Seduced girlfriend and her mother, part 1


Leah was a beautiful, and adventurous, 18yr old girl with long brown hair, thick luscious lips and large Dcup breasts that were always on men’s minds because she usually wore tank-tops without a bra. She lived with her very religious, conservative parents -her father was too busy as a pastor and at war with the heathen world to recognize the earthly needs of his absolutely gorgeous wife Becce. As a pastor's wife, Becce was a devout christian and long ago battled temptations of the flesh, but this is a story of how my big cock awoke her deep sexual hunger.

Leah had invited me to stay in her parents guest cabana room overlooking the backyard pool. She picked me up at the airport the night before. We had hooked up a year ago, and we were excited to see each other again. By the time she arrived at the airport, I was already waiting at the curb. Her eyes were sparkling and her smile was inviting as she pulled up beside me and leaned over to welcome me to Arizona. I froze as her voluptuous breasts nearly fell out of her skimpy tank-top and provided me a prolonged view of her ample bosom. I leapt into the car and she leaned into me and gave me a long sensual kiss. Her full, soft lips felt perfect and my pants began to bulge. Her parents were already asleep by the time we arrived, so she gave me a quiet tour and we caught up till for a few hours. Leah was 5foot 7inches tall and was giddy to have me around because I was 6foot 4inches and weighed 225ibs with hardly any body fat. Her hands were constantly exploring my ripped abs, thick chest and muscled arms. However, Leah was unaccustomed to staying up this late and went to bed with only another heartfelt kiss and a promise of naughty pleasures tomorrow.

I awoke with the sunrise, a few hours later, and was excited to go for a swim.

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   Since I didn’t pack any swim trunks, I just wore some gym shorts. After a few minutes in the pool, I was surprised to see Leah’s mom, Becce, wrapped in a towel standing beside the pool. Becce introduced herself with all of the politeness you’d expect from a pastor’s wife, but she was aware of a strange feeling erupting inside her as she realized that this young 22yr old man standing in waist deep water was her secret tall, dark and handsome fantasy, with wide solid shoulders, chiseled chest, hard abs, and handsome face. Without thinking, Becce continued with her morning ritual and unwrapped her towel to go for a swim. I knew Becce was about 41 years old and was shocked when her red bikini revealed an athletic body, with toned legs, tight abs, sexy ass, and breasts gently slopping down with the unmistakable carnal allure of a mother-I'd-like-to-fuck. Despite my past luck with many beautiful women, I immediately knew that I wanted this woman more than any other - including her sexy daughter.

I leapt out of the pool in front of her to get a closer look and with a pretense of offering an innocent hug. She stood mesmerized as my rapid ascent out of the pool had left my gym shorts skin tight against my large, hanging cock. I paused as she seemed dazed by the 6 inches of my limp dick. As I moved to within a few feet of her, I felt her lifelong prudish manner fade, as she remained fixated between my legs. I wrapped my muscled arms over her shoulders and pressed her against me and my cock began to stiffen. I smelled the flowery scent of her auburn hair as her cheek nuzzled into my chest hair and my hands slide down her back and stopping as her low-back gave way to her incredible ass. Her fingers also moved down…hesitantly… from my shoulder, to my chest, grazing my nipple and down to my stomach. We parted and she looked longingly into my eyes, and stammered a few questions about my trip as she quickly collapsed into a nearby lounge chair. Although now she was eye level with the growing 8inch shaft that began to press against my skin tight shorts.

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   And though I moved from side-to-side, her eyes did not break their gaze on my cock. I worked hard not to let my cock grow to its full 12 inches. Her nipples were now rock hard and she began to feel flush with the strange feeling of her pussy growing wet. I complimented her on her beauty and asked about her workouts for her to be in such good shape. She said that she exercised a lot, did yoga and aerobics. I pretended that her husband must be quite a stud to have such a lovely lady for a wife. She mumbled that they had married very young, that he was… much smaller… and that she had never “known” any other man. We both managed to get into the pool and had an engaging and flirtatious conversation for hours. Once back inside, Becce headed straight for her shower and began to touch herself while dreaming about her daughter’s young stud.

That afternoon was different for Leah’s family, because when her father return home from church, and asked for his wife to join him on the couch for their customary “processing” of his activities and thoughts, yet despite a lifetime of being consumed by supporting her husband, Becce dismissed his request so that she could remain in the kitchen with her daughter’s new suitor. Becce and I would often bump into one another, and on one occasion, I placed my hand on her shoulder as I leaned up and into her to reach a salad bowl high above her head. As soon as her ass felt the solid girth of my cock rest against it, Becce instantly pushed back into me. Her daughter, Leah, was nearby chopping vegetables and did not notice that I moved my opposite hand down and grabbed her mother’s hip with a force that made her exhale and grow weak. Becce could feel my cock double in size as I held her close for a few moments. Then, I went around the counter to her daughter and leaned into her and began to discretely play with the sides of her breasts.

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  When her mother noticed that her daughter’s nipples were tight, she called us all to lunch and sat me at the end of the table close to her but away from her daughter.

After lunch, Leah and I toured the city in her car and kissed constantly. She had been waiting to get me to herself and we spread a blanket down near a pond and she began to get more physical. I loved sucking on her fat bottom lip as she pumped my growing cock through my jeans. She pushed me back so that I was staring up at the dusk sky and unzipped me, and freed my huge cock. She said that I had the sexiest cock and began to lick and suck on it with more and more passion. I loved to watch my cock go in and out of her mouth and starting getting rougher with her by pulling her hair and asking her if she loves being a slut for my cock. She confessed she was a total slut for my cock, which made me remove my cock from her mouth and slap her cheeks a few times with my now 12inch hard cock as I demanded she repeat that she was a slut for my cock. She pleaded that she’d do anything for my cock that she wanted it all the time. I told he that she had to wait to for later that night before I would enter her pussy. She sucked and tugged, faster and harder. She stretched my cock down low and worked both hands on my shaft as she ran her soft, fat lips up and down my cock shaft until I exploded in her mouth.

We returned to her parents home just before midnight and her mom Becce was watching tv on the couch dressed in pj bottoms and a tank-top with no bra on that easily showed her perky nipples. She beckoned us over to tell her about our day. I sat beside her on the couch, and Leah laid her sleepy head on my other shoulder and soon began to doze off… leaving me and her mother shoulder-to-shoulder… I told her mother about the days events as I started to caress her pjs along her thigh with light, gentle touches.

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   Becce began to rub my chest and abs through my t-shirt until she worked up the courage to place her hand under my shirt. She began to breathe harder and I shifted toward her, leaving her daughter against the couch back, and began to caress her breasts through her tank-top and kiss her neck and behind her ear. Becce quickly got worked up and she was soon pumping my cock as it grew six… eight… ten inches… I slipped my hand inter her pants and continued caressing her thigh. Her soft skin made me want to lick and suck her clit, so I started fingering her clit around and around and up and down. I was very good at this and had this hot conservative milf gasping for her first ever orgasm and totally forgetting that her 18yr old daughter slept a few feet away on the couch. I slipped down off the couch and pulled her pjs down, pulled he hips down and began to lick and suck her clit while pinching and twisting her nipples… her pelvis was rocking and she was moaning and I told her that I was going to wake up her daughter soon to join us… Becce said no, but was soon too primal to speak… she soon began coming and her pussy juices started running down my chin… I told her she tasted like ambrosia and kept licking it up during her three orgasms in which she started screaming “oh, my god!”.
    This woke up her daughter who was shocked to see her boyfriend face-deep into her mother’s heaving pussy. I quickly stood up, unzipped my pants and sat down next to Leah and began kissing her and fingering her pussy that was still soaking from our earlier picnic fun. In only a few seconds, I pulled her mother over, and sat her up onto my lap and told her that I was going to fuck her until she forgot about everything else. I lifted he onto my cock and she moaned as her tight pussy stretched to accept my wide cock. She pushed off against my chest and stomach as she lower herself deeper and deeper onto my shaft. After a few times, I grabbed her ass with both hands and thrust my cock deep within her slamming my cock head deep into her… She rolled her eyes into her head and did not notice that her daughter and I had begun exploring each others mouths with our tongues while she thrust up and down on my cock. For the first time, Becce was able to loose herself and not feel awkwardness or insecure about her body. . .

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       as she thrust again and again. . . her tight abs arching back and forcing the cock to hit deeper and deeper into her vagina, I was totally enchanted by her beauty. . . her breasts rounded by her arched position fit perfectly into my hands. . . I sucked and bit her nipples and nibbled on her ribs. . . she smelled of sex, like an intoxicating and heavenly scotch that had been corked for decades at the perfect temperature.

    I decided to flop over on the couch so that her daughter, Leah, could sit on my face and I began to eat her young 18 year old pussy as she faced away from her grinding mother who bellowed, screamed and cooed as fast as she could impale herself again. I loved feeling the mother on my cock and the sweet daughter’s pussy on my lips at the same time.

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       I sat up and started sucking Becce’s nipples and devouring her daughter’s gorgeous breasts while fingering the daughter. I asked her daughter if she was my slut and she confessed… then asked if her mother was my dirty slut too, and she said yes, and asked her mother, but she was in the midst of another orgasm and so she didn’t answer. So, I spun around the sexy milf and lined up my throbbing 12 cock behind her ass and entered her pussy from the back as I pulled her hips and began pounding her sweet ass again and again asking her if she needed my cock… and she screamed that she would do whatever I wanted… just don’t stop fucking me!!!! I told her daughter to get her ass up beside her mother so that I could get into her as well, and soon began to enter the daughter who was not nearly as tight as her mother but who shook when she felt my full girth hit her again and again. I fucked Becce and her daughter for an hour. . . switching back and forth from ass to ass before I felt a surge deep within my loins. I told them both to turn around and get ready for my cum, and after they both sucked my cock and balls for another minute I began spraying them both in the face with the biggest load I have ever shot… hot white cum shooting into their hair, eyes and mouths… the mother surprised me and began to frantically lap up all the cum she could get and even started licking it off her daughter’s face… I asked her to suck me dry and though she did not have a lot of practice I was happier with her lips wrapped around my cock than any other blowjob I'd ever had. . . after a few minutes I was totally spent. After so many orgasms Becce was surprised that her legs were so weak, so I carried the Becce back to my bungalow guest room and thinking the night was over Leah went to her room to sleep… I Becce and I got into the shower and after we kissed passionately for a long time, she began to lather up my cock and her asshole. . . .

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