The Other Room Chapter 3


The boy would be invited to our house but not told I knew of the intentions. He would be told that here was a woman who liked sex and liked to be watched – and maybe she would not mind him being there. It would all be made to look spontaneous and not pre-arranged from my point of view. Now my objection that a boy might be phased out and shocked by a woman like me making advances to him was cancelled out. This boy apparently was allowed to look at porn and expressed an interest in all things sexual – a budding pervert perhaps. Ben was very enthusiastic in telling me how he would like to watch me sucking a young boy and letting him fuck me. Though I pretended not to be interested the more I thought about it the more aroused I got!Though all were happy that the boy would not scream and run from the room it would be necessary for me to put on a little act. Like all other adventures this would not only be for the enjoyment of Ben but certain handpicked friends would be there – three in fact. The appointed evening arrived with our daughters being absent at friends and my excitement was building. The group turned up – all normal – my husband having offered them refreshments after a football match. The boy was accompanied by a man unknown to me – and to my shock but a shock that turned to arousal – I was told that he was the father! Now having a new man with us always excited me but knowing what they wanted me to do – with his son!All appeared normal to the boy as I gave refreshments out and then sat with the men whilst they talked about the game. Being seated in between my husband and one of his friends it was easy for them to start the ball rolling. Ben put his arm around my shoulder and began by giving little kisses to my neck and cheek as they talked. As they became more and more passionate the boy started to look excited and aroused. As part of the act I began to protest and fake coyness saying he shouldn’t be doing that in front of the boy and the others. It followed a familiar pattern as I was coaxed into allowing the other man sat with us to also have a kiss and soon the boy was watching intently as hands began to roam up my thighs and buttons were popped open.

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  I giggled nervously as I pleaded, “No – you shouldn’t do that!” and in my role as naughty but shy housewife I eventually gave in to requests to let the others “have a go”. Soon all the men had taken a turn to kiss and play with my tits and as the boy’s father was encouraged to take part the man sought assurance from his son that he wouldn’t “tell on him”. The boy seemed happy that he should be allowed to stay and watch these grown up games. Clearly he was fascinated by how I allowed the men to play with my body and unfasten my clothes. “Come on – take your dress off!” one of the men urged. After resisting for several minutes I hesitated and said, “Well I can’t – what about the boy?”“He’s OK – isn’t that right Tom?” a man asked him. The boy gulped and unable to answer rapidly nodded his head. He knew that his presence was the only thing stopping me from getting undressed and it was blowing his mind. I could tell he was wondering if he would be told to go somewhere else while the grown ups played. When he heard my next comment he almost freaked out. “Well alright then – if you’re sure. ”I stood and began to peel off my clothes leaving me stood in just bra and knickers and black stockings. “You OK with this Tom – or do you want to leave the room?” the boy was asked. He nodded and gulped at the same time as he watched one man after he other stand and dance with me while their hands wandered all over my body. “Ever seen a woman undressed before Tom?” When he indicated he hadn’t I was urged to show him more and went through the same routine of pretence as first I took of my bra then to his utter disbelief I allowed the men to peel off my panties.

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  “Come over here Tom – are you going to let Tom have a closer look Jane?”I smiled at the boy and indicated it was fine to come and join me on the couch and with a little nervous hesitance eventually he did. I took his hands and moved them over my body before letting them rest on my tits. Then as I lowered his hand to my pussy he flinched and looked scared. “He’s shy!” remarked my husband, “Why don’t you take him into the other room?”No one spoke as I stood and led the boy toward the door – me totally naked – he almost shaking. I took things slow and gentle in the room and whispered for him to let me show him how I liked to be touched. I held my cunt open for him and showed him where my clit was. With a little persuasion I told him how much I would like to see his penis and play with it and soon he allowed me to take off his trousers. Careful not to make him “cum” too soon I played with his little dick and then as he relaxed enjoying it all I moved him over to lie on top of me and placed his cock against my vagina. As I encouraged him to fuck me the others quietly stepped into the room to watch. Holding the boy’s buttocks I moved him hard up and down and pressed him against my pelvic bone. He soon ejaculated but my pleasure increased and I had my first orgasm which was obvious to the men. As the boy flopped off me exhausted and in a dream he could only watch as the others, including his father satisfied their lust with me. It was the first of many sessions and the boy became expert in licking my cunt to bring me off. Over time my husband found more boys to play our games and even once there were two who happily sat between my legs and explored my cunt with their fingers before being taken into the other room. It was while one of these episodes was taking place that I had what was probably my biggest shock and surprise – even though I should have known it would probably happen someday.

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  I was sat on the couch with a young boy who was knelt on the seat eagerly wanking off his little cock into my mouth. I was conscious that the door had opened but thought nothing of it so carried on. It was when I caught the expression on my husband’s face that I was compelled to stop and turn to see who was behind me. I froze then felt frightened - then ashamed. I had been caught red-handed and for several long seconds avoided looking at the person feeling mortified. Eventually I did look up – into the gaze of our eldest daughter whose manner confused me though my brain wouldn’t at first register why. Then as more tense seconds passed by I detected smirks and smiles on the faces of the men. As my eyes flitted back and forth I noticed that our daughter looked at her father as though asking “what should I do now?” Then my eyes dropped to her lower half to see she was dressed in the shortest skirt ever – that the crotch of her panties was visible and under her thin top she was wearing no bra. To my shock and horror I realised that this was no accident and that she had been well aware of the “goings on” in this room - I had been set up. Our daughter, unknown to me had been “initiated” into the perverted ways of her father – but it’s now for her to explain just how that came about. .
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