My Week With Her Sister


My Week With Her Sister By Suhail Beg
It all started when my girlfriend went away for a week. Shumaila, my girlfriend, went away to visit her parents. Her older sister, Anjum, whom she lived with, had stayed behind because she couldn't get the time off from her job. Although I was over at their apartment practically every day, I hadn't planned on going over there while my girlfriend was away. All of that changed that Sunday when Anjum called me. I was surprised when I picked up the phone and heard Anjum's voice on the other end. She said that she needed help moving some furniture in their apartment, and since she didn't have a boyfriend, I was the first person she thought of calling. I told her that I would be over in a bit to help her out. I took a quick shower and threw on some clothes. I wore a red t-shirt and denim shorts. I stepped outside and squinted my eyes at the glare of the sun. As I walked the few blocks to their apartment, sweat started forming on my forehead. I thought to myself about how hot the day was. I had no clue how hot it was going to get. I arrived at their building and used my keys to let myself into their apartment. "Anjum, I'm here," I called out.

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   I heard footsteps approaching from the hallway that led to the bedrooms. Since I spent so much time over there, the three of us had gotten quite comfortable being around each other. That is why it didn't really shock me when she walked out in a silk nightgown. Anjum was a voluptuous size 18, with big 44DD breasts and nice full hips. She was about 5'2" and had medium-length dark-brown hair. The pink nightgown complimented her cocoa skin and ended midway between her round ass and knees. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she walked over and hugged me. We had been friends for a long time. As a matter of fact, she was the reason I met Tiffany to begin with. I was happy to hug her back and make a quick joke about her height. She lightly hit me on my stomach as she giggled. "So what do you need help with?" I asked her. She gestured for me to follow her to the back of her apartment. She led me into her bedroom. "Jared, I need some help moving the dresser over there and the bed across the room," she said, pointing to where she wanted each piece of furniture.

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   "Alright, let's get to work," I said, walking all the way into the room. The temperature in the room was very warm even though she had a ceiling fan on and the window wide open. I took off my t-shirt and tossed it onto the bed as I braced myself against the dresser. I noticed Anjum looking at me briefly, but I didn't think anything of it. We proceeded to slide the dresser across the floor to where she wanted it. I started sweating more as we slowly made our way with the heavy piece of furniture. When the dresser was in a satisfactory spot, we stopped for a second as I went to get a paper towel and wiped myself down. My muscles were glistening, and I saw Anjum trying not to stare at me. I winked at her and smiled. "Okay, let's move on to the bed. " We bent over and started sliding the bed across the room. As Anjum was hunched over, I couldn't help but notice her big breasts. Her nightgown was very loose and provided me a glimpse of her brown nipples. I looked away before she noticed me staring at her. When the work was done, we went into the living room and she got us cold drinks.

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   We started talking for a bit, our conversation really about nothing. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back, I noticed a sad look on Anjum's face. I sat down next to her on the couch and placed my arm around her shoulder. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing. I don't really feel like talking about it. ""Come on, you know you can talk to me," I responded. "Well, it's just that it's kinda sad that I had to ask you to come over here to help me as opposed to having a man of my own. I am beginning to think I will be single for the rest of my life. I can just see it now, being seventy and having no one to talk to but a dozen cats. ""Anjum, look at me," I said to her. "She turned her head and gazed into my eyes. "You are a beautiful, intelligent woman, and I know that somewhere out there is a guy who will appreciate you for who you are. " She smiled weakly at me as we continued to look into one another's eyes. I felt a knot beginning to form in the pit of my stomach.

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   Before I knew what was happening, our faces were moving towards each other. I closed my eyes as I felt her lips pressing against mine. She placed her hand on my chest as our lips parted. We slowly moved our lips together, sharing each other's breath. I reached up and started stroking her soft hair slowly. Her hand moved up and down my chest, rubbing against my muscles. After a few more moments, we broke the kiss, our chests heaving. I looked into her eyes and saw the unspoken passion that consumed us both. We shared a look that said we both knew what was going to come next. Anjum stood up and, taking me by the hand, led me back into her bedroom. She walked me over to the bed and sat down on it with me standing in front of her. She reached up and unzipped my pants. She looked me in the eyes as she slid my pants down, revealing the tent that had formed in my boxer shorts. She smiled as she pulled them down, my hard cock bouncing when it emerged from my underwear. "Wow," she said as she gripped my thick cock.

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   It was 8 inches long and her fingers were barely able to encircle it. I watched as her head moved in closer to my rod, her lips parted. I let out a sigh as I felt Anjum's lips moving over my cock, her saliva helping me slide into her warm mouth. I felt her tongue moving, rubbing around my shaft. Her hand squeezed me as she began pumping, her tongue flicking across my head. I reached down and started stroking her hair. Her mouth gripped my cock as she sucked on me, her head bobbing. Anjum's other hand started massaging my balls, making me moan. "Oh shit," I let out as Anjum's hand released its hold on me. Her lips moved down farther on my rod, and I felt my head touching the back oh her throat. Anjum hesitated a moment before willing her throat to relax. It felt so good to feel my cock move into her throat. She ran her nails up my inner thigh, causing me to shiver. My balls started tightening, and my moans got louder. Anjum's throat released its grip on my cock and she slid her head back, placing her hand on my rod.

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   Her hand started pumping me faster and faster, my dick sliding in and out of her moist mouth with ease. I let out a long grunt as my hot seed was released, shooting into her mouth. She kept on sucking, swallowing the semen that was streaming out of me. My chest was heaving. "Damn, that was good," I said as she took her finger and wiped off the bit of cum that dribbled out onto the corner of her mouth. I bent over and pulled off my sneakers and socks. Next, I kicked out of my pants and boxers, leaving them in a pile on the floor. I gently pushed Anjum back on the bed and lay on top of her. We began kissing again as my hands started exploring her body. They ran up her thick thighs and held onto her hips.
    I moved my hand in between us and heard her gasp as I cupped her warm mound. I felt the moistness of her pussy as I took my fingers and started playing with her clit. Anjum ran her hands up and down my body, tracing along my back. Her pussy convulsed as she climaxed, releasing a stream of cum dripping down onto the sheets. I slid my hand up, letting it rub up her stomach.

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       My fingers gingerly traced along the round contours of her body. I slid the nightgown up, revealing more and more of her flesh. Her nipples emerged from under the cloth, erect and pointing at me. I began rolling them in my fingers, tweaking and pulling on them. I then leaned down and placed a wet kiss in between her breasts. She held the back of my head as I moved over and pulled one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it and moved my tongue over her areolae in a circle. Her chests was heaving under me while I played with her nipple, sucking it and flicking it with my tongue. After a few moments of this, I started moving my head down, kissing along her chest and stomach. I stopped at her navel, placing a kiss on it and then putting my tongue on it, tickling and making her giggle. I continued down, kissing her hips. Her soft moans continued. I could smell the scent of her arousal, the musk filling my lungs with longing. I leaned over her and pulled her up into a sitting position. I grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and lifted it over her head.

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       Her breasts bounced from being released. The nightgown got tossed onto the floor as I leaned back over her. My cock was resting in between her thighs, right at the entrance to her wet hole. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing the head on her clit. I could feel her hard nub as it was being stimulated by me. My cock head became covered in her slick juices as it moved up and down and in small circles inside her outer walls. I felt her shudder under me as an orgasm filled her body, making her thighs twitch. My hand moved the head of my cock to her waiting hole. Anjum breathed in deeply as I slid my thick rod into her pussy. Her walls stretched as she took in my entire length. She pulled me down on top of her as my cock reached the back of her cunt. I started pumping my thighs, pulling my cock out to the head and then slowly pushing it back in. We lay there grinding slowly, letting the passion flow between us. Her legs wrapped around me, Anjum's feet placed on my ass. She dug her nails into my back as she breathed heavily into my ear.

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       I grabbed her tits, holding them as they bounced from the motion. I heard the springs on the bed squeaking as we started going faster, the intensity increasing. Her pussy gripped my cock as it slid in and out, covered in her juices. I looked into her eyes and began moaning her name. Our bodies writhed; sweat dripping down and soaking the sheets. Tingles seemed to flow from her body into mine as we continued. Our momentum grew into a controlled frenzy. We moved our hands all over one another's bodies, grabbing and rubbing wherever our hands led us. I felt Anjum's pussy tighten, gripping my cock harder. I pushed up, resting on my hands. We looked into each other's eyes, as my cock got slightly bigger, ready for the next moment. We gasped at the same time as our faces tightened and twisted, orgasms flowing between us. I shot my hot stream of cum deep into her cunt, mixing it with the juices that were dripping down out of her pussy. When the spasms ceased, I collapsed onto the bed next to her, breathing heavily. For a few moments, we just both stared at the ceiling, watching the fan turn lazy circles.

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       "Wow," I managed to get out once my breath had slowed. "Yeah," was all Anjum could say in reply. She then rolled over and laid her head on my chest, her arm and leg draped over me. I closed my eyes, feeling her warm breath on my chest. We fell asleep on Anjum's bed, pleasantly winded from our late afternoon activities. . has the endless list of hotties and escort services in Brussels!

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