The hide pt4


“I’m not far off cumming” he told me through gritted teeth as we stroked our cocks in the dark, damp, cold ditch. “Relax, we’ve got all night” I said calmly. “there’s no rush, I’m only half way through my story and I want to hear yours before I cum” He stopped moving and I could tell he was gently squeezing his cock. I wondered how big he was but knew that I had to wait to be invited.
We sat staring at Tony. “Andrea, how would you like to be teacher for a while?” he asked. “OK” she said. “Good, I want you to show him how to finger a girl to make her cum then guide him to make you cum. I’m going to sit and watch” he wasn’t demanding or giving orders just setting out ideas we both wanted to do.
Andrea looked at him and asked “Shall I strip or just get naked?”
“Whatever you feel best” he relied. “Ok I’ll just get naked I don’t want him finishing too soon” she said kindly. “Oh! Don’t worry about that he’s still a dry cock, you and I can have hi all day and night and he’ll never cum and never go soft, but yes, just take your jeans off and sit back and show him how it’s done” I watched as she stood up, undid her jeans and pulled them off with her shoes and sat beside me on the sofa naked from the waist down. “Have a look at me” she said and put her hand on my arm and pushed signalling for me to turn to face her. I sat beside her and looked down. Her legs were open and I could see a slightly hairy slit in her smooth mound where my cock would have been. The slit was open abut ½ an inch.

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   “See how my lips meet to make a slit?” she said. I nodded. ”when I’m not feeling sexy they are closed tight but now they are slightly apart and with a bit of touching they will open like a flower and get wet. Watch” She placed her hand over her pussy and folded her middle finger into the slit. It partially disappeared between the lips. She slowly began to move it up and down the length of her slit and with time added one then two fingers. “See how my slit has opened up?” she asked. I nodded. “It’s getting wet and stroking it is just like Tony’s cock, nice and steady” I looked over to Tony who was stroking his cock in time with her movements. “Now I’m going to play with my button” she said. Her left hand moved down and the fingers held her lips apart as her fingers on her right hands began to strum at the swollen lump at the top of her slit. “That’s my button or clit” she explained. “Like Tony’s cock, f you rub it enough I will cum”. She then began to push a finger into the hole I could now clearly see. “This is where your cock will go” she promised and if you fuck me long enough I will cum that way as well” she began to thrust he fingers in and out, they glistened with her juices.

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   “Now watch as I stroke myself, work my clit and finger myself a bit at a time until I cum. I know what to do and when but when it’s your turn I’ll tell you” with that she lay back, her head on the back of the sofa and I watched as she worked at herself with increasing sighs and groans until shuddering, she let out a cry and her hand became noticeably wetter. She clenched her thighs and smiled with dewy eyes as she looked at me.
”Now it’s your turn”  I trembled as I placed my hand on her wetness. The soft hair was wet and the skin below it soft and warm. Put your finger in the slit and run it up and down it” she directed. I complied. “Speed up a bit, . MMM that’s nice” she murmured. I sat facing her, my right hand between her legs and my middle finger sliding up and down her wet channel. “Can you feel my hard clit at the top?” she asked. “Yes” I replied. “Good give it some rubbing, light and fast not long and slow like my slit” I knelt between her legs to get better access and imitated her actions b pulling her lips apart with my left hand and strumming her clit with the fingers of my right hand. A few minutes later she said “Push some fingers slowly into me, enough to fill me without stretching me too much” I slid two then three fingers into the warm depths of her pussy. I could feel the ridges inside her.

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   “Now finger me” she said as I began to slide them in and out. Imagine your fingers in my pussy are Tony’s cock in your mouth and make him cum” I knew what she meant and adopting the steady rate I began to fuck her with my fingers. I incorporated some clit rubbing with my thumb, but the steady piston action seem to have the best effect and she began to buck against my fingers “Keep going” she called and I drove my fingers home harder and harder as her whole pussy clenched and crushed my fingers like an over tight handshake as she tensed and warm liquid ran down my wrist “OH MY GOD YOU ARE GOOD” she shouted for all to hear and collapsed on the chair my fingers still deep inside her.
We both looked over at Tony with satisfaction in our eyes. “Well done” he said “Now I want you both to make me cum and we’ll do some more tomorrow. Come over here and kneel down you can take it in turns to suck me,” we both went over and knelt beside his legs. Andrea reached up and took hold of his cock and leaned forward to take it I he mouth. Her tongue protruding she took most of it in and began to ride it. He shut his eyes and sat back. I moved my face close t hers and she pulled it from her mouth and pointed it to me. I opened my mouth and sank down on it. We took it in turns and then I was given complete control. I began my practised moves of hand and mouth. He groaned, she moved back and then i felt her reach under me and grab my cock through my trousers. I tensed at the first touch of a woman.

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   Se then moved her hand up and undid the waistband. I lifted off his cock and she just looked at me and down at Tony’s cock as if to say,  ”Don’t stop”. I returned to my sucking and she pulled down my zip. I felt my jeans and pants get pulled down off my arse and down to my knees. Then after what seemed an age she took hold of my cock. “Nice size” she said “I could take all this and enjoy it rather than struggle to cope like I do with Tony’s” Tony, dreamily said “Don’t worry, that cock and others will be yours for the taking this week and what ever else you fancy. ” She yanked hard at it a few times and said “You better be right” then as I sucked Tony to orgasm she worked my cock building up the waves and sensing when to increase and decrease pace. She made me peak on a wave which made my whole body shake and head swim but nothing came out. “Yes he’s still dry” she commented and carried on stroking my ever hard cock. Gradually Tony began to get ready to cum. “okay girl get up here and share the wealth” he called. She moved to kneel beside me and still stroking my cock put her face by mine. As his first punch erupted I swallowed and gave her mouth his cock, she swallowed the next wave and I took it back in time to get the next shot and then back to her until he had softened and we calmly sucked and licked it clean. She was still holding my cock. “Stand up and let me see you properly” she said and I stood in front of her.

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   She pulled my cock in her hand and slid her mouth over it, the warm wetness making my legs buckle. “MMMM just the right size to suck as well. You better come back tomorrow” she demanded “I will” I said meekly. “Good we have to go out now but we’ll see you tomorrow for more lessons?” I nodded and pulling up my jeans walked out through the kitchen.


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