The Scent of a Child... Christa learns what a man really wants


No longer able to contain himself, he gently pulled down her covers, revealing to his needy eyes,sleeping nipples covered by a cotton crop top, with a tiny pink bow between her budding breasts. He longed to taste her sweet silky nipples. He continued his rolling back of the blankets providing the most delicious view he had ever seen of a barely concealed cotton covered cunt. Her little panties hugged her hips, molding to them like skin. Showing every inch of her smooth, babylike skin. He couldnt help but trace a finger over her through her thin white panties. He could just see the pale blonde hair bristling beneath his caress through the cotton. In that moment he hated that cotton. All he could think of was tearing it off her tight young body, and exploring every inch of her. He could almost imagine her innocent reactions to his hard swollen cock pressing into her innocent virgin flesh. Pounding her cunt for the first time. Watching her features stretched taut as she flew over the edge. Feeling her shudder against his skin. oh god, shes so smooth he thought Christa was still sleeping so soundly, he wondered if she would notice if he was to just barely pull her panties aside, to show himself how perfect her untouched pussy must be. Not sure of what was going to happen next, he slowly slid her panties over. What he saw was the most beautiful thing he had ever viewed, her lips were pink, so soft, spread eveer so slightly, almost welcoming him.

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   He ran a fingertip slowly down her slit, as he did so, she moaned quietly in her sleep. He stopped staring at her face, curved into a half smile. He couldnt believe it, she was enjoying his touch. He wanted to continue his secret exploration of her yielding young body, but he heard footsteps in the hallway, apperantly Christa's sister was looking for him. He stood up and was going to leave her room, he realized with a tremor in his heart, that he did not want this precious little girl to get cold. So he went back, and covered her tender little body back up, leaning down to place a warm kiss to her temple, he smelled her, so hot, heady, so sweet. . . . and he knew he had to have her.