The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 5


Mother-Superior Hildegard returned to her chambers after making her final checks of the facility for the night.   It had long been her habit to walk through the quiet halls of St. Sebastiens before turning in.   At 62 years of age, the meager exercise each night did her good.   It kept her slim and limber, and as her usual duties included overseeing the students, she felt she needed to stay as active as possible.
Hildegard was born in Austria and had become a full priestess in the Order of Querini-Zaccaria under Father Lukas in Europe.   With the brewing turmoil in Germany threatening to drive the world to war once again, she accompanied Father Lukas to western Canada to take over and revitalized the floundering school.   For the last decade she had been able to explore her personal sins with other like-minded sisters, as well as eager young women and men.
One of the young men she had discovered recently was a Canadian theology student named Paul.   He was now 17 years of age, and was among a select few in the advanced studies courses, over which Mother-Superior Hildegard presided.   Advanced studies were very difficult and required time-consuming hours of self-study in the Abbey's library.   The students who followed this course would eventually become leaders within the Church.   So it had come as a mild surprize when Sisters Eunice and Mari had informed her that young Paul had made advances, and fornicated with them at separate times.
Paul had been at St. Sebastiens for two years, but strict guidelines of her Order left any student under 16 off-limits to their letchery.   Paul was now 17 upon his return, and Hildegard knew that young Paul had never been with a woman under the age of fifty.

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    The two sisters who had been with him carnally that previous spring had informed her of his elder desires.
On this evening, Hildegard retired to her chambers and, facing a night alone with energy to spare, she retrieved one of her special candles.   She removed her habit, hanging it neatly in her closet, then stripped off her plain white under garments and lay naked on her bunk.   With a half dozen candles lighting her chamber, she began to rub her well used pussy with the cool wax phallus.   Her musky juices flowed as she tickled her elongated clitoris with her index finger.   Once her candle was well lubed by her juices, she aimed the ten-inch shaft at her needy hole and parted the heavy, thick lips of her labia with her fingers.   A single, well-aimed thrust sent the candle's entire length up into her vagina and she grunted deeply with lustful release.   As the tower bells began to ring mid-night, she quickly picked up a fuck-pace that sent shivers of delight through her body.   Her pussy walls gripped and released the phallus, and her hips began to rock and hump on the matress.
Paul had been studying and found questions he knew he would have to have the answers for before going to bed, otherwise he would never get to sleep.   He knew Mother-Superior Hildegard, his primary instructor, walked the halls before going to her chambers, and he hoped to catch up with her.   He knew where her chambers were, and headed that way in an attempt to intercept the elderly nun.   As he approached her chamber door, however, he saw the flicker of candle light under the bottom edge.   She had already turned in, he knew.
Paul started to turn away and head for his own chambers when he thought he heard a moan come from within the nun's chamber.

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    He hesitated and listened, again hearing the moan.   He started to knock at the door when another, deeper and longer moan was heard from within.   Paul recognized the sounds as being of lust and not pain.   Puzzled, he gently tried the door.   It was not locked, as none of the chamber doors had any, and he peered inside.   What he saw made his heart race with excitement and his crotch pulse with need.
Paul quickly stepped through the door into the dim, candle-lit chamber and silently closed the door behind him.   Sister Hildegard was on her bunk, humping wildly at the candle that her fist was driving rapidly in and out of her gaping vagina with thick, slurping noises.   The thick forest of gray pubic hairs, as gray as the hair atop her head, was glistening with vaginal dew.   Her moans of release filled the chamber and covered the sounds of Paul unfastening his trousers.   He pulled his hardening cock out and fisted it, stroking in time with the movements of the phallus-candle.   He knew, however, that this was not going to satisfy the growing lustful needs within him.   They had been ignited and had to be quenched by physical contact.
Paul stepped out of the shadows and approached the writhing elderly nun with his hardened manhood in his grip.   The sloshing of the candle within her pussy folds came to an abrupt halt as Hildegard became aware of the teen's presence.

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"Young man!" she gasped at his sudden appearance.   "What are you doing within my chambers?"  Her gaze went to the hard cock aimed at her face.   The fire in her lions flared at the sight of young, powerful boy-flesh just inches away.   Before Paul could respond, she reached for his hip with an unsteady hand and pulled the teen closer.   With him standing above her at the head of the bunk, the purple crown of his cock was a mere few inches from her salivating mouth.   That distance vanished as she leaned over and engulfed his offering.
"Ooohh, yes!" Paul gasped in delight at the elderly nun's sudden oral attack.   She had gobbled nearly half of his five inch cock in that single move, and after only a couple more gulps, she had her nose buried in his sparce blonde pubic hairs.   Mother-Superior Hildegard was an expert at many things in the Church, and cock sucking was one of them.   In no time she was slurping and sucking at his manhood with abondon.   Her tongue flitted all across and around his shaft and cockhead, coating him in her saliva.   Her cheeks puffed in and out as she sucked him deep into her mouth, then released him to savor his spongey knob.
Paul could feel the cum boiling in his balls, building up to a powerful explosion, and Sister Hildegard could sense his impending release.   Instead of awaiting the mouthful of hot boy-cum she craved deep in her belly, she reluctantly released the cock from her oral grip.   Paul sighed in disappointment, the need to cum almost out of his control.

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    A single, thick drop of cum dribbled from his piss-slit.   A quick lick and Hildegard had captured it in her tongue, as a taste of things to come.
"Get undressed, young man," she commanded, and Paul with quick to obey the Mother-Superior.   She reminded him of his maternal grand-mother, who had been so strict, and yet very loving, with him as an early teen-ager, after his mom had died and before he decided that the Church was the course he wanted to follow in his life.   He had slept with his grand-mother in her large bed, and after a while, with his body in the grips of puberty, she had begun to teach him to be a man, and to make love.   His grand-mother had been his first, and would always be Paul's favorite.   The experiences he had had with her, and a few of her friends, had made him desirous of all women over fifty.
Mother-Superior Hildegard toyed with her gaping, dripping pussy folds, so casually displayed for the teen's gaze as he finished undressing.   His cock pulsed and bobbed before her own gaze.   He reached down and began to stroke his cock, as his grand-mother had taught him to.   The two silently masterbated for each other until Sister Hildegard moved in to once again take his cock between her lips.   This time, Paul reached down and cupped her heavily sagging, blue-veined breasts.   They were heavy in his hands, and the thick nipples rested in his palms like marbles.   He began to squeeze and pull at her udders, making her moan around his cock, which was buried to the hilt in her throat.
Hildegard once again released his flavorful cock and began to lick and suck at his ball sack.

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    She tongued his puckered little asshole a moment later and Paul moaned at the new delights the elderly nun was initiating him with.   Without a second thought, Paul suddenly pushed Hildegard back away from his crotch and onto her back on the bunk.   Hildegard could see the wild lust in the teen's eyes and knew he was now the master.   She quickly rolled up onto her hands and knees to present her gaping crotch for his attack.
Paul moved onto the bunk behind her and grabbed hold of her round, wrinkled ass cheeks.   He aimed his cock at the gaping slot of her pussy and thrust through the damp folds deep into the nun's very moist core.   Juices of lust gushed from her hole as he plunged into her and leaked down her thighs and coated his balls.
"Uuunnggh!" she grunted.   "Slowly, young man, slowly. "  Paul had taked her hips in his strong grip and had began to pound his cock into her.   "Slow down and make it last, Paul.   Fuck me, but fuck me with ravenous lust, not out-of-control abandon. "  Even while being fcuked, Sister Hildegard could be an instructor.   "Ooohh, that's it, Paul," she moaned as his control returned, "slow, deep, and with desire.   Reach down and feel every fold within my body with your strong cock.

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    Push deep and feel my cervix kiss the tip of your cockhead, Oooohhhh!"
The wooden bunk squeaked under Paul's deep thrusting assault on Hildegard's vagina.   Within minutes his powerful strokes set off the nun's orgasm, announced with a gutteral moan and gush of fresh cunt cream from her hole.   She fucked back onto his pistoning shaft as hard and as fast as he delivered into her, making her flabby tits slap from her belly to her chin.   She rode the waves of orgasm for as long as she could, savoring the tremors of pleasure that the boy's cock had delivered onto her.
As the rush finally released her, Sister Hildegard pulled off of Paul's wonderful cock and turned around.   Confused, Paul fell back onto his haunches as she advanced on him.   She smiled lustfully as she took control of the situation.   She straddled his hips and dropped her hungry old pussy back down his virile young cock.   Hildegard began to ride Paul's cock hard, deep, and fast.
Paul held the nun's soft ass globes in his grip as she bounced roughly in his lap.   She came completely up and off of his cock before dropping savagely back into his lap.   Her pussy ripped open to gulp his cock back into its depths with liquid sloshes.   The sounds of sweaty skin smacking together echoed in the nun's chambers, as did their compined grunts and groans of lust.   Hildegard once again began to quake as another series of orgasms thrilled her.
Sister Hildergard once again came to her senses long enough to change things for Paul.

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    She wanted to teach him that he could come to her, at any time, for anything, especially for sexual release.   Many times Paul had come close to ejaculating, but each time she seemed to know and stopped just short.   His balls ached for release.   The cum boiled within his body and the need to fill the elderly nun with his load was overwhelming for Paul.   He'd never gone so long without cumming at least once.   She was a master of prolonging his lustful agony, as Paul had found out.
"Sodomize me, Paul," Hildegard said as she once again slipped off of his cock just as he felt the cum boiling again.   She went to her hands and knees before him again, and presented her gaping crotch.   He was taken aback that a nun, even one as horny as Sister Hildegard, could ask to be violated in such a manner.   It was the ultimate in fleshly sins, as far as Paul knew.   Even as these thoughts went through his mind, he moved to once again kneel behind Sister Hildegard's ample ass.
With her face buried in her pillow, Sister Hildegard reached back and pulled her fleshy globes apart to reveal her well-travelled asshole.   Paul gazed into her winking brown-eye and with his cock fisted, he aimed the head at its dark center.   When he touched the tip to her anus, she pushed suddenly back with her hips.  
"Uuunngg!" Hildegard grunted.

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    With that initial penetration, Paul found nearly half his cock buried in her warm bowels.   He grabbed hold of her hips and pulled them further back, and thrust his cock fully into her ass.
"Aaagghh, Paauuul!  It huuurtsss!  Oh, it huuurtss!" she cried.   Her asshole spasmed and clentched at the root of his cock.   He feared her ass-ring would clamp down and hold him so tight that they would be found out in the morning, still locked together.   He pushed at her hips, pulling his greasy cock from her guts until only the head remained inside the warmth, and then he savagely began to fuck her.
"Ooohhh, yeeesss!  Fuck me!  Sodomize my sinning ass, Paul!  Fuck the shit out of meeeee!"  Hildegard knew she would have to teach the boy control and pacing, but that night she allowed Paul to plow her with youthful gusto.   She cried out in agonizing bliss as a powerful orgasm blasted through her soul.   The pistoning cock in her ass was hard, hot, and ready for release.   She wanted his hot cum up her asshole, if only to satisfy her sinful soul.   But Paul had other thoughts.
After five agonizing ass-fucking minutes, Paul ripped his cock brutally from her guts.   Her mouth gaped widely as she groaned at the suddenness of his vacating her, and before she could resist, Paul stuffed his greasy cock into her mouth.   She gulped and gagged at the flavors his cock brought to her tongue.   She licked and swallowed the tangy juices that her ass had left on his cock and awaited the impending gush she knew was coming.

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    His cock began to pulse on her tongue and a moment later blasted a hot, thick wad into the back of her throat.  
"Aaaahhh, I'mmm cuummmiiinggg!" Paul cried out with the almost painful climax.   His cock spurted time and again into her mouth and Sister Hildegard swallowed his load as fast as she could.   The hot semen warmed her belly and although his volume was large, she handled it all and didn't loose a single drop of his sacred seed.   The cum flood had finally satisfied her hunger, for the night at least.
Paul finally stepped away from the rumpled, gasping nun as his cock fell flacid from her lips.   She settled onto her bunk and smiled up at him comfortably.  
"I'm sorry, uh, I'm. . . " Paul struggled with words as he suddenly felt shameful at what he'd done to her.   He quickly began to dress.
"It's all right, Paul," she reassured and sat up.   "You are a young man with much need.   You will learn in time how to control your lusts, your desires, as well as accept your sins of fleshly hunger.

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    If you would like, I would be very pleased to continue to help you learn. "
"That would be nice, Ma'am," he replied.
"Return to me here, after the morning meal and chores, and we will discuss what happened here tonight.   But you must not tell any other student of this, young man.   They may not understand, or accept, what I want to teach you. "
"Yes, Ma'am. "  Paul started to leave, but she quickly stood and took his hand.   He accepted her deep kiss, as well as her tangy tongue, before stepping through the door.   The tower bells were ringing two o'clock.