The family temptress.


A largish family get together had been arranged. As a far flung family,get togethers were rather infrequent and so it had been arranged in a pub a mile or so from my place. Cars were left by my home and people just walked the odd mile or so to the pub.

I was surprised to note how grown up my nieces and nephews now were, - you tend to remember them as you last saw them. - Aside from that much was as before,fussing over,the party went okay and I just mingled,going with the flow. Except for one particular neice,in no time I realised several things about her. She wasn't quite like the others. Oh,she mixed in okay,but she made it plain she didn't partake of alcohol settling for soft drinks.

Watching her after her exclamation emphasised her reluctance for booze. I noticed several contradictions. One she moved unobtrusively from one seat to another,always sipping others drinks,that were alcoholic. Also she, when taking others seats - None were permanantly taken as members talked and mingled - No she seemed to be trying to flash various blokes,you know, an opening of legs mainly,spliced with the over leaning forward of touching of shoes,stuff like that that showed clearly no bra' adorned her small eighteen year old breasts.

Now I would have thought nothing of it if she'd targeted peers in her own age group,but the more I watched her,the more I realised she was more inclined to be flashing blokes of my age or even twenty years my senior. That is,uncles and husbands even great uncles. There was no doubt some had noticed her when their turn came for a flash. Then, I became her next victim.

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Now the cunning young tormentor,with the most innocent of smiles at her lips,took a gulp of someone's short, then I watched as her thighs drew apart,nothing obvious but after a quick glance around - to see she was not noticed - she continued,to open them. As soon as she realised I'd clocked it,the smile returned and one leg crossed the other provocatively showing her panty's or is it a thong? - I thought,you dirty little hussy!

As a forty odd year old batchelor,I wasn't well up on this lingerie stuff. Anyway,I enjoyed her little performance,it got better as she unobtrusively un-crossed them and so innocently showed, for only seconds the top of her thighs completely,I couldn't miss the width of gusset on view. Its filminess and was that a shadow of her young dark pubes? If her head was anything to go by,she would be almost black down there,or bald! I had a tantalising moment as I certainly loved a bald pussy,but concluded,I'd just spotted a bushy dark one.

The show was over as far as my turn for flashing was concerned and I kept an eye on her sipping and flashing for the rest of the evening. I reckoned by now she had to be pissed or out of her brain really with the amount of illicit booze she'd pilfered. I wondered about that later,perhaps she wasn't of drinking age? Who knows? So having had my share of booze,I felt I was still the most sober amongst them.

It fell to me,to get the prize. This light weight young niece latched on to me. . . "Uncle,you'll give me a lift I bet" - "Ronnie,we're all walking remember, No cars for a mile yet! - "No! A lift lift,you know carry me on your back" - "Oh! You mean a piggyback" - "Yeah,no way can I walk that far in these heels" - They were high I admit - Talk about 'Lamb to the slaughter' - I bought it!

As soon as she,no not jumped on to my back, uttered - "I'll need to get on a wall to let you get hold of me. I was secretly drinking,did you see? You know,you saw me I bet" - I knew this was code for not only did you see me drinking,but you saw what I had for lunch! I said nothing as she made much of clambering onto the wall with my help and letting me study her lunch items again in more detail as I couldn't avoid my eyes looking up her legs.

Now settling on to my back and with my hands taking a grip under her ass - which I realised was uncovered by any dress- so my hands were full on what could only be her naked skin. Tantalising my hands as I tried to work out if it was thigh or naked bum cheek.

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   I'd got as far as,its a thong when she cooed in my year. - "You'll have to put me down,I'm losing a shoe - and most seductively - I need to pee!" - Luckily by now we were trailing last in the column,so as a cars headlights coming from behind us highlighted a very pert ass as as she decended her dress must have slipped up to her belly.

I only realised this as the closeness of fit had it still high and dry up around her waist as she moved on to the grass verge to have this pee. Expecting her to be private about this,I was shocked as she on easing her thong away from her pussy promptly pissed straight in front of me. The light was only by full moon but the sight of watching this young pussy putting out piss made me hard. - I needed to stop where this was going,but on the other hand!!!

I politely turned away as the pissing stopped,assuming she would need to stand and pull her thong back up. - "Oh piss! That had to happen" - I didn't question her predicament,but waited for her to again get up on my back. - "I don't reckon these shoes will stay on like that,as your legs move it tries to brush the straps off of my dangling legs" - Those naked dangling legs had tormented my cock for the last half mile as I glanced first one side,then the other!. That's why her ass was in my hands,the dress was right up her back.

"Lets try this way!" - In an instant she had jumped at me and we both nearly toppled over as I caught her, just! - "That was daft doing that,I've had some booze as well mind" - "OOO! Uncle,sorry,I'm just excited,that's all. Don't you watch the old films - you know! - where the heroin gets carried by her hero because she's twisted her ankle" - Her mouth purred into my ear. - "Tonight you're my hero!"

Then it clicked,my hand holding her bum while she gripped me round the neck was back on the naked ass alright,but that was naked pussy my fingers were against and each time she unacountably wriggled, my fingers were going ever deeper into that young pussy slit. - "Christ veronica! Let me put you down a mo' I can't carry you this way!" - Clinging tighter than ever,the purring was in my ear again,her hot breath sounding as excited as my cock was. - "Is it because you're touching my pussy? Sorry,I wet my thong,so I took it off,but I don't mind that you're touching on there!"

"Verionica! I'm your uncle,you know we can't do stuff like this" - The purring seductive tones was back in my ear. - "You'd do it if I wasn't your niece,is that what you mean? Okay,make out we're not uncle and niece,you can't be thinking I can walk that far surely and I won't tell what you felt!" - By now as she insisted on clinging at me my two fingers were inside her vagina and that vagina was undoubtedly getting very wet as I could feel her love juices tickling the hairs on the back of my knuckles.

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   - A kiss on my neck just at the earlobe - "Uncle,you can't stop now,its really making me feel nice. Is it because its making you feel nice? as well!"

Feel nice? I was almost cumming in my boxers. - My silence was condemning. - "It is,I bet you're liking feeling me just like I am,you know liking your fingers feeling inside my pussy!" " I bet you could move them as we walk. - Like a zombie I started to move my fingers up in her then back and up again. - In moments she bit into my neck and I knew she was having an orgasm. - Minutes passed,then. - "Did you feel my orgasm?" - "MMM!" - "Did it make you as well? You know, cum off!" - "N-o-o-o!" - "I bet I could!" - "Veronica! Stop it! I'm still an uncle"

Ignoring my comment, - "We're here then,about time,you know by the time they all decide to move,I'll be sound asleep on your settee" - "you sound very sure of that!" - "I bet you will be as well!" - I couldn't argue with that,I felt knackered what with the booze and prick tormenting,I had a lot to dream about! - As they sorted out who should drive regarding who had not been drinking, - mostly the wives got lumbered - Veronica was in deep animated discussion with her mum.

"Eric,could you drop her home tomorrow if she stays,she's been drinking '''Unknown to me''' and she said she felt sicky,we don't want her puking all over after such a good night - Will it be a problem?" - "No! At the rate,you lot are going,we'll still be here come dawn,I'm almost asleep on this settee and she'll need to lay here till she feels less unwell" - I closed my eyes and in moments I felt a body close by me as- It had to be Veronica - she moved on to the settee beside me. Her feet touching my side made me jerk inwardly as I felt the coldness penetrate my clothes. - "Your feets cold!" - "Sorry,you'll warm them for me I bet" - Then a kiss,it was her mother kissing her good night as they left.

"Try not to puke Ronnie, your uncle looks done in!" - "Right mum, 'night" - Followed by an exagerated yawn. - A while later, - "Good,that's the last of them gone. They took long enough!" - I mumbled a response - Then there was silence and she must have dozed off as did I. But not before her position changed over to her laying the other way round.

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   Now her head was at my stomach and her feet - now warm - were gone from my side. With my belly acting as a pillow she dozed off. - I after glancing down at her, dozed off as well.

I became aware firstly by a feeling of my cock getting a bit stiff. My fuzzy brain thought,A piss,you need a piss. Now more with it I realised I had the weight on my belly still, where Veronica was still apparently sleeping. - No. I hadn't needed a pee,but my cock was partly hard. I lay and in contemplating if or what if I tried to move from under her. I became aware,what had started my hardon. - A finger was smoothing across the very tip of my cock,but outside of my trousers,it touched so tantalisingly gentle that my cock responded even more. Then I heard the seductively purring whisper,- "Uncle! Uncle are you awake?" - I felt my heart responding,it was pounding as I realised she was doing stuff to my cock. . . I didn't respond!

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