The Hide pt2


My listening partner’s breath seemed terse and drawn as he listened to my life unfolding in the dark.
That night I lay in my bunk and became fixated by the memory of the taste. I stroked my hard cock in the dark, eyes shut slowly to try to make myself cum to no avail. I found that by rubbing as fast as I could waves of pleasure built but broke off before peaking. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to recall every detail as the door swung open and silhouetted in the light from the landing stood my 14 year old brother “You little wanker” he called as I tried to cover up “how long have you been wanking? He asked mockingly. “I bet I can do it better than you” I replied instinctively. Sharing a room  had it’s drawbacks. “Oh you do, do you?” he said “how come?” “I just can” I replied. “I bet you can’t cum yet” he retorted, my crest fallen look answered for me “Didn’t think so” he said. Feeling brave I asked “Do you cum?” He tensed as if to take the piss but relaxed and in an almost caring way said “Yes most days twice or three times if I get the chance but with you in here as well it makes it awkward and I can’t stay in the bathroom too long without someone noticing”  My bravery grew and I said “I don’t mind if you do it when I’m here” I said. “Oh you’d like that would you? Listening to me beating my meat. ” I tried to answer but before I could he added “Everyone does it, it’s nothing to be shy of”  “I know” I said “how do you know?” before I could stop myself I replied “Tony told me” Somewhat shocked he asked “What Tony across the lane?” “Yes” I replied. “Is he still doing it in his car?” he asked. “You know?” I said “Sure, he always has” I was stunned. There was silence for a while and he came in and shut the door and switched his bedside light on.

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   I watched as he got undressed and made a point of looking at his cock as he climbed into bed naked. It was half limp and looked very nice considering it was my brother’s. That night I lay awake hoping he would wank and I could watch but he soon fell asleep.
A few night later I watched again as he got undressed and this time his cock was rock hard and about the same size as Tony’s. He didn’t get into bed as quickly as usual and gave me a chance to get a good look as he slid under the sheets. He lay on his back and the sheets rose over his cock like a small tent. Then casually he slid his hand under the sheet and I saw the cloth rise and fall as he stroked it. I pretended not to watch but as he began to make moaning sounds I felt he didn’t mind so I propped myself on one elbow and watched, stroking my now hard cock in time with him. ”You like watching?” he suddenly asked as he looked towards me. Yes” I gulped and he threw the sheets back and said “God these sheets get in the way”. He now lay back naked for me to see, his hard cock enveloped by his hand that slowly rose and fell along it’s length. I threw my sheets back and copied him. He turned his head and said “Not bad for a youngster. ” The speed of his strokes increased and with a lot of moaning he started to shoot his seed as I watched frantically beating my cock but never quite getting there. As he slowed to a stop he looked at me and said “ I know how annoying it is not cumming but in a few months you’ll start to make spunk.

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  ” “I can’t wait I said. With that he rolled over and turned off the light.
My colleague had undone his trousers and although I couldn’t see anything, the movements of his body next to me told me he was taking matters in hand. “So you don’t mind if people knock one out next to you?” my colleague said through the darkness. The night wasn’t as cold as usual, hopefully spring was around the corner. “Not at all” I replied. “Carry on” he encouraged.
Later that week I went to watch Tony and he smiled as I walked in. “Come to give me a hand have you?“ he smiled “If that’s ok?” I said “of course it is, you’re my best student” I didn’t pick up on the comment and settled into the front seat of the car as he undid his jeans and pulled them down with his underpants revealing his lovely cock. It was a bit bigger than my brother both in length and thickness. He started to stroke and I watched rubbing my cock through my trousers. After a few minutes he looked at me and nodding his head towards his lap said Come on then” I climbed over into the back seat and straddled his legs. He released his cock and laid back putting both hands behind his head. I slowly reached out and took hold of the heated hardness. It felt great.

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   I began to stroke and tried to imitate my brother’s pace. After a few strokes he looked at me and said “Slow down, is that how you do it“ I nodded and slowed down to his usual pace. A drop of precum appeared and I immediately wanted to taste it. I cleared my throat “What?” he asked “Can I taste that juice?” I asked meekly. “You do love spunk” he laughed “Of course” I rubbed my finger in it and sucked it off. It tasted similar but not the real deal. “Nice?” he asked. “It’s OK” I replied. “Don’t worry there’s going to be plenty for you to drink today, I haven’t cum since yesterday, my balls are full” This thought really excited me. I continued to dutifully stroke him and as drops of precum appeared I would wipe them off with my fingers and lick them clean. “Perhaps it would taste better direct from my cock” he suggested. “What do you mean” I asked. “Well the taste of your finger might make it different try licking it off with your tongue” keen to try anything to repeat the taste from last week I moved down his legs and as the next drop appeared I lowered my tongue onto his tip and licked it off. It did indeed taste more like it than off my finger. I then remained in that position stroking his cock with my face inches fro his helmet.

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   “Did you know it’s nice to have your cock sucked?” he asked as I quietly lapped his juices off him. “No” I said. I hadn’t thought of that. “You can try it if you like” he said. I thought this would give me more juice and slipped the tip into my mouth as I continued stroking the length with my hand. He moaned, and I realised this was the first time he had ever done so. Normally he was completely silent even when he came, unlike my brother. “Try sliding your mouth up and down it instead of your hand” he said” Get as much as you can into your mouth and suck it like an ice lolly, see if that works” I did as he suggested and his cock filled my mouth. I tried to ride up and down it but it hit the back of my throat and made me gag, there didn’t seem to be enough room. “Put the tip of your tongue over your bottom teeth, this will open your mouth a bit and stop you choking” he added. I tried that and it made a lot of difference. I could now take a good part of it into my mouth and apply suction on the way up like a lolly. “That’s it, now get the speed right” he encouraged as I relaxed and enjoyed the feelings of the soft yet hard meat in my mouth. “I’ll cum pretty soon” he mentioned “Just keep going as usual, you should be able to swallow each shot in turn if you want or let it go when you want” I wasn’t going to risk losing any and as his hips began to push rose to the tip and caught the first spurt. I sank down as I swallowed and rose again to catch the next pulse and so on in perfect timing as he emptied himself into my mouth.

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   His cock grew and grew with each shot and I began to struggle with the volume but managed to keep going until he relaxed, drained. I lifted off him and casually stroked his cock, running my fingers over the tip for any left overs and licked my lips. “I told you that you were my best student didn’t I?” he said. “Yes” I beamed. The taste was there again and I loved it. “Do you have other students?” I asked. “A few” he replied”.
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