Sex Addict - Chapter II


 The audit was over and due to some excellent work, and a generous dose of people skills on my part, we came out smelling like a rose. (Even though we probably shouldn't have. ) That prompted my boss to put me in for a 8% pay-raise. Nothing spectacular, but significanly more than the annual 3% one he gave me nine months ago.  Unfortunatly it ran into a late Friday afternoon and I was even too tired to go out and get laid, if you can believe that. But I got to bed early and got a good rest so I'd be ready for Saturday night.  I went out with my freind Andrea, another blonde. She's from France and men love her accent. (So do I, but I'd never admit it. ) The men didn't have a chance as we both wore short skirts, high-heel shoes, and low cut tops. Hey, we figure it pays to advertise. It wasn't hard for us to find a couple of hot willing studs, to take us out for a nice dinner, then we each took one home to play with.  Mine was about 6'-2", straight black hair, and dreamy blue eyes. I commented on his chest and he told me he worked out daily, I told him it showed. I sat on his lap, unbuttoned his shirt and started rubbing his chest. I know, not a subtle seduction technique, but I didn't get any last night and wanted it bad.

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   Besides, we both know what we came back to my place for, so why not dispence with the games and go right to the fun. I licked his nippes to make sure he didn't misinterpret my intent, then I kissed him tongue and all.  I unbuckled his pants as we kissed and decided I was going to swallow ol' blue eyes. I slipped down to the floor and yanked his pants and boxers down. He lifted his hips to help. He was close to 8 inches, and massivly thick. I had trouble getting much more than the head in my mouth. I wondered if that massive member was going to split me wide open. The door bell rang.  You'll never guess who was at the door. Pizza boy and three of his buddies? He had a pizza and asked, "You ordered a pizza mam. " I looked back at the half dressed man on the sofa, and the pizza boy turned white. I grabbed the pizza and said, "Sure, put it on my account. " and slammed the door. Did the little prick actually think he could drop by anytime with his buddie's and gang-bang me? I heard the faint laughter a few seconds after the door slammed in his face.

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   He had to learn a lesson, but I'd think about that later, I had bigger things on my mind.  After a little pizza, I swallowed his load, undressed him and stood him on his feet, He squeezed my ass and asked if I was wearing a thong. I informed him I wasn't wearing any panties and he carried me off to the bedroom. I was right, he did nearly split me in two with that thick cock, but I woke up alone Sunday morning, still wearing my heels and with my skirt bunched up around my waist. I can't believe the bastard left. I was hoping for a little wake up fuck. Oh well, his loss. Guy's who stick around for the AM round usually get, woken him up with a blow job, a fresh, hot cooked breakfast, and a shower he'll never forget.  I called Andrea and found out she woke up alone as well, (birds of a feather I guess). We planned a shopping trip and spent the day at the mall. We flirted like crazy. I thought the shoe guy was going to come in his pants as we sat there trying on pair after pair. Short skirts and no panties, flashing him everytime he glanced up. I usually don't like being a tease, but I was a bit ticked-off that I woke up alone, so I was punishing any man I could find.  Monday at work was pretty uneventful after the big audit was over.

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   My boss Informed me the 8% raise went through, but other than that my life returned to normal. .

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