The Milking Table


Topic: Page One“I would recommend doing the milking table with an extra request. ” She said behind the front desk, her soft caring eyes show a hint of wildness as she stresses the word “extra. ” “Um, ok. What would the extra be?” I asked nervously. “Well…” she said as she polled off her glasses “…she could ware gloves, or rub your cock with her tits or have you cum on her feet, anything really. But one thing that some guys ask for that I find really hot is that they request…” she leans forward, her voice becomes an energetic whisper “…that they are forced to eat their own cum. ” She smiled as she said “cum” her head nodded slightly. “That sounds really gross. ” I said. She quickly replied ”oh its not, it really hot. It’s the extreme in solo male sexuality. Think about it, your hot sticky goo that you normally save for some girl will be yours. ” She became completely serious as she continued “imagine your male juice flowing out of your rock hard cock, one load of thick goo after another. Now imagine that same cum not only hitting against your face but also being spread across your wet lips…” as she said this I became hard, “…it flows across your tong as you taste its strong flavor. It collects in your mouth, consuming your thoughts. Then in one great act of submission and lust, you swallow forever knowing the essence of you.

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  ” Her smile returned “My boyfriend has eaten his cum several times, it really gets me horny. ” I was horny too with her graphic description of the processes. “Ok…” trying to play it cool, “…I think I’ll do that. ” I said containing my overly excited voice. “Great. ” She exclaimed “just have a seat and we will serve you soon” and with that she sat back down. I sat down too, in a chair farther from the front desk as my mind got around what I just agreed too. I was excited and nervous, both impatiently waiting to feel what she in earnest describe and coming to the actually realization of willing doing what I just agreed to. “I could just go up there and change it” I thought one moment, which was fallowed by “but it sound so hot, besides you came here to explore and expand your mind on what sexuality can be for me. ” I bit my lower lip, trying to decide on the right course of action between now my two conflicting options. “True, I am here to expand on my sexuality but doing that sounds a bit too much too quickly, and beside, if I like it here I can always come back another time and request that. ” And with that thought I was convinced. I paused mid-way in standing up from my chair, my mind quickly rain back over both sides of the argument double checking my conclusion, I still agreed to change it. As I stood and looked up at the front desk I found that she was on the phone. I slowly made my way to her but when I had gotten half way between where I was sitting and the desk a young slender woman in a tight nurse uniform rounded the corner holding a clipboard.

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   She looked up as I continued on my path towards the front desk. She smiled as I shifted my eyes to her and said “Oh, are you ready…” without pausing “… fallow me” and turned her back to head down the hall. I stopped dead, I glance at the girl at the font desk, and her back was turned as she talked on the phone. My eyes shifted back to the nurse’s butt as she stopped a few steps in front of me turning her head to see that I was fallowing her. A half a pause in this climax moment and then quietly I walked towards the nurse as she led my down the hall. My mind was racing, why was I doing this, why didn’t I say something. The voice that was for it spoke up. “Well, I guess I’m going through with it. It could be fun, remember how hot it was hearing about it. ” Still there was doubt, it continued “think how much hotter it will be when it happens to me. And besides if it not a turn on, it’s just cum, I’ve eaten nastier thing before. And maybe…” The nurse opened a door and led me inside, my eyes fell on the table. “…you’ll like the taste. That would make masturbation a whole lot easier to clean up” and with that last thought I was ready to do it. The table was all black with a padded surface, an array of different withes and angles of straps hung down from the table making it look like it was covered with a table cloth.

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   “Take off your cloths and lay down” the nurse said now with a monotone and a look of boredom. She leaned against the wall and waited. I removed my shirt, I was waiting for my nerves to spike, like it did in the waiting room, it didn’t as I kicked off my shoes and slid off my paints. Slowly I peeled off my boxers; my cock caught my eye as I saw it in a whole new way. It dangled between my legs as I stepped out of my boxers, in a flash I saw stream after powerful stream of liquid white cum shoot from my cock as my balls quivered relentlessly. I snapped out of it. I didn’t realize until the nurse moved my arm up into position that I had walk over and laid down on the table. I felt the straps hold my arm strongly in place as my other arm was moved into position. The strap doge into my ankles as my last limb was surrendered to the table. I shifted slightly and felt all of the straps hold me tight as I watched the last strap fall strongly against my chest guaranteeing that I had no longer control over what was going to happen to me. The nurse held the clipboard in front of her; it was time for it to begin.
The nurse read from the clipboard. “Welcome to the milking table” she said in a monotone. “Do you understand that you will be jerked off. ” “Yes” I replied.

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   She continued. “Do you understand that I will decide if and when you are allowed to ejaculate?” “Yes” I said. “If you find the jerking to be uncomfortable and you want it to stop, you’re out of luck because I am in control. Do you understand?” “Yes” I reply. “After you ejaculate your cum it will be put into your mouth and your mouth will be forced closed. Do you understand?” “Yes”. “Do you understand that you must swallow your cum before you are allowed to open your mouth again. ” “Yes” I said. “Good, I will now proceed to feed you your cum. ” She said as she set down the clipboard and squeezed some lube into her hand. Both hands stretched out and took hold of my soft cock. Firmly she jerks my cock. “Get hard for me” she said. In a moment my shaft expanded and my head puffed out becoming completely hard. “There you go” she replied as her fingers pressed into the veins as her hand slid up and down.

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   I let out a whimper that triggered a devilish grin across the nurse’s face. “Look at your beautiful cock, it just full of lots of tasty cum. ” Her hands gracefully slid around my cock, and with each stroke sending me just a little bit closer to my fate as she found joy in mocking me. “I bet you can’t wait to drink a glassful of your hot sticky cum. Can you?” She said, I said nothing but let out another soft moan. “I am going to pump out more cum out of you then you have ever imagined…” she said quickening her strokes “…so you will have plenty to drink. ” Then   Stopping her strokes instantly she wrapped her fist around my cock and gave it a good squeeze, I let out a painful sigh as the blood pumped into my cock’s sensitive head. “You like that don’t you, the way I toy with your cock like that…” she leaned down by my ear and said in a devilish whisper “you will love how I finally make you cum…” she stood up again and girlishly stated “but not yet, I still want to play with you. ” Her hands continued with their stroking. Her little whisper in my ear returned my doubt, did I really allow myself to be strapped down naked to a table and have some craze nurse jerk me off and allow myself to be forced to eat my very own cum?! I couldn’t stand it, I had to make her stop but the pleasure she was giving me was becoming intense. In a moaning cry I begged “Please! Don’t make me eat my cum!” Another girlish giggle, and she said “Sorry sweetie, but there is only one place where your cum is going and…” she put her finger to my lips “that’s right in there so relax and when I tell you to open your mouth wide for me. Ok?” I shook my head, my body now quivered and twitched with every pump of her hand. “I want this to be over now!” I begged again, “it will be over when you swallow” she calmly replied. I tried to protest again but the pleasure from her stimulation was too great for me to speak, I could feel a title wave of lust and cum approaching quickly. I bit my lower lip, I couldn’t do anything, ever my mental ability to fight this now unwanted pleasure were gone, as my body shifted restrained but wait for it to hit.

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   “Looks like someone is VERY close to cumming…” she smiled and asked “are you ready to surrender your cum to me?” she then looked at me as if I was to answer her, the only thing I could manage was a slight sideways nod of my head. “Good” she paused, “you may cum” and as if she had pressed a button that overpowering title wave hit my body like a surge of uncontrollable power as my body bowed up inches off the table, my eyes rolled into my head blurring my vision. I could only feel the complete power of my cock rocketing load after overlapping load of thick cum over and over again, filling the small cup that was to collect my cum in a moment that felt forever. My body finally subsisted as my cock continued to push out squirts of cum filling a now half full clear plastic cup ounce by ounce. After pushing out the last little blob of cum from my wasted cock she let it fall on my stomach. “Not a single drop lost” she remarked admiring the cup full of my cum. I was pumped dry and completely drained of any energy as I lay completely still on the table. As she swirled my cum around I could barely see the thick soupy dull white liquid doted with soft chucks coating the inner wall of the cup that would be my meal. “It’s time” She said smiling as she moved the cup just a few inches above my face. “Open your mouth” she said with that girlish voice. I didn’t move, I didn’t want to drink my cum but I was too exhausted to do anything about it. “Open” she softly demanded and with that she gently but firmly opened my mouth with her thumb and held it open, all I could do was watch as I except my cum. With the upbeat tone of “enjoy” she tilted the cup to its side as my cum rolled out and flowed down splashing into my awaiting mouth. Its worm tick texture layered in my entire mouth, coating my teeth a dreary white as some of the soft chucks found open crevasse to collect in. My cheeks puffed out to contain all of my male juice as the weight of my gooey sperm pushed against the back of my throat edging in eagerly to be let down and consumed.

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   My tong swam in its musty brawny flavor. Turning the cup upside down the last little blob of cum joined the rest as she peered into my open mouth full of my seed. “Now gargle your cum” she requested still hold my mouth open for her viewing enjoyment. Too drained to even think of a reason why not I managed to force out several bursts of air which frothed up my syrupy cum as it bubbled out over my lips jacketing them with cum as each bubble bursts. Returning to her annoying girlish voice she stated “I guess someone likes to play with his cum” and then she giggled as she slowly painfully guided my jaw shut. My mouth filled to its absolute capacity struggled to contain all of my cum as a few drops were squeezed through my quivering thigh lips. “Keep all of your wonderful cum in you mouth now” she instructed, with still the girlish voice as she brushed her finger across the top of my lips collecting the few drops that escaped, she smiled as she patently look down at me. I struggled to hold my cum in my mouth as I now yearned for her to instruct me with the one word that only a few moments age I had shuttered to think of actual doing. It was all too clear now that this was fated the moment I turned to fallow her down the hall. It was all just a matter of time before I would be here now, one word away from the great act of submission and lust, forever knowing the essence of me. One word. Her face so close to mine that her warm sweet breath crossed my face as her childish menacing smile faded to show a somber glee like a nurse tenderly giving care to a desperate patient and in a generous voice spoke “swallow. ” My throat opens as my cum dispenses into me and in a sickening rush of obeying her orders I swallow my own cum. It went done hard making me feel sick still feeling its bulky substance rolling around in my stomach, more cum was still left in my mouth. It took concentration as I swallowed again adding to the abundance of cum that was already in me.

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   I opened to finally get a breath as only the coating of cum was still in my mouth. “finish these few drops” she informed as she brought her finger still holds a few excepted drop of cum to my lips, I opened letting her slid her finger in and scrape it off with the back of my front teeth, I couldn’t taste anything as I let this little bit of cum dance on my tong before letting it joint the rest. “That’s a good boy. ” the nurse said, patting me on the shoulder “I’m glad to see that you enjoyed it. ” I was too exhausted to do anything but smile.