Sex with the sister-in-law part 2


Sex With the Sister-In-Law
Part 2    I think that a lot of you already know the story about my affair with my sister-in-law Tanya.   So this is a follow up story to the first.
About a month after Tanya and I first had sex the opportunity arose again. My brother-in-law was on a men’s weekend and Tanya was at home with the children. I was sitting at my computer working on paying some bills when an IM came in from Tanya.   I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 9:30PM.
“So what ya doing?” Is what the message says.
“Just paying some bills,
What about you?” I reply hoping that she wants me to come see her.
“Just sitting here bored. ” She says and sends along a sad face.
“Awwww, What’s wrong?” I ask her.
“Terry’s gone for the weekend and the kids are staying at my sisters.
I have no body to talk to. ” She reply’s.
I smile, “So what ya want to chat about then?” I ask anxiously.
“I don’t know.

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   I’m thinking about going out to the pool. ” She reply’s.
“Hmmmm, Sounds fun. ” I say hoping that she asks me to join her.  
“So are ya busy? I mean after you pay your bills, maybe you could join me?” She replies and sends me a wink.
“Sure why not. Could be fun. ” I say smiling and sending her a kiss.
“Great! I’ll pick up something to drink. Maybe then we can have a real good time. ” She replies.
“Ok, see ya in about thirty minutes. ” I say.
I notice that she signs out and I hurry and finish my bills.   I grab my trunks and a towel and quickly put on my shoes and head out the door.

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   As I drive to her house I can’t help thinking about the last time we were together. That was one of the best fucks I had had in quite awhile. I pull up into her driveway and see her at the door. I open the door and step out.
“So we heading right out to the pool?” I ask smiling at her.
She motions for me to go ahead. I walk out to the pool and step up onto the deck. I hear the sliding door open and look back her way. Tanya steps out wearing a robe closed tightly around her body.
“So should I change inside then?” I ask holding out my trunks.
She smiles and turns off the lights, and turns on the ones around the pool.
“Here, I have a drink. ” She says handing me a beer. We sit and drink our beers.
“So your all alone here huh?” I ask smiling at her.

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“Yes, poor me. ” Tanya replies smiling back at me. We talk a little more then we finish our beers.
“Are ya ready?” She asks standing up and staring at me.
“Uh, just have to change. ” I reply smiling.
“I don’t think that’s necessary. ”
Tanya says as she opens her robe and quickly drops it to the deck. I smile taking in her nude body standing in front of me.
“I guess not. ” I say whipping off my shirt and quickly getting out of my shorts.
She dives in and swims to the far end. I remove my briefs and dive into the water and swim to the far side. I surface just in front of her.
“Hi, nice to see you again.

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  ” I say and start to laugh softly.
“Come here?” she says motioning for me to come closer. I move towards her slowly and she spreads her legs. I step inside and she closes them around me.
“Yes, is there something you want sweetie?” I ask smiling at her.  
She smiles and pulls me closer to her.
“I want your cock in my pussy. ” She whispers in my ear.
Her legs pulling me snug against her body.
“That’s why I’m here. ” I reply before kissing her deeply. Our tongues entwined around each others. I feel my cock stir as it presses against her body.
“I’ve waited so long for this weekend. ” She says and her hand starts stroking my cock.

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“You aint the only one. ” I say as my hands slides between her legs quickly.
She smiles and my cock grows in her hand quickly as she strokes it slowly. My finger spreads her lips and slips inside. “Ummmm, yesss. ” She moans as my finger explores her pussy. “Mmmm. ” I moan softly as she strokes me faster.   “I want to suck you?” Tanya says smiling at me. I smile at her. “So what’s stopping you?” I ask staring into her beautiful eyes. “Hop up here?” She says patting her hand on the side of the pool. I do as she says. She moves between my legs and strokes me slowly. She leans down and starts kissing the head of my cock.

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   “Mmmmm, nice. ” I moan softly. She then slowly takes me into her mouth and starts sucking slowly. My hands running through her hair as she sucks me slowly. “Mmmmm, I knew you would taste good. ” She moans then goes back to sucking me. She starts sucking faster now and her head is bobbing fast on my cock. “Damn! Tanya. Suck my cock. ” I moan as she sucks away. She stops briefly and starts licking the length of my cock. She slowly sucks and licks my balls before moving back up and engulfing my cock again. “Ummmm,Fuck yea. ” I moan as she starts sucking fast again. My hand is forcing her up and down quickly on my cock and her hand squeezes my balls gently.


   She continues to work my cock hard and fast. I feel my balls tighten and I can feel my cum surging through my cock. I shove her down far on my cock and hold her there as my cum explodes into her mouth and down her throat. “Mmmm,Damnnn!” I moan as cum continues to shoot into her mouth. Tanya sucks and swallows quickly and then starts moving up and down slowly sucking any cum left from my cock.   My cock pops free from her mouth and she looks up at me. “Damn! That was really good. ” She says licking her lips.   “Yes it was. Now it’s your turn. ” I say and help her to her feet. I kiss her deeply and then pick her up. “Shit! Rob, you better not drop me. ” She says excitedly as I turn around and set her on the edge. I start slowly kissing my way down her neck and nibbling on her ear.

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   “Mmmm, you devil you. ” She whispers as I continue to kiss my way down to her breasts. I start kissing and sucking on her left breast as my hand massages her right nipple. I suck her nipple into my mouth and I start sucking and biting it hard. “Mmmmm,feels good. ” She moans and I feel her hands on the back of my head guiding me. I then kiss my way to her right breast and start sucking and biting gently. I take her nipple between my teeth and pull gently as my hand moves down her body towards her waiting pussy. My finger slides up and down the lips of her pussy as I continue sucking and biting her nipples. “Awwww,mmmmm. ” She moans softly as my finger slips inside her moist pussy. I stop kissing her breasts and slowly get between her legs. My tongue flicks at her opening. “Mmmm, Eat my pussy baby. ” She moans softly as my tongue probes at her growing clit.

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   I thrust my tongue into her warm pussy. She garbs my head and pulls me tight to her. My tongue probing deep into her pussy. My finger works at her clit as I start tongue fucking her pussy. “Mmmmm,Ahhhhhh. ” She moans louder and starts grinding her hips to meet my tongue. I start licking and sucking harder at her pussy and she starts thrusting her hips towards me harder. “Ahhhhhh,Ooohhhh. ” She starts moaning loudly. I raise my head and smile up at her. “Ummmm, I love the way your pussy tastes. ” I say before diving back to her juicy pussy. My tongue working hard on her swollen clit. She starts moaning louder and her body is shaking. I lick harder at her clit as my finger plunges inside her pussy.

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   “Fuckkkkkk! Ooohhhhhh,ummmmmmm. ” She moans and I feel her orgasm coming hard. I bury face into her pussy as she explodes into orgasm. My tongue lapping and licking all her juices as fast as I can. She wraps her legs around my shoulders and pulls me tight to her pussy.
She releases her legs from around me and I smile up at her. “God your pussy tastes so good. ” I say before I start licking again. She grabs my head and pulls me up. I look back at her. “I want your cock in my pussy. Come fuck me baby?” She begs pulling at me. I step back and she gets up and stands at the edge. I back up a little stroking my cock slowly. “Come here Tanya.


   Fuck my cock right here. ” I say smiling at her. She smiles and jumps to me. I catch her and her arms go around my neck as her legs wrap around me. She starts moving around on me trying to position my cock at her opening. I move it to the side a bit and my head slips into her. “Mmmmm, I’m going to fuck your cock like you have never had it done. ” She teases and starts moving up and down slowly on my cock. “Mmmmm, That’s it. Fuck my cock. ” I moan thrusting my cock into her pussy deeper and harder. She starts moaning loudly and bouncing faster on my cock, her ass smacking my thighs as she buries my cock in her. “Ahhhhh,Ummmmm. ” She moans slamming herself down on my cock. I grab her ass and smack her down on my cock faster.

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   “Damn! Fuck it Tanya. ” I beg as she pounds away on my cock. She’s bouncing faster on my cock “Awwwww, shitt! I love fucking your cock. ” She screams and I feel her body shaking violently. Knowing she’s about to cum I start thrusting harder at her. She wraps her legs around me tightly as her pussy pounds my cock. She tenses and then explodes into orgasm. “Shittttttttttt! Awwwwwwmmmmmmm. ” She moans loudly as I feel her juices running down my cock her pussy squeezing my cock hard. “Ohhhhhh,mmmmm. ” I want it! Give it too me!” She begs as I thrust up into her harder.   I keep pounding at her pussy and feel my balls tighten. “Here it comes. ” I moan as explode into her pussy filling her with my cum. My cock spasms shooting more deep into her as I hold her tight on my cock.

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   I hold her and then kiss her deeply. “Damn! You were fucking great. ” I say whispering in her ear. She smiles and lifts off my cock. Cum flowing out of her pussy and down my thighs. “Let’s go shower. Maybe then you can fuck my ass. ” She says smiling and walking towards the other end of the pool. I smile and follow her closely.        That is another story to come soon.
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