My Perfect Day


Topic: My Perfect DayI was left home alone and with nothing to do, so I went and dug out the slttiest lingerie I could find (A Black colored one with translucent materials so that you could see my nipples and my pussy). I Then walked downstairs and went to the dogs cage, We have a huge dog named Simon a rottweiler who was taken to the vet today. I slid into his cage and took out a bottle of white lotion. I began to rub my clit, really enjoying myself and I saw that his colar was on the floor of the cage so I put it on. It got me so turned on, then I had an idea. I took the bottle of lotion and stuck the dispensing side in my ass I squeesed out the white liquid which quickly filled my ass. I too my finger and slid it in and out of it with ease, that wasn't enough to please me so put my panties back on and walked out of the cage. I went to the tool shead and grabbed myself a screw driver and an old coke bottle and a neatly cut piece of PVC piping. I went to the back lawn and lay down on a spot where the neighbors fence was angled dangerously low that any passers-by could see me. I took of my panty which was now dripping from the lotion that poured from my ass. I took the bottle and peed in it, I then topped it off with the white lotion. I squeezed lotion into my ass again and instead of putting my finger I put in the screw driver. i was in heaven the screw driver pushed its way in into my Virgin ass. i twisted it and  push it in and out of my ass, hearing the dirty splooshing sound comming from the lotion in my butt. It wasn't enough. I plled the driver out and saw it covered in lotion I then stucked it up my pussy and stuck it there.

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   Next I took the pvc pipe and I stuffed it down my ass again making me yelp in pain as it tore through my butt hole. I couldn't get it in so I sat down on it. I felt the most amazing sensation in my life it's the most amazing I ever felt but I just couldn't bring myself to stop. I finally took the cock bottle and rolled to my back. I poured the pee and lotion (which I pretended was cum) onto the PVC and into my ass it was the most amazing feeling ever. at that moment I came on my screw driver.
     I sat there panting with the dripping pipe still in my ass. I was gropping my tits with joy, but it was getting late I had to clean up. I pulled the pvc out of my butt and shaked with joy as the pee and lotion plowed out. I cleaned it with the hose and whore my panties on. i then decided to do something daring so I waled up to the front door opened it and pulled down my bra and stood there for a minuite. I was so scared and so horny that I din't even see if anyone saw. I then rushed upstairs to change. I took of my bra and washed my panties, I let it on the fan to dry and i lied down on my bed naked and started typing my perfect day so I could share my joy to you.  
       Thank you for reading my story.

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   I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to have a chat with anybody out there so leave you're msn or yahoo and I'll add you up hehe.
P. S. I'm definitely gonna do this again tom. Don't worry I'll tell you what happens lol
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