Texting & Driving leads to Great Blackmail Sex


Texting & Driving leads to Great Blackmail Sex

One day I am driving down the road when I see a car hit a man crossing the street. . It was on a long isolated road by my house and the man who was hit was old Mr Granger who lives by him self in the woods by my property. . He has lived there before I was even born, he has no friends or family and does not even have running water in his log cabin. . .

The woman who hit him is named Danielle. . She is a beautiful Italian woman in her early 30's with a tight body of a woman half her age. . Also in the car was herbeautiful daughter Olivia

Danielle gets out of the car panicking. . I stop to make sure Mr Granger is ok but it is obvious that didn't survive the crash. . Danielle must have been going 60 miles an hour on a road where the speed limit is 25 when she plowed into him.


  . I look at her and let her know the bad news. . She immediately starts crying. . She admits to me that she was speeding. . Not only that she admits she was texting and not paying attention to the road. . In her panicked state she also admitted she already has been in 2 accidents because of texting while driving and that she would be going to jail for sure for murder. . .

Right then and there I took a deep look at both Danielle and her daughter. . They were both absolutely stunning and I got an idea of how I could benefit from poor Mr Granger's misfortune.

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  . .

I told Danielle I could help her but it would come at a cost. . She replied "My husband is a very wealthy man and I could pay handsomely of you could help me out". . Little did she know that it was not money that I was interested in. . . I told her that there is a cave near by and that Mr Granger lives alone and no one would even notice he was missing. . I also let her know that almost no one comes down this way unless they got lost and even less people go in the woods on Mr Granger and My Properties. . We could hide the body and no on would be the wiser. .

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   I also told her i had a friend who can clean up and repair the car for her so it would look like it was never in an accident. .

She thanked me and told me "What ever you want just let me know and I will give it to you for your help". . I asked her "Anything?" and She replied "Tell me your price and I will meet it". . It was then I told her that her money is not what I wanted. . She asked then what can she give me then. . I replied " I want you and your daughter to come to my house and both of you pleasure me for the rest of the afternoon, I want to fuck the both of you all day long". .

Danielle was appalled and replied "I am the wife of a very important and wealthy man and my daughter is just a little girl, there is no way I would let a perverted man like your self touch either of us"

I told her "Ok then I am going to call 911 and let them know there was woman who was texting while driving and murdered a man with her speeding vehicle"

She begged me not to do that and offered me a half of a million if I kept quiet. . Little did she know I was far from hurting for money and i let her know that unless her and her daughter fulfilled my every sexual desire for the next 6 hours or so I was calling the cops

She then agreed to let me have my way with her but begged me to leave her tween daughter out of this.

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  . I told her though that is was both or nothing and if she refuses anything I desire the deal will be off. . She looked at Olivia and Olivia replied "Mommy I don't want you to go to jail. . Just agree and lets get this over with"

She agreed. . I Pulled her car into a vacant spot to get it off the road and had them both get into mine so I can take them to my house in the woods. . As we pull up to my house Danielle was floored how nice it was and you can tell she realized why I turned down the money. .

I was going to bring them up to my huge bedroom but I didn't want to wait to climb the four flights of stairs. . I wanted them right then and there. .

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   I instructed them to both strip naked and they reluctantly did. . Olivia is a beautiful girl with black hair, blond highlights and a great body for a girl her age. . She was already an A cup but her pussy had not yet started to grow any hair. . Her mom Danielle was also stunning. . She had perfect, perky 36 D titties that I think were fake but if they are her plastic surgeon didn't leave any evidence. . You also could not tell she ever had any children and her fit tight body was perfect. . Her ass also was also cut from granite. .

I then instructed Olivia to fondle her mothers breast and to suck on her nipples.

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  . She looked at her mother and Danielle gave her a little nod so Olivia did just as I told her. . Just then I noticed that Danielle let out a little moan and not only was both of her nipples hard but you can also tell that she was turned on because just by looking at her pussy because you can see she was already wet. . I then ordered them both to get on their knees. . I took off my cloths and stood before them with my solid as a rock 8 inch cock right in between them. . Olivia was a little scared but what shocked me was Danielle had a little smirk on her face. . .

I ordered them to both take turns sucking my dick. . Danielle did with out hesitation and damn was she good at it.

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  . Olivia was not sure what to do and when she tried she got me with her teeth. . I told her to watch the teeth and with out hesitation Danielle took control and was teaching her under aged daughter hot to expertly give head just like she was doing. . In no time Olivia was a good at it as her mother and it took every ounce of restraint I had to not blow my load right then and there. .

I wanted to save that for their pussies though so I told Olivia to sit on the chair as I fucked her mom right on my antique coffee table. . I picked up Danielle and put her down on the table. . I then told her to spread her legs because I was going to eat her out. . In no time I was going to town on this hairless milf cunny. .

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   I would suck on her clit, I would shove my tongue deep inside of her, I would finger her and I would moan while doing it to set Danielle over the top. . Danielle was enjoying it because she was quaking and quivering and moaning out for me to "Please don't stop". . I also Noticed that Olivia was watching intently like she was studying for some test. .

I then told Danielle I am going to fuck you like the slut you are and you are going to beg me for more". . Right after I said that an evil smile came across Danielle's face. .

I didn't waste any time with any more foreplay. . instead I just rammed my prick deep into Danielle's wet and wanting cunt. . She picked up right where we left off with the pulsating and moaning and begging me to fuck her harder and deeper and faster.

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  . I was ramming it into her like a piston and she was enjoying each and every moment of it. . I then made her get on all fours and I fucked her doggy style. . That is when I noticed that Olivia was playing with her lolita cunny to the site of me and her mom fucking like wild people. . . That turned me on and made me fuck her mother even harder. .

After a while Danielle got on top and rode me like a woman possessed. . I never even say a porn star ride cock so animal like and it put me over the edge. . I then shot my load right into Danielle's womb.

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  . I was exhausted and didn't even know if I could get muster the energy to have a go at Olivia. .

As I rested I ordered Olivia to lick my cum out of her moms dripping hole. . She didn't seem to want to but I reminded her that they could not refuse anything I wanted. . She got in between her moms legs and tried to do what I asked. . It was obvious that she didn't know what she was doing but just like before her mom instructed her what to do and in no time Danielle was moaning again to her pussy being eaten out, this time by her little girl. . . As soon as Olivia brought her mother to orgasm I was hard all over again and got my second wind. .

I sneaked up behind Olivia and with out warning I rammed my cock into her tiny little pussy.


  . In my haste I didn't think but the fact that Olivia was a virgin and she let out a yelp of pain that probably could have woken poor old Mr Granger up from his post mortum slumber. . Danielle then took a break from her incestuous ecstasy to yell out at me "Be Gentle, She is not used to a good hard fucking like her mommy is". . She then got up and started to comfort her daughter and let her know that it will be alright as I continued to thrust my cock in an out of her and slam it into her cervix. .

After a little while Olivia started to relax and when her mother saw that she was staring to enjoy having a man more then twice her age use her as a fuck toy she laid back onto the coffee table and started playing with her self to the image of me ravaging her daughter doggy style

That turned me on so much and I started to fuck Olivia just as hard as I fucked her mother earlier. . . Olivia's cunt was so tight that it didn't take me long to feel that familiar feeling in my balls. . I thrust a few more time and just before I came I thrust my cock past her cervix so I could shoot my seed all the way into her unprotected womb. . .



I fucked them both one more time each before the afternoon was up. . After the got showered and dressed I thought I would press my luck. . I told them that I changed my mind and if they wanted me to keep this secrete they would both need to come back once a month, every month so we can do this again. . I figured they would refused so I was shocked when Danielle said "OK, See you next month" and left with a smile on her face a mile wide

Next month they both came back, But I guess that is a story for another time

If you liked this story and want me to continue let me know

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