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On Friday night after arriving, Mike, the 8 year-old, wanted to spend the night at a friend’s house, and Sammie had a friend come over to spend the night with her. The next day my wife and daughter-in-law wanted to go to the city and do some shopping. They took the 4 year-old with them. I decided to stay home and watch some football on the television and just relax in the hot tub. After they left, I went outside to do my daily exercises. I must work at staying in shape every day to keep up with the young men who come through our training. After running and exercising I put on my swim trunks, swam a few laps and got into the hot tub. Sammie and her friend came out to join me. I had not realized how good Sammie’s figure was until I saw her in that little bikini. Her friend Rose had a figure even better, with breasts about 36C and a small waist. I felt the stirring of a boner and was glad the bubbles in the hot tub were hiding it. They got into the tub and we relaxed and made small talk for a bit. I went in the house and took a shower, put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and sat on the couch to watch some football. The girls came in and showered and retired to Sammie’s bedroom. A little later they came into the living room wearing tank tops and shorts and asked if they could ask me some questions. “Sure,” I said, “ask away.

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  ” They wanted to know about sex and could not ask their parents and the sex education teachers at school just got red and handed them books when they asked them about what it was like to engage in intercourse or what it feels like to have an orgasm. “What’s it like, Granpaw, when you have sex with someone?” “What do you mean, ‘what’s it like. ’?” I said. Sammie said, “Granpaw, we both have been groped by boys, and they are always trying to get in our pants, but we want to enjoy sex the first time since we will probably always remember the first time we had sex. ” “Okay, but what can I do to help you understand how to enjoy the first time?” “Granpaw, I have been listening to Mom and Granma talk and she was telling Mom how you always make sure she has an orgasm or two before you fuck her. I also know you had a vasectomy and cannot make anyone pregnant. So, we want you to make love to us here, today since everyone is gone and will not be back for hours. We know you will be gentle with us and teach us how to enjoy sex and how to please a man. ” Needless to say, I was shocked, but also felt an erection start. I could not believe what just happened, when she told me there would be no incest since she was the stepdaughter of my stepson and the legal age of consent was 16 in the state it would not be against the law. Suddenly she stood up and pulled off her tube top and I saw her beautiful breasts and her nipples were standing erect. She said, “Don’t you want to feel these?” Then she stepped out of her shorts and panties and walked over to me and pulled my head into her breasts. It was too late now to have any objections as my erection was pushing against my shorts. Her friend Rose said, “He’s ready!” and grabbed my crotch. I almost jumped off the couch.

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   Rose stood and stripped in about 4 seconds. I could not believe my eyes. Here were two 16 year-old beauties, nude in front of me. Their naturally blond hair was so fine it looked like they had shaved their pussies. Before I could move Rose was pulling off my shorts and Sammie was pulling off my t-shirt. “Whoa! If we are going to do this, let’s slow down a bit,” I said. Sammie said she wanted to be first and gave me a kiss that I will remember forever. It literally made my head swim like the beginning of getting drunk. Sammie said she wanted to know how to give head. I told her to take my penis in my hand and place her lips over the head and then just go down as far as you can and stretch your lips over your teeth and slowly come up to the top – just like with an ice cream cone. Oh, was she a fast learner. She said, “It’s so big!” Sounded good, but I do not have a large dick and am probably only average. As she was giving me head, Rose got down very close and was watching. I told her to take my balls in her hand and gently massage them. I was in heaven.

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   I reached down to Rose’s breasts and her nipples were sticking out at least an inch. I reached down to Sammie’s breasts and started sucking on Rose’s breasts. Sammie was increasing the pressure on my dick and had taken almost all of it into her mouth. I didn’t want to come yet, so I told her to stop and I would give her head. I laid her on the couch and kissed my way down to the blond hair kissing her on the inside of the thighs and sucking her labia. Finally I spread her lips and found her clitoris. With my mouth, I stretched the skin tight over her clitoris and started flipping it with my tongue. She yelled and Rose asked if I hurt her. “NO! Do that some more,” she said. I obliged her request with great vigor. Suddenly she had an orgasm and started bucking. Her pubic bone hit me on the upper lip and really hurt. I continued to give her head but matching her movements with my head. Then she had a second orgasm and collapsed. Rose said, “Okay, colonel, it’s my turn.

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  ” I pulled her over and started on Rose starting with a deep kiss and caressing her breasts. I moved down to kiss and suck her huge nipples and slowly moved my hand down to her crotch. She was very wet. As I kissed and sucked her nipples, I found her clitoris and started massaging it in a gentle round motion. Then I started pressing it and releasing it before taking it between my thumb and finger. She became a wildcat. I inserted my finger into her vagina and started moving it in and out while pressing her clitoris with my thumb all the while sucking on her nipples. She stiffened and started having her first-ever orgasm. I kissed my way down to her crotch and worked on her clitoris with my tongue. When she had a second orgasm, she again stiffened and gasped. I let her rest a little and started again. When she had her third orgasm, she started crying. I stopped and she said that she had never experienced such intense pleasure in all her life and just could not keep from crying. By now, my dick was hurting and needed release. I asked them if they wanted to bring me to orgasm with their hands and lips, or did they want to have actual intercourse.

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   Rose said, “That’s why we started this. We want to get fucked!” Never one to disappoint such a beautiful girl, I asked who wanted to be first. Sammie told me to take Rose since she was ready. I put my t-shirt under Rose to catch any blood and lowered myself into position. I pushed my dick into her very wet vagina. There was no resistance as her hymen had been broken at some previous time. She gasped, “WOW! That feels wonderful!” I moved slowly for several minutes and she started to get very excited. I could feel her vaginal muscles start to tighten. I increased the tempo going in and out harder and harder. She had another orgasm and that was too much for me and I came, also. It had been many years since I had experienced such an intense orgasm. I almost collapsed from the shear pleasure. I lay on Rose for a few minutes getting my breath and then rolled off. I continued kissing and caressing Rose as she cooled down. Sammie was watching this very closely.

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   She asked why I did that and I told her I was not the type of person that only had sex for my pleasure, and a woman needed to be held and caressed after sex to show there was affection and was not just being used for someone else’s pleasure.
    Sammie said, “My turn. ” I told her I needed to rest a few minutes and she said that was okay, but leaned over and took my dick in her mouth and started to lick off all the juices that were on it. Surprise, surprise! I started to get hard again! At my age I didn’t think this was possible. I laid back and Sammie continued to suck me. Rose said she wanted to do that and she took over while I started to give Sammie head. Soon Sammie had an orgasm and I was rock hard again. I asked Sammie if she were ready and she yelled, “Yes, yes. Put it in me and fuck me like you did Rose. ” I removed my dick from Rose’s mouth and positioned myself over Sammie. I entered her and found her hymen was still intact. I told her it would hurt some, but we would take it easy. Her answer to that was to thrust her pelvis upward and her hymen ruptured. She said it hurt a little. I slowly continued to push into her until I was in all the way and we stayed still for a little.

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       I asked her if she wanted to learn to squeeze my dick with her vaginal muscles. I explained this was very enjoyable for a man to have someone do that. She wanted me to tell how and I explained it was like pulling up your sphincter muscles tight like you are pinching off a turd. That would also tighten the muscles in your vagina. She started trying and it was a success and I could feel her muscles tighten on my dick and she enjoyed doing it, also. As she worked her muscles I could hold back no longer so I started moving in and out. As I began to get close to orgasm, I told her I wanted to change positions. I had her kneel in front of the couch and I entered her from behind. She loved this position because she could feel my dick rubbing the inside of her clitoris. I continued in this position for a bit reaching around and cupping her breast in my hand when suddenly I felt Rose kissing my inner thigh and moving up to my balls! She cupped my balls in her hand and started sucking on one of them. Oh Man!!! That was all it took and I had an intense orgasm. I don’t think I had ever come that hard and as I shoved into Sammie as hard as I could she screamed and put her head and chest on the floor pushing her ass far back and as high as she could also having an orgasm. Totally spent, the three of us cleaned up the living room and decided to go out to the hot tub. Since my son’s house was in the country with no view into the back yard, we got into the hot tub nude and leaned back to relax. After a bit I felt a foot rubbing my cock.


       Since I had my eyes shut, I didn’t know who it was and just leaned back a little more. I felt 4 hands on me rubbing my cock and pinching my nipples, and I just kept my eyes shut. One of the girls straddled me and I felt my dick being enclosed in someone’s pussy. It was so warm and wonderful. I started to reach up for her breasts but Sammie said to not touch and keep my eyes shut, and I would not know who was doing what. I did this for a bit, but when I came, I had to open my eyes to see whom I was fucking. It was Rose and Sammie was standing over me and Rose had her head buried in Sammie’s cunt. We all came at that time. We played these games for about an hour more and then decided to get dressed. I told them that they could never tell anyone about this, and it would never happen again. They said they understood, but wanted their first sexual experience to be gentle and fulfilling by someone who knew what they were doing. They both kissed me deeply thanking me for meeting their expectations. Since that time a few months ago, I have thought about that day many times. Occasionally when I am making love to my wife I think about those two beautiful young bodies under me and I have a great time with my wife. Although she has no idea about what happened, she knows our sex life has been much better since returning home.

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       My aplogies to the author for any paragraph breaks in the wrong places. Your story had only three paragraph breaks throughout and was difficult to read in that format. .

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