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Penny just smiled at me as I grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom. There was cum hardening in her hair, on her eyelashes and in her ears. I could not remember ever cumming so hard or so much in my life, even with my little girls. Oh I had forgot to mention that I had been doing my two stepdaughters since they were very young also, but that is for another As we turned to go into the shower, I let her take the lead. What a cute little ass she has, so tight and round. I could feel my cock starting to respond to the sight. “ Wait a little before we jump in so the water can warm up a bit. “ as I turned the water on. She looked up at me and smiled. “ I see you are getting happy again Peter. “ She was looking back and forth between my cock and “ You seem quite interested in my cock for such a little girl. You can get into the shower while I go put the clothes in the dryer. As I turned to go to the laundryroom, I glanced back watching her step into the shower. Her ass was going to be a prize when she matured and got her full form. The roundness and firmness was unbelievable. My cock wanted to make it a new home or just a temporary parking My monster was sprouting again as I got to the laundryroom and placed the clothed in the dryer.

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   I was thinking of what I was going to do with my newfound toy. I love getting them when they are new and fresh with no training or knowledge. It makes life so much easier in the lessons and control of their I got back to the shower to find Penny trying to clean herself off. She wasn’t doing a very good job, so as I walked in I told her I would do that for her. She just turned and smiled while stretching her arm out with the soapy puff in her hand. I reached and picked it from her grip. The water was bouncing off her body, making it shine. Her skin was so soft, satin was rough compared to it. I asked her to lean back against the wall as I knelt down in front of her and started my little cleaning job. I gently started rubbing along her Nubian budding chest. Her nipples were standing tall, well as tall as could be expected for her young breasts. I could tell just by looking that they were going to be spectacular when she matured. Her areolas were quite large for her age, which only told me good things were I continued wiping her shoulders, sides and was moving toward her lovely little pussy. I looked into her eyes and she just gave me a smile as she closed her eyes again and let me proceed with my Her thighs were sssooo soft !!!!!!!!! As I wiped down her thighs I slid my finger across her pussy lips and on to her clit to see her reaction. She let out a slow, soft, gentle moan as I rotated upon her little “ You like the way that feels, huh Penny Softly she replies, “ Oh it feels so nice Peter, but at the same time it kinda tickles.

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   “ Yes I know baby, but that is only because of your age. Soon enough that tickle will take on a completely different meaning. “ She let out some louder moans as I slid my finger into her waiting Her pussy was so velvety the precum started to ooze from my cock as I was in a different world with my finger in this virgin hole. She was going to be very tight for me, but I didn’t care. I pulled out and went back to her clit and she I looked into her eyes and asked, “ Are you okay Penny ? “ OH MY GOD PETER !!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME ? I HAVE NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. I was rotating on her clit with my thumb while pushing a finger into her pussy. Her head was rocking side to side and the moans were becoming louder and louder. She was trying to spread her legs farther, her hands were slapping against the wall. My cock was pulsing as I was going to give her the magic orgasm, her first. Every man knows when he is the first to give a girl or woman her first orgasm, he has them for life. There is never anything to compare with their She is convulsing and trembling as I put a hand on the back of her head. I take my other arm and grab her and hold her in a hug as she pulsates through my body. Her squeals are now screams that slowly get softer and quieter as she collapses in my arms and just becomes dead weight against my Her tiny body still has a few convulsions, as it appears she has passed out. I just hold her as the water pours down upon us. I know she is completely unaware of her jerking body.

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   About a minute later she comes back around and tries to lift her “ What happened to me Peter ? I have never felt like that ever in my life. “ Did you like the feeling ? “ My head is sort of woozy. Can I sit down ? I help her move to the little seat in the shower. I gently place her down carefully watching so she doesn’t slip or collapse “ That is a feeling I want to give you every time I see you. You just had what is called an orgasm. Commonly known as cumming. “ My mommy has used that word ‘ cummin ? ‘ some times when I have watched your play with her cock. As she was babbling I reached down to her pussy and scooped up a sample of her virgin nectar. The aroma was intoxicating. The flavor was divine. I slid my fingers into my mouth and sucked and savored her juices until my skin was ready to come “ Would you like a taste Penny ? She just looked at me with her glazed eyes, oblivious to anything. “ Would you like to taste your cum like you tasted mine earlier ? She just slightly nodded as I slid my fingers down for some more and brought them to her mouth. Weakly she opened and I gently slid them in, she sucked and with impressive force.   This girl was going to be a major “ It tastes very good, doesn’t it ? She just nodded her My cock was now bouncing. It was ready for some action and it wanted it now.

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   I lifted Penny slightly and placed her on the shower floor. I grabbed a towel and put it under her head. Wet or dry it still was better than smacking her head into the tiles. That’s right you know where this animal is going. I spread her legs wide. Her little pussy was going to be a challenge, but I was going to concur it. Penny was just floating in never-never-land. My cock was aching from the strain of all my blood trying to bust out of my cock. The pressure was “ Now Penny this is going to hurt. It may hurt for quite a while, but it will eventually begin to feel very good and make you feel just like you did before. She just kinda nodded and looked up briefly, before closing her eyes again and drifting I moved into position. My bulbous head pointing at my treasure. I slowly slid my head up and down her puffy lips. They were silky smooth rubbing on my head. I was afraid it would be over before it got started.

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   It is very hard to try and explain the feeling I am talking of, unless you have actually been there and experienced it. It will make your head swirl. The shower water was bouncing off my back and causing a slight mist to fall over I pushed slightly inward with my head. There was resistance as I spread her virgin lips with my head. I just wiggled to where the opening of my treasure was and let it sit there for a few seconds. I could feel the precum oozing from my head and lubing up my conquest. I pulled back out and spread some cum over her lips and clit. The moment I touched her clit, her body bounced and she opened her eyes looking at me with a smile that just said With this look of acceptance, I put my cock back in position and whispered in her ear, “ Get ready baby because it is going to hurt. She whispered back in my ear, “ Please I want it and I want it now. I put a foot in each hand and lifted her legs, while spreading them as far as I could in the shower. My cock in position I slid it in and out of her lips maybe an inch or so. She started to moan and make gurgling noises. Suddenly without warning I backed up a bit and slammed my monster straight into this virgin Penny let out a scream that pierced my eardrums. I just let my self sit in place not moving with just four inches impaled into my new victim. Penny tried to fight and kept screaming.

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   “ Relax, relax, relax. “ I kept saying it over and over. “ It will be alright my love, just relax. The tears were just flowing from her eyes. Those big beautiful green eyes had a look of terror in them. I released her legs and leaned down to hold her as best I could. “ Just relax Penny. The pain will subside soon. Just try to relax. It will be all right. “ I whispered in her ear as I hugged her. I suckled on her neck and nibbled a little on her earlobe. This seemed to be having a little bit of an effect on her. I could feel her pussy just squeezing so tight around my cock. I must have her stretched so far apart she may be tearing.

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   I raised my self up on my hands and glanced down to see if she was ripping apart. My cock was filling my little toy as much as it could, it was such a tight fit there was no leakage of blood from me tearing her cherry I bent down and gave her a kiss on the lips. She instinctively opened her mouth and pushed her tongue “ Penny when you go to french kiss me, don’t just stick your tongue out and ram it in my mouth. You need to learn and enjoy the sensation of our tongues dancing together. Suddenly I moved my cock just a fraction and Penny clamped down on my tongue and lips with her teeth causing me to jerk back, almost tearing my tongue off in her “ OUCH !!!!! What the hell did you do that for ? “ I am so sorry Peter. I didn’t mean it. It’s just when you moved your cock, the sudden flash of pain caused me to just instinctively bite down. Tears flowing from her eyes, I looked at her and said, “ Well it is going to hurt a lot more if you don’t relax. With that I slowly started to pull back with my cock. My god she was SSSOOO FUCKING TIGHT !!!! I could feel her inner and outer lips peeling back with my cock. I looked down and saw her lips attached to my cock like a leach. Slowly I pulled “ OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT HURTS SO MUCH !!!! “ she “ Get ready Penny it is going to hurt much more before it gets better.
    As I pushed back in slowly, I pulled back out slowly and pushed back in slowly. I was only getting about a three-inch range with my cock as I went back and forth. She just kept squealing and screaming about the pain.

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       The tears kept coming. I continued to rock to and I did this for about five minutes, just sliding in and out ever so slowly. I could feel her juices starting to pour from her pussy. I looked down and could see the mixture of blood and pussy juices swirling down toward the drain. Her noises were becoming softer now with an occasional moan between grimaces. I moved my one hand on to her newly developing breast and nipple. I gave the nipple a pinch and pull. Her mouth opened and let out a loud Her breasts were just starting to take shape and you could see they were going to be magnificent when she got older. The only thing that disappointed me was the nipples didn’t seem to be the kind that was going to be very As I molested her tits, I kept pumping her pussy. Any sign of discomfort was now replaced by moans and groans. She was slowly trying to get her hips to move up and down, but my cock and body weight made it very hard for With my other hand I grabbed her leg and pushed it back toward her ear. Trying to open her hole even more. She squeaked with a little grimace as I mashed her toes into the wall. Things were starting to happen quite quickly My strokes were getting a little quicker and she was getting moister. Suddenly she started to convulse again.


       Pulsating like a leaf in a hurricane. She was in a constant state of orgasm. My cock was moving a little more freely now and I needed more. I took my cock and pushed deep as I could into her pussy. I instantly hit her cervix, womb and anything else left back there. She let out an ear-piercing scream and then fell silent. The mixture of her orgasms and the pain from my drive were too much for her, she had passed Now the true animal took over in me. Even though I would miss the moans and screams, I had no resistance to continue my carnal conquest. I moved my hands down and grabbed hold of her ass cheeks. Squeezing and lifting them as I began to take long strokes with my cock and bash the insides of my little friend. I was only getting five inches in, but it was okay. The head of my cock started to hurt from smashing into the opening of her womb. I didn’t want to drive it through just As I continued my assault I felt the pressure building in my balls as they began to tighten and the tingle was racing through my cock. Suddenly before I knew it my cum was spraying everywhere. The pressure was so great, that even with the super seal I had from my cock in this tiny, tight pussy my cum was spraying back at me, all over my belly, my inner thighs.

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       All over Penny’s thighs legs and belly. I was cumming with so much force I must have filled her womb with just the first blast. I was having trouble holding myself above her. The cum just kept coming and coming. Finally I had to fall to the side I was becoming so weak. As I did my cock popped free from its sheath with a sound only heard on the fourth of July. I laid there just trying to catch my breath as the water was now spraying on both of us. This of course woke Penny from her state. She didn’t jump or startle as she woke. She was too weak to really move. I could see her look in my direction, eyes all blurry trying to get the words “ Peter my pussy hurts real bad. “ I know baby, when we get our strength back I will help take care of it. She reached over with her hand to grab mine. I held her hand and with my other I gently stroked her hair and face. She put a grin on her face, but I knew she was in pain.


       I had ravaged her and now must help her recover. We stayed there for a few more minutes, then I got up and turned the water off. I helped her up, she could barely stand. I sat her back down on the little bench and turned to get a I took the towel and gently started to dry her off. First with the head and hair, then the shoulders and chest, the back and then had her lean on me so I could get her legs and ass. Oh the feel of her ass through the towel was just mind-boggling. For a little girl she had a lovely ass and it felt as great as it looked. When I finished I set the towel on the bench and set her there as well. I went and dried myself I picked Penny up in my arms and carried her to my bed. I laid her down on top of my comforter; she looked up and tried to give me a “ I bet you could use a drink ? She just nodded her head with a slight “ I’ll be right back, don’t runaway. She just chuckled slightly as I left for the I got her a glass of juice and grabbed a couple of my pain pills. “ Here Penny, drink this and take one of these. It will help with the pain and make you feel better. She grabbed the glass and pill and swallowed it with her chaser. She took several more gulps and you could see the little grimace on her face from the taste of the “ Just lie here for a bit while I go check the clothes.

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       “           I placed the glass on the nightstand and darted to the laundryroom.           When I got back there was Penny, curled in the fetal position and sleeping soundly. I placed the clothes on the corner of the bed, covered her with a spare blanket and closed the door as I left to go watch some tv………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. .             Any questions, comments or inquiries direct them to …. lilgrrlperv@yahoo. com.
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