My Niece, Amber - Part 1


I was somewhat hesitant when I got the call from my sister in law about taking in my niece for the summer. I mean, my wife Lisa had passedfive years earlier and I had been on my own since. The thought of having my niece crowding me at every turn in my condo wasn't one that I relished. But she was insistent that she needed to get Amber out of their tiny little town for a bit due to some "problems" she was having. Great . . . strong selling points. In the end though, I agreed. Likely due to some of the guilt I felt about ignoring my wife's family since she had passed. So I lined up a summer job for Amber in my office doing odd jobs and prepared for the upcoming loss of freedom associated with having my niece living with me for a couple of months.

The last time that I had actually seen Amber was almost ten years ago and, at the time, she wasn't what most would describe as a cute kid. At eight years old, there was just an odd look about her and I remember almost feeling sorry for her, wondering how she'd manage through high school. Her mother had emailed me a more recent picture but it was from a few years back and pretty grainy. I figured she knew what I looked like and, worse case, she'd find me at the airport if I didn't spot her right away.

The day of her arrival, I stood at the luggage area, watching as the arrivals entered and regretting my decision, wondering if I could somehow just toss her back on a return flight.

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   Deep in thought, I didn't even notice Amber walk up behind me until she gave me a quick poke in the side and said "Hello Uncle Bill". As I turned around, I'm sure she noted my shock. I didn't think about it at the time but looking back now, it was clear that this wasn't the same gangly eight year I had last seen years ago and that Amber had blossomed into a beautiful young women. At 5' 10", she was quite tall and her piercing blue eyes were mesmerizing. Her perfectly tanned frame was accented by her blond hair. In short, she was stunning, every part of her, and I understood why her mother was anxious to get her out of their small town for a bit. She caught me a few times staring during the car ride back to may place and eventually I had to apologize, explaining that I could not get over how much she resembled her Aunt (my Lisa).

It didn't take long for the two of us to fall into a routine and I quickly realized that my concerns about her staying with me were for naught. We'd drive into work together each day and, with me working a little later than her, she'd take the bus back to my place. Often, I'd come home and dinner would be started and a nice drink ready for me as I walked in. All in all, the summer wasn't turning out too bad. She was a good kid.

The problem was, as the summer progressed, so did my thoughts of her. They were innocent enough at first. I'd catch her passing by me and would think again how much she looked like my Lisa.

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   But as we both became more comfortable with each other, things began to change. I'd come back from a stroll on the weekend and find her on the balcony sun tanning, her extremely tiny bikini barely covering, and I would catch myself peering closer, noting the protruding nipples or the slight fold at the front of her bikini bottom. It didn't help matters that she often pranced around the house in the damned thing, oblivious to what her extremely tight teenage ass was doing to me. Being a particularly hot summer, the bikini's clung to every curve of her body. If she was going out, Amber always seemed to pick an outfit that left little to the imagination. Between her short-shorts and her school girl skirts, I was beginning to crumble. There were even a few times that she would turn just a little too quickly and I'd catch a glimpse of what treasures laid beneath.

Most mornings, I'd come down for my coffee and find her in the kitchen in nothing but a long T-Shirt and panties. I knew things were starting to get bad when I began to ask her to grab things from the bottom of the fridge for me, in the hopes for a quick show of that perfect ass or perhaps even a glimpse of what was hiding between those toned thighs. She rarely disappointed. But she was my niece of sorts and, while I was able to justify a few wicked thoughts here and there, I wasn't about to go any further than that. Of course, my dreams were another thing.

They started almost immediately and were more vivid than anything I had ever experienced. I would go to bed wondering what each night would bring but the dreams were always the same, not that I was complaining at all. Lying there, I would hear the door slowly open.

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   Without a word, Amber would approach, kneel down beside my bed, slowly pull my covers off, and then proceed to work her magic. I would feel her hand take hold of my swelling cock and begin to slowly stroke it. It was not long before my underwear were at my ankles and I would feel her soft tongue running along my shaft while her hands expertly massaged my aching balls. Looking down, our eyes would lock for a brief second and, with a slight grin on her face, she would proceed to engulf my cock. The feeling of her lips wrapped around me was exquisite, watching as the tip of my cock slowly disappeared as she took its full length. In my dreams, she was obviously not new at this and the feeling of her mouth tightly wrapped around my dick while jacking me always led to the same outcome. Feeling the surge from deep inside my balls, slowly working its way up my shaft until finally I can't hold it any longer and I explode in her mouth, never letting a drop escape from between her lips. Before I had even come down from my high, she had returned the covers to their original position and was gone.

But something was not right. The dreams were more than just vivid, they felt real and her casual attitude around me when it came to her body gave me doubts. It was too much to imagine but I had to know for sure so I set up my small laptop camera in my room, hit record, and went to bed. In the morning, I once again reveled in my dream of Amber for that night, nearly forgetting about my actions the night before. After a quick check to ensure she was still asleep in her room, I closed my door tight and grabbed the laptop. Fast forwarding through the first thirty minutes or so, I stopped cold when I first saw the image. There was no doubt, there was Amber entering my room and walking to the side of my bed, and I spent the next ten minutes in awe, watching her engulf my cock as she had done in my dreams, night after night.

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   How in the hell I was not waking up, I don't know, but it was right in front of me. My eighteen year old niece was sneaking into my room each night and giving me the blow job of my dreams, literally.

I spent the better part of the day processing what I had witnessed and by dinner, I had formulated my plan . . .
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