The Hide Ch2 Pt5


The hide ch2 pt5
He continued
I lay back, cock in hand, stroking. The cold air around my hot cock felt nice. He talked calmly and almost without emotion as he explained every detail of his sex life.
“So are you getting to let her have more?” He turned towards me and in the dim moonlight I could see the glint in his eye. “Yeah, loads of helpings”
A few days after the toilet wank I was at home when the doorbell rang. I answered it to see Ricky there. She pushed past me as always and said “Where’s Lisa?” She made to go up the stairs. “She’s out” I replied. She turned and looked me up and down. “I hoped so” she smiled. She stepped towards me and put her hand on my crotch. “So is it true you’ll let me play with you without any hassle?” I took a breath, “What do you mean”. She grabbed my cock tighter and said “Jem told me you let her play with your dick without trying to fuck her and only did what she wanted you to do. Even when she let you fuck her you let her stay in charge. ” I smiled back and said “I couldn’t possibly say” she nodded and said “I would hope not, gossip is for girls”
She then began to rub my cock through my trousers, I had been semi hard and quickly became fully hard. She grunted and said “Starting to feel nice?” I just nodded.

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   She pulled down my zip and began to undo the button of my trousers. I stood still. She opened the front of my trousers and pulled forward the waistband of my shorts. Unceremoniously she looked into my shorts as my cock sprang up and said “Lovely cock”
I pushed the front door closed and looked at her “What would you like?” I asked. She had a hint of a blush and said “I want to experiment, I’ve spent hours thinking about dicks and sex and all those things and I just want to find out without pressure” I smiled and said “OK lead on” she walked into the lounge and said “Can I undress you?” I nodded. She undid my shirt and pulled it off. She pulled down my ready opened trousers. She then slowly pulled down my shorts and avoided looking at my cock. She pulled off my socks and stood back. I stood naked in front of her, my cock hard and pointing at her. She nodded approvingly.
“I want you to lie on the sofa and let me play” she said. I lay down and she knelt beside me to my right. She placed her hands on my chest and slowly ran them down my body to my groin. She circled round my cock and ran her hands down my legs.

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   Then she did an about turn and ran her hands back up, this time more towards my inner thigh. As she neared my lap she said “Open your legs” I did so. She then wrapped her left hand around my cock and cupped my balls in her right hand. She rolled my balls between her fingers as if examining me for lumps. “They’re nice and even” she commented as she rolled them back and forth. She began to stroke my cock and tried to coordinate her ball rolling and cock stroking like trying to tap your head and rub your stomach at the same time. Her efforts were a bit stilted but she continued.
After a few minutes she decided my balls were ok and left them to hang. This meant she was now stroking my cock smoothly. She swapped hands and looked at me “It’s easier this way” Then she tried run her hand up and twist it at the same time. I looked at her “I saw this on a sex advice programme” she explained. “I think you have to be sucking it at the same time” I pointed out. She nodded as if remembering. Then she leaned forward and without any hesitation sank her mouth over it. Her teeth rubbed against it and I flinched.

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   She pulled off and said “I can’t get open my mouth much more. ” “Take your time and relax” I said as she went down for another go. This time it slipped in beautifully and she began to relax and move up and down as she tried to do the hand twist in time. Despite being a first effort it felt really nice, perhaps the amateur aspect made it all the more pleasant. I began to look her up ad down. She had a t-shirt on which had ridden up revealing her lower back, I could also see into the waistband of her jeans and her pink knickers beneath. Her hair was tied up and the fine blonde hairs on the back of her neck caught the sun. I closed my eyes and lay back.
After a few minutes of great head she stopped. “Will you have sex with me like you would with a girlfriend but stop if I ask you too?” she asked almost demurely. “Sure, you want me to seduce you and make love to you” She nodded. I stood up and pulled my jeans back on, she looked saddened. “Don’t worry I never start naked” she laughed and realised what I meant. I took her hand and helped her to her feet. She stood in front of me.

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   I reached out and put my hand behind her head and gently pulled her to me. I began to kiss her and her tongue jabbed at my mouth like a snake’s. I put my other hand around her waist and began to stroke her back. She wrapped her arm around me and I felt her noticeably relax as we kissed. My hand moved from her head to her back and I felt the shape of her body through the t-shirt.
She had a strong firm back and tapered waist despite her full figure. Her arse was a smooth flowing series of curves like well set jelly. I ran my hands up her sides and brushed the sides of her breasts, pushing them together. Then I rubbed her shoulders and neck. She moaned as I ran my hands down her front and scooped up her large breasts. They didn’t move very far at all and as I suspected having seen them in the toilet, they were solid. Her nipples poked through the cloth and I rubbed them with the palms of my hand making them harden even more, she twitched as if a spark of static had travelled through her.
She began to imitate me, running her hands down my back and over my arse. She grabbed my buttocks firmly and cooed. “Nice firm arse and cock, Ambassador you are spoiling me” she joked.

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   I continued to explore her breasts and I could sense she was tingling inside. I ran my hands down her front over her belly and took hold of the bottom of her top and slowly began to lift it. I pulled the hem out and over her breast and she lifted her arms as I pulled it off her. She stood in a pink bra which I suspected matched her knickers. Lacy and sexy not a day to day bra. She had dressed for the occasion. “Nice bra” I mentioned, she smiled, grateful of the approval.
I reached behind her head and pulled the pin out of her hair. This allowed her long blonde hair to fall freely and cascade down her back and pour over her shoulders onto her chest. “You fuckin’ beauty” I said in my best Aussie accent. She giggled self consciously. I then placed my hand on her waistband and undid the button of her jeans. She tensed as I slowly pulled the zipper down. I opened the flaps like a book and saw the matching knickers “A full set” I said. I ran my hands around her waist inside the trousers and when they met at the back I pulled them out from her buttocks.

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   Slowly and carefully I peeled them down like peeling a banana. They fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them.
I stepped back and took in her whole body in one look. The lace underwear was a perfect fit. Her breasts, although big, didn’t overflow and weren’t trapped. Her knickers were high sided and shaped to exactly cover her blonde pubic triangle. This set had been bought with patience.   I took her hand and twirled her slowly around admiring the smooth flowing lines of her body and whistled quietly. She beamed a smile at me and I realised for the first time how white and perfectly aligned her teeth were. They stood out against the redness of her lips and the paleness of her skin.
I pulled her to me and began to kiss her with more urgency. She responded and we began to snog strongly. She ran her hands down to my trousers and undid the button and pulled them down. I kicked them off. She wrapped her hand around my cock and grabbed me tightly.

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   I reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra with one hand. She stopped kissing me and moved away slightly to look into my eyes and said “You’ve done that before, most boys would be there for ages” he bra fell down her lowered arms to the floor. “Years of practice” I replied.
She moved back in and her bare breast pressed against my chest. She took hold of my cock again and began to rub it. I ran my hands over her arse and under her cheeks. Then I slipped my fingers into the leg holes of her pants and pulled them down. They slid to the floor. I grasped her wonderful arse again and reached under her. My fingers me in the wet channel of her pussy. She was very wet. I lifted her slightly and she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. My cock sprang free and bounced against my fingers.
She took her weight with her arms around my neck allowing me to finger her as I held her up. I quickly found the walnut inside her and it was fully swollen.

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   With four fingers flicking it she began to groan loudly and tensing, she released a warm gush of fluid over my hands and cock as she came. “I really am a wet cummer” she said proudly. “I had hoped so” I replied “I love loads of juice” and kept flicking her walnut. She developed a rhythm and began to cum non stop. She grunted with each wave and flood wave after flood wave soaked me. I shifted my feet to keep my balance and they squelched in the wetness of the floor. I was determined to keep her cumming until she was drained. She really was squirter and I began to wonder if she’d ever stop when she said “Stop I can’t take any more” in the voice of someone who’d just finished a marathon. Her face was red and sweaty and her hair was damp with sweat. I lowered her onto the sofa and she sank back onto it. Se lay back with her eyes half closed in pleasure and said “Eat me”
I dropped to my knees between her open legs and dived straight in. Everything was wet and hot and puffed up. There was loads to eat and I feasted on every fold and flap. She had fully unwrapped and her walnut was at the edge and easy to reach by tongue. I lapped at it hoping for more juice and she quivered with each lick.

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   I brought my hands up and placed them on her inner thighs to give me more purchase so that I could really plant my mouth onto her.
She grabbed my hair and pulled me up and said “I want your cock” I knelt in front of her and pulled her down till her arse was off the edge of the sofa. My cock poised at her opening. “Sure?” I checked. She nodded “Give it to me”. I took hold of my prick and rubbed the tip up and down her slit. Her hole almost sucked it in. then I leaned forward and slowly introduced the length. She was so wet and open there was little resistance. At about half way I stopped and said “Definite?” she replied “After making me cum like that you deserve to take my virginity, no one else has done it like that before. ” I was about to move when she shifted forward and sank herself onto me. I felt the thin wall of resistance collapse and she sighed as her pubes ground against mine. I looked into her eyes. She stayed still and then after a few seconds later nodded and said “Fuck me” I pushed her back onto the sofa and began to piston my cock slowly in and out of her like the rams on an old steam train, slowly building up speed as the inertia was overcome. She grabbed my waist and dug her nails in and began to pull and push me, drawing me into her with a jolt as our pelvises met.

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   “Harder” she commanded. I began to drive home as hard as I could and the wet slapping of our loins became deafening. She grunted and moaned as I pounded at her. My sap began to rise and I drove home harder. “I’m going to cum” I shouted. “Cover me in it” she said and as the first wave hit I pulled out and blasted it onto her chest and belly, then each pump gave her skin a thicker and thicker coating. As I came she began to rub it into her skin like baby oil. Then she began to lick her fingers clean. “Jem said your spunk was tasty” she said through a mouthful of fingers. “Did she now” I said and leaned forward to kiss her. I had tasted my cum before and its taste on her mouth was unbeatable.
As we kissed and stroked each other in the afterglow she said “I’d better have a shower and go, Lisa said she’d be home in the next hour or so” she got up. “You knew she was out all along” I said “Of Course, I know exactly when she’s planning on getting in and by my watch I’ve got 50 minutes to clean up and get out before she comes home. I’ll be back in an hour and a half to visit her” she got up and bending over to give me a fantastic view, scooped up her clothes, and ran upstairs.