The Storeroom Desk - Part II


A week passed and nothing much had transpired. My newfound friendship with Damien was doing well. I had given him a couple of A’s as promised but told him we couldn’t go to overboard or someone may smell a rat. He agreed and to this stage we hadn’t continued our secret acts of pleasure.


A couple of days later during my last class before lunch I noticed Damien whispering to a girl in the desk next to him. It was Megan, a 14-year-old blonde with legs that went all the way up to her ass. How I wish I was 16 again, she would have had a taste of me that’s for sure.


I continued the lesson and slowly made my way down the aisle towards them, not to be too obvious. I stopped at the back of the class and finished my lesson as the bell went.


The class erupted as my students packed up for the day. I looked at Damien and Megan and waved my finger at them.


“I want you two to stay behind for a minute”. I shouted over the noise.


Damien’s face dropped and he looked over at Megan. She had a look of surprise on her face, her mouth slightly open, her eyes wide as if to say, ‘what did I do?’.


The class emptied quickly and I walked over to the door and closed it.

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   Turning around I was faced with the two students sitting at their desks, looking at me.


“So. . you obviously think your conversation is more important than my IT lesson Damien” I said harshly.


“Sorry Mr. Samuels” replied Damien.


“What was so important that it couldn’t wait until after class, please tell”.


“Megan was asking me how did I manage to get my Grades up and I told her she would need to speak to you, cause you know of ways. . ” he said trailing off.


I smiled. My eyes fixed onto Megan who quickly looked down to avoid eye contact with me.


“Well. . miss Mathews, I am glad to see that you do have some interest in graduation.

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   What is it you want to know?” I asked her.


“Erm. . well I was just wondering how Damien did so well and he told me you gave him extra lessons and I was err… wondering if I could get some too” she said slowly.


I laughed aloud. She had no idea of what Damien and I had been up to, or did she? I looked urgently at Damien, he could see the fear in my eyes.


“Don’t worry Teach… I didn’t say anything to her” he assured me.


“I see” I replied.


“Well miss Mathews. To get your grades up requires a lot of devotion and the ability to keep our methods an absolute secret. Doesn’t it Damien?” I said.


“For sure Sir” he responded.


“Okay. So when would you like to start Megan?” I asked her.


Megan looked up and smiled slightly.

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“As soon as possible Sir” she said confidently.


“Okay. But in this case I need Damien to be in attendance. So it will be both of you and myself. Are you both okay with that?” I asked.


Megan looked at Damien, Damien looked at Megan and then at me. He was confused but nodded in agreement. Megan looked back at me and nodded her head.


“Right we start tomorrow afternoon. Instead of sports I want you both to come to my classroom at 2. 15. You can wear your Gym clothes” I told them.


“Cool” was Damien’s response followed by a “Sure” from Megan.


“Right you can both be excused now, hurry along” I said and turned towards the door.


The two students picked up their school bags and walked past me.

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   Damien smiled as he passed and winked. I smiled back and put my forefinger up to my lips in a silent gesture. He grinned and nodded his head and then walked off with Megan.


I watched as they disappeared. Her legs were incredibly sexy sticking out under her school dress. I longed to run my fingers up in between them. Perhaps I would get my chance the following day.



The next day dragged by and I couldn’t wait for it to come to an end. Eventually the last bell rang and everyone left for the day. I set about tidying up and went into the storeroom to prepare for the afternoon.


I stood and stared at the desk. My mind went back in time and I could see Damien and myself lying there making love. I still couldn’t believe it had happened. It was like a dream. I made sure that I had some spare towels again so that we could make a mattress out of them.

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   The desk was a makeshift bed but uncomfortable without some sort of padding.


Very quickly 2. 15 came and I heard a knock on my door.


“Come in” I shouted.


The door opened and in walked the two young teenagers. Both were dressed in their sports clothes.

Megan looked hot. She had gym shoes and white sox and white shorts that were Ohhh so short and a green T-shirt. Her long blonde hair was neatly tied up in a single pony behind her head. I stared at the non-existent gap between her legs and wondered if anyone had ever had the pleasure.


“Okay guys take a seat at your desks and I will explain how this is going to work. ” I said.


The two students walked to their desks and sat down. I walked passed them slowly saying nothing and turned around to face the front of the classroom. I then crossed over to where Megan was sitting and stopped directly behind her chair.

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“You see miss Mathews, Damien and I have an understanding, don’t we Damien?” I said. Damien nodded his head.


“The way I work is this. You do things for me and I do things for you in the form of grading papers and exams. What you do for me is negotiable between us. If you don’t like it the deal is off, simple as that”. I commented.


Megan remained silent and nodded her head in agreement. She looked at Damien for support and he smiled back at her reassuringly.


“Okay, lets get down to business then. Miss Mathews, or may I call you Megan?” I asked.


“Megan is cool. ” she answered.


“Okay, Megan, on the subject of Sex Ed, are you being taught by any of the staff at this school?” I asked her.


Megan turned and looked at me inquisitively.

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   I could see she was wondering what the hell I was on about.


“Well yeah. . My home room Teacher Mrs. Baxter teaches Sex Ed to us. ” Megan replied.


“. . and does that Sex Ed include the art of seduction or just the part about what happens when a man and a woman have sex together. ” I continued.


“She taught us about the man and the woman and how a baby is made. ” Megan replied.


“Okay good. Well my lesson will be advantageous to you then as I teach the method in which a man and a woman make love. ” I said.

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Megan put her hands over her mouth, looked at Damien and giggled into her hands. She thought I was joking.


“It’s nothing to be shy about Megan, it’s perfectly natural. Let me ask you a question then. Have you ever made out with a boy before?” I asked her.


Megan remained silent for a minute and then spoke out.


“Well yeah sort of I guess”. Was her response.


“You don’t seem very sure of yourself. Maybe you would like to expand on what you mean by making out with a boy. ” I replied.


Megan looked at Damien and giggled. She was red and clearly blushing. Her hands fidgeted on the desk in front of her. She was becoming uneasy.

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I moved around to the front and sat about five feet away. Megan looked down to avoid eye contact. She focused on her hands as they fiddled with a pencil. She moved her lips but said nothing.


“Megan. It’s just the three of us. You don’t have to be scared. I want to help you understand the facts of life. To do that you need to tell me what you already know. ” I said reassuringly.


“Okay, I kissed a guy with my tongue and like, he touched me on my breasts but that was all. ” She muttered quietly.


“Good. What about you Damien? How far have you been with a girl?” I asked him.


Damien looked at me.

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   I could see in his eyes he wanted to tell Megan about our encounter but he knew that would be a mistake at this time. He looked back down and shrugged his shoulders.


“Not real far. Just kissing. ” He said as he glanced over at Megan.


Megan had her hands up over her mouth again, trying desperately not to laugh. She seemed nervous about this line of questioning. I could see her knees swaying back and forth. A sign of nerves that was for sure.


“Okay guys, so we can assume that you are both virgins and haven’t a clue about making love.

” I said slowly.


With that Megan nearly choked as she giggled hard into her hands. I smiled at her and she saw my expression and giggled again. Damien joined in by raising a broad grin. He too was a reddish colour around the cheeks.




“What we are going to learn today is the art of foreplay. If you don’t know what that means it’s the things you do to build up to the big part when man and woman join together. Are you ready to get started?” I asked them.


Damien nodded. He seemed a little excited and just a little curious as to what this was leading up to. Megan on the other hand was undecided as she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.


“I will say this. What we do in this lesson does not leave this classroom. It’s an absolute sworn secret and will stay just between us three okay?” I said sternly.


Megan looked afraid. She was totally unsure of what to say or do.


“Sure thing Mr. Samuels. ” Damien responded. “It’s okay Meg’s he’s cool, he wont hurt us or anything.

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  â€ He assured her.


Megan smiled gingerly and nodded her approval. I was relieved to see them both accepting my demands. It was time to get started so I moved over to the storeroom and beckoned to both children to join me.


They got up and walked into the room and stood nervously in front of me. I pointed to the desk, which already had the blankets laid out and said.


“Why don’t you both sit up on the desk next to each other and we’ll get started. ”


Megan moved over and gingerly jumped up, lifting herself onto the desk with her legs dangling over the edge. Damien then joined her.


“Right separate yourselves so you that there is enough room for me to stand in between you. ” I told them.


Megan shifted over so that there was a gap between them. I moved into this space and pushed myself in between them. I had Damien on my left in close contact and Megan on my right.


I raised my arms and put them on the outer waist of each child, resting my hands just above their hips.

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   Their eyes followed my hands and watched me saying nothing.


“Now then. Imagine my hands are your respective partners hands. I will show you what a partner should do to arouse you, their mates correctly, okay?”


I received no response from either of them.


I moved both my hands down to their knees and rested them on the inner parts of their bare legs, just below the legs of their gym shorts. Megan quivered as my hand touched her skin. She was warm and soft.


“The human groin area is the most sensitive spot on the human body. Manipulated correctly, it sends a series of electrical impulses to the brain, which then releases pheromones and endorphins. These chemicals stimulate us and give us the ‘tingly feeling’ we know as butterflies etc. ” I explained as my hands moved slowly, inch by inch up their inner legs.


My hands reached the baggy opening of the legs of their gym shorts and had now disappeared inside, moving closer up toward their private parts.


Megan coughed and I could see she was very uncomfortable. She wriggled slightly but remained calm. Damien watched my hand going up his shorts and then shuddered as my left hand touched his cock through his boxer shorts.

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   I wanted to touch him first as he was already use to me. His eyes closed and he gritted his teeth. I gently rubbed his shaft and felt it moving as he began to get an instant erection.


Seconds later, the fingers on my right hand reached as far as it could inside Megan’s shorts. Her legs were closed tightly together, hindering my journey towards her hot little mound.


“Guys, I need you to relax and open you legs a little for me so that I can proceed okay?”


With that Megan responded with a shaky voice.


“Mmm Mr. Samuels, do we have to do this? I’m not real happy about what you are doing to me. I’m sorta like scared. ”


I looked at her and could see she was trembling. I removed my hand instantly from out of her gym shorts and lifted her chin up so that she made eye contact with me.


“Megan, you are a real sweet kid and I like you very much. I think you will benefit from what I am about to show you, plus all your grades will be uplifted and you will be one of the most popular girls in school. You don’t want to let that opportunity slip away do you?” I asked her softly.


Megan shook her head slowly and looked down chewing at her lip.

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“I guess not. ” She said softly.


“That’s my girl. Just relax. I won’t hurt you. It’s a bit scary at first but in a short while your endorphins will kick in and you will begin to enjoy what I am doing. ” I assured her.


I returned my hand to where it was under her shorts and pushed up as far as I could go and again met the resistance of her tightly closed legs.


“Megan. ” I said softly “Open your legs a little bit for me, please. ” I whispered.


At last she gave in and slowly opened her legs, allowing my fingers to slide up closer to her steaming crotch. I could feel the heat as I approached and it made my cock quiver with excitement. My index a.

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