you really can't fight the moonlight. Thus positioning myself between those deliciously parted thighs, I allowed her to guide my overhead camshaft into that tight channel where it might perform at peak efficiency.
    At this juncture be it known, Kathy wasn't so much lubricated as awash with pleasured expectation. Didn't feel too bad from my viewpoint either. Penetrating her to the depths I was aware of Kathy's now constant moaning and the way she was using her hips to maximise each thrust.

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   I was the quintessential runaway train - not only without brakes, but consigned to whatever was at the end of the line. Right that second I was kinda hoping it might be twins!
   "I love you Kathy" I whispered to her. Not only was it the truth right that second, I'm sure she believed me. Either way a lot happened right about then.
    Even as her vaginal muscles clamped down, inducing a 'no retreat, no surrender' aspect to the rules of engagement, I found myself orgasmically at the mercy of the Gods on Mount Olympus. I'm sure Zeus must have had a hand well inside Hera's robe somewhere, because what spurted then fully uncontrollably around the walls of Kathy's vagina must surely have been at the behest of some divine intervention. No mortal ever produced so on-going a procreative torrent.
    Smiling in piqued satisfaction, Kathy lay there, one hand between her legs the other arm holding me to her. Kissing her with all the passion my abused body could still muster I pulled the bedclothes up. She was asleep in moments, I doubt I was more than five minutes behind **
    Given the fact it was obviously still the middle of the night, I was wondering what had awoken me. A vague movement to the right of the bed went a long way to explaining this ponderance. Instinct rather than visuals told me it was Tracy.
   "What the hell?" I whispered, "What are you doing here Trace?"
   "How could you do this to me Bill?" came the muffled response. "I thought you loved me?" She had moved her face close up to mine.
   "Are you crazy?" I mouthed barely audibly.

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   "You'll wake Kathy up - you want that?"
   "You fucked her didn't you," she sounded like she had begun to sob. "I heard you both - that's what woke me up. "
   "Tracy, we'll talk about this in the morning OK?" My mouth was but inches from her face as I spoke. It proved to be my undoing. Before I could make any counter move, she slipped herself up under the coverlet laying on me full length - quite obviously naked.
   "Make love to me," she whispered in my ear, not only squashing her young breasts up against my chest but ensuring that her pussy was thrust hard down against my crotch where nature was unavoidably taking care of business once again.

        Having no idea how to handle this - after all, every additional word of dialog risked waking Kathy - I just slid my hands across her svelte bottom, fully unable to resist the illicit pleasures on offer.
       "Mmmm" she resonated, wriggling her hips gently and knowing full well the effect that would be having upon my more delicate areas let's say.
       "Stop that," I chided her, though little more than a whisper. "You have to lie still. "
        Raising herself just slightly, she slipped a hand beneath her suddenly and taking a hold of something she really shouldn't have, I felt myself being guided into a very familiar playing field. Devoid of any resistance, I pushed up into her, at the same time holding her tightly around the bottom and taking such tactile delight in the contact with those curvy rear cheeks.
        I felt her beginning to moan which left me no choice but to kiss her hard as I very slowly thrust up deeper into that warm and decidedly moist channel. . It was very much a case of just 'being there' and although circumstances precluded the possibility of any wild copulation, there was no shortage of sexual pleasure be assured.

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       When even the least movement by either partner allows one the freedom to plumb yet greater depths, you realise that God really did have your best interests at heart when he designed the female prototype.
        I could feel Tracy's urgency as her legs now well apart, straddled my own as she bore down upon the penile invader within her. Taking a hold of my left hand she guided it to her breasts where she quite obviously desired further stimulation. More than happy to oblige, I began groping her gently and rubbing her already swollen nipples between my thumb and digits.
        Were it not for my kissing her steadily she would have vocally advertised our plight for sure. As it was, I had to hold her tightly against me, less Kathy was awoken by any undue movement. Mercifully she had her back to us and was well across on her side of the bed.
        Even the gentlest of friction inherent in limited movement brings about a need for completion. In many ways, intercourse is even sexier taking it slow and deep - it gives you time to appreciate and sense just what it is you are doing to a girl. Whatever the semantics of the thing, nature had decreed it time I knew, for the Spring tide. Sexy little Tracy knew it too and like her step-mom just hours earlier, was now clamping down vaginally.
        Try as I might, coming in a girl is not really a controllable thing. Tracy I fancy, performed better than me in the upshot. I could not avoid jerking spasmodically which must have produced a few seismic rifts across the bed covers.
        We lay there sated.

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       I was still deep inside her, but diminishing in volume by the second. There was however enough moonlight still that I could make out Tracy's majorly satisfied expression.
       "I want you to just love me," she whispered almost cryptically, before easing herself off me and back on to the carpet. She was out of the room and pulling the door to noiselessly before I had time to make any sort of considered reply.
        Half expecting Mandy to put in an appearance and lets face it, I couldn't have come up with another performance for love or money, I just lay there, weighing up the realities of the night.
        Love triangles are hardly front-page news, but all in the same family? I glanced across at Kathy sleeping peacefully still. Had I not just betrayed her trust yet again? What was my problem? I realised that at some point within the coming twenty four hours I had best make a few hard decisions which any way you looked at it, could not be without casualties.
    (c) Peter_Pan
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    Non-erotic:    **
    Both Harper Valley volumes: http://www. geocities. com/worldofpeter_pan/Bookpage. html

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