Rex, John, and I....


My name is Alana Whitman.   Let me tell you a  little about myself. I'm currently 32 yrs old. This story happened 2 yrs earlier and it changed my life.  
Now I began to mature into a young woman at a young age and by the time I was 14; I'd learned about masterbationa and had watched my brothers masterbate.   I loved watching their cum spurt all over their muscular bodies from their large 8. 5 inch cocks.   Esspecially my oldest brother Brett. I'd learned that when I was in my most fertile time of the month that I could have multiple orgasms by using a dildo that a friend of mine had stolen from her older sister.  
One night shortly after my 14th birthday; and at my most fertile time of the month I was in my room fucking myself silly with my new toy. My room was at the end of the house on the upstairs away from everyone elses room but my oldest brother's room. Brett had gone to his senior prom and had returned home at around 1 am. I'd already brought myself to an incredible orgasm and was soon to have another one. I heard my oldest brother stumble up the stairs; knowing he'd probably been drinking.  
The next thing I know I was having an orgasm as Brett had stumbled into my room. I knew he'd seen my body and seen me have my orgasm.

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   He stood there grabbing at the erection forming a tent in his trousers.
He said, "Damn Alana you're so damned HOT. "
"Jill, His girlfriend, Wouldn't let me fuck her tonight. "
"I'm so horny and need to fuck someone. "
I was so turned on by hearing this that I never thought about the fact that I was at my most fertile time of the month and wasn't on the pill. Brett quickly stripped out of his clothes so that he was as naked as I was and climbed onto my bed. We kissed and he didn't waste time climbing between my legs. He thrust his rock  hard cock into me and began to fuck me with a vengeance. I was in perpetual orgasm. Begging Brett to fuck me harder and harder. After about 10 minutes of Brett fucking me hard He thrust one last time and came hard.
As I felt the first spurt of his molten sperm slam the back of my uterus I also had a mind blowing orgasm. My pussy milking his cock for all it's sperm. Reacting to my body's urge to reproduce. Brett and I fucked eachother that night until he came in me the last time at 5am shortly before my mom would come up and wake us  up for school.

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Needless to say that night of brotherly/sisterly lust I conceived  my son John.   I told my parents that my boyfriend had gotten me pregnant. Which was possible because He'd fucked me silly a week after my brother had. I knew though that this baby was Brett's. We never told anyone about what had happened and he's been the best uncle a kid could have.
My boyfriend and I were to be married when I was 18 but he was killed tragically in a car accident. I raised John with help of my brother and parents. Years passed and I never got married again. I'd dated many men; but, never found anyone who was right for me. When I turned 29 I started thinking about having another child. I was thinking about that nighe many years ago when Brett had fucked me. He never married. He'd had several girlfriends and had been engaged a few times; but , the weddings were always broken off at the last minute.
I'd been on the pill to avoid pregnancy and wondered if I could seduce my brother Brett again.   I'd found a natural fertility supplement.

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   I knew that I probably didn't need one because was still having regular periods and still would get extremely horny.   THe fertility supplements made me even hornier and I needed more relief without being fucked by my brother or another man until I was actually ready.
One night while my son was sleeping in his room and I was in my room using my toy Rex our rotweiller came into the room to see what was going on. He began sniffing my pussy and began to lick me. That was   driving me wild. I'd heard of women being fucked by dogs and knew I couldn't get pregnant by him. I got into the position that a bitch would get into and looked over my shoulder at him. I could see his cock out of its sheath. That was making me leak. He suddenly mounted me and found my pussy on the first try. He began to fuck me hard and by the time he came in me I was in total extacy.  
Well I knew that I'd found myself a fuck buddy and for the next few months I let Rex fuck me often.   Shortly after my 30th birthday I'd decided I was ready to seduce my brother. I Knew I'd have to get him to my home. Which wouldn't be difficult; I'd invite him for our son's, his nephew's, 16th birthday.

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    I Knew I'd be at my most fertile and once I'd plied him with alcohol and he'd see me using my dildo He's want to fuck me himself.
The night before my son's birthday party I was horny and played with Rex.   I didn't know it but John my son Had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had watched as Rex fucked me hard. He heard me saying how I wished that Rex were Brett.
      This must have surprised him. The morning of his birthday he came into my room and told me what he'd seen and heard. I had to confess to John that Brett wasn't only his uncle but also his father. He seemed happy with the news. I also told him that I wanted another child and asked him how he'd like a brother or sister. He seemed happy with this. He left the room and said he wanted pancakes for breakfast. That was his favorite. Just like his father.
    The day progressed and I prepped for the party. At the last minute; I got a phone call that Brett wouldn't be able to make it to the party.

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       He was upset but was in the ER because of appendicitis. He didn't want me to call off the party. He told me he'd come spend time with John sometime soon when he was out of the hospital. Needless to say I was disappointed; but, figured that Rex and I could have fun a little longer.   Once the last guest had left our home at around 9pm I told John that I was tired and was going to go to bed early. He said that he would too and thanked me for the party; kissed me and went to take a shower. His kiss made me start to get aroused. I went to take a shower and went to my room leaving my door opened knowing that Rex would come in like he had before.  
    I was using my dildo and had a major orgasm when like I had figured Rex came in and began licking my pussy. I was in a state of perpetual arousal.   I was begging Rex to fuck me. When I felt his erect cock start to enter me. It was electric. Different from what it felt like. I couldn't believe how aroused  I was now.

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       If I didn't know any better I'd think that Brett was fucking me. I had two orgasms and was about to have a third. I turned to look at Rex fucking me and tell him he was a good boy; To my surprise it wasn't Rex but my son John. I Knew I should tell him to stop and that he was about to cum in my highly fertile  uterus but was so far gone that seeing it was my son about to commit to give me his virile seed sent me over the edge. Him feeling my pussy  spasm sent him over the edge. I felt his incestuous sperm hit the back of my uteran wall. I knew that his sperm was going to impregnate me. Once done John rolled me onto my back and continued to fuck me senseless. He and I fucked for about an hour he came in me about 4 times and then we fell asleep. Needless to say that night I became pregnant by my son.   Nine months later I gave birth to twin boys.  
    I hope you enjoyed this and Hope to write more about what has happened since.