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Shorter but betterThis is the 2nd installment of how a big dick can be a real problem.   In my last story I described the problems with a teen-ager who has a 14-inch dick and was sexually frustrated because none of the high school girls would let him stick that large member into their bodies.   Finally, a high school teacher lets him experience full immersion sexual intercourse.   The story has switched from first person to third person telling. Mike is now 25 years old.   His dick has grown to a massive 18 inches long and just over 3 inches across.    He still has not been able to stick his entire dick into a woman.   Not even the two prostitutes he hired could take it all.  Mike joined the US Marine Corp right out of college.   The Corp offered to send him to officer candidate school since he had a bachelor's degree, but Mike wanted to lead men, not just command them.   Mike is now a Gunnery Sergeant and has been decorated several times serving in Bosnia and Iraq.   He is well respected in the Corp and has decided this is his home.   While in Bosnia, Mike was captured and tortured.   During his torture, his captures decided to humiliate the captives by having women strip the men, beat them and laugh at the sex organs as being so small.   When it became Mike's time, he was tied hand and foot.   The women came in and started spitting on him, kicking him and hitting him.

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    One woman pulled up her clothes and urinated on him.   Finally, they pulled down his pants and shorts.   Mike curled up in the fetal position to protect his privates.   The men grabbed him, rolled him onto his back and pulled his legs down so the women could point and laugh, except when the women got a look at Mike, they gasped and pointed.   Never had they seen a member on a man that large.   The men became furious with the women and ran them out of the room.   When they untied Mike, they told him to get dressed, but they were no longer hostile toward him.   In their halting English, they told Mike he must have been a blessed person for Allah to have presented him with a sex organ of such magnificent proportions.   That night, they took Mike out into the desert.   He knew he was about to die, but they released his bonds and told him that friendly soldiers were over the next hill and then they drove off.   When Mike found the soldiers, they arranged to get him back to his unit.   Mike's officers did not believe his story.   Finally, a female captain said the only way to prove the story was to have Mike drop his pants.   At first, Mike refused.   His commanding officer smiled, and told Mike it was an order.


    When Mike dropped his shorts, the female captain said, "Jesus Christ!  I haven't seen a dick that big except on a horse. "  Mike quickly pulled up his pants and all the officers were laughing at the captain who was embarrassed at her outburst.  Mike was transferred back to the United States to spend some time as Non-Commissioned officer in Charge (NCIC) for a recruiting station in Texas.   One morning on the way to work a man driving an SUV went to sleep at the wheel and barreled through a red light hitting Mike's car.   The driver of the SUV was killed and Mike was critically injured.   When Mike awakened in the hospital, there were two doctors and three nurses in the room. (Now the story goes back to first person)"Sergeant, do you know where you are?""Yeah, in a hospital.   What happened. ""You were in a serious wreck.   It was not your fault. ""Man, I hurt all over.   How bad am I?""It was touch and go for a bit, but you will make it.   Your injuries are mostly cared for, but you will need some reconstructive surgery. ""Expand on that comment, doctor. ""When the car hit you, your car went out of control and slammed into a light post.

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    The fire department had to use the Jaws of Life to get you out of the car.   Parts of the dash were ripped apart and you were impaled with them.   You lost one testicle and will need reconstructive surgery on your penis.   I'm afraid you are going to loose a significant portion of your penis. ""Well, maybe that's for the best.   I've been sexually frustrated most of my life with that thing, anyway. "One of the women looked strangely and said, "My name is Dr. Gupta.   I will be performing the surgery on your penis, sergeant.   Why do you say you have been sexually frustrated?""Dr. , it was too large.   Women would want to have sex with me until they saw it, then they would shy away because it is so large.   What size will it be after you operate?"She leaned close to me and said, "I will make it the size I would like used on me. "  With that, she laughed and walked out of the room.   The other people in the room did not hear what she said, and wondered about her laughing, but they left without asking what she said.

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  The next morning, they came for me and wheeled me into the operating room.   Dr. Gupta came into the room, and said good morning.   Then they sedated me.   I awoke several hours later in the recovery room.   Dr. Gupta was there. "Hello sergeant.   Everything went fine. I believe you will have full use of your equipment and full sensory.   You may find it more sensitive than before. ""What kind of damage was done to me down there in the wreck?""A jagged piece of metal just about cut your penis off.   It damaged about 10 - 11 inches of your penis that I had to remove.   You have left about 8 to 9 inches of magnificent flesh left.   Although much microsurgery had to be done, we have reconnected severed penises before and all but one was able to obtain an erection and have normal intercourse.

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    We will check on you regularly to make sure everything will work okay before you leave. "Almost 4 weeks later, a nurse told me that I should be released in a day of so.   The catheter had been removed for 2 days and it felt okay when I urinated.   There was no blood or puss and no pain.   That evening, Dr. Gupta came into the room and wanted to examine me.   She shut the door and then pushed a chair in front it.   I thought that strange, but did not dwell on it.   She pulled aside the sheet and took my dick in her hands and was turning it and lifting it.   It started feeling good and I could fell an erection starting.   I started thinking about anything but how good it was feeling, going over the assembly/disassembly of the M16 in my head.   All of a sudden, I felt something warm on my penis and when I opened my eyes and looked down, Dr. Gupta was starting to give me head!"Excuse, me, Dr. ""I told you that we would be certain everything worked normally before you were released.   I am now going to make certain that this works.

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    I also told you that I would make this to the size I would want, and now I must get it to full erection so I can see how large that is. "With that comment, she continued with her ministrations.   I achieved a full erection in short order.   She looked at it and said, "About 9 inches.   Perfect. "She straightened and pulled off her smock and continued pulling her sweater over her head.   Her breasts were straining at her almost transparent bra.
      I could not believe what I was watching as she reached between her breasts and opened the clasp freeing her breasts.   Her breasts were milky white with dark areolas.   Her nipples were dark and as large as grapes and very erect.   It was apparent she was in a state of arousal.  "Dr. , is this a good idea?""Shut up and do what the doctor says.   I think it is a great idea," she said as she dropped her skirt and half-slip.   I noticed her panties were showing a wet spot in front and she pulled them down.

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        She had a dark patch of hair between her legs that was trimmed to just a line straight up from her slit.   She climbed up on the bed and placed the head of my dick at the opening of her vagina.   Slowly she lowered herself down into place.   She told me that if I had any pain to tell her.   PAIN?  Hell, no there was no pain.   It was wonderful.   As she slowly lowered herself onto me, my erection got extremely hard.   Although it was only about half as long, it was still just as big around, and Dr. Gupta had a faraway look in her eyes as she settled down upon my rod.   When she got to the bottom, she just set there looking off into the distance.   Suddenly it was like someone squeezed my dick and released it.   She looked at the surprise on my face.  "Hasn't anyone ever done that you?" she asked.  "What the hell was that?""Did you enjoy it""Hell yes.   It was wonderful.

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        What did you do?""I have practiced until I have full control of my vaginal muscles.   I just squeezed you.   Like this. "  Again she did it.   Man!  That is wonderful. Dr, Gupta sat upon my pole and almost milked me dry using only her vaginal muscles.   Then she leaned forward and asked me to kiss her breasts.   As I kissed and caressed her breasts she started pulling upward letting my dick slowly come almost all the way out of her, and then just as slowly lowered herself back down.   She continued that movement for several minutes.   Finally I could take no more and grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust with her.   Our movements gained momentum until we were fucking as fast as we could move.   Our orgasms were almost totally in sync as we both ground our pubic bones into one another as hard as we could.   After we calmed down, she asked me if I had any pain.   When I assured her that everything was normal, she climbed down off me and started to clean me up.   When what to our surprise, I started getting another erection.

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        She handed me a moist cloth and told me to clean her while she cleaned me.   She crawled up on the bed facing the foot and continued cleaning my dick.   I wiped her pussy lips and the little of my cum that seeped out of her hole.   Not being able to restrain myself any longer, I started kissing her thighs and slowly made my way to her labia nibbling on first one side then the other.   As I found her clitoris, she gasped and took me into her mouth.   I stretched the skin over her clit with my lips and started flipping her clit with my tongue while I inserted my finger into her and pressed her clit from inside causing pressure between my tongue and finger.   She came almost at once after I started on her clit in this fashion.   She continued giving me head until I also shot a load down her throat.   At the moment of my orgasm, she had another shuddering orgasm. Finally she crawled off the bed and started dressing.   She told me I would be released the next day and gave me her business card.   She told me to call her office and make an appointment in about a week.   With that she gave me a deep kiss, told me "Thank you for  a wonderful examination" and left.  I called for the examination and while in her office the following week, I asked her if she was married.   She told me her husband had died before leaving India, but she came anyway since it had been his lifetime ambition to live in the United States, and especially Texas.

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        I asked her out for dinner and we have been dating for about 3 months.   We are making plans to marry in about a year.   She said if I am transferred, she would go, also, and work at the medical center in the area where I am stationed.   She is a good surgeon.   I have had no ill effects from having my dick shortened.   As she said, she made it the size SHE wanted. .