Teens and Their Dirty Minds Pt. 1


NOTE: This story is completely fictional. Some characters are under the age of 18, however, this is a simple fictional story, so enjoy it. If you find this offensive, that's not my problem. Acting out and having a fantasy are two different things.



I'm Alex. . . and I'm still only 16 years old. But sex has always been a vibrant part of my life. Since I became the strapping adolescent I am today, raging horniness has always been rampant. And thus begins the story of how my sex life became amazing.


I live in an assorted complex of buildings that contain condominiums. And next to my room is another building which happens to face me. . . and in the window is my next-door neighbor's cute 14 year old daughter, Kailey.

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   She's a volleyball player in school, and has quite the body. Not like a skeleton, but a body that if you saw naked, you'd want to have your way with it. Being single, I wanted her. And one night, I got the opportunity to live out one fantasy.


I was sitting in my room on my computer when I get a little warm, so I opened a window. It's a little cooler outside, not that much, but enough. And I see her doing stretches in her outfit. She has the cutest little butt I've ever seen. I take this as an opportunity to have a quick jerk. No time for lube. I laid down at an alright angle, and slowly got hard by watching her do whatever routine she was doing. After I was nice and hard, I began slowly stroking my 6 inch cock. This went on for about 5 minutes until I finally closed my eyes and thought of what I'd do to her. I wanted my hard cock inside of her pussy, and I wanted to cum inside her and have her suck me off afterwards.


And then I was about to cum.

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   I stroked harder and harder until I was slapping my wrists against my hips, and then I finally came, shooting two or three large streams of semen onto my chest and neck. Then I looked at her window, only to be extremely shocked. She was looking on at me and chuckling. I tried to get up quick, but she had already left. ". . . . fuck me. ", I thought to myself as I put my clothes back on and went on about my business. I could not imagine what she would say to me the next day in school.


Well, either way, I went on to school the next morning. . . and surely enough, she sits down beside of me at the end of second period and starts up a conversation.

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"Hi, Alex. ", she said.


"Um. . . . hi. Hey, look, I'm sorry about--". Kailey cut me off.


"No need to apologize. . . so, you want to put on another show for me again soon?", she asked.


"Excuse me?". I couldn't believe my ears.

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"Yeah, I liked it. . . of course, next time, you think I could get seats a little closer?". She was fucking serious.


The bell rang, and she said "bye", with a slight kiss on the cheek. I liked that. . . . but I was still a little confused as to her reaction. Oh, well. . . looks like I'll have to find out for myself.

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To be continued. . . .