Teachers Pet (Part 1)


Authors Disclaimer:All works produced are to be considered fiction. If you are offended by taboo or lewd acts. . . why the hell did you get on this site?The following is not for you and may be found offensive which the author doesn't mind. Any comments, suggestions, or other stuff can be directed to jason_bonens@yahoo. com and yes I know I'm a pervert already k thx. Will follow up if enough intrest.

Teachers' Pet (Volume 1)

Years ago when I graduated high school I hated school you could say. I never thought it was important which might make you think it a bit ironic that I became a teacher in the end. But my reasons for doing so were completely naughty in nature, I loved the fact I'd be working with almost completely women!Hell going to college I saw so many tight, lithe, and sexy bodies that I had more blood rushing to my head than my brain. Little did I know I'd become even more perverted than I was.

Now a little about myself, I'm Jason, and I've been teaching several years now at the age of 32 I've seen things that shocked me and awed me. I'm not a bad looking guy all things said at 5'11” and 175 lbs I've kept in decent shape running, in martial arts, and working out. And while women I've dated have never said I've got lovely eyes or gorgeous brown hair there's one thing that I've never been able to hide, my 9” cock. The length isn't the biggest thing that gets em, it's the thickness but that's something for later.

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  Despite my features though I'm a quiet guy who just loves to take his time. However, as I found out, for a horny, excitable girl it seems this just makes it more fun.

Now a few years into teaching I was well known around the school. Mr. Bonens history class was tough, and there was lots of work to do yet there was no choice for most of them to take it. There was however one class offered to freshmen or sophopmores usually. (It was a ancient foreign cultures class). This year I was told my class roster was fairly large, a whopping 40 students had tried to sign up but unfortunately only 25 desks could be crammed into my room. The week before school began I was sitting with the list of students, trying to work out the last 5 spots to fit in my roster. My principal had left it up to me to pick the ones I thought would benefit most from it, which honestly I hated. It was getting close to 3:00 and most of the staff that was there working had already gone home when I heard a knock on my door. Looking up, it was all I could do to not stare.

There in the doorway the tiniest and most alluring girl I had seen stood there smiling. “Hi Mr. Bonens, can I come in?” she said in a melodic tone.

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  As I looked her over she couldn't have stood more than 5' tall, yet she had slender and long legs for her petite size. Her wavy blonde hair was in a single ponytail that hung halfway down her back as she sauntered in wearing a pair of shorts that rode just beneath her ass. Her top, a cute pink spaghetti strap number, hung loosely on her tan body. As she turned the corner into the room the silhouette of her frame was however what caught my eye the most. Not only did her slightly round ass wiggle ever so slightly, but from this angle I could see that under that top her b-cup breasts were only held in by a white bikini top. Needless to say she had my mind wandering as she sat down gingerly in the desk closest to mine, her slender legs crossed.

“Ummm. . . well hello there. I'm sorry, I don't think I know your name. . . ” I uttered once I caught my breath.

Her smile was so wide I could hardly believe it real. 

   “Oh I'm sorry, I'm Cassandra Morgan. You wouldn't know me yet I'm a Freshman actually. ”

The name struck a chord in my mind as one of those on my list. I had put her in the list of maybes earlier, but struck her off due to the fact her grades really weren't all that good in the past. Most of her grades were C's with the occasinal B-. “Oh yes Cassandra. . ”

“Oh just call me Cassie!” she giggled a bit her head flicking back that short hair slightly.

“Cassie then, what can I do for you? It's a little early for school isn't it?” I teased trying to hide the fact that under the desk I had quite the hardon. The way she was sitting her smooth legs looked so tempting. I knew I was staring, but she didn't seem to care.

“Well, like I was talking to my friend Sarah, you had her last year. . . and she was saying she heard you had too many students this year.

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I nodded, as a concerned look came over her face. “Yes, I'm afraid you're right. Hmmm, would that be Sarah Fallows?” I asked, trying to calm my mind.

“You remember!” she squealed wiggling in her seat. Her ponytail bobbing ever so slightly. I couldn't believe just how cute this young thing was. As she bounced her top was nearly falling off her slender frame, putting even more dirty images in my mind as I tried to imagine those pretty young mounds. “She was so afraid you'd forget her, she says you kinda can be a little forgetful. ” she blushed. “Oh crap sorry, that sounded bad . My mom says I always speak before I think, sorry!”

I smiled, then burst out laughing. “Well she's right actually!” I said, remembering Sarah a redheaded sophomore last year. She was cute, which was only part of why I remembered her. “She was a big help actually which is what stuck in my mind,” I said motioning to her to calm down. “She doubled as my T.

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  A. Kinda. ”

“T and A?” she gasped.

My eyes went wide, and my face pale. “No, no, no! T. A as in Teachers assistant!” I could feel my heart pounding, scared this girl would tell some horror story and POOF there goes my job.

After a moment though her shocked look gave way to a mischievous grin. She fell on the floor laughing, “Oh wow she was right! You are fun! Hehehe” Flipping her hair she looked up at me, knelt on the floor looking up at me. “Sorry, it was a joke. . . she kinda put me up to it. ”

Now a part of me should have, and probably was, a little mad. But if you'd seen what I had that moment you wouldn't be no matter if she'd slapped the cuffs on you herself. From that angle, as I turned in my chair to explain myself a moment before she revealed her joke, I could see straight down her top.

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   Her bikini was far too small I could tell, not only due to the fact it barely covered her chest but her nipples, hard from the A/C most likely were sticking out. Like little eraser points they were so mesmerizing I didn't snap out of it until I heard her voice again.

“Ummm anyhow, Mr. Bonens, I was kinda hoping if you could tell me if I got in?” her soft sing-song voice pleaded. I looked up, into her eyes seeing the worry there. “If that's ok?”

I cleared my throat, even as I could feel my cock tenting my slacks. “Oh, yes. . . you know that's a hell of a joke. ” I said catching my breath. “I'll have to get back at Sarah for that one. . . anyhow as to class next year.

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  . . ”
My tone must have tipped her off, that smile turned into a pout (which was still damned cute by the way). She flopped cross legged right there, less than a foot from me, holding her head in her hands. “Oh no. . . let me guess it's my grades isn't it?”

“Well yes, that's part of it. And you're a freshman you could always take it next year. ” I said smiling trying to cheer her up.

“No, I can't that's the thing. I made a deal with my mom and I gotta get good grades see?” her tone rising. “See she wants to move away, but I want to stay here with my friends and well. . .

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  for some other reasons too. She thinks that they're too big of a distraction for me cause I got bad grades last year. ”

“And let me guess, if you get good grades, you stay?” I finished.

She nodded, “Sarah said, I might be able to get you to let me in the class since you always need a hand. And I figure if YOU give me a good grade, and maybe talk to mom I could stay. ”

Now most of you might be thinking by now, give it to her! (in more ways than one) But despite my hard tenting cock in my pants I was hanging onto my professionalism. I sat there a moment, thinking about what she said as she stared at me. As I looked at her, thinking, I noticed her eyes drift down and widen. This wasn't the first girl to notice, hell it was hard to hide it, but I couldn't resist tightening the muscles around my cock making it wiggle in my pants for her. Consider it revenge for the joke.

“Well Cassie, I'm afraid I've chosen the last 5 spots. And my class is super hard, even with tutoring you might not do great. I mean. . .

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  even for a beautiful girl I don't go easy. ”

“Me? Beautiful?” she blushed slightly. “Thanks Mr. Bonens. . . but umm I know it's tough, I kinda like doing things the hard way. ”

Something about the way she said 'hard' made me squirm. I hadn't had a good lay in almost a year, and this was not keeping me calm.

“Well, I'll make you a deal. ” I said calmly. “You help around the classroom some, and keep your grades up and I'll do what I can. ” Knowing I had to get her out while I had any good judgement left.

“Oh really?! Thank you!” she squeaked leaping up she hopped into my lap without warning and kissed me full on the lips. My eyes went wide as we went tumbling backwards in my chair.

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  Her tiny form landing on top of me, rubbing against me.

I let out a groan as she wiggled on me, trying to sit up. “Oh Mr. Bonens are you. . . ” she trailed off with a gasp. . . then wiggleda bit more. “Oh my. . .

“Cassie, I'm sorry. .


  . ” I blurted between another moan. My heart in my throat as I saw my career flash before my eyes.

“That. . . that can't be real. . . can it?” she said softly ignoring me. Grinding slightly again. “They said it looked big but wow. . . how big is it?” Her soft eyes looking up to mine, hands on my chest.

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“Ummm. . . . ”
“Oh Mr. Bonens, I won't say anything I'm just curious I know it won't help my grades. Hell Sarah said she flirted with you till your cock about came, but she still got a B. ” Her soft voice a wimper she reached down cupping part of my cock in her tiny hand.

My mind was swirling. I knew little girls got horny, and lord knows MANY of them loved to tease me, but this I knew was crossing the line. But my cock by now was so hard I couldn't hold back, my hands slid up her lovely legs to that cute ass, squeezing it gingerly. “Mmmm oh you little tease. . . is that why you wore.

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  . . that?”

The grin on her face said it all. “Kinda. . . ” she said crawling down between my legs kneeling on the floor she reached for the bottom of the top, pulling it over revealing the tiny bikini top. “I ummm kinda was gonna try and seduce you if you said no, but. . . ” her eyes gazed down at my now swollen bulge. “I kinda wanna be teachers pet now!Please!” reaching down she rubbed my hardon through my slacks. “Oh fuck that thing feels big!”

My hands hooked her shorts, pulling them down the bikini bottoms I expected under them not there at all. I looked up at her, a tiny almost bare 14 yr old pussy inches from me. “Oh wow. 

  . . ” was all I could get out.

Even as I was pulling them down, she was undoing my slacks. Reaching in I felt her tiny hand snake in under my boxers. The skin was so velvety I gasped, reaching down I helped slide them lower showing her the full length of my 9” cock seeing her hand try to wrap around it.

“Oh Mr. Bonens it's huge!” she gasped her hand so tiny she couldn't wrap it fully around. “I've played with boys before but this is like WAY different!”

I chuckled, “I'm not exactly a boy. . . but I'd still love to see those pretty lil tits. ” I groaned. A gleam in her eye she reached up, behind her back untying the string holding it up. As it fell two perfect orbs, with just a slight tilt up greeted my eyes.

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  The fabric must have held them back a lot, those nipples obviously at least ¾” long and I could feel my mouth watering as I stared at them.

“Mmmm. . . and you're no little girl. . . ” I said, leaning up I took one of those hardened nipples into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. Soft gasps and moans escaping her lips as I teased it slowly. My hands on her ass squeezing her firm tight cheeks I ground her down against the length of my cock.

“Oh, oh my Mr. Bonens!” she squeaked grinding her pussy along the length of my cock. “I promise I'll be the best T. A. you ever had!”

Pulling back my mouth from that tender nipple, I licked my lips tasting her warm flesh was so nice but I wanted more.

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   And one look at her told me she wanted the same. “Oh you will? Prove it. ” I said daring her.

Her slender little bodyslid up, her soft lips pressing against mine locked in a deep kiss. Our mouths parting her tongue teasing mine as it slipped into my mouth. As we kissed I felt her tiny hand slip down, stroking my thick cock slowly making it feel as if I'd jump out of my skin. The tender but firm grip on my cock slowly stroking the full length, each second more feverishly as her kisses got more intense. My cock was aching for Cassie, as it pulsed in her hand. My own hands slid over her form, touching and caressing every inch of her body I could, finally resting one hand entwined in her hair as the other slipped between her silken smooth legs. The moment my fingers brushed her pussy lips she arched back, breaking the kiss as she gasped and moaned, a long soft noise that sounded more like a little girl than the sexy thing I was holding. As my fingers spread her pussy lips, I felt her hand squeeze my cock so hard I could barely believe it. Slowly rubbing her tender moist pussy, finding her clit I rubbed slow teasing circles around it.

“Oh god, oh fuck yes please! Please don't s-stop. . .

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  omg omg!” her body writhing as I worked faster around her clit. As I started flicking it playfully, her moans becoming squeals. “Oh. . aaiieeee! Mmmm I. . . Iiiiieee c-can't take it!”her body bucking and flailing I felt her shake as an orgasm overtook her tender body. Pulling her in, kissing her deeply as she screamed to keep her quiet, I felt her juices on my hand. Several moments passed before she could move again.

“Mmmm oh wow. . . ” she said, as her hand slowly resumed stroking my hard shaft. “This hardly seems fair.

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  . . ” licking her soft full lips. “I don't know if I can. . . but. . . ”

With that she pushed me back firmly, not that I resisted much. Looking down I watched as both her slender hands wrapped around my massive member, slowly stroking it. “Please Mr. Bonens, I know it's big for me but. . .

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  I want to return the favor. ”

Before I could reply even, her head lowered, the long ponytail brushing my skin even as I felt her soft tongue swirl around my hardened shaft. The first thing I noticed was how her long slender tongue looked, swirling around my cock like an ice-cream cone. Her ponytail brushing against my balls as her hand guided my cockhead between her soft lips, barely an inch inside her lips. The soft velvety feel of her tongue as she slid me slowly deeper making me moan. “Fuck yes, you look so fucking good like that, you can be my little cocksucker anytime you want. ”I watched as her mouth, spread wide around my cock pushed down deeper, barely half in though she gagged and gasped pulling back.

“Ahhh. . . oh wow, I. . . it's so big. I don't think it'll all fit.

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  . . yet. . . ” her hands sliding up her body, playing with those hard nipples. “I still want my treat though. . . ” a devilish look crossed her face before I could reply, and her hand slid to the base of my cock. Hungrily, like a girl possessed she got on all 4's, ass in the air and leaned down impaling herself on my cock. I felt her silky lips slide down my cock for what seemed forever as I watched her go back halfway down my cock, and force herself to take it deeper gagging as she forced deeper. Pulling back just a bit, she slammed down again as I felt my cock sliding down her throat.

Reaching out, I slid my hand under her body, pinching and playing with her nipples as she had almost 7” of my cock in her now. Slowly her head bobbing up and down on me, fucking my cock with her pretty young face.

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   Her eyes watering, looking like tears running down her face as she looked up at me though I could see the lust in them. Attacking my cock like she had to swallow it all. Her head popping back, gasping for air, I saw a string of precum from her lips to the head for just a moment before she plunged back down. Over and over repeating it, so intense even though I wanted to cum the pressure of her hand on the base of my cock helping me hold off. Her gasps each time she came up to breathe sounding so sexy, I couldn't stand it any longer. Grasping her nipple, twisting it slightly I put my other hand behind her head, arching up into her. “Oh yeah fuck I'm gonna cum baby, drink all you like” I pushed her head back down as she forced it down that tender throat, fucking her throat savagely as I felt my cock pulsing. Her free hand down, playing with her tiny teen pussy, making her moan on my cock sending shivers through it sending me over the edge. My thick cock exploding in her throat as she bobbed up and down on me, feeling her pull back keeping the head in her lips as I filled her mouth with my cum. Swallowing what felt like was a neverending load of cum, finally subsiding she raised her head, only a tiny bit dripping down out of her sides of her mouth.

As she leaned back, sitting down, legs off to the side I saw a surprised look on her face as she licked up the last of it. “Holy shit, that was. . . crazy!” gasping for air, her hand slowly pumping still on my semi-hard cock.


   “Something tells me you like me,” she teased winking at me one hand on my cock, the otherrubbing her pussy. Slowly she stood up, wiggling her ass as she did, sitting on the edge of my desk she spread her pink pussy lips. The entry to her pussy was so tiny, I could barely believe she was 14, in fact I doubted she was almost. Watching that sweet almost hairless pussy though my mind whirled of how it would feel on my cock, and she seemed to realise it too.

“C'mon Mr. B. I. . . I'ma bit scared of it but I want that beast inside me. ” a soft moan escaping her lips as she leaned back on the desk, propping her feet on the edge of it. “Come fuck my little pussy, make me take it all. ”

I didn't need to be told twice, by now my cock was raging hard again. As I got up, I climbed between her legs, rubbing the head of my cock along her slit. .

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  . her pussy looking tiny against my thick cock. As she reached down, grasping the top it was nearly as wide as all 4 of those little fingers. Grasping her hips, her tiny hand guided the head of it to her pussy lips, letting me push into her. The hole so tiny I had to almost force it in, her eyes going wide mouth gasping as I pushed in the cockhead just a bit. Tiny gasping noises escaping her lips.

“ahhhhh oh fuck fuck fuck it's toooo big!!!” she managed to get out, voice strained. “Y-you can't. . . can't do it. ”

Ignoring her, I pushed in slowly, a high shriek escaping her lips at first turning into a low moan. “Oh does this tiny pussy like being filled?” I groaned slowly pumping in. Each thrust driving deeper inch by inch, her body so tight on me it felt like a vice. Grinding my thick cock into her, halfway in stopping a moment I could feel her warm, wet pussy pulsing on top of my cock.

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“Oh fuck, you're gonna split me Mr. B. . . . oh god I want it please. No matter what don't st-”

I cut her off as I pulled back and slammed each and every inch up her little pussy. Her hands coming up to her chest fingers digging into her soft mounds as she squealed like the little fucktoy she wanted to be. Over and over I drove my thick cock into her, leaning over her tiny body slamming down as hard as I could. Her fingers playing with her tiny tits, pinching and pulling her nipples.

“Oh fuck my pussyyyiieee!” her body bucking wildly against me I felt her orgasm overtake her, her vicelike pussy clamping down on me I couldn't hold back. Arching back, seeing this little vixen pulling her long nipples, I let go filling her pussy with my cum. Cock twitching inside her as she screamed like a little girl, shaking.

As we calmed down, my cock still inside her, her eyes looking up at me with a glazed over look I suddenly realized I'd just filled this little girl with my seed. As she looked up at me though smiling, I didn't care. 


“Mmmm. . . oh wow. I guess I'm gonna be working real hard this year. . . . can't wait till you meet mom and sis. ” she said a twinkle in her eye. “Now we can stay I hope!” Little did I know this would be a wild year. . . . but that's for another day.

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