my little cassie 2


I just stared in amazement, at the sight of her massive tits. These monsters were like cantaloupes. Those huge, dark areolas and nipples were making me feel young again. I was feeling that tingle in my limp dick.

As she proceeded to remove her shorts and tiny thong, I gasped as her baby-smooth pussy glistened in the dim light. Before she even had them on the car floor, I was grabbing and massaging her monsters. I was pulling and pinching her nipples like a virgin teen.

“Slowdown Mr. Peters, let me get these off. Besides you’re being a little too rough. ”

“I’m sorry Cassie, can you forgive me? They are just so magnificent and it has been some time since I have had the opportunity to play with such toys. ”

She finally had her shorts completely off and was next to me completely naked. For just an ordinary girl, she was looking rather fine to me. I imagine that many of the boys felt the same way when they saw her naked too. How many have seen her naked I could not say. Nothing but the tits to grab your attention, but when she got naked she was drop dead gorgeous.

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She had a slight little bulge, but I figured it was from all the cum she had been swallowing, sucking cock. I took and caused the seat to recline so I could get a better advantage in my attack of this nymph.

I again began my assault on her tits. This time I was gently massaging the mass and lifting them slightly. Soft, delicious moans were coming from her mouth. I would give a gentle pinch to her nipples as I moved my hands up my Mt. Everests.

“OH!!!, you just don’t know how good that feels Mr. Peters. ”

I continued my massage therapy, when suddenly a shot of milk came shooting from her breast. The stream was fast, hard and hit the roof.


“Oh my god Mr. Peters. I’m sorry about that.

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   It just feels so good. No, I’m not a milker, I am actually pregnant. I started lactating about three weeks ago. It is very premature for my condition, but they say some woman can milk all the time. ”

My mouth immediately latched onto her nipple and I began sucking heavily. My lips and teeth were molesting her tit. I was biting at her nipple as my hand mauled her meat. Something came over me and I was a starving baby. I couldn’t get the milk to squirt fast enough into my mouth.

“MR. PETERS!!! YOU’RE HURTING ME AGAIN!!!” she yelled with a raised voice. “My tits are very sensitive right now and besides Fred had a good long go with them too. ”

I lifted my head and looked into her eyes, deep, dark and brown. The milk was now splashing my face as I kept squeezing, with a tighter grip. This milk was blasting like a hose, not just dribbling out and down over the tits.

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I let loose of her tits, looked deep into her eyes. I could detect a sense of fear in her eyes. Maybe it was the look in my eyes and on my face. I could only imagine how I looked to her. Like the wolf gorging himself on the fresh kill and snarling at the others to stay away until he had his fill.

My cock was now at full mast and I wasn’t waiting for her okay as I moved over to her side of the car and over her body.

“Cassie, you are going to enjoy this fuck right now. ” as I pushed her legs up towards her ears.

I slid my cock head to the treasured opening. I was going to tear her up, as I didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant. Holding her legs with one hand, I slid the other down to guide my cock to home base. I could feel the juices dripping from that bald pussy. Running all the way down to her asshole. I brushed my head across her lips, rubbing her juice all over the head.


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   Peters, you’re not going to hurt me are you?”

“Just lay there and enjoy this Cassie. I don’t know what you have ever experienced before, but I hope you will always remember this. Because truthfully I don’t want this to end now. ”

A small grin, smile came over her lips as I pushed my head between her lubed lips. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! She was tighter than a six year old. Even with the juices flowing and all over it took about six attempts to get just the head inside her lips.

“Holy shit Cassie, your pussy is very small and tight. ”

“That’s what Fred says. ” as a few moans escaped from her mouth. “He can’t get his monster inside me at all. ,” a couple more moans as I push a little more.

I was pulling and pushing my head into this dream pussy trying to gain ground. I brought my other hand back up, pushed her knees to her ears, and pushed. My cock sunk in a good three inches.

Cassie let loose a scream as I stretched her walls wide.

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   Then she began to moan more as I slid an inch up and down. I could feel her walls constricting tight around my meat. All the juices and it still felt like I was trying to jack off a dry dick with a latex glove. As I pushed harder, I leaned forward and kissed her lips. She seemed shocked, but returned with an open mouth and tongue. I could still taste my cum in her mouth. We did some tongue wrestling as I crept deeper into my prize. Her moans were getting deeper and more lustful as I kept pushing while we kissed. The hum from her moans was getting me even more turned on, if you can imagine that.

I pulled from her lips and positioned myself as best I could to start a full assault on this heavenly pussy. I pressed her legs as far into the seat as I could as I lunged forward driving my cock full-tilt, as deep as it would go. As I hit the cervix, back wall, whatever you wish to call it, Cassie let loose with an orgasm I have never seen with a girl, let alone a woman. I thought she was having a seizure. Her body was convulsing and flopping around. I had all I could do to hold her legs up.

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She was quivering, moaning and squealing as I continued to move slightly in her pussy. Every time I moved just a little up, down or anyway, she was having an orgasm. Her fingernails were digging into my back and shoulders. I could feel her nails tearing into my flesh. Her head was swinging left to right, right to left. After about five minutes, she opened her eyes, filled with moisture and smiled at me.


I began the best I could at sliding my cock up and down in her pussy. To this day, I have never had a pussy that was this tight. As I started getting a rhythm going, she kept cumming and begging to be fucked. I was now on a steady pump, moving about two inches in and out. Suddenly after so many more orgasms, she passed out. I felt her muscles contract on my cock as I sprayed my cum as deep as it was possible into her heavenly pussy.

I let up on her legs as I let my cock dribble out its last remaining drops. Cassie was still out of it. I leaned down and started to milk her tits.


   My mouth was bouncing back and forth, as I massaged the milk with my hands. So warm and plentiful. This was going to be one lucky baby. I was biting on a nipple when I heard a sound.

“Mr. Peters, you can have me anytime you wish. I think it would be even better if I could have you and Fred together. ”

A looked of shock and terror ran over my face. “Cassie there is no way I could ever fuck you in front of Fred. That would be all I need is to have him tells his mother. Do you forget, I am married to her?”

“I just thought you could help him get his monster cock in me. I want it so bad. I love sucking it, but I want it in me. ”

I glanced out the window of the car. Fogged up as they were, I could see the sun coming over the horizon.

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   Panic was starting to come over my body and mind. My wife would be getting up soon, if she weren’t already.

“Holy shit Cassie, you need to go or we’ll both be in a shit load of trouble. ”

I did my best to get to my side and find my shorts and boxers. Cassie just laid there with a pouty look on her face.

“Okay I’ll think about it. ”

She smiled and moved forward to grab her clothes. After getting clothed, I reached in the ashtray and gave her the roaches.

“Here, take these and I will be in touch so we can continue in a better place then my car. ”

She leaned forward and gave me a kiss with her tongue driving wildly into my mouth. She opened the door and winked as she was getting out. I reached and spanked her ass as she left.

I looked at my seat and it was a disaster. The smell in my car was of pure sex. What was I going to do? She wants a threesome with my stepson and how was I going to clean my car of everything?…………………………….

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