My PE Teacher


This happened some time ago when I was about 15. I had just finished a special PE assessment class at the local swimming pool. My class was very small, only 4 guys including me did PE so it was closely knit. It was the end of the day so we were allowed to go straight home after class instead of going back to school for a while. The other guys had showered quickly and left but I'm the type who for some reason takes ages when showering so I was still in there. Since it was the end of the day there were very few staff around so the showers, locker rooms and the pool itself were pretty much empty of people. During class our teacher had been in the water with us demonstrating what we had to do so we could try and replicate it to get full marks. However, throughout the class my attention was fully fixed on our teacher, Lucy in her lucious low cut one piece swimsuit. In a nutshell, she was stunning. She was about 5'3 with short golden blonde hair, perfect 34c breasts, a great slim waist, great shapely legs and of course a delicious round ass. At the end of class she had stayed at the poolside to mark down our scores while us guys went to shower, change and leave. Anyways, I was stood in the shower and I couldn't get her off my mind so I figured since no one was around I could just relieve this raging hard on of mine. I took my stiff dick and balls out of my shorts, put my left hand on the tiled wall to steady myself and began to jack off thinking about Lucy. I guess I was there for about five minutes when I heard. . .

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  "need some help there?". . . before I could react I felt the soft curves of a wet female body against my back. A pair of arms reached round me, one grasped me round the middle pulling the woman closer to me and the other brushed aside my right hand and began to take over jacking off my dick. I looked over my shoulder to see Lucy pressing her beautiful naked body against my back. It was both a shock and a dream come true. "what's this all of sudden" I asked with both disbelief and delight. "who cares what's happening as long as we both enjoy it right?" she said. I gasped as she sped up her hand making me feel even better. "i guess we should make this fair then" i said. In an instant I spun her round from behind me to in front of me up against the wall. "I like how you think" she said. Lucy spread her legs as we kissed and my hands went from caressing her perfect breasts to her lovely ass to her delicious wet pussy. Again she quickened her pace on my cock as I tenderly rubbed her outer lips and labia.

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   She let out cute little moans as I began to stroke her clitoris. I then moved my hand up and down her slit stroking and rubbing her clitoris and her sensitive pee hole all to her pleasure. She then gasped and wriggled with delight as I inserted a single finger into her tight wet vagina. I then began to thrust that finger slowly in and out each time just skimming her G-spot and all the while Lucy called out in pleasure. "oh please! Make me cum!" she yelled as she pumped her hand up and down over the ridge of the swolen glans of my dick. I too writhed in pleasure. All of a sudden she let out a great yelp and me a huge groan as bursts of my White cum spattered her tummy and her sweet clear juices covered my hand. We both came together.

To be continued.
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