The Supergirls - Chapter 1 - Amanda


He was rubbing his cheek back and forth against his daughter’s super shapely thigh, either offering comfort or begging for attention. Amanda rested her hand against his cheek, allowing herself to feel a little guilty. She knew she had been neglecting her father lately, but things have been so hectic these past few weeks. She has been studying for her high school mid-terms; she just took her drivers license test even though she won’t be “old” enough to drive for another two more years, she is choreographing a routine for her cheerleading squad, of which she is the captain for the upcoming national championships and this past weekend she did a photo shoot for “Wicked Temptations” an online lingerie and fetish clothing web site. Her fingers slid under her father’s chin, a loving caress. He lifted his chin and groaned contently. Amanda’s smile became more genuine. Her father really was a drop dead gorgeous stud she thought to herself, with a super sexy body. He was bulging with muscles, his skin was tan all over, he had a ruggedly handsome look and he was incredibly well hung. The perfect fuck toy for the fourteen year old girl who has everything. Amanda must have inherited her father’s genes because she is absolutely stunning. A dazzling blonde with hair down to the middle of her back she looks like she just stepped out of penthouse magazine centerfold. Measuring a magnificent 38(D)-24-36 Amanda is a walking wet dream who just so happens to be as sadistic as she is sexy. She also possesses unbelievable strength considering that just three days ago she curled a nine hundred and fifty pound barbell for fifty reps and then remarkably bent the huge weight in half. She is a breathtaking teenage Dominatrix who has even established total control over her very own father who she enslaved during a wild weekend of overpowering lust two months ago even though he is 6’9 and 290lbs of steel hard muscle. He was powerless to resist or defy her.


  Amanda is also the epitome of the All-American girl. Active in school, she is a world class swimmer and gymnast. She is the captain of her high school cheerleading squad despite being the youngest girl on the team. She is a straight A student who is taking mostly senior level classes even though technically she is only a freshman. She is a fetish model who is sought after by every major lingerie web site in the world and she just so happens to control a stable of eighteen gorgeous well hung men with the youngest being twenty-four and the oldest thirty-six. All of them her devoted slaves. Of course her father is very aware of just how amazing his little girl happens to be. In fact he considers himself lucky that she has added him to her stable. He is a loyal and dedicated submissive to his luscious teenage daughter. He has missed her so much these past few days evidenced by the way he was pushing into her caress, obviously wanting more. Amanda’s smile grew warmer as her hand left her father’s face and made its way to his chest, massaging the enormous muscles lightly, his nipple resting in the center of her palm. He smiled, arching his back and pressing himself harder into his daughter’s hand. “Has my daddy been feeling neglected?” the ultra sexy young blonde cooed, now making circles around his nipple, working her way along his pecs. “Have I not been giving you enough attention?”Amanda’s eyes continued down her father’s extraordinary body. He was the perfect slave and clearly her favorite of all the men she currently owned.

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  Amanda turned in her big leather chair and ordered her father to stand. His eyes sparkled in delight as he quickly did as she instructed. Of course in doing so his huge, incredibly hard cock was throbbing noticeably right before his daughter’s eyes. It was thirteen inches of rock solid perfection, extremely thick and bulging with veins. Amanda despite being barely fourteen years old is the only one who has ever been able to take every inch of his manhood completely into her scalding vagina. No one before her as even come close. Reaching out the dazzling young teenager wrapped the fingers of her right hand around as much of her father’ s massive organ as she could. Then she turned back to her laptop, looked at the screen and made a few notes on the legal pad at her side. Turning back to her father she leaned forward slightly and began to run her tongue over his engorged cockhead. He flinched the second her red hot tongue made contact with his penis. “I have been neglecting you, haven’t I daddy? Leaving you to fend for yourself while I have been so very busy. ” He never said a word in response instead he just stood there submissively as his daughter licked and fondled him. A split second later Amanda’s hand slipped to her father’s thigh and slid upward slowly, moving her fingers to the inside and closer to the juncture of his legs. Automatically, he parted his legs and Amanda giggled softly, and stood up. Reaching behind her father’s head she pulled him down toward her and immediately engulfed his mouth in hers, drilling her tongue deep inside his mouth.

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   She kissed him passionately for well over a minute and as she did she continued to squeeze and stroke his raging hard-on. Her father moaned as his mouth was being overwhelmed by his little girls tongue and he automatically thrust his hips forward. Amanda giggled again, once she finally ended her kiss. “Please,” her father gasped. “Please what, daddy?” Amanda asked as she sat back down, while continuing her teasing caress. “I need you to fuck me Mistress,” he pleaded, pushing his hips at her again. “I know you do daddy, but I’m right in the middle of studying for my Trig exam,” she cooed softly, her voice dripping with sensuality. “When was the last time I allowed you inside me sweetheart?”“It’s been over a week,” he groaned, beside himself with desire for his breathtaking fourteen year old daughter. “You poor thing,” Amanda cooed. “That really is much too long. If I did decide to fuck you daddy would you prefer that I use my cunt or my ass?”“It wouldn’t matter to me,” he gasped, as she squeezed him very hard. “But if I asked you to choose what would it be?”“Your cunt,” he replied. “I see. ”Amanda’s hand began to glide over father’s steel hard erection. He looked so sexy when he begged for her pussy, his face flush, and his eyes wide.

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   Watching him intently the ultra sexy sixteen year old began to increase the speed of her hand along the length of her father’s hard-on. His body stiffened and he began rocking his hips. Amanda held her fingers steady allowing him to do all the work. Shifting her eyes back to the computer screen she read while her father rode her hand, pushing himself toward climax. As the seconds passed he was getting closer and closer to a senses shattering orgasm. Then suddenly his hips bolted, simultaneously Amanda turned her head back to her father’s cock and slid about four inches into her mouth. A fraction of a second later he exploded in a violent orgasm that only a girl like his daughter was capable of handling. He emptied a torrent of cum down her throat and when he was finally finished Amanda let his still very hard cock slide out of her mouth. Her father almost cried out, but he bit his lip. “I really do have to study daddy,” Amanda said simply. She turned the chair again and looked at her laptop. Meanwhile her father, although thrilled that she allowed him to cum, was nonetheless terribly disappointed. He stepped back and dropped to his knees by the side of her desk waiting to see if she was going to dismiss him. He remained within his daughter’s reach, focusing his eyes on what she was wearing. Her outfit was simple and extremely HOT! It consisted of a pink Denier baby doll with a matching thong that was absolutely tiny.

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   He couldn’t help but notice the way the top of her baby doll was straining to contain her huge, full breasts. On her feet was a pair of six inch spiked heel sandals with an ankle strap and a side buckle with rhinestone accents. He couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride knowing that this stunning young girl sitting before him, a girl who owned him body and soul, was his teenage daughter. Amanda did not pay him any attention at first, making notes again. Occasionally, her hand would dip down to his hair, his face. He tried desperately not to respond but her touch was just intoxicating. Soon, he was pressing against his daughter again, begging for more attention. He knew he was risking severe punishment for his actions, but that was a risk he was willing to take, so badly did he want, no, need his daughter’s seething young pussy. Suddenly, without saying a word the luscious young blonde pulled him toward her by his hair and directed him between her absolutely gorgeous legs. “Would you like to lick my pussy daddy,” she asked, while looking deeply into his eyes. “Ohhhhhhhhhh god yes,” he gasped in response. Amanda growled low in her throat, a sound she knew gave her father chills. Without wasting any time he glided his tongue along his daughter’s sizzling slit, tasting her as well as feeling the heat of her scalding center, before pushing his tongue deep inside. He soon found Amanda’s clit, and he attacked. His tongue teased his little girl’s swollen clit, as she held his head in place, her fingers entwined in his hair.

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  “Mmmmmmmmmmmm that feels so fucking good daddy,” Amanda cooed as she tightened her hold on her father’s hair and tugged. The tugging was very painful and he felt a rush between his legs. It fueled his desire to please his luscious young daughter and his tongue began working faster, over her seething genitals. Amanda felt her climax building. Her lushly curved hips were now lifting off the chair and she was no longer working at the computer. She held her father’s head captive as she humped against his face. “Ohhhhhh yes you worthless cocksucker, you fucking bastard,” she groaned making her father even hotter. Then she exploded flooding his mouth, the spasms starting at the point of his tongue and spiraling outward. Amanda was riding the waves of her release as her father continued to lick and suck her white hot vagina. Finally her grip eased in his hair. Her stomach was rising and falling as her breathing returned to normal. Her father’s tongue was still busy however, cleaning up his daughter. “Good boy,” she whispered seductively. “I love you,” her father responded his eyes burning with desire. “I know you do daddy,” she replied, right before telling him to stand.

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  Smiling wickedly she reached out to take a firm hold of his straining erection. “God, you are sooooooooo fucking hard. ”Looking down into his breathtaking young daughter’s gorgeous green eyes he pleaded with his own eyes for her to take him. His desire for his luscious little girl was overwhelming and even though he was her father he knew that she was in total control of his remarkable body. “Maybe I should just dismiss you daddy and have you go to your room and jerk yourself off until you fall asleep,” Amanda purred. However before her father could reply she added. “Or maybe I should do this. ” And a split second later the stunning fourteen year old stood up, ripped off her teddy and guided her father’s raging manhood between her voluptuous young breasts.
    He groaned in response as she re-adjusted her grip on his cock by sliding her fingers all the way down to the base. This allowed her to slide his pulsating penis up and down in between her huge tits. She soon had his steel hard erection moving in a steady rhythm as she squeezed her breasts together. The look in his eyes was priceless as he was once again rapidly approaching orgasm. Then suddenly he threw his head back and gasped. A fraction of a second later he exploded pouring a huge load of his cum out the end of his cock coating the tops of his daughter’s magnificent tits. Once he stopped cumming Amanda released her father’s still very hard cock and stepped away from her desk.

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       She walked over to the bar and then motioned for him to join her. Shakily, he immediately approached her, barely trusting his legs under him. “My poor daddy needs his little girl so bad, doesn’t he?”“Yes Mistress,” he replied. “And no matter how many times I might jerk you off, or fuck you with my tits, that still isn’t going to be enough for you is it daddy?”“No,” he said honestly. “And that’s because you want my pussy don’t you?”“Yesssss,” he sighed. “Then say it daddy. ”“I want your pussy, my Goddess,” he groaned. “I want nothing more than for you to bury my cock in your scalding young cunt and conquer me. ”Smiling wickedly Amanda reached down and took a firm hold of her father’s huge cock. “You’re so cute,” she giggled as she pulled him toward her, placing the blood engorged crown of his pounding erection right against the entrance to her dripping vagina. He could feel her pussy throbbing, her clit pumping with blood “I have decided to give you that fuck you have been begging for tonight,” she cooed, her voice ultra sexy. “Thank-you Mistress,” her father sighed, as a surge of excitement shot through his body. Taking his cock Amanda then slowly inserted about two inches into her seething young cunt and then reached back with both of her hands to grab the top of the bar. Her father was so wildly turned on that he attempted to push forward in order to slide more of his massive penis inside his little girl’s white hot pussy. Amanda however was gripping the tip of his cock so hard with her vagina he was unable to penetrate her any further.

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      “Daddy,” she said raising her voice. “Are you trying to make me angry?”“No Mistress,” he moaned. “I’m sorry. ”“Then be a good boy and let me do all the work,” she whispered. A split second later as her father stood before his magnificent fourteen year old daughter submissively, the ultra sexy young blonde began to pull his huge, thirteen inch cock into her white hot core. She drew him inside her with agonizing slowness, until every rock solid inch was completely surrounded by her seething genitals. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels soooooooo fucking good, doesn’t it baby,” Amanda cooed as she squeezed him incredibly hard. Barely able to form words he managed to tell her that she felt fantastic. “Hang on daddy,” she giggled, and before he even knew what was happening the stunning young Supergirl began to actually lift herself and her father off of the floor, extending herself upward the length of her arms. Next as he reached out to grab his daughter’s lushly curved hips to steady himself Amanda wrapped her left leg around his back pulling him even tighter into her pussy. Taking her left hand the ultra gorgeous young blonde then reached behind his head and pulled him down to her right nipple which was just dripping with his cum. That meant that she was now supporting their combined weight off of the floor with just one hand. Her strength was truly extraordinary. As she forced her steel hard nipple into his mouth Amanda began to “fuck” her father using only her superbly developed internal cunt muscles. He quickly became lost in the sensation.

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       The feeling was just extraordinary and he held off from cumming for as long as he could. He tried to concentrate on everything but the sensations that his little girl was creating until he could think of nothing but. He was soon groaning into her huge breast. Realizing that he was just seconds away from yet another violent orgasm Amanda pulled her father’s mouth away from her nipple, looked him deeply in his eyes and whispered. “Good night daddy!”“Thank-you Mistress,” he gasped, and a split second later she triggered his climax and he exploded. Opening his mouth he threw his head back and screamed. For almost thirty seconds he came, emptying a flood of his sperm into his daughter’s demanding cunt. When he was finally drained he drifted off into unconsciousness and Amanda released his now flaccid penis causing him to crash to the floor onto his back. Smiling wickedly after just having a mind numbing wave of her own orgasms wash over her stunning young body. Amanda reached back with her left hand grabbed the edge of the bar and pushed herself into a handstand. She held it for a few moments before pushing herself high into the air, and executing a perfect double flip, allowing her to land with her heels on either side of her father’s head. Looking down at him she laughed, ripped off her tiny thong and urinated all over his face, drenching him with her pee. When she was done she stepped away from his motionless body and walked back to her desk completely naked except for her heels. Her enormous breasts were thrusting out from her chest literally defying gravity and they looked incredibly intimidating. Reaching down she turned off her laptop, unplugged it and walked out of the room carrying it under her right arm.


       She never once turned to look at her father who remained where he was until well into the next morning!I hope you enjoyed the story. Please let me know what you think about Amanda and the way she treats her father. Baddad43@hotmail. com.
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