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If somebody told me that in the last 5 days I would have slept with my married friend Bob in my car and follow that up with an unreal romp with my very own brother, I would think that they were crazy but it all happened within a span of 5 days. What made matters worse was that even after such taboo things happening, both Bob and my brother had expectations of sleeping with me again. What was even worse than that was I was actually interested in possibly being with either one or both of them again. My mind kept telling me how wrong it would be to sleep with a married man again. My mindkept sending me visions of lying next to my brother and seeing his cum filled condom over his cock, knowing it was that way after fucking me so hard. I wanted to deny it but I was still very horny and wanted more but I was leaning heavily on being with Bob again, in spite of him being married to my friend. His argument about fucking me in a car and not getting to do it in a bed was a real turn on for me.

A day after committing the ultimate sin with my own brother, Bob's wife called me to go to the mall with her. Even though I wanted to go with her, it would have been too awkward so soon after fucking her hubby. Not long after she called, Bob called and invited me to what I knew was a romp in a real bed and this time without a time limit. I needed time to think this one out but it didn't take long. I rationalized that one more time with him wouldn't hurt anybody so I accepted. I went for it and I think in the process made him as happy as could be. We would meet Saturday morning and head out of town by about 30 miles to a motel he said he heard was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning arrived and I met Bob at 9 AM at the local supermarket shopping center and headed out of town. We were both feeling really funny because this time we both had full knowledge of what lay ahead for us.

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  We both were filled with anticipation but tried to hide it. When we found this motel, it couldn't be soon enough. We didn't talk about sex the entire ride to the motel but once we checked in, we eased up and were able to talk openly. We both admitted that we never ever thought we would fuck once but the idea that we were about to do it again was even more amazing. We both confessed that we were in that motel to see what a full bedroom session would feel like rather than 5 minutes in a car. I wanted to tell him about what my little car romp with him motivated me to do with my brother but I couldn't. The motel room hada Jacuzzi in, many mirrors, a waterbed and a free porno channel on the TV. If there was ever a room that screamed sex, this was the room.

Since we both panned this well, we both got into some sexy clothes to start things going. he thought it was funny that we had sex once and yet never saw each other nude. It was kind of bizarre. He suggested we end that by getting into the Jacuzzi. I became shy all of a sudden but took off my sexy teddy and he took off his pj's. We stood there nude and it wasn't so bad. Since we forgot to fill the Jacuzzi up, we had to stand and wait to fill it and we were 100% nude.

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  To make me feel at ease with it, Bob came over and hugged me. Along with that hug, kisses followed and we decided we really didn't a Jacuzzi. Instead we moved on to the bed and we were about to find out how good bedroom sex is over car sex.

Bob was very aggressive but in a very hot way. It motivated me to match him. His kisses were so hot. He showed a lot of interest in my tits by going to sucking on them immediately. I could have started fucking him right then and there, bypassing any foreplay. I totally put out of my mindthat my friend was married to him. I had to suck his cock. I moved my head down on to it and I started sucking it like it was a treat from heaven. I looked at him and saw how much he loved me bobbing up and down on his cock. The more I did it, the more he moaned. When I saw how crazy it was making him, I creep ed over him and without even saying a thing, inserted his cock into my vet pussy. By now we already spent more time doing stuff than we did 5 days earlier in my car.

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  I didn't realize how good a fuck he was. The more my asked of his, the more he gave. We were fucking so hard. I felt that orgasm tingle. I couldn't believe it was going to happen so fats. When he sensed it, he went all out and I had an orgasm to end all orgasms. It was like the one I was waiting for all my life. All of a sudden I knew why Bob wanted me in a bed and not just a car. It took me a full 5 minutes to catch my breath and relax. I asked him if this was what his wife was lucky enough to have on a regular basis. He openly said that they rarely do it. I thought to myself that she was such a fool. He said that she also didn't give oral sex like I did so that might have been why he was so intense today.

We just lied there for about 20 minutes as I savored my #1 orgasm ever. I wanted more and Bob did too.

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  I came on to him but he had other plans. He moved his head on to my pussy and once again made me realize he was the best I ever had. He had me at a fever pitch. I started to get to that orgasm point again and instead of allowing me to cum from eating me, Bob moved up on me and plunged his cock into me. As soon as I did, I had an orgasm that made the first one feel very weak. When I screamed out to cum with me, I felt Bob start to cum with me. It was outrageous. Our combined explosions were beyond words. I was never happier on a bed before.

We spent about one more hour in the bed but after such an intense encounter we found it really hard to resume fucking. We talked about what we did though and what we should do going forward. On the plus side, we both said we just had the best sex ever. He did say he had a limited sex life at home so I thought it couldn't hurt if he had a little thing going on with me on the side. On the negative side, he was still married and to my friend. I didn't want to be the other woman but I also didn't want to miss out on some of the best sex I ever had.


  We left the motel both not knowing if there could be a future and needed time to think.

My day should have ended but it was about to get as wild as wild gets. I went home, showered a few times and had to prepare dinner for my brother and me since our folks were away for the weekend at soma Indian casino, probably losing their shirts in the process. I wanted to tell my brother about what I did with Bob that morning but thought that if I wind up in an affair with Bob, it would be wise to keep it to myself. Instead I turned the topic around into what he and I did two days earlier. That was a bold mistake,I found that by talking about what we did turned me on as it did my brother too. We talked about it way too much. I did all I could to convince myself that if I did anything after what I did earlier with Bon, it would be really slutty. The more we talked though, the more I wanted it and that was bad. My brother assumed that since we already had the house to ourselves that night, that we were going to do it again. I was prepared to decline until he pulled out a package of condoms especially geared towards a female's pleasure. It took me back to the moment I saw his cock in a condom , filled with the cum I made him produce. My willpower was fading fast. I tried to convince myself that if I allowed myself to do it that I would never forgive myself but the more I tried that, the hornier I got. I could already feel my pussy was soaked.

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  I had to do it.

my brother and I went into my bedroomand we both agreed that this time, if we had the nerve, we could do anything and everything. He started out by taking my clothes off. I should have felt funny but he saw me nude already so no big deal. I proceeded to remove his clothes and he was already prepared. We got close and hugged. . It kind of felt weird, hugging him naked and feeling his hard cock against me. He bent over to kiss me and even though it was weird at first, the heat I felt overcame any uneasy feelings. he bent over and touched my tits for the first time. I couldn't believe that a man I already fucked was touching my tits for the very first time. He started sucking my tits and it also felt weird but it got my juices flowing. Already we had 2 more things than we did the last time. We jumped on to the bed and I got bolder than ever. I moved down on to his cock and started sucking him off.

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  I wanted it to be the best ever because I knew this day would never have a repeat. All he kept saying was that I was incredible and that only made things hotter. He flipped me around and I found us in a 69 position. When his tongue hit my pussy, I was more aroused than ever. I never came from being eaten but I was shocked as my very own brother made me cum in a matter of minutes. As I came, I felt his cock start to pump in my mouth too. I never in a zillion years pictured this but making him cum was such a high point. I didn't disappoint as I swallowed every drop of his man juice. We got on our backs after what was what I considered the dirtiest cum session I ever had. I told him I never came from oral sex before and he practical apologized for cumming in my mouth. I reminded him that I guess that what we just did was what he meant when he said anything would go this time.

I thought we were done for the day when he leaned over and started kissing my neck. I didn't realize it but I was still very turned on. he more than shocked me when he said he wanted me doggy style. because we were being so dirty to begin with, this only made it sound hotter.

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  I got on my knees and my brother got behind me. I felt his cock enter me and though never a fan of this position, this time I was very pleased, putting it mildly. He cupped his hands around my tits and began to bang me harder and harder. Though I figured cumming from this was near impossible, I was dead wrong. I looked up at my own brother and told him I could cum. I wanted him to put a condom on but was way past that point. he was losing self control and I let him. he said he was about to cum and as soon as he did, my whole body went along for the ride. It was an out of body experience. I kept cumming and cumming as did her. When it was over, he collapsed upon my ass and we both knew we made history in many ways.

I know I was a naughty girl but I needed a day like this. My brother knew we were bad but he had no idea just how bad I was that entire day. A part of me wasn't sure if there should be more after that day. I knew though that it would be hard to turn down.

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  He was my best lover and unfortunately my brother too. .

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