The Hide Ch2 Pt1


The next night we met at the point as usual and made our way to the hide. There was a strange, quiet distance between us and I suspected some guilt from last night. I decided to leave it be and see how the land lay.
We sat in the ditch watching for an hour or so before he cleared his throat as if ready to talk. I waited quietly. “That was quite a story last night, is there more?” he asked. “Yes I’ve had quite a time of it” I replied “but it’s your turn to tell if you want to”. He became silent and I left the silent pause hang in the air. In my mind I decided to count slowly to ten and as always the other person began to speak before I reached eight. The silence just has to be filled. “It’s a bit awkward because I feel bad but good at the same time” he started “I blame the impulses. ” “Just say it as it is” I encouraged.
OK, he began. My daughter is 16 and just legal, her friend Jem is nearly 17. For ages I’ve always thought of Jem as being advanced in her ways about boys and the like. She’s always dressed sexily with micro skirts and tight blouses, she’s tall for her age at nearly 5’8” and slim.

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   Her hair is long brown and always immaculate. She strikes me as a bit of an airhead but reliable and solid at the same time. She and Lisa, my daughter, have been good friends for years and I often wonder and worry what they get up to.
Once when all the girls were at mine they admitted that they were still virgins but Jem wasn’t. She was there when they told me and didn’t seem at all embarrassed that I knew. Often boys would stay over and they would all crash together in various parts of the house but they explained that they were just friends and I believe that they were only that, unlike when I was 16, I would have been trying to fuck one of them all night, not this lot they just talk and then sleep. Quite boring actually.
Jem’s skirts left little to the imagination and one night when they returned after a party and were walking upstairs I called up after them just to ask how the party was. Jem stood above me with her arse clearly visible under her short skirt as she turned to answer. I tried to avert my eyes but she just turned round to face me and stood with her legs slightly apart so that I could see her tiny thong  and told me that they’d had a great time before turning round and carrying on up the stairs with arse on full view.
Then she would sit at the computer with Lisa and her skirt would be above her pussy and she wouldn’t have any underwear on and when I’d come to speak to them she’d make no effort t cover up giving me an eyeful of fresh pussy.
Quite often I would pick up Lisa and the girls and Jem would make a point of sliding across the back seat, legs apart, flashing pussy in thong or just bare pussy for me to see. She knew I looked, all men do!
As they neared the end of the school year and their final exams rolled by Jem stayed at mine quite a bit. It was easier for her to travel to school from mine for half a day than from her house miles away. It became the norm for her to be around and I didn’t notice whether or not she was there.

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One day I got up about 3 in the afternoon having been on watch all night and went into the kitchen diner in my dressing gown to make a dink. As I stood there at the sink Jem came in and sat on the sofa at the far end of the long, narrow room. She sat there in white school blouse and regulation grey skirt with her right foot hooked up over her left knee and she was rubbing her toes. I looked and got an eyeful of white cotton covered pussy. I began to imagine what lay under the thin cloth and what it would taste like when she brought me back to reality with her words “Teri stood on my foot with her new heeled shoes and I’m sure I’ve got a broken toe, what do you think?” I looked at her and tried not to look at her pussy but at the foot she massaged. “Is it swollen?” I asked “A little I think. ” She replied “What do you think” I was still staring at her pussy and felt my cock twitch beneath my gown “Concentrate” I thought to myself. “Can you have a look at it for me?” she asked “I’m having a good look” I thought and then trying to shake that thought walked over to her. She stuck her leg out in front of her and planted the sole of her foot directly in my lap, on my semi hard cock which twitched with the pressure and which I desperately tried to make flaccid. She looked up at me with a slight smile and said “Is it swollen?” I nearly asked “What, your foot or my cock” but held back.   She quickly added “It feels swollen to me” looking directly into my eye with a wry smile.
 I just stood still as she began to move her foot around slowly, pressing the sole into my cock as if trying to describe it to herself by touch. I began to harden more as she did so. To break the spell I blurted out “Let’s have a look at your foot then” and reached down and took hold of her ankle. I then pretended to examine it.

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   She sat back on the sofa and moved her free leg to reveal even more pussy under stretched fabric. I could now clearly see the groove of her lips. My cock twitched and without the constraint of her foot began to tent my gown. “I can see some bruising but I can’t see any swelling” I said trying to sound medically qualified. “I can” she replied and when I looked into her face she nodded towards my cock.
This was when the impulses took over. You know how sometimes as you speak to someone you have this incredible urge to just lean forward and kiss them or reach out and touch them, well they are the impulses.
Before I could stop myself I said “Maybe you better check it out to see if it’s bruised as well” and letting go of her leg I stepped towards her. She hesitated and looked at the front of my gown and then taking a breath she reached forward and pulled the flaps apart revealing my cock which sprang forward to meet her. She stared at it for a few seconds and I saw the tip of her tongue absent mindedly lick her lips. I didn’t move. “Nice” she said. “I knew it would be” she just looked at my cock which twitched to be touched. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Oh just something Lisa said” she replied still staring.

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   “What did she say?” I asked “She said she often saw you naked as she was growing up and thought you had a big cock but she wasn’t sure having never seen another one” I looked at her and tried to tense myself to encourage her to reach out and take hold of it.
Again the impulses took over. “Try feeling for a tender spot” I said. She slowly reached out and took hold of it wrapping her cool fingers around the heat of my hardness. I didn’t move and slowly she adjusted her grip to fully grip it. Then she began to move it around and leaned forward to look at it closely. I froze, not wanting to put her off in any way. I stood there for a few minutes as she became comfortable handling it and looking at it.
“What do you think?”  I asked “It’s nice, much better than Tony’s” she said quite openly “In what way” I asked as if this was a perfectly natural conversation to be having with my daughter’s best friend. “Tony’s is about the same size but seems to be hyperactive and not relaxed like yours. I couldn’t just play with his without him trying to get me to do stuff. ” Feeling confident I said “You can play with it for as long as you like, it’s up to you what you do” she looked up and smiled and said “Will you sit down and let me get used to it?” I sat down next to her.
My gown fully open and my cock sticking up like a tent pole. She turned to face me and took hold of it then gradually she began to run her fingers up and down the length, I pulsed in response, “You like that” she commented “Oh yes” I replied. “What else do you like?” she asked “All sorts” was all I could say.

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   She seemed to be settling in to stroking me and I leaned back. “Shut your eyes and let me enjoy myself” she said I complied and leaning back in the sofa I put my hands behind my head and shut my eyes.
She continued to stroke me and I knew not to move. She tried fast strokes and slow strokes and I concentrated on not letting my cum build up. Some precum oozed out and she rubbed it into the tip. Then I felt her move position and a tongue flicked my tip. I nearly jumped and let out a groan. I tensed waiting for the next attack and suddenly felt the red hot wet warmth of her mouth close over my cock. I struggled not to move and she began to lick and suck and savour my cock. This continued for a few minutes and the she set up a rhythm with her mouth. I couldn’t hold back the waves anymore and said “You’ll make me cum if you carry on” she just mumbled “MMMMM” and continued so I let the waves build and as I went over the top I moaned, she lifted her mouth off my cock and continuing the same pace with her hands finished me off. I shot gallons and it went on my stomach, on her hand and on my legs. I looked at her as she smiled and examined he handy work. “Nice?” she asked “Fucking right” I replied.
I sat still and she said “Can I do that again?” “You can do it whenever you like” I said.

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   She smiled and got up and skipped out of the room, no sign of any limp. I heard her run up the stairs as I sat there covered in cum, my mind spinning. What had I just done, would she tell and all the other worries flooded over me.

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