Peeping Tom


I'd always gotten along well with my next door neighbors. They weren't really exciting people, but I liked them. There didn't really seem to be anything really exciting or unusual about them, but they were always friendly and outgoing.

The fact they had a sexy young teenaged daughter was icing on the cake, and admittedly, I sometimes felt a little twinge of about the fact that I would watch her in their backyard and jack off to her from my upstairs office window.

I later found out that her bedroom faced the same direction, and many times, I could see her undress from my same office window!It came about that I bought and installed a security camera system and while installing the cameras, I noted, much to my delight that the one pointing to my backyard just happened to catch a view of Kendra's bedroom. It was summer, and she'd started leaving the window cracked a bit, the blinds opened just enough, and I thought to myself this would be a great way to build a nice video collection! I didn't know at the time just how well that would work out! 

I started to make a ritual out of it as I learned her schedule. I knew when the best times to watch her undress, and would let the system record the video while I'd watch from my window and jack off. One day, I got even more than I'd expected! Kendra's mother had gone away for the weekend, apparently on the first of a series of business trips. On that very day, right at about mid-day, while the tape rolled, Kendra lay on her bed, typing on her laptop when her father entered her room. I can only guess what was being said- but pictures speak a thousand words, and he motioned her to stand up, started to rub her tiny budding tits, then undressed her. In full view of the window covered with half opened blinds, she sat on her bed as he took his cock out of his pants, and she started to suck it! My God!! How could I have missed this before? I knew his little girl was sexy as Hell, but I never suspected he was screwing her!! As I watched in amazement, he held her head and fucked her mouth, then lay her back on her bed and climbed on top of her! She spread her legs for him and almost immediately he started to fuck her nice and hard! He pumped her pussy for about 15 minutes, then I saw him pull out of her, get on his knees, and cum all over her soft belly!  God, how hot!! I immediately found that video on the DVR and marked it for my private collection, and started to formulate a plan.  

The next day, 2 different times, the same thing happened, but this time, he came in Kendra's mouth- the second time, he fucked her doggy style, and as he finished with her each time, he pulled his pants back up and left her room. After 2 or 3 more videos of my neighbor and his sexy little daughter, I burned a DVD, including those clips, and leading off with a vid from my "special" collection that featured a very young blonde girl letting her daddy fuck her. Knowing my neighbor's wife was not due back for another 2 days, and the rest of my day was free, I went straight next door with the DVD and a video camera in hand.

  I rang the bell and my neighbor answered with a smile the way he always does. (No wonder why, I thought.

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  ) He invited me in and offered me a drink, which I accepted.

When the business came around of the purpose of my visit, I held up the DVD and said, I ran across this, and I thought you might be interested in it!" 

He smiled and said, "Really? What is it? I have some time- why don't we take a look?" As the disc played on his big screen plasma tv, I saw a look of shock cross his face, at the same time I couldn't help but notice a bulge starting in his jeans.  "What is this?" He asked, trying to feign disgust, as the little blonde girl's daddy pumped her soft little pussy.  "Wait- this isn't even the best part!" I smiled, jumping to the next clip, showing his cock sliding in and out of his daughter's mouth. "Oh, boy. . . . " he stammered. "How did you get this? I could have sworn her blinds were closed. . . " he trailed off, defeated.  "Well- not to worry. " I replied.

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   "It looks like this could have been a bad thing, except that we appear to have common interests. I guess it's safe to say now that I've been fantasizing about doing the same things to your little girl that apparently you've already been doing. I was thinking that we could maybe set up a mutually beneficial agreement!"

Smiling, I waited for his reply as the clip changed to him fucking Kendra from behind.  As the screen showed him pulling out and cumming all over her tight little ass, he said,"It looks like you're holding the cards. . . what do you have in mind?" "Well- simply put, I want to fuck your little girl. . . and I'd like to record everything I do to her. " I held up the camera. "And, if you're into it, you can even watch. In fact, I'd prefer it if you did! Jack off, even, if you're enjoying yourself! That could make the whole thing even more fun!" He paused then replied. "Hmmmmm. And your videos.

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  . . will you give me copies of all of them to keep for myself?" "Absolutely. " He sighed- "Ok. You have a deal. " "Great! How about by starting now?" I asked. "I'm still horny from watching you before. "We walked into Kendra's room, and she sat up, smiling. "Hi Mr. Johnson!" she said.

"Hello, Kendra!" I replied. "I was just talking to your dad, and we thought that you might like to join us!" I smiled, and looked at my neighbor. "Kendra- Mr. Johnson was saying he'd like to join our 'special game time. '" The look on her face changed as she looked from him to me.

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   "Really?" She asked. "How did you find out about that, Mr. Johnson? You're not going to tell, are you?" "I won't tell if you won't, cutie. " I winked at her as I set up the video camera for a good view of the action about to take place. "And, we're just about to have even MORE fun than you've been having with your daddy!" I smiled a wicked smile at her and walked to her, where I started to feel her up. Her breathing quickened as her father watched, a bulge starting in his jeans. I leaned down and kissed Kendra as I started to take off the frail tank top she was wearing. Her training bra was right behind. She looked nervously at her father, who had already taken his cock out of his jeans and started to stroke it slowly.  "See, Kendra? Your daddy is enjoying our new game time already!" I lay her back on the bed and took her shorts and panties off, then sat her back up on the edge of her bed. I unbuttoned my pants, letting them fall, allowing my hard cock to spring out and brush against her chin and cheek.  "I know you know what to do, Kendra. I've seen that you're really good at sucking cocks- now, I want to find out!" As she took my shaft in her mouth, my neighbor started to stroke his own hardon. His pants were now off, and he was coming closer, getting a better view of my cock in his little girl's mouth.  "MMMMMM!! God, I see why you keep coming back!! I think you should have some of her sweet mouth too!" I said as Kendra continued to blow me.

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   I don't know why, but I reached out and grabbed his cock, stroking it for him as he walked closer, and when he had it near her face, I told her to suck him. As she took her daddy in her mouth for the second time that day, I kept stroking him for a moment, then got behind Kendra on her bed. I ground my cock into her back as I reached between her legs to finger her pussy, just inches from where her daddy's cock slid in and out of her delicious lips.  I was especially horny- that goes without saying. Again, I'm not sure why, but following an urge, as I fingered Kendra's pussy, rubbing her little clit, I moved her aside and took her place sucking her fathers cock. I had only done that once before, as an experiment, but I was really enjoying it now! He hardened even further in my mouth as I sucked him, and I paused to say "don't cum yet- I'm going to suck your cum out of your little girl's pussy! I want you to fuck her now!" I got from behind Kendra; pulled her to the edge of the bed, which was just high enough for him to slide into her!

As he started to pump her pussy, I got the camera and took some close up video, then perched it nearby. I licked Kendra's clit as her daddy fucked her, licking his shaft as he pumped in and out of her. When I knew he was about to cum, I told him "That's the way! Fill your little girl up with your load! Cum in her sweet little pussy!" And that was all it took! His cock throbbed as he pumped her full of his seed, and as he pulled out, I took his cock in my mouth one more time to milk the last drops! When his cock was clean, I went down on Kendra, sucking her daddy's cum out of her pussy as the creampie he'd given her leaked out.

That being done, I climbed on top of her to take my turn screwing her. I slid into her well relaxed pussy and as I slid in and out of her, I whispered to her, while her daddy watched, now spent and sitting nearby.  "You're a good little slut for your daddy, aren't you?  I see why he loves to fuck you so much, honey. . . Mmmmm. .

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  . god you've got such a sweet little pussy. . . " She didn't say much. . and as I knew I was about to cum, I pulled out of her and sat her up. "You know what to do, baby. . . " I said as I slid my cock in her mouth. Obediently, she sucked me off, and swallowed every bit of cum I pumped into her mouth.

We all got dressed after our first encounter. I gathered up my things, and as we had more 'special fun times' together, I would make DVD's to bring to my neighbor- and still continued to record from my security system! 

The fun had only started though! As I would discover, there was a LOT more fun to be had with Kendra and her daddy!

. .

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  . to be continued. . . .  

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