My wife's friend visits me in my sleep


“Honey, I’m home!” I laugh as I enter the house. After no reply to my joke, I sigh, take off my jacket and put my briefcase on the floor. I walk into the kitchen and see a note on the fridge door. I pull it off and look at it while pouring some pineapple juice.
Gone for food, be back at around 6oclockSally 
I look at my watch, and see that it’s 4oclock. Typical, the day I get back from a week of working my ass off in Greece and my family isn’t there to welcome me. I’ve been working for a friend of my wife who already owns holiday homes in Majorca, Tenerife, and Sicily, and now wants me to build one in Crete. Rich Bitch! I think to myself, the only reason she has so much money is because she’s a fucking gold digger.
While I sit in the living room watching the footy and stuffing my face with some vanilla dessert Sally had left for me I start to relax and my eyes begin to droop. My thoughts go back to my boss, Rebecca, and I imagine that bitch sat in a room rolling around in her husband’s gold. Suddenly repomen come out of nowhere and start taking away all of her money. Her strong face suddenly softens and she starts to cry as all her money is taken away from her; a smile passes over my sleepy face. That gold-digging hoe is finally getting what she deserved I think, as I dream about the form of her led on the floor crying. Her back shudders as she is taken by the sobs, her shoulders move up and down in a flowing sweeping movement. Just at that moment the form of her stops moving, and the sound of her crying disappears. The sudden silence scares me and I stop smiling, what’s she doing now? Just as the thought hits me, she looks up right into the face and I see her tear stained eyes burning into me.

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   I’m extremely shocked and slightly scared as she looks at me. Her face has hardened again, her eyes pierce my body, and I can feel myself start to shrink underneath her gaze. I can’t help but admire her strong persona but I feel small. Her eyes look me up and down and I feel an uncomfortable feeling build in my stomach, but strangely the feeling starts to go down to my balls and I feel my dick start to harden.
The environment changes, and I look around with confusion. I’m in a bathroom and I can hear water running and a voice singing. As I try to figure out which bathroom I’m in, or why I’m here, something hits me (not literally of course). It isn’t singing that I can hear, but moaning. I snap my head around to see a sight that will stick in my head forever. Led on the bathroom floor, in writhes of passion, is the stunning figure of Rebecca. She is completely naked and lost in the throes of self-sex. I feel my dick start to harden a second time in my pants, while I take in her body. Her slender legs are spread out wide while her hands run over her bronzed naked body. Her gorgeous pert breasts are a perfectly formed C cup and her nipples are standing out hard from the touch of the cold and the feel of her fingers pulling on them. Her fingers run over her flat stomach to her naked hairless pussy.

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   She slowly spreads her pussy wide by her fingers using her middle finger to slowly run up and down her wet slit. As her finger runs over her clitoris her body shakes slightly. She grabs her nipples hard beneath her fingers and moans out loud. She slowly begins to rub her clitoris with her middle finger while pulling hard on her nipple, deep in the spasms of passion. Her soaking wet pussy shines as if enticing my dick and teasing me, making me harder than ever, forcing me to release my cock. I slowly unzip my pants and pull out my solid cock. I look up and see her now fingering her pussy hard with three fingers. Sliding them inside her slick wet pussy while her other hand runs down her stomach and starts to join her other. She starts rubbing her clitoris and begins moaning out loud. I furiously begin stroking my hard cock, and a moan escapes me. She looks up at me. Shocked I try to force my cock back inside. I can’t. I look up at her face, worried about what she will do. Confused, I see that she is staring directly at my cock, biting her lip.

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   I stop trying to push it into my boxers and stare at her, curiously. She looks up at me, with a look that would make a gay man turn straight. Her bright blue eyes staring into me, and the sexiest grin on her face.
“Make me cum and you can fuck me like a real gold digger” she whispers, lying back down on the floor tiles. I feel like I am about to cum there and then and quickly strip off. I slide up next to her and kiss her hard, stroking her tongue with mine, biting on her succulent lips, tasting her. I shudder as I feel her body underneath mine.
    I roll on top of her and look into her luscious eyes with passionate titillation.
    “Do you want me to fuck you, bitch?” I say to her running the head of my dick up and down her soaking wet slit.
    “Yes, the old man doesn’t give me what I want anymore, I need a tomboy” she replies, her eyes staring at my naked body while her fingernails scrape down my back grabbing my ass.
    “What is that exactly?” I tease, grabbing her hands and pushing them onto the floor
    “You’re cock, I’ve fantasized it about the day I met you” I can’t take it anymore and force my whole cock into her. Her pussy is dripping wet and swallows me into her straight away, filling her with my whole length. I feel her pussy around my cock and moan into her neck, biting her hard while I start to fuck her on the bathroom floor. Her hands grab my ass pulling me even deeper inside her with every thrust. I feel the head of my dick smack against her g-spot and she lets out a loud moan
                “Yes, there! Right there, oh fuck me.

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       Fuck me harder with you’re married cock. Mmm fuck, you feel so good inside me, yes, fuck it again,” she moans louder and louder as I feel my hard dick hit her g-spot more and more often. Every time I fuck her sweet dripping pussy I feel it spasm around my dick. I can feel her pussy tighten while my dick gets deeper inside her. Faster and faster I fuck her, hitting her g-spot every time I enter her.
                “Fuck I’m going to cum baby, keep going don’t stop, don’t ever stop” she screams and moans. She pulls me onto her. I fuck her faster. I fuck her harder and deeper with every thrust, my cock filling up every inch inside her pussy. She moans and screams my name. Fucking her I feel her pussy tighten and grip my dick hard.
                “Oh my god I’m Cumming,” she manages before the pleasure takes control of her body. Swept up under the tide of the fuck, I feel her pussy grip my dick hard, sucking it into her, keeping it in place. As her head is thrown back, she lets out a moan, and her pussy vibrates against my hard sensitive head causing my balls to tighten. Suddenly my dick is gripped so hard, it is forced from her pussy and a jet of sweet cum squirts from her pussy all over my naked body.

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    I wake with a start. There is water everywhere; I look up into the face of my wife grinning down at my hard cock with an empty glass in her hand.
    “Nice dream?” she asks hungrily
    “You have no idea” I reply
    . . to be continued, (maybe)
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